“Top Of The List” and “The Next Russian Patsy”, by G Squared

Top of the list. Hard to beat. $9 trillion missed, and counting. But who cares?
The IRS having a problem collecting its ‘Voluntary’ Tax draws no pity. The argument that others will pay, is spurious and aimed to be devisive and deliver some fictional moral ethic.
People pay tax. not to feed their governments from some moral obligation, but because they are trapped by a Power Base and blackmailed.
The stream goes to The Fed. Which in turn holds Treasury Paper and collects rent on The Currency its Private Owners OWN.
The IRS hounds (66,000 subpoenas a year), bankrupts and gaols, as it can. Yet it defies Congress and destroys evidence subpoenaed by Congress. Concerning its overreach and political weaponising.
The American Military, at the very least, has a major problem. A very tragic one over the many decades from at least the end of WWII. If you don’t agree after viewing the following, then in the first instance, I would suggest medication!
But then there is Deep State.
The world constabulary illusion of protecting the world’s morals by deterrence and balance, is insane.
It is colonialism by stealth that has very prectably failed miserably. It is the projection of inane theories of hegemony. Failures, one behind the other. From The China Policy, to the Domino Theory, to Exceptionalism and Constabulary delusions, to Full Spectrum Dominance.
But the reality was breaking easy states for looting and pillage, then running away. Whether or not that reality matches any theory, is immaterial. Because that is what happened ad nauseam since the end of WWII.
Not one single nation has been advanced by American intervention. Israel does not count, because of the unresolved Palestinian Issue.
Trump supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital is not as dramatic an issue as is currently postured by Islamic interests.
There is no link for Islam as for Mecca and Medina. Only Judeo Christianity have the history. The al Aqsa and The Dome on The Rock, are questionable.Trump Jarusalem move capital
You may even struggle to find legitimate meaning and rational cause and effect.
GWB, under the deception or urgent requirements for the 2003 Iraq War; introduced, non-tender awarded contracts. As the contracts were always thrown into a monopoly (approved supplier) pool to begin with, the outcome of the non-tender environment leaves the imagination to run.
On the day of 9/11 the section of The Pentagon that was destroyed was THE ACCOUNTING OFFICE.

A further interesting perspective:

In early 2008, The American Deficit was some $9 trillion. In early 2017 it was some $20 trillion.
The same period saw Sequesters, Quantitative Easings, Austerities, and the closure of major American banks and financial Institutions. The bankruptcy of major American corporations, and a GFC that originated through toxic practices and market manipulations in America. A failed currency (fiat, debt-driven, leveraged and worthless), propped by further deceptions and market manipulations.
A period where militarism and hegemonic illusions advanced (Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, The Maghreb, The Levant, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia). Posturings against Russia and China, and illusions about Iran and North Korea.
While a nation was divided by delusions of; Feminism, Racism, Equality, Hate Speech, Micro Aggresssion Culture and Language, Diversity, Word Choices, Social Idiocies, and LGBT Communal Toilets.
Obama-esque America, driven by MSM narratives and inventions of high stupidy and irrelevance.
The current US Military Budget is in the order of an appropriation of $630 billion. As we are officially advised. But of course there are not only the add-ons, but money flows from other sources.
The following clips are interesting as lost and unreported little facts emerge.
It’s interesting that the Russian Military functions on 10% of the American. It is fully accountable, and is far superior.
Cynthia McKinney was in office from 3/1/1993 to 3/1/2007 when she was pushed out.
US Congressional Hearings cannot have people asking the right questions. Then even demanding answers.
She sounded like The People demanding answers. There was no wafflespeak.
Deep State has various structures. Down the line you find grand morons like the following….

Russia’s Patsy in The White House was ALWAYS Hillary Clinton, never Trump.
Characters such as Obama, The Clintons, and their cohorts and followers are regarded as irrelevant base stock, to be utilised. They were never leaders of anything.
Their Domestic Social Agendas and Foreign Policies did not need cross referencing with their insane economic management.
Russia’s history had its return to the control by Orthodox Christianity; after a century of Anglo-American-Germanic devastations. And a further century of military assaults, having not left a peoples in Shock and Awe, as the cutie pie theories run.
Putin is the representative of The Russian Orthodox Church. The resurgence from 1917. It survived its induced Communism, and its final enemies of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
Russia is now permanently, a Friend of Convenience only. A reality not understood by The West to its enduring detriment. The West is hardly a master in its own domain. Let alone master of The World. The latter illusion, is hardly credible.
Disengaged as Megyn Kelly, attempting to quiz Putin on collusion with Trump; has Putin holding back. Why spoil America Divided?
America attempting to block RT (Novosti) and Sputnick brought Russia to block the 9 major American MSM outlets. There may be compromise to return Free Speech in America.
Both nations are easing out their Central Bank blackmailers. As the EU is to be fragmented. While the theorists with virtually no causal link to trade, have advanced omphaloskepsis to a science.
When The Western Consortium believed it had finally prevailed by The Battles of Moscow and Stalingrad; The Battle of Berlin delivered a Real Shock and Awe to the protagonists; practising, and in waiting.
Potsdam was the covert reality of the West being vanquished. Not some tripartite agreement. What was The Cold War?
The amount of time and resourcing to try and tip the Fact of The Clinton Russian Collusion to the Fiction concerning Trump, can only be compared to The MSM mountain of Frogshit that was perpetrated before 8/11/2016 on the fiction that Hillary would be President.
What Morons believed it? What Morons perpetrated the lie? What Morons can’t get over their brain disorder? What Morons still believe that The Democratic Party actually exists? The comedy: “When Hillary met Bernie”.
The Russian Collusion Affair aimed at Trump; is actually an affair from 2009 concerning Russian blackmail of Obama and The Clintons.
If the latter had put themselves into a position where they could be blackmailed concerning information being released into their own nation, then clearly, America was not watching or ignoring what was always in its face.
The current chase along by The Democrats to harness Russia as ‘The Enemy’, is to cover themselves, should Russia release any truths concerning them. But to Russia, it makes no difference.
The Republican Russian Lie, ran to the 8/11/2016 election. How ridiculous. It now having been reversed and lingers. The proverbial in an elevator full of Democrats and assorted Left Liberal Progressive Intellectualised Morons.
Their attempting to blame people on the next floor, who have not been in the elevator waiting for the next stop on 6/11/2018.
Mueller is falling apart with his Russian Collusion Delusion. He should never have been allowed in the door. He is in the Obama-Clinton Camp. As is Comey and Rosenstien who hired him.
Mueller’s objective should be to save himself by finding against the true guilty. The reality is leaking as the Democratic Operatives are jumping overboard. Between now and the next few months; Mueller needs to make a decision. His history is not one of truth. Is he smart enough.
Rosenstein having Sessions recuse himself is ridiculous. Mueller diverted to; Flynn, Manafort, Don Jnr. and Gates. The latter being run as a diversion. One year of nothing for the desperate Democrat Operatives.
The current thinking that Mueller is playing a Bait and Switch does not balance. It is necessary for The Democrats and their Operatives to explode by mid 2018.
The incredible stupidity of ‘Time’ running with the 13/7/17 cover. ‘Red Handed’ concerning Don Jr.; could only be matched with the cover story of ‘Newsweek’ for 9/11/2016; ‘Madam President’. and who could forget the litanous pieces in ‘The New York Times’ concerning WMDs in Iraq.
Silly Boy GWB even began quoting NYT Lies as rigorous reference. The same character who stood on the deck and chortled ‘We have prevailed’. Was he referring to his use of a knife and fork at lunch?
Comey’s contract (at the President’s pleasure) was terminated because he COVERED FOR SICK MOMMA. He exonerated the guilty involved with the affairs that emerged from Sick Momma’s illegal use of a private server before the investigation was concluded, and out of his jurisdiction.
Illegal, because she was trained for five hours and signed she understood. She had access to TS/SCI material that does not transmit to all and sundry and not through private server broadcasts.
The argument of post classifiction is ridiculous. Primarily classification is by content. It can be downgraded but not upgraded. After all; it’s already out. If additional material is appended, it becomes a new document. This is the level of intellectual deceit attempted by Sick Momma. Post Classification does not occur. She knows it. But the lie factory can’t help itself. Everyone is an idiot, except her.
A group of five, plus Sick Momma, Obama, and Lynch attended a ‘meeting’ with a Comey FBI Consortium. NO TRANSCRIPT EXISTS and NO ONE CAN REMEMBER WHAT WAS DISCUSSED. Five immunities were doled out by Lynch to Clinton lawyers and cohorts; which was made known. How strange.
From which NO EVIDENCE OF ANY WRONGDOING WAS GARNERED. Why would it. There was never any interest in the guilty finding guilt in their cohorts.
It was unlawful and can be challenged. As can matters be challenged under The Espionage Act. The Magnitsky Act is a diversion. Bearing in mind the pardons from Obama and Sick Willy, and the immunities by Holder and Lynch.
Why are immunities given to lawyers. Were they complicit in criminal acts. All the moron brigades believed their own publicity, that the nutcase would be President. As such it would be a market shop for Pardons. As previously with Obama and Sick Willy.
Their lists of known Pardons is horrendous. Including gaoled terrorist murderers. Real ones. Not the theorised hoaxes.
There were actually 1.8 million emails at issue. Not the 33,000 fed by intel to Wikileaks. Assange’s sources are from intel ops. from both sides. Not the Manning and Snowden scenarios.
The game is not that simple. It never was. I have been writing about intel issues for many decades.
Because of Sick Momma being an idiot, people died, as the 90 unmasked American Deep Cover Intel Assets. Libya was broken and Syria damaged. The Benghazi Incident is just one event. Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice precipitated the events in Libya, then lied about them.
There were no protests and no links to Egypt or some inciteful video. Clinton and Rice also hid under a National Security umbrella which Congressional Hearings could not break.
Trump has just handed Trey Gowdy, TS/SCI Clearance. (Top Secret/Secret Compartmentalised Information,MH).
Kerry and Nuland OWN Ukraine and Crimea. Notice it has gone quiet. As indeed has Syria. Well; the chickens are now focussed on; Trump and The Russians, North Korea blowing up the world, and LGBT and the military. Really riveting issues.
Each morning I wake and immediately search for Climate Change and Feminese issues. One must always be fully informed. And I still can’t work out how Hillary lost. After all she was endorsed by every goose on the planet. Apart from HuffPost bullshitting a poll and leading 246 other newspapers into the same black hole. Now how could that be.
A Reversal of Bullshit occurred. HuffPost wrote that The Nutcase was a 94% certainty to be President. The sane ran to the polls to save themselves and America. The garbage stayed home. After all they had already rigged 20 million pre-polls and bussing, illegals, dead votes, and box stuffing were underway. The putrifaction was poised.
What has happened since through The Court System, Sanctuary Cities, disengaged MSM, Deep State deceptions, incessant witch hunts, False Flags and Hoaxes, and Fake Narrative Chains; demonstrates that the course of antibiotics must be finished.
6/11/2018 is the next opportunity. The Enemies have now clearly identified themselves. The minority, toxic organisms are clinging to each other in the slime. A further decisive vote on that day will flush the remainder down and away.
The vote of 8/11/2016 was not sufficient. The Democratic elements exist by name.
On Gadaffi’s Murder, Sick Momma waffled: “We came; We saw; He died.” What an incredible retard. Her “Landing under sniper fire” Lie is one of her best. All recorded. Her foreign travels have ALWAYS avoided any areas of tension.
This is Madam Chickenshit in person. The postured Leader of The Free World. The postured Commander-in-Chief (Commander and Thief). It’s hard to believe that the retarded herds actually held that such a reality could occur. So disengaged they could never return to a baseline of true normal.
It’s hard to determine if the votes FOR Trump exceeded those AGAINST Clinton.
She would have needed more than a permanent standby medical team. A straight jacket (in pink with matching pantsuit) would have been at the ready.
This was the garbage that wanted to be President. What level of putrifaction, actually voted for it on 8/11/2016.
Bosnia was also where American (Sick Willy) and NATO perpetrated War Crimes with Chemical Weapons. A quick timeline change had the Aggressors (America and NATO) pretending they were Defending.
The lie continued with Milosovich and Mladic found ‘Guilty’ by the ICTY NON-COURT.
Comey was aided by Closet Muslim Pantsuit Mafia confection, former AG Loretta Lynch (Elizabeth Carlisle). Comey has been working in The Clinton Camp since the days of CIA-Clinton Drug Running etc. in Arkansas.
It is NOT The Republicans who colluded. It is THE DEMOCRATS WHO WERE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.
Sick Willy’s meetings with Putin and Speeches to Sberbank for half a million dollars. Sick Momma’s deals concerning Uranium One. With $150 million paid into The Clinton Foundation. Mueller himself stealing uranium, then forced to personally return it to an airport in Moscow.
It is reasonable to suggest that Russia OWNS THE DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES.
Team Sick Momma bought a false Fusion GPS dossier for $12 million, written by an ex MI6 Steele. Paid for by The DNC, The Clinton Campaign ($9 million), and The Clinton Foundation.
Double Agent McCain and Deceiver Comey personally paid Steele an additional $50,000. As he received very little after the filterings of lawyers and spin liars. And more was needed from him. They knew that what he delivered was garbage, and they couldn’t retract funds from the filtration units in between.
There was also yet one more dispute between CIA and NSA, in their ongoing well hidden internal war. NSA backdoored CIA through DARPA and SAIC. CIA then leaked files to their op. Snowden. And he took a holiday. While the Dopeys went predictably livid against NSA. Focussed that it might be snooping their Social Media.
Fusion is intertwined throughout DC. They have been involved in the Mitt Romney and Planned Parenthood Affairs, among many others.
CIA Brennan and DNI Clapper concocted a False Report from the Fake Dossier and shovelled it through 4 intel shops, then claimed it was 17 shops; with independent findings. And then suppressed an internal FBI Report, finding that the initiating dossier was fake.
The Dramatis Personae of The Russian Affair are:
Barry Obama, Sick Willy, Sick Momma, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Bob Mueller, Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, John McCain, John Brennan, Jim Clapper, Janet Napolitano, Tim Geithner, Gary Locke, Ron Kirk, John Holdren, Robert Gates, Steven Chu, Andrew McCabe, Terence McAuliffe, Andrew Schiff, et al
In 2010 CFIUS (The Committee for Foreign Investment in The US) approved the Uranium Sale to Russia. If anything; Russia wanted Sick Momma to be President; not Trump. If they intervened it would have been to have Her in The White House.
CIFIUS consisted of Obama appointees linked to The Clinton Foundation: Sick Momma (Sec. of State), Janet Napolitano (Sec. of DHS), Tim Geithner (Sec. of Treasury; President NY Fed; Loretta Lynch on Board; he worked with Bear Stearns, Lehmans, Morgans, Goldmans, Kissinger Associates, IMF, BIS, and AIG; managed $350 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program; member CFR, Bilderberg), Gary Locke (Sec. of Commerce), Ron Kirk (Office of US Trade, Sec. of Texas), John Holdren (Director of White House office of Science and Technology Policy), Eric Holder (US Attorney General), Robert Gates (Sec. of Defence), and Steven Chu (Sec. of Energy). Each one has an interesting and interconnected history.
‘Time’, ‘Newsweek’, ‘New York Times’, and ‘Washington Post’; have been floating the Russian Republican Link Lie for a year. The ‘Washington Post’ ‘Watergate Affair’ was also a lie, spun on the actual events.
Henry Kissinger was Deep Throat, feeding Katharine Graham. John Belushi exposed Kissinger on SNL. for which the ‘Protectors’ of The Institutions of America killed him.
The whole Russian Collusion Affair becomes visible by following the money trail. Even The JFK and 9/11 Affairs unveil in the same manner. Even The Moon Landing Hoax was about funding. Fake it if you can’t make it was the hidden NASA motto.
Obama to divert the affair involving him, began, wiretaps, unmasking, and FISA Warrants, leading to Sanctions, and raids and confiscations (contravention of The Vienna Convention) of Russian Diplomatic Properties. Also expelling some 70 Russian Consular staff.
His threat to ‘find’ drug manufacturing and distribution activity in the properties was countered by Russian Intel. The Reach of GRU-SVR is very long and well proven.
When one of Putin’s daughters was kidnapped in The Netherlands. The government there returned her very promptly; after the initial pretences.
There was an intel link. Despite the narrative of ‘Terrorists’. Netherlands was also where the phoney Lockerbie trials (on an American base) were held to blame Libyan Intel Operatives, for The American tragedy.
The lunacies of The Democrats have divided America on such idiotic social lines as Sexism, Racism, and manufactured theorised Inequalities and Imbalances.
While the disengaged and morose MSM plays to the tunes actually believing it is delivering the answers to relevant questions.
Which suits everyone else very well. America divided is America destroyed. There is argument even about its History and its National Anthem. An Enemy couldn’t structure it better.
In response to Obama’s silly raids, Russia raided American Diplomatic properties in Russia, expelling over 700 American Consular staff. Russia DID find Biogical and Chemical Weapons stored in those compounds.
Needless to add that the impotent American Sanctions against Russia were either not followed, or caused considerable economic damage to an all ready damaged American Economy. But Gross Stupidity has no meaning.
The Village Idiot does not know that they are stupid because they are too stupid to know that they are stupid. If you know that someone at the table is the fool, and you can’t identify them, guess what? Welcome to America in The Twenty First Century.
There is NO Russian Collusion through Flynn, by socially associating BEFORE with Russian Kislyak (former Russian Head of NATO Mission).
Even though Flynn supposedly lied to Pence and allegedly The FBI. Recall the genuine deceptions of The Iran Contra Affair. Flynn was playing Turkish Double Agent, working for American Intel.
In 2009 Obama began selling Uranium to Russia, which in turn was selling to Iran. Holder and others were involved. It became known in 2010. In 2016, Obama invented the Trump Collusion Lie; running to this day.
The Don Jnr. Affair is nonsense. A Russian Operative covering for Team Sick Momma, flips a social offering to sell information about Sick Momma. Offer refused. They had far better sources.
Mueller claims he just discovered that his internal senior investigators have been feeding hungry MSM with fake narratives. And that those same liars were the ones who ‘INVESTIGATED’ Sick Momma and found nothing wrong on her part derived from the insecure personal server.

By G Squared

Edited by Martin H



Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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