A Different Standard, by G Squared


“The recent American ‘recognition’ of Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital and the movement of The American Embassy is all political drivel…Iran is not ‘contained’ by America, and North Korea is a diversionary joke”.

Following the recent Settlement Meetings in Russia (Dec. 2017) with Syria, Iran, Turkey (attempting to mend its ways), and Hezbollah (Israel’s playmate), in attendance, the political adversaries of America and its puppets including IS were not invited.
America unable to deny that IS has been driven from Syria, and on the back of Haley’s articulated incompetence in UN debate; has taken the narrative that America will continue to fight IS, wherever it presents.
Putin inspected Syria. (Could you imagine Hillary inspecting a war zone. The Lie “Landing under sniper fire” will haunt the goose. Albeit there are so many lies from which to choose.)
America and its proxies have been driven back to Iraq and are under Iranian attack to clear that area. Saudi, Egypt, and Israel will not react. Iran and Israel are the only two non-Arab states in the region.
Russian troop withdrawals have commenced in Syria. Mission Accomplished.
The rebuilding of Syria has commenced after one more devastating and meaningless American intervention. America lied about UN agreement for The Syrian Invasion.
As it lied about Libya and deceived for consent over Kuwait and Iraq. Korea and Vietnam were nodded to on the basis that Russia and China looked away.
Apart from America and its vassals, the real world knew that America would die in Korea and Vietnam. As it did. It could not be saved from itself.
The Russian stronghold at Latakia will remain. What America accomplished was Russia developing its second warm sea port after Sevastapol. The very reason Greece was excluded from The Oder-Neisse East. The insane Churchill sending so many to their deaths in attempts to contain The Russian Navy in The Black Sea.
The very ally that England needed to defeat its NAZi concoction. That which became as unmanageable as IS did for America.
The same Russia that repeatedly ‘Saved’ England. The Russia that England attacked in The 1853 Crimean War to protect Ottoman Annexations and the Occupation of Jerusalem. The Crimean War which England LOST (The 1856 Treaty of Paris). Despite the contrary waffles of W.H.Russell in The London Times.
Idiocy that will not acknowledge what The Potsdam Conference solidified. That if Russia did not destroy The German Forces, despite The Rothschild Agreement concerning Paris, England would join The Reich. As the idiot brigades of The British Royals had sponsored from 1936 with The Battenbergs (Mountbattens) and Edward VIII (Wallis Simpson was not in the equation. That illusion was to sell women’s interests).
Paedophile Louis Mountbatten lining up with serial rapist Edward VIII, to see who was going to take on what crowns of the former states of Western Europe after the sponsored Germany defeated Russia, to free Europe from challenge. Louis (dispatched at Sligo 27/8/1979) started learning Polish.
Should the need arise: American proxies again attempting aggressions in Syria, can now be attended to by Syrian Forces, supported by strikes from The Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.
In that region; Russia also stands in The Balearic, Aegean, Levantine, Mediterranean, and Black Seas, and has the capacity to block Gibraltar and The Suez.
The USN is now unable to operate within 500NM of any Russian asset or interest. As such: USN carrier aircraft are unable to function on a return mission. Hyper Velocity Zircons, EM Technogy, and Super Cavitation Torpedoes, maintain USN Carrier Groups at a respectful distance.
Should Syria decide to re-enter Lebanon, Israel will have a hobby, to divert it from the Gaza. Which has actually been transferred to Egypt. The conditions of The Palestinians are the responsibility of Egypt, not Israel.
The Palestinians can easily be transferred into Egypt. The hold is a claim on Israeli claimed territory and the massive Leviathan oil fields of The Levantine Sea, off Gaza.
That and the oil fields of The Golan belong to Israel as a partner. The prior battles for The Golan being for the oil, not water or other nonsense.
The same as The Falklands War was to protect the interests of FOGL, and the 1990 Kuwaiti Iraq War was to protect the interests of CIA Zapata Oil (Harbinger Group HRG Group). As the interests in East Timor were not to protect the locals from Indonesia, but to steal the oil of The Timor Sea.
Downer at the time being Australian Foreign Minister, was also consultant to Woodside Petroleum, a major player. If Australia were at all interested in indigenous populations, it would have acted against Indonesia, instead of turning its back on the division and annexation of Papua New Guinea.

The recent American ‘recognition’ of Jerusalem as the Israeli Capital and the movement of The American Embassy is all political drivel.
The reality is the Al Aqsa and Temple Mount (The Dome on The Rock, Fort Antonia, The Roman Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, the site where Mohammed struck his head on Abraham’s Stone and was assumed to Heaven, The site of The Second Temple to 70AD), and a projected site for The Third Temple.Political diversion

The Romans have moved on, but Islam still lingers. Even though in the main Islamic texts, Jerusalem is not mentioned as a third Holy City. There have been confrontations before concerning Temple Mount.
Abraham’s Stone is not a focus. The Third Temple and The Western Wall are the significance for Israel. Clearly it is an historic Jewish Site, but not an Islamic Site. Jerusalem itself is The Prime Judeo-Christian Holy Site. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, there is an historic bond between Christianity and Judaism. Islam is not in the equation. But The al Aqsa is not to be disturbed, as there is a long history of Muslims living peacefully alongside Christians and Jews in the area.
There is an interesting anecdote (end 2017) concerning a Russian submarine which I will name later. It was moved on the surface from The Russian Baltic, down and around into The Mediterranean.
It was tracked and followed by American, British and NATO surface vessels, satisfied they could track the latest Russian Stealth Submarine. On two occasions it dived, travelled a distance and resurfaced to find the followers waiting.
It then dived near Libya and resurfaced past Syria. But there was no entourage. A further lesson was taught, and a technology unwittingly tested.
Should America or its puppets again attempt to breach The Syrian Border, they would have to stage from Iraq, which would be hit hard by Russia and Iran.
Iran is not ‘contained’ by America, and North Korea is a diversionary joke.
At the present, America is being gradually edged out of Libya, which is being used as further attrition against America, even though it is looting its valuable dense crude.
America mouths at Iran, but knows full well that Iran can shut The Strait of Hormuz; completely paralysing America within a week. The induced American domestic commandeering will snap The American Social Fabric.
America dares not use Nuclear devices beyond those used in Iraq in 2003. It has no functioning missile capacity and no nuclear devices fixed in Western Europe.
There have not been American Fixed Platform Nuclear Devices in Western Europe since they were forced out by the reality of The Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct. 1962.
GWB abrogating long functioning nuclear agreements with Russia, has fractured America. Apart from America having no functioning rocket capacity from 2011.
The British ICBM Trident Platforms are inoperable. Demonstrated at The Florida Test Firing in mid 2017, the USN Sea Based Theatre Platforms are inoperable. Demonstrated by the disabling of The USS Donald Cook, Ross, and Porter. It’s Stealth Fiction was exposed during The Kosovo War, and in The USS Virginia Incident.
The American 7th. Fleet has been stood down (Operational Pause). Expect the same to follow for the 5th., 3rd., and Arctic Patrols. The posturings with NATO to continue on the Eastern borders until The Bear tires. Albeit America WILL NOT CROSS Russian designated lines. It never has since WWII, and will not commence now.
The Bear disturbed from its slumber and annoyed, cannot be placated by words and offerings. It will fight until there is nothing more to destroy. That history is remarkably clear.
Contrary to which, America will attack the weak, plunder and run. That history is also remarkably clear.
Trump correctly, economically and militarily, turned his back in the best interests of America.
On 18/3/ to 1/4 2018, The Russian Presidential Election is to be held. Putin is being challenged by two American Puppet Nut Cases.
Ksenia Sobchak appears to be a failure from the school of mentally challenged Feminese waffle speakers, and Alexei Navalny is a confused Bernie Sanders omphaloskeptic.
Neither have understood that Socialism and its many theorised variants died in Russia in Oct. 1989 (officially 1991). The 7/11/1917 Totalitarian experiment by Anglo-American banking interests failed with monumental devastations.
Russia is more democratic than America. The lattter rushing with haste to its insane Civil Unrest Totalitarian demise. Trump actually being their very last avenue of escape and recovery.
The 6/11/2018 Mid Term Elections will decide the fate of the deeply troubled America.
Shooting Drug Dealers on sight, and exiling unwelcomed Oligarchs is hardly un-democratic in Russia.
Duterte conducts The Philippines with the same moral philosophy. He rebadged Oligarchs to certain American interests. And of course calling Obama “A son of a whore” was not answered by a foot stomp and a pout.Obama political
Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate was a fake, and his momma has some unfortunate photos in circulation. Not poor Barry’s fault. His lineage has no documentation as Trump is now aware. But Obama’s delegitimising served its purpose at the time. Don’t throw rocks from a glass house. A little honesty is always preferred.
His incessant golfing holidays, courtesy of the government, was to keep him away while America was being run by his handlers. He would be appropriately positioned to read scripts he was delivered. Then go away again.
His handlers demonstrated without any doubt that America could be turned to an even bigger disaster. Deep State and The Owners have no idea. And NEVER will. America was flooded with economy busting numbers of illegals. Where do they live and what do they do? Getting them over the border was the easiest part of the exercise.
American industry was ground to a halt with entire cities turned to ghettos. America entered toxic Trade Agreements and introduced insane Monetary and Fiscal Policies that would seal the fate of its currency and ability to legitimately trade.
Trump has been backing America out of the idiotic agreements as fast as he can. Including the Paris Accord’s Climate Change Fraud, for now.
Quantitative Easing, Sequesters, and Austerity, were part of the nonsense delivered to the herds, to convince them that the Obama camp knew what they were doing.
To correct a fault, you first need to recognise that a fault exists. And if the solution is offered by those who caused the fault without that comprehension, then the reality of the cause and effect is lost. Nothing can be rectified. The damage is intensified.
A similar scenario occurred with Obama’s stupid Sanctions. The American Economy was predictably damaged, while Russia powered on. And America dared not cross the lines indicated.
America poncing about Russia’s Eastern and Eurasian borders is being as cringeworthy and ridiculous as facing off at The Berlin Wall and The 38th. Parallel North. Real, not Revisionist History, records that America was vanquished and driven out of Korea in 1953, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in 1975, and Syria in 2017.
Apart from facing unspoken borders along Russia and into Ukraine. With containment in Iraq, under Iranian control from 2017. ‘Jade Helm’ as the unspoken Return to Barracks. The DHS as the unspoken Martial Law.
America caused futile, insane wars of postured dominance that it lost with unrecoverable attrition. America doubled its deficit. A GFC following on the back of the ridiculous economic policies of Sick Willy and GWB.
I have no problem with Barry or his life’s choices. It’s his insane political duplicities and ideologies that have caused the damage.
Same Sex or even Cross Species ‘Marriages’ or co-habitations are of no concern. They have simply been made to appear as such. The real Socio-Economic Issues have been hidden by a flood of irrelevant idiocies.
If America returns to the family social issues of The Tennessee Hills, and pretends it to be Progressive; so be it. I object to Paedophilia, Rape, and Bestiality. However the Left Liberals have redefined them.
No Children, Women, farm or pet animals should be harmed in Modern Progressive America.
The nation was racially and religiously divided by Obama; revisiting past eras. It is not going to be able to avoid the looming tragic outcomes to return America to the balance it had attained after WWII.
Obama’s handlers chose policies that destroyed America. When the opportunities presented to improve and advance.
If cross sex marriages end in disasters, same sex will enter the same channels. The lawyers are going to be loving it. Whoever gets custody of the gerbil will be unrelenting front page fare for days. It might educate a few more mental tourists to the realities of MSM.
Barry was rescued from an orphanage and mentored through The American Political System as the good little obedient puppet token that he became. He found ‘love’ with Michael La Vaughn Robinson, and they adopted two girls and a boy. Fine.
In the unlikely event that either of the two Russian nut jobs becomes President; they would be unlikely to take instructions from The Russian Orthodox Church. Which now controls and OWNS Russia. Now returned to Tsarist Russia prior to the concocted Bolshevik Revolution.
Russia made the return. Can America return to The Pre-Fed Era. Two failed experiments that were doomed and produced the devastations that they would. And derived from the same sources.
Russia denied the boundaries and recovered its nation. America does not have that moral fortitude. Is Trump prepared to raid the Fed, shut it down, gaol or shoot all players and reissue the currency. Is he prepared to do the same to all those postured as Deep State? Is he prepared to not obstruct and suffer, but shoot protesters in the streets, or drag them from their homes?
The world would be aghast. Really. But look at renditions, tortures, secret prisons, and American military adventurisms and devastations since WWII.
Look at the abrogation of The American Constitution by Courts and Deep State. Look at Proxy Armies, away from White House Control and functioned by The State Department and The CIA. Look at the Feifdoms created by Deep State and its power maximised and tractioned corruption and gangsterism.
Look at fraudulent elections from 1981 to 2012. Look at two Coups d’Etat; the successful JFK on 22/11/1963, and the failed HRC on 8/11/2017. Look at the situation where Congress has no control over the Governement and it’s actors.
Russia had the courage to stop, smash what was needed, and reinvent itself with a new constitution. But America is restrained by false moralities, and that parallel will never occur. So America is doomed to pass through a half century of gradual return to reality. During which time it will grind its way through Banana Republic status. While pretending all is different. The emperor has no clothes. But we will all politely pretend we do not see. As Russia and China already pretend. We all wish America a speedy recovery.
I’m sure the current Russian political pretenders have not noticed. And there would hardly be a chapter on it in The Revisionist History of The World, according to the intellectualised fools of the New World.
The instructions of The US Department of State would not intersect with reality. Any notions that Russia can be recaptured by America are deep in fantasyland.
The further problem is that the Russian Military would not take orders from either of them.
In short, I would hope that their insurance policies are paid to date. Russian distaste is so imaginative and so far reaching.
Ignorance, Arrogance, and the lack of experience are fine for America. But a different standard now exists in Russia.
Policies and Ideological garbage have no meaning in The Real World. What level of abject stupidity is believed by these two morons!

G SquaredG Squared

edit by Martin H

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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