WORLD EXCLUSIVE! The Real Loretta Lynch Story, by G Squared

You read that right guys: G Squared has the scoop on Loretta Lynch! How, what and why? Read on…!

When Sick Willy met Loretta Lynch and Stephen Hargrove at Phoenix Airport on 1/7/2016, it was a planned meeting. Neither Lynch nor Sick Willy act by chance. Socialising occurred for any audio. But also the written notes scenario was separately employed.
Sick Willy never uses email or mobiles. Certainly not in such situations. Even ‘secure’ devices can become remote transmitters. Notes were passed in the same pocket notebook, and removed by Sick Willy. Standard Tradecraft.
While nonsense is being discussed, notes are written on the substantive issues. When HRC said she used her private server on personal matters with Sick Willy, among others; she knows Sick Willy does not use email. If he did, his communications would have been traced from years passed. Sick Willy is an experienced player. Official emails go through official channels.
Unlike Trump who emails and texts, and keeps everything. He has nothing to hide. Which again is a frustration for fishing expeditions as The Mueller Farce.
Of the current rehashed, Soros front Brave New Films paid Oct. 2016 harassment ‘victims’, one fell apart because of her brilliant script. Written by more contemporary bimbos, of Revisionist Realityland, who didn’t know, retractable armrests were not in aircraft, 32 years ago.
Another has also just fallen on her sword, because Trump’s people were able to produce communications; from years past; between Trump and that particular liar, which destroyes her current script.
All 16 Feminese who were paraded by Brave New Films in Oct. 2016, were destroyed by Eye Witnesses. To attempt to parade 4 of the same, and unashamedly with the same scripts in Dec. 2017; says what.
Only desperation in Deep State Dem Party Cabal Actors; following the collapse and reversal of The Mueller Farce, could answer the current idiocy. All else has failed. The Coup d’Etat; unrecognised by the manipulated herds; failed. HRC was not, even fraudulently, put into office.
Mueller’s Trump Collusion Fraud, has become the Truth of The Clinton Russian Collusion. His brief has now been quietly changed to Obstruction of Justice. But it will lead back to; HRC, Comey, Lynch, Page, Strzok, The Ohrs, Rhee, Weissman, Simpson, Wray, Yates, Rosenstein, Sessions, Mills, Samuelson, Abedin, Combetta, Awan, Weiner, Blumenthal, Rice, and Mueller himself.
‘Oh what a tangled web we weave,
Clearly we are not dealing with intelligent people here.
The Exoneration of HRC was bought; not for HRC rehiring Lynch as US AG; but something much greater for Lynch. All the Deep State Democratic Party Cabal and their MSM sycophants believed that HRC would succeed in America’s Second Coup d’Etat.
All The Congressional Evidence I have seen; at best confirms Lynch as a Talking Point Puppet and Liar. Gohmert demonstrated that her knowledge of the law is indeed limited. She did not get to US AG, DESPITE the fact that she was Black and a Women; but BECAUSE of it.
Tokenism and its variants do not instill any form of Equality of Opportunity. It instills a false elitism.
The falsely ‘promoted’ believe in their own concocted publicity, to the point of attempting to traction the fiction even further.
The entire false scenario totally failed under Blair before Obama attempted to implement the exact practices in America. Apart from the insanities of HRC as The Janet Reno Affair.
Adverse manipulated ‘Official’ Propaganda is easy to traction. While Bro. Nathanael and others believed that they had made a discovery they termed The ‘Jewification’ of America, Obama was instituting The Islamification of America.
Obama, Lynch, Abedin et al, are Muslims, not Christians as Obama and Lynch falsely postured. Why Obama would ‘Jewify’ America while he is a Muslim did not hit the logic trail.
Not an issue as for the Equality, Empowerment, or Affirmative Action, with regard to women. The Soros funded SJW and Feminese mental cases, are destroying what they purport to represent. The ADL may be a Jewish body, but where was its voice heard under Obama. He covertly acted AGAINST JEWRY, and AGAINST ISRAEL.
America feeds the world under the illusion of control. Albeit with a manipulated currency and manipulated trade. Trump’s current Jerusalem as the capital scenario, has predictably triggered a useless UN motion. His response is to cut aid to those who oppose The Jerusalem Initiative.
Either way, America cannot lose. The UN vote is meaningless. Trump spoke on behalf of America and moving The Embasy.
I have previously written of The Third Temple SIte, The Al Aqsa, and the true relevance of Jerusalem as the third Islamic Holy Site (which it is not).
If we are going to categorize, then we should correctly define the variants, the histories, and the legitimate outcomes. It is not sufficient to posture that Islam is under-represented in The West. Is Judeo-Christianity correctly represented in The Islamic World. Or are we waiting for them to introduce their raft of Anti-Discrimination legislation.
The West was NOT built by Islam. It is Islam invading The West for a better life, NOT the reverse.
And for that matter, perhaps some ‘Equality’ for women? These are the very places that the ill-informed, arrogant and ignorant SJW and Feminese brigades should be posted for practical training in the gentle art of Reality and Truth functioned through Rational and Critical Thought.
Forced Anti-Discrimination, causes Discrminiation. There was a problem in Australia. Those with English as a Second Language, were certified as ‘competent’. But of course; nuances, character, and accent of a language can not be ‘taught’ or certified.
One thing to allege to be able to speak. Another to be understood. Language and communication is partly speaking; but needs to be totally understood. The politicised English courses teach an acceptable grammatic jumble with confused tenses, interspersed by English sounding words.
Mumbling and speed of delivery of the incomprehensible is not addressed. They either learn or they don’t. The certified English speakers are aghast when I shout and gather an audience at fast food outlets; demanding someone who speaks English. The gathering of the instant and sympathetic audience is what holds the focus and control.
I hold no sympathy for people who have invaded my space and refuse to learn, apart from literal lip service for meaningless certification. If I was in their country I would be treated much more harshly.
Comprehension and Communication: the very basis of the issue are NOT tested.
The positions of Rail Guards were sought by a particluar ethnic configuration and their over-promoted prior employed handlers.
One of the responsibilities of the position is to announce forward stations. One of the enduring characteristics of this particular ethnic configuartion, is a remarkably slovenly, arrogant, and irresponsible attitude towards their work and the citizens of their host nation, in general. A highly unjustified supremacist attitude, derived from an era of Empire Reversed.
Not an issue of addressing illusions of Discrimination. But creating Discrimination.
As a result; a new era of Rail Guard was invented. They would press the microphone button AFTER they began speaking. And disconnect BEFORE concluding. Job Done. The middle section was a mumble resembling English. But an irretrievable and determined distance from it.
Most people on suburban trains in Australia know where they are travelling and can read the station names on the platforms.
But this level of Discrimination concerning Rail Guards had to cease. As a result, a blind gentleman had considerable problems. This era of Discrimination by Anti-Discrimination came to a very expensive end for NSW State Rail.
The heavily uninformed and disengaged Minister at the time, a token herself, who caused a great deal of problems to that rail system. Conducted her philosophy of  “Strong, Determined, and Always Wrong”, so well, she was promoted.
The attuned Congressional questioners have been able to reasonably determine that there had to be a trade-off for Lynch. (cash certainly) but something more. They arrived at the conlusion that Lynch would be rehired by HRC, to be US AG. Even Alternative picked up on that and ran with it. As they would.
My views of Alternative Media, as against Legitimate Independent Media are well known. Alternative not only lies as does MSM, but it manufactures even more absurd narratives.
Nowhere in Congresional Hearings, MSM, or Alternative Media, was it recognised or understood.
All that was found was; Lynch is a scrpit reading puppet and liar; tokenised to US AG as were Holder and Reno, and leaving the same stench. Lynch also used private servers; to hide her true activities; as did HRC. (Lynch was Elizabeth Carlisle and Holder was Lew Alcindor).
(For the citation addicted: go back to the colouring books. The world is not based on Citations, but FACTS and REALITY. Neither of which are enriched by theoretically exalted third party disengaged. The virtual regurgitation game. Intel Ops are not going to pay the price, so the deluded can play “my citation is bigger than yours”. Always do your own research. You will be amazed what you might find.
We are MESSENGERS. Reality is Specifically NOT Formulaic. I was personally present at three major world events; not Phoenix. A colleague ‘accidentally’ left a device there; which is how you are getting this WORLD EXCLUSIVE HERE. When asked about how I could possibly know about the events [at which I was personally present], I don’t respond.)
When Scalia died on 13/2/2016 it left a hole in The US Supreme Court. Obama did not fill it. And from that time it was regarded as a given that The Insane One would accomplish The Second American Coup; and on which many were reliant.
Trump fortunately won the election and fortunately managed Gorsuch into that vacant seat. The two recent 5-4 decisions in favour of Trump are testimony.
The final devastation of America with HRC in The White House, Lynch on The Supreme Court, America joining The EU NWO, Rampant Russian Collusion, Massive Pay for Play Frauds, and The American Military being unchained to atttack all the small and defensless nations on a world plunder and devastation, never seen before; would have brought worldwide civil unrest and resistance never seen before.
Lynch was a Token Obama appointment as US Attorney General. Holder was the same. A was Janet Reno by HRC, while she was running The Sick Willy White House. The devastation and legacy of these three alone, is well documentated.
American Deep State is not that difficult to identify. Apart from those who have variously attained high office; some 2,000 American Public Servants carry the title of The Honourable. It’s an interesting and good reference point.
Lauri Fitz Pegado of Hill and Knowlton, Washington; was rewarded for her excellent work in training the 15 year old Nayihra al Sabah, to LIE and CRY before the fraudulent Congressional Human Rights Caucus on 10/10/1990.
Kuwait was invaded in 1990 before it was made known.
The MSM Fraud aided the invasion of Kuwait to ‘Protect’ CIA Zapata Oil (Harbinger Group, HRG). The subsequent testing of mini-nukes, as used in The 9/11 False Flag and the deception of ‘Depleted Uranium’ weaponry.
It also led in the massive ‘Oil for Food’ Genocide by America (I was a negotiator); The follow-On Invasion in 2003 of Iraq, The Massive WMD Lie; The amalgamation of The American formed Islamic Terrorist Groups in Iraq in 2006, under Condoleezza Rice; and all the devastation that has followed to date.
For her wonderful service for GHWB and The First Gulf War; Sick Willy, when President, awarded The Liar Fitz Pegado with the title of The Honourable. Look at the name plates of Deep State Liars and Gangsters being questioned in Congressional Hearings, and note those who sport ‘The Hon.’
Just one interesting example of ‘co-operation’ and recognition of common interests, between The Bush and Clinto-Obama Cabals. Hardly a Two-Party ‘Democratic’ System.
April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein on 25/7/1990. The subsequently issued Transcript of that meeting is a fraud. The Transcript of the two journalists’ interview of Glaspie on 2/9/1990, is a fraud.
America invading through Kuwait on 2/8/1990 was pre-planned. The MSM deceptions, including The Fitz Pegado Fraud of 10/10/1990 and the MSM disinformation campaign fit the correct timeline. Not that which was manufactured and reversed.
Sick Willy employed the reversed timeline scenario, when NATO and The USAF dropped chemical weapons in The Yugoslave War. Subsequently they bombed The Serbs and blamed them; while NATO and America claimed to be the saviours.
At the time of the German invasion of Greece during WWII; Germany left the Croatian military behind to deal with the Greeks. The death and devastation caused by Germany and Croatia was not, and will not been forgotten.
The just havoc caused by The Serbs and The Greeks during The Yugoslav War, was what caused NATO and Sick Willy’s America to use Chemical Weapons and blame The Serbs. None of which will traction any truth from fictionl revisionist history.
Internationally: America has remarkably developed a collective hatred, that is deeper than it will allow itself to imagine. Now that America is finally disowning its dramatically failed militarist policies; moving to the sane era of trade; it will pass through the barriers it created for itself.
Mainstream Digital ‘Refences’ carry the deceptions of Fake Revisionist History. The False ICTY ‘Convictions’ of Milosovich and Mladic do NOT verify the Official American Version of Reality. When The ICC overturned part of the False Milosovich ‘Conviction’; he was murdered in prison.
The Saddam Hussein ‘Trial’ was one of the great Legal Farces of The Contemporary Era. And there are so many from which to choose.
And what was accomplished by America?

“Lynch was promised Scalia’s US Supreme Court Seat for exonerating HRC. Trump filled it with Gorsuch.”

G SquaredG Squared

Martin’s note: Unsure who Loretta Lynch is?

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