Fairy Queens, Bears and Eagles, by G Squared

Once upon a time in The West, there were four little Fairy Queens.

Four fairies

Nutty: Hillary Clinton.
Goody: Marine le Pen.
Dumby: Theresa May.
Bady: Angela Merkel.

They all decided to run for election, believing all the children loved them, and the Big Bad Wolf would protect them. Except for poor little Goody. All the elections were manipulated by dark corridor globalist Big Bad Wolves.

Nutty lost (8/11/2016) to a kind but stupid elf named Donny. Her handlers’ electoral interventions backfired. So they blamed a Russian Collusion Delusion, mobilised the livid celebrity princesses, the shill media liars, and dragged along a comic, ill-informed minority.

They had a lot of baggage; from institutionalised paedophilia and permutations of perversions; to thievery on a grand scale. They had even reached the highest secular levels of Indulgences and Dispensations. The Vatican was livid.

They used Deep State Government, Power and Authority for personal gain on a scale that had not been seen. The illusion of Power Base. Tens of millions of innocents died and even greater numbers were displaced by the meaningless expendables, as they dutifully followed the orders for the insanities that they could never comprehend.

The years of Sick Willy Clinton, Barry Obama, and Nutty Hillary, are etched in American History. That which cannot be retraced but must never be permitted to occur again.

One must not question one’s chosen superiors. Civilisation would fall.

The Clinton and Obama Foundations, having their streaked underwear exposed, had no meaning to the brigades of expendable braindeads. Defending that which lost all relevance over a century before.

She destroyed The Democratic Party and their empty foundations. They have no Meaning, Message, or Champion.

Signing off on a ghost written book of fiction is a pathetic, but just, ending to a pathetic career. Scenarios that only the long lost empire of America could entertain.

Goody lost (7/5/2017) to an evil little elf named Puppet Boy Manny. Goody’s evil Puppet Father knifed his own daughter in her Presidential aspirations. She wanted to change NWO Europe, and repair the French economy. The Big Bad Wolves would have none of it.

Dumby lost (8/6/2017) and was pushed into a face saving coalition. Her 50 day snap election turned her majority party into a minority, reliant on opposing forces; obstructionist to the agendas of her mission.

Her Thatcherite presumptive ability to stare down the opposition has been returned to its unlit origin. As was Thatcherism.

Boris lurks to assume his rightful mantle. All is not well in the Thatcherised-Clintonised Tory Party. She was a bad choice, used to ferret down the holes of Brexit and the stupidities that only Cameron could own. But a token nonetheless.

Britain began its journey to a self-immolated loss of soverignty at the hands of a murdering paedophile; who lied. Who would believe it. The Official Secrets Act being dusted off to hide the insular barbarity, to the very top.

The journey of the once great empire travelled the insane path to The 1972 European Communuties Act. The UK squandered its sovereignty by a combination of; blackmails, desperations to hide, and the politically ubiquitous thirty pieces of silver.

Britain never had anything to gain by bowing to the false god of the disguised NWO. A further layer of apparatchik insanity is never a source of economic rationality. On what planet does economic stability and growth derive from an over-arching parasitic administrative paradigm that knows no correlations between activity and economic value.

Non-Compliance with The Maarstrict Treaty saved The UK. Compliance destroyed Greece.

Greenland, dragged in with Denmark, broke loose and rejected the EU insanity as soon as it could.

The Treaty of Rome was a mutual trading treaty. Too good to resist. In a blink it became the greatest apparatchik pig’s breakfast imaginable. Devastation by Expertism and Centralism. The final proof that economic and bureaucratic theories can never intersect reality.

Monumental economic wastes and swerves, as commodities and manufactured goods in excesses were subsidised and thrown away, as massive shortages of the same occurred parallel. A world where poverty and socio-economic devastation were created, that we’re previously being alleviated.

The very definition that Centralism is the evil to humankind that it is.

May’s desperation in leaning to The DUP as a coalition essential, was an error. The DUP will demand, there is division in Tory ranks, and the slighted SNP will see its day. The combined realities will see May packing her smalls for a quick exit, much as Thatcher. Although the latter seemed not to be able to comprehend the stench she had created herself.

There are some 20,000 pieces of statutes, regulations, statutory instruments, and allied garbage, needing to be expunged. Thames sewer blockages greater than those recently encountered are anticipated.

On what planet were the non-entities of BeneLux powered by permanent Works in Progress, Studies in Still Life, Sheltered Workshops, Artificial Intelligence, Ideological insanities, and Intellectualised morons capable of setting guidelines for anyone? Weren’t their own histories ever viewed ?

The art of causal socio-economic devastation by numbers. Omphaloskepsis as a life form for the chosen.

The current ‘European Union (Withdrawal Bill)’, not May’s stupidity of ‘The Repeal Bill’, is the issue. The SNP has The Sewel Convention and Holyrood’s mandatory Legislative Consent Motions. Labour and Tory breakaways are the Westminster reality for a smooth and meaningful Brexit. Not May’s mashup with The Irish and a crossed finger for Tory unity.

The stupidity only deepens. And this is now a real numbers power game. Not a “feed the children more” stupidity syndrome.

Bady lost (24/9/2017) and was pushed into a face saving coalition. Her election turned her majority party into a minority, reliant on opposing forces; obstructionist to the agendas of her mission.

What the children didn’t know, was that Nutty, Puppet Boy, Dumby, and Bady, all work for the same Big Bad Wolves.

Goody, Donny, and Vlad, do not.

Moon emerged for South Korea and knows the importance of the unification of Korea. It carries the trade link with China and Russia. North Korea for decades, has manufactured ‘Made in China’ consumables. As Hong Kong was the trading port for China.

China has taken the lead to douse the dead end suicidal rhetoric from America. As America’s largest creditor, it is protecting its interests. In the denied real world, America is militarily impotent, and economically bankrupt.

Cutting through the cute and kiddy take away concerning North Korea, China has given North Korean Companies operating in China up to January 2018, to close. It has also instructed joint venture Chinese companies in North Korea to close. China says it has reduced textile trade and is renegotiating; coal, steel, and oil.

Will any of this occur as the kiddy take away reads?..No. America is standing on its hands as a result of its own spiralling rhetoric. China and Russia are kinder to America than it deserves.

The turning point was North Korea stating that America has declared war. Which is the point of the current actions by China. As a consequence of The 1953 Armistice, it falls to Russia and China to firmly put America back into its box. As they did in 1953 and 1975. But this time to permanently disarm America. Don’t be deluded by American populist rhetoric.

Both The Russian and Chinese Navies, stand in the Asian seas. Their Airforces are at hand. They don’t need the gross stupidity of mobile airfields. It’s not mobility and flexibility. It means you do not belong. Their armies can swiftly move; in unheard of numbers; along the land paths of their interests.

Albeit America bankrupted itself by illusions of empire. The problems are the tail endings: the imbecile sucklings which followed the stench, as some form of moral, self-defence, and dysfunctional humanitarian madness.

What level of mass retardation do American administrations need to play to?


The children, because of their bad schooling, are not able to absorb that The Bear and The Eagle are friends. So Donny and Vlad have to pretend that they are enemies. And Donny has to pretend he has finally succumbed and is now the puppet of The Military Industrial Complex, and The International Banking Cartels.

The problem being how hard he has to pretend!

Donny chided Boeing and LockMart for being greedy, even though they are structured monopolies; and with concocted US government agency collusion. They are in the hidden band of instigators of that which they pretend differently.

Collusion, blackmail, threats, lies, and deceptions, producing slaughters and devastations. Is this really a valid economy?

Barry Obama was able to get the government lackeys running Alternative Media to sell the lie that Jade Helm was not the return to barracks of The US Military, but preparation for Martial Law.

Barry had reached a state where all the lies and pretending, could actually no longer even feed the great constabulary. Ships were docked and crews were moved, to give the illusion of a navy, as theorised.

In Trump’s Amada idiocy; not only The White House, but The Pentagon had no idea which 7th. Fleet ships were parked in Japan, off Oregon, or conducting ‘games’ with; Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

The exposed Charge Down Failures (4 known collisions in 2017) of The US 7th. Fleet (Asia) has brought about its being sent to dock. It’s called; ‘Operational Pause’.

The poncing of The 5th. Fleet (Middle East) has delivered complaints that it is being harassed by small Iranian patrol boats.

Russia manged  The Kursk, MH-17, KAL-007, U-2, Murmansk, Ukraine, Crimea, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Georgia, and South Ossetia Incidents etc. Iran managed Operation Ajax, The Vincennes, Iran Contra, and The Iran-Iraq War etc. Malaysia handled The MH-17, MH-370, and undersea detonation wave Incidents. Japan managed Fire Bombing, Nuclear Devastation, chemical, and atomic ‘accidents’ etc. There is hardly a corner of the earth that has not paid a price.

From Central to South America, to The Caribbean, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, Eurasia, The Sub-Continent, to Eastern Europe; the dead hand of American Imperialist Delusions is visible. The shortest lived empire in history, of some 100 years, has caused the greatest devastations in the history of the world.

The USS Donald Cook, Porter, Ross, Virginia, Incidents, etc. are well recorded in the minds of those who send the orders to the expendables. Apart from the countless hidden ‘accidents’ as The USS Montpelier etc.

Incompetence is also well recorded by The USS; Forrestal, Memphis, Toledo, San Jacinto Incidents etc.

The 7th. Fleet was whining that its spy planes, when they tried to move out of the permitted patterns, were being ‘intimidated’, and ‘provoked’ when chased back into line by The Chinese Airforce.

If The USN or USAF did not follow directions then they would suffer operational, PR and Morale disasters such as The Hainan Island and KAL- 007 Incidents etc.

For The Great Constabulary Expendables to believe their Mission Statements on the back of their lifelong induced Belief Systems, they have to be lied to, incessantly. Any break in that transmission with exposure to Truth and Reality is destructive to Morale. Rational and Critical Thought is nowhere in sight.

Similarly with all the children herded to pretend to vote and make decisions, based on ideological concoctions and tutored deceptions. It’s all just a big illusion. The children are economically enslaved for life by their Owners

As admitted, the SR-71 flights could only fly along The 38th. Parallel North, and not across it.

Gone are the days of The U-2 and Murmansk Incidents. Gone are the days of America having satellites overhead; without them having ‘accidents’.

Did the world become a less safe place, because America’s world constabulary presumptive was returned to where its sun doesn’t shine.

Reagan’s Star Wars was a lie. Obama’s Full Spectrum Dominance, was a lie. No less than the prior China Policy, Hegemony, and Domino Theory Idiocies.

China TrumpThe Trump Armada against North Korea, is a well recorded stupidity that was played out. Not satisfied with that learning experience; Big Donny and Jimbo again start sabre rattling. Jimbo delivers a round of public flatulence, that he will annihilate North Korea.

All because North Korea is threatening the world, by flying unarmed missiles and dropping them in the sea around Japan. Or so America says. When America fire bombed over 60 cities and nuked 2 others in Japan, that was a totally different moral  paradigm, not the most horrendous War Crime against civilians in history. America was thrown out of Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos by China and Russia.

The children are now advised that The USN is flying off the east coast of Korea. They are not however told that there is a sharp u-turn at the extended 38th. Parallel North.

The takeaway for the kiddies is that America has shown it has bombers and it can demolish North Korea, whenever it likes, as it flies over North Korea. They are not told that the billion dollar bombers are junk. They are not Stealth as exposed in Kosovo, and The Russian Barents Sea Incidents. America does not have the technology.

Missiles fired from The USS Porter and USS Ross; from The Mediterranean at Syrian Government installations were over-ridden and dropped. The RN Trident Missile test off Florida was over-ridden, returned and dropped into the sea near the submarine that fired it. The USS Donald Cook and USS Porter were EMP ‘switched off’ and floated without communications, weapons systems, or engine power.

The current North Korea story for herd consumption, lacks the reality of The 1953 Armistice. And that the American junk flying along South Korea is unable to function a Mission Round from Guam.

America also singed The Amistice on behalf of The UN, when it ran from Korea in 1953. The 38th. Parallel North was the agreed dividing line determined by Russia at the end of WWII.

The further America runs its false narratives to its children, the more deeply it entrenches itself. Is the pending unification of North and South Korea, going to be explained by a grand American Diplomatic Coup. And only something a grand negotiator as Trump could accomplish.

When North Korea responded to Mattis and Trump by asking if America had declared war; the American skid marks of rhetorical retreat are still smoking. China came to America’s rescue again.

America is diverting focus from The Middle East. The disasters it has caused in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

If you slaughter the orchestra conductor to demonstrate to the audience that you are their hero, how are you going to continue when you can’t read music, are confused as to which orifice faces which end of a wind instrument, but you know only that drums can be banged ?

…As you may have learnt from the activities of other primitive societies of eons past!


G Squared

Edited by Martin H


Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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