“Ex-Illuminati Exposes Elite” Video


This guy’s story is going viral right now. My opinion: “Too good to be true” file; exercise discretion and caution. Maybe he’s the real deal, but these things usually turn out not to be what they seem.

I intend doing some digging, and I suggest discerning viewers do likewise.

Even if the story gels with all you’ve believed or heard about Illuminati bankers.

A comment on Reddit is worth publishing here:

Right now, I’m going with this:

“Be wary of this one, guy comes out of nowhere, no history with huge narrative fulfilling revelations and also happens to have a sort of ethical bank set up asking for donations. The fact the guy has no history means Ronald Bernard is most likely a fake name so why set up the bank under the fake name also? Huge red flag.

Seems like it could be a cleverly designed scam. They are taking a load of conspiracies, getting some guy/actor to confirm it all in order to win over your trust. They then direct you to a ‘bank’ that represents your values but needs donations. The way the donation structure is set up SCREAMS SCAM. Wouldn’t put any money into this if you were thinking about it until you find out a lot more information.”


UPDATE 5/5/17

Been doing a little research, found some stuff on Youtube from Mr. Bernard and a few seminar ads from 2015. It would be correct to call him an entrepreneur rather than an “Elite banker”, which is exactly how he describes himself.

Body language analysis:


So is this guy for real or not?

Obviously he has been an entrepreneur for a long time. He started to build up a “Happy Bank” in 2015, with a kind of New-Agey alternative slant. His seminar was listed alongside speakers on UFOs and channeling. And we’ve seen and little between then, and his re emergence in late 2016, seemingly with little fanfare or interest.

Until now.

Mid 2017 he emerges again, with a story that while familiar to most of us, would be shocking to the average mainstream listener. Of course it goes viral on the Net as one would expect.

I’m impressed with Bernard’s interview and he is very convincing. His story could be first hand or based on closely held beliefs, the details are too few to establish.

Perhaps the reason he’s still alive is that he hasn’t named names etc?

It’ll be interesting to see what additional details emerge over the next few weeks. Here’s one sample clip of Bernard from a few years ago:

From 2013:

“>Published on Nov 14, 2013

“Money! “”>Not for purpose but as a means.
“>Interview with Ronald Bernard van de Blije B.

“”>Camera: Jesse Hendriks
“”>Assembly / direction: Tommy Zwartjes and Paul van der Sluijs
“>Interview: Paul van der Sluijs

“”>You can call it coincidence but we call it synchronicity when when Arjan Bos’s letter to the King (King of the Netherlands ZKH Willem IV) appeared.
The role of banks, multinationals and, among others, our royal house as an important player (s) in the global conglomerate that the rest of the world’s population has in a staggering wurggreep in hostage. Forest of Earth-matters.nl admits the King, in an open letter here, in person. Meanwhile, with this report from SoulvabilityTV (part of Earthmedia.nl), the King is indirectly encouraged to take the position of a king of the people or as a despoot of a human and animal (nature) hostile shadow government serving the big capitals. The air that comes from the royal house has not been so fresh for a while. Bos appeals to the king’s human “royal side”. Will the Dutch variant appear on the Lion King, a righteous Simba, or count on a predatory unlawful ruler? The animal kingdom in the fabeltjeland is far from fairytale-like. It’s about real people who, once money becomes a goal, behaves beastly.”

Martin Harris

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