Demo Bimbonic Plague by G Squared

Demo Bimbonic Plague, combined with Demo Unaccountability Syndrome gives: SLUT SHAMING IS GO.
The Accusers fall on Credibility and Corroboration. It’s not that hard to read the lies of Paid Political Motivation and Unaccountability.
The rule is: If Democrat Feminese claim rape, grope, or fondle in passing, it’s BULLSHIT. If Democrat males are accused of molesting children, rape, groping, or violence against women; it’s true.
Except for Franken and Conyers, who were chased out by THEIR OWN DEMS, to give weight for the follow up against Trump to be included in one more Political Investigation. But of course the paedophile affair that is endemic in The Dems, does not exist. And Sick Willy allegedly retired his activities after The Lewinsky Affair.
And very sadly, as demonstrated in the Clinton Affair, Hillary condemned a 12 year old girl who had been raped, to the release and exoneration of her attacker. The great Hillary also threatened and attacked women her sick husband had raped and brutalised, so he could appear blameless. There is a litany of his sordid and violent life from his early college days, to the present. Both Clintons are insane.
The Russian Investigation concerning Trump has fallen to shreds after a year, as it would. The real perpetrators; “Conflict of Interest; Refusal to Recuse; Tampering with, Destroying, and Manufacturing Evidence; Lying under Oath; Contempt of Congress; Breach of Criminal Codes, Espionage“, Hatch, Logan, and Magnitsky Acts; were the very ones INVESTIGATING TRUMP.
The very ones sending thousands of Anti-Trump messages and emails to each other and connected outsiders, and leaking to MSM to maintain the life of the massive deception.
FBI Lisa Page, involved in The Trump Investiagation Scam, is married to Joseph Burrow. Her boyfriend FBI Peter Strzok is married to Melissa Hodgman. All four characters holding various employments courtesy of Obama.
Price worked on FBI McCabe‘s staff at the time McCabe’s wife was standing for public office and there was a financial issue raised concerning his wife’s donations. Price, though directly involved, had recollection issues. She is a Swamp Queen of note.
Hodgman was Associate Director of The SEC Enforcement Division, at the time HRC was being investigated. McCabe was an FBI Director at the time of his wife’s campaign donation problems.
Burrow is a falied opera singer, who has worked for Kaplan Education, and is now with Special Education Programs.
Rahm Emanuel was a failed ballet dancer, and close friend of Obama’s from The Chicago Bath House Scene. For which Obama received a Nobel Prize, for Community Work.
Obama appointed him as White House Chief of Staff. He subsequenly became Mayor of Chicago, and introduced the most psychologically devastating sex education programme to young junior school children.
Since withdrawn. Far from Progressive; it left a legacy of psychological disturbance amongst the young children exposed, that is still being addressed years afterwards. The outcome was not ‘Education’ and ‘Choices to be made’. It was as though the children were being serially abused and molested.
Young children should be allowed to live their lives as children. Not to be confronted by some lunacy, for them to determine by the time they are eight years of age, whether or not they are staright or gay. And this is what this all means in coloured picture books.
About the only sane thing he did in The White House, was to advise Obama that Sidney Blumenthal should never be given any security clearance, and not be employed by government.
In response to which, Blumenthal was employed by Clinton in The State Department, and on her broadcast list for all her Top Secret and Above emails and files. He was also negotiating business on behalf of The Clintons on matters pertaining to Libya.
When his tenure became untenable, he was moved to the employment of Media Matters (owned by Soros) and as a consultant to The Clinton Foundation.
The same characters involved in the fraudulent framing of Flynn, the false accusations against, Manafort and Don Jr. colluded in the tax frauds and money laundering operations of The Clintion Foundation, and altered, manufactured and destroyed FBI, DOJ and CIA files to suit their activities in collusion.
And from all this we suddenly have ‘The Trump Grope’ Scenario.
In 2016 Brave New Films; owned by Soros; paid 16 Democrat women to appear in a ‘Documentary’ to accuse Trump of sexual improprieties. A scripted short version of this was run through the usual talk shows in Oct. 2016, to damage the female vote for Trump.
It failed. Trump explained it was a lie and women voted for him. Now (Dec. 2017), tailing the real Weinstein Hollywood Expose and The deceptions of The Franken and Conyers Sacrifice Affairs, the same script was wheeled out with the aid of the failing Talking Face and Soros employee, Megan Kelly.
The lie failed before. It will fail again. Under the illusion that if enough is thrown, some will stick, The Deep State – Dem Coalition has reached a desperation. Instead of legitimate policies, the coalition is again running with negative campaings, and believing that they are drawing traction.
The Insanest of the Insane (Gillibrand, Pelosi, Warren et al) have just been wheeled out to lend ‘support’ to the lies of four Feminese Democrat shills. We have allegations back to the 1980’s concerning a grope on an aircraft. That liar described the alleged encounter in great detail. Morons believe it gives credence to their lies. In fact it trips them up. But liars are just that. So one delivers the narratives that Trump approached her, and folded down the arm rests of the plane seat.
But plane seats did not have retractable arm rests at that time. Another little Feminese Democratic Goose advised that Trump had forced his genitals against her, which made her “Feel like a piece of meat and Gross”. Good for her. The entire scenario is geared to take votes on The 6/11/2018 Mid Terms.
Albeit there have been some script refinements since the first readings of Oct. 2016.
The problem with The Feminese Democrat Liars is that MOST WOMEN VOTE AGAINST THEM. And it is clearly demonstrated that the female audiences to whom these liars play are VERY CAPABLE of discerning liars of their gender. Much moreso than men.
Women CORRECTLY judge women and their lies. It is a gross disrespect for women voters to be treated in this manner.
A token, not postioned due to her ability as is Sarah Sanders, is Nikki Haley. As US Ambassador to The UN, and following in the footsteps of such regretables as Rice and Power. Haley has come out saying that the leading liars of the rerun of Oct. 2016, should be heard, as they have something to say. She also added that she is “Incredibly proud of the women who came forward”.
Haley, as I have written many times, was a mistake waiting to happen. Never tokenise to avoid discrimination throw aways. There are many very capable women.
Grabbing women from the side lines or for the purpose of political payoffs, is a very bad idea. Haley has demonstrated a clear incapacity in The UN, and is overdue for transfer to US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Even in the False Rape Accusations against DSK in New York; before the six trials finding him NOT GUILTY were conducted, women had already correctly decided the truth of the affair.
DSK was to stand for President of France in the election that fraudulently brought The Rosthschild Puppet Macron to ‘Win’ against le Pen. The women voters of France understood immediately what the scenario was in New York. The alleged raped was hidden from view. Albeit her daughter gave indications that the affair was a politically motivated fraud.
DSK was unable to stand for The Presidential Election, as he was under criminal charges. So the paid Rothschild puppet won.
Even le Pen’s father came out against his own daughter. Another bought Rothschild shill from The EU Parliament. As pathetic as it is.
Trump is not bright, but he has Street Smarts. There is a reason he has Sarah Sanders fronting MSM. She, and not any man, is best suited to deflect this last horrah of the non-existent Democratic Party to remove Trump from The White House.
The allegations against Franken and Conyers have NOT BEEN SUBSTANTIATED. The Dems believing it strengthens them by removing an old guard; however that is accomplished; has actually weakened them.
The same crowd who decided to wear white when Trump addressed Congress. A real ‘protest’ would have had them stay home. But then they would have missed the all important photo shoot in The Congrees Lobby.
The Franken-Conyers Plan is to further Feminise The Democratic numbers in both houses on 6/11/2018. The real paedophiles and rapists in The Dems are still hiden and denied.
So that plan; hatched from the brains of the alcohol soaked HRC and Pelosi, and the disturbed; Pocahontas, Gillibrand, Harris, Booker, Merkley, and Feinstein; will end on the cutting room floor; as all the rest of their fantasies.
They want Trump to resign over the allegations. What about a name and shame and a really big petition. What about a lamington drive. What if they all line up and hold their breath until they get what they want. How about all joining hands and swaying in unison to ‘We Shall Overcome’. How about a return to Greenham Common.
The only traction is the billious incessant MSM; renditions, permutations and combinations of the same lies. A few more might wake to the miasma and switch on to Rational and Critical Thought.
Some Truth and Reality; just one click away. If more switch off and refuse to buy MSM, it will quickly starve. Advertisers, even sponsors with hidden agendas, will stop playing and paying. The raft will be cast adrift and float in desperation for a new mooring. The friendly port of the real world will look attractive. But are they really that bright. Certainly the questioning abilities of the Talking Faces and those who feed them rhetoric and talking points are unsalvageable. But then who cares?
Adieu, and Do Svidaniya.
It’s worth noting some of the script of the current rerun of the Choreographed Accusation Parade.
The pretenders are chasing a Congressional Inquiry with Trump appearing with Franken and Conyers. That will never happen. The little munchkins know that Franken and Conyers have nothing to answer, dropping out and leaving Trump. The problem there is that Trump needs to try and run the country and is not focussed on stupidities.
There is also this little thing termed Executive Privilege. It seems to have been forgotten. But then this whole affair is a just a fantasy.
He is accused of groping, fondling, forcibly kissing, humiliating, and harassing.
The four fronting the current script reads are: Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks, and Summer Zervos. All Democrats on repeat performances from Oct.2016, and paid by Soros through Brave New Films.
Holvey claims Trump, lined up all the competition entrants in 2006 and ogled her. He just looked her over like she was a piece of meat. It left her feeling very gross. So she believes it only stands fair if he is investigated as well. She says it isn’t a partisan issue, but how women are treated.
Leeds makes an allegation of an event 32 years ago. She was sexually assaulted when he jumped all over her. This is the one caught with the plane arm rest lie. She wants people to know what kind of person Trump really is, and what a pervert he is.
Zervos claims Trump thrust his genitals at her during a business meeting. She is suing Trump for defamation from 2007, because he lied to the nation about his behaviour. He is a liar and a misogynist, and she feels debased and denegrated.
She states that as Trump has not issued a retraction as she requested he has left her with no alternative but to sue him in order to vindicate her reputation. Her lawyer is Gloria Allred. A known Dem activist. She claims that Zervos has passed a lie detector test.
But has she passed a Compos Mentis test? Or for that matter, have any of them?

I realise that this horror fiction is riveting and having to hear it in instalments may prove unendurable. So I will continue:

Zervos continues that she fended off his advances. He defamed her by denying her account of the alleged event.
Allred chimes in with Trump knowingly, intentionally and maliciously throwing each of these women under the bus. Repeatedly calling them liars in public has caused them distress.
Zervos further adds that she is willing to rescind the lawsuit if the president-elect retracts the statements he made and acknowledges his behaviour towards her.
Cooks claims he kissed her on the lips outside an elevator in Trump Tower. She was shocked and devastated.
All the above lies and idiocies were disputed by eye witness accounts when the scripts were first run in Oct. 2016.
What planet do these morons come from?

G SquaredG Squared

Edit by Martin H

Martin Harris

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