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Assets, Agents, and Operatives

G Squared highlights some extraordinary connections!

Obama, Ford, Hitler, Transgender Agendas…

Intelligence Agency Internal Memos, Reports, and Files are usually fairly accurate. Particularly when it concerns Assets, Agents, and Operatives. And more so with regard to Trainee and new Field Operatives.
The politicising of released information, output, and activities, is a separate issue to what happens In House.
Some Information is released without Adjustments, some is leaked, often intentionally, some is never released for a number of reasons, including; legitimate National Security, the protection of lives, to maintain Deep Covers, or guard against the exposure of wrongdoings, again for a number of reasons.
Once someone is a member of an Intel Community, they remain for life.
In the 1920s, Henry Ford published a newspaper: ‘The Dearborn Independent‘. It’s speciality was a continuous diatribe of what might be termed Anti-Semitism.
A four volume set of its ‘greatest hits’ was published as; ‘The International Jew‘. Subsequently republished in one volume and expanded by George Green in 1949 as; ‘The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem’.
In the original 1925 publication of Mein Kampf, Hitler makes an ‘honourable mention’ of Henry Ford.
When Hitler came to power as German Chancellor in 1933, the following year as Fuhrer of NAZI Germany, a picture of Henry Ford was proudly displayed in his personal office.
There was considerable ‘moral support’ as well as financial by Ford, The British Royal Family (represented by serial rapist Edward VIII), The Vatican (The Final Deicide Solution, The Rat Lines, two NAZI Popes, Aniti-Semitism denied in 1964), and The Usual Banking Suspects of London (Groupe Rothschild) and New York (Prescott Bush a particularly notable representative. GHWB born in Germany; Scherff), and The OSS (pre CIA).
The SIS had developed a healthy anti-government posture during WWII, and subsequently feigned co-operation. The Philby Affair was the change of direction.
SIS Stewart Menzies was the dividing factor with government. He realised that the unimpeded path of Churchill, would have the children of Britain speaking German in schools. The EU being the second attempt. As such; Menzies indirectly fed German military intel (Bletchley; Caircross) to Russia.
The Cambridge Ring being exposed by The Philby Affair. None of The SIS Old Hands were there at that time, to protect those who actually had no idea that they were British Conduits rather than Russian Double Agents.
Philby, Maclean, and Burgess, ran to Russia. Blunt, and Victor Rothschild (known personally from Cambridge) remained in Britain, with the very few able to explain what had actually transpired. Blunt lost his knighthood as a token theatric to appease the MSM enlived ill-informed. Subsequently Hollis, and Trevor-Roper were exposed, but confused in with the rest of the MSM expanded invention.
Philby was maintained in House Arrest for his first seventeen years of Russian exhile. So he really wasn’t tthe great Russian Spy as MSM invented. The two extant interviews with Philby are nonsense. The first one had him dancing questions about his loungeroom to an invasion by MSM buffoons. The second; also an ambush; was on a train journey; where he did not speak. The MSM camera operator, carefully excluded the KGB guards accompanying Philby. Whom the great investigative journalists had paid for access.
An aside as further convenient theatrics; David Irving was criminalised for Holocaust Denial in questioning The Auschwitz Affair. But he also verified that The Hitler Diaries; certified as valid by Ebehard Jackel (1982) and then Hugh Trevor-Roper to Murdoch, were fraudulent. And that The Goebbels Diaries; found in Moscow; were valid.
To aid The Misssion; it needs to be noted that The Work or Concentration Camps were particularly targetted for incessant bombing by The Allies. A major fact that has convenienty been ‘revised’ (sanitised) out of The Anglo-American history of WWII.
SS Wernher von Braun’s (saved by Operation Paperclip to become the first director of The NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, at Redstone Arsenal, Weapons Developement Facility), moved The Peenemunde Camps underground to Mittelwerk. To prevent his enslaved labour force being continually murdered by Allied bombing raids.
And of course who could forget the great Ruhr Valley flooding by The RAF (The Dam Busters). Hardly unoccupied factory areas. Who were the workers. Did these labour intensive factories operate by the interaction of German master tradesmen and their machinery, alone. Or were there tens of thousands of enforced labourers as the mainstay.
And who were these labourers? All conveniently excised from the true history of the alleged ‘victors’ of WWII. A blame and guilt that is more widespread than is ‘politically correct’. And more important than arguing the numbers of how many people of what grouping were killed in what camp, and how.
The RAF being the masters of The Civilian Genocidal Firebombing of Dresden and Cologne. Why was Bomber Command disbanded and merged into Fighter Command. Only outmatched by The USAF firebombing of some 60 Japanese Civilian Cities. Before the further War Crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And just sneaking in the door before Potsdam: The Alies ‘Surrender’ to The Soviet Union.
The OSS-CIA being further noted, for its connections to The Ford Foundation; detailed elsewhere by this writer; concerning research into President Obama. Where it was discovered that Stanley Ann Dunham, his alleged mother, worked for The Ford Foundation in Chicago; as a male.
Witnessed by co-workers and where she lived. Further that friends and associates at The East-West CIA Training Centre at The University of Hawaii; recall that she did not co-habitate with Barack Obama Senior, and that she was never seen as pregnant.
In June 1946; Gehlen Org was formed in The American Occupation Zone of Germany. It consisted of members of The 12th. Department of The German Army General Staff (Foreign Armies East (FHO), and named after Wehrmacht Major General Reinhard Gehlen, head of NAZI Military Intelligence in The Eastern Front during WWII.
In 1951; Truman signed The Mutual Security Act, for Special Clandestine ‘Anti-Communist’ Military ‘Aid’, ‘Developmental’ Aid, and ‘Technical Assistance’ with over 40 countries. The functionaries were: The CIA, Gehlen Org, and US Special Forces.
In 1959; A Presidential Committee was established for the training of operatives, under The Mutual Security Program. Further; ‘Instruction’ (Ideological Indoctrination) was to be provided to recipient countries; on the ‘Concepts and Doctrine governing the employment of The Military Instrument in Peace and War’.
The Cold War had begun, and America; having ‘Lost’ control after The 1945 Battle of Berlin, confirmed by The Potsdam Conference, was determined to ‘Win’ the ideological war over the ‘Other’ of ‘Communism’ invented by Anglo-America. The American cause celebre and casus belli of what was to occur to the present day.
Gehlen Org established East European Units, surveilling Soviet Logistics and Military Infrastructure. It infiltrated The Baltic States and used The Kriegsmarine E-boats, with the original German Crews, and under the command of Lt. Gen. Hans Helmut Klose.
Operation Rusty; was counter-Intelligence into German Organizations still functioniing in Europe. Operation Bohemia penetrated Czech Operations. Leading to counter insurgencies against Yugoslav Secret Service Operations in Western Europe. Soviet SMERSH Operations were also infitrated.
General forment was being established against The Bolsheviks, the actual product of prior Anglo-American infiltrations of what became The Soviet Zone.
Gehlen Org employed hundreds of NAZIs, supported by CIA, under the control of James Critchfield, Chief of Near East and South Asia Station. By 1948, CIA was funding The NAZI Gehlen Org by a known $1.5 million per year.
Gehlen Org infiltration of a Soviet Defence plant in Kharkiv, discovered a new technology detonator. The CIA station at Pullach kidnapped the developing engineers and transported them to The US.
East German Intel infiltrated Gehlen Org, CIA, and SIS. At this point; The Philby Ring was incorrectly linked by CIA through SIS.
Operations with The Polish WIN from 2/9/1945 to 1952, failed repeatedly. Except when WIN worked with The Ukrainian Insurgent Army UPA. ‘Successful’ joint WIN-UPA Operations were conducted in April 1945 (Siedliska) and May 1945 (Ruda Rozaniecka).
America’s fascination with Ukraine being far longer than contemporary interventions, infiltrations, and regime change activities. As The 2013-14 Euromaidan US State Department False Flags. And more than the delusional writings of Halford Mackinder.
Indeed The 1932-33 Stalin Holodomor Genocide that starved some 2.4 to 30 million (depending on what reports are studied; more likely the higher of the two, as I have found) in The Soviet Union of the time; had that wheat, and other agricultural products, shipped to where. And more than the apparatchik insanity of the Five Year Plan Era.
By April 1947, the infiltration of WIN was sufficient, that an Amnesty was proposed by The Soviets. Its membership, functions and operations were known; including those of General Anders and The CIA.
The Berman-Radkiewicz Operation was set in motion by The Soviets. Show trials, and mass exterminations were conducted until 1953. One unit surviving in Poland, was destroyed in 1963.
On 14/5/1960; Eisenhower signed an authorisation to form The Centre for Cultural and Technical Interchange at The University of Hawaii.
On 31/8/1960; an appropriation and management agreement was signed with The Department of State.
In 1961; $10 milllion was allocated for the Centre. $8.2 to be used for capital expenditure, for the construction of 6 new buildings.
On 30/9/1961; JFK signed a Supplementary Appropriation Act (1962); for an additional $3.3 million for The Centre.
The Facilities at The University of Hawaii, became The East-West Centre, under the control of CIA Gregory Bateson. In the period 1966-1973, CIA Helms regarded The EW Centre as one of the five premier CIA facilities in The World. DARPA-NASA, Operation Camelot, and MK-Ultra Operations, were conducted there. Even controlled Auschwitz experiments were continued, amongst many other ‘developments’.
Josef Mengele (died 7/2/1979 allegedly in Brazil, was sighted (CIA Memos) at The EW Centre. Obama II (President) had met him), SS Carl Clauberg (assistant to Mengele, died 1957) had worked with CIA, as did SS Wernher von Braun (first Director of The NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre, developing The American Missile Systems, and fronting The Fake Moon Landings, USS Hornet Press Corps (I saw the capsule dropped by freighter then recovered), rocks from Antarctica), double agent Rudolf Hess (identified by his wife (scar) and not in Spandau), Martin Bormann (not dead in 2/5/1945, private secretary to Hitler who signed over 95% of the War Directives, which I have read), Albert Speer (died in London 1/9/1981), Hermann Goring (not dead 15/10/1946), and many others through Operation Paperclip to North America, or to South America, through The Vatican Rat Line Operations.
CIA double agent Jon Lodeesen (Operation Rollback) was the handler of Rev. Jim Jones, the orchstrator of The Jonestown Mass Murder (918 including 304 children). Jones was shot, on the day, after the event.
Jones had undergone psychological conditioning, as had, the still confused, Sirhan Sirhan, and many others to this day. Chris Derren was ‘conditioned’ by ‘psychological triggers’ to asssassinate Stephen Fry.
This is a clip of the event. The polka dot dress is one of the repeated ‘Triggers’ that was used.
I have seen the many hours of footage concerning the training and conditioning that led to this demonstration. The trainers were verifying that the ‘Conditioning’ does actually work. This was not a CIA Op. nor a manufactured or staged theatric. Fry was a party to the experiment. The gun had blank rounds.
There was a woman photographed with a polka dot dress, leaving The Bobby Kennedy Murder Scene (a brief shot of her appears in the attached video), just prior to Sirhan Sirhan allegedly shooting Kennedy. Sirhan missed his target directly infront of him. Kennedy was shot by CIA Thane Cesar, directly behind his right ear, with a small calibre. A particular technique.
The bullet spins in the head cavity, destroing the brain, with insufficient momentum to escape. Therefore there is a small somewhat hidden entry hole (confused with blood escaping the ears.
Sirhan was hypnotized, but moved from the triggering area. He fired but missed killing Kennedy from directly infront. Cesar was holding Kennedy’s right arm from behind. As with other assassinations; including that of JFK; there has to be collusion with autopsy reports. RFK died a day later. His brain was destroyed by the Cesar shot.
Cesar was the back-up shooter. As was Jack Lawrence in The JFK Assassination.
Diana was embalmed after being killed in the ambulance infront of the hospital. As was John Paul I, embalmed.
Diana was killed concerning her exposure of The Military Industrial Complex and CIA Operations in Cambodia. Both Kennedys were opposed to The Vietnam War; which eventually bankrupted America. in 1972 (default on French and German gold payments. Nixon securitized Public Lands and World Heritage Lands for resources; not generally known).
As Kennedy fell, he grabbed Cesar’s clip-on tie which fell to Kennedy’s right. When the photograph appeared, on the cover of ‘Life’ magazine, the tie was masked out. Why.
Jones and Sirhan were ‘Trained’ at The MK-Ultra Facility at The University of Hawaii, EW Centre. The same EW Centre where Obama Senior and Junior, and Dunham were also trained and indoctrinated.
Obama II is three generations CIA from his ‘mothers’ side and two generations from his father’s.
In searching the ‘published’ White House Obamas’ Genealogical Charts, it is amazing how well records were maintaineed for so many generations in the little villages of Kenya and also in the backblocks of Chicago.
There are some 81 names listed for the pair as an extended and immediate ‘family’. There are some 6 generations for the pair. With some 26 little box entries for The President and some 30 for his co-conspirator. Apparently more rigorous records were maintained in Chicago.
Reaching a depth where it is difficult to determine what is reality and what is enthusiastic input, to give depth to one of America’s truly great families; this writer has chosen the path of only believing what is verifiable by multiple sources. It avoids being trapped in the clearly ridiculous.
We have a gay former President (Obama) ‘married’ to a wife born a male, with two borrowed (Nesbitt) daughters, posing as a unit. The ‘marriage’ of 1992, not being correctly dated by either when asked. Supported by one photshopped child family group black and white image of the purported first ‘family’.
We have Obama unable to produce a legitimate birth certificate from Hawaii, Indonesia, or Kenya. Producing a forgery from Hawaii and maintaining it to be genuine. We have a grandmother stating she was present at his birth and an opportunistic ‘brother’ Malik posturing a Kenyan birth certificate, with Obama’s mother also of questionable sexual pursuasion. And without even giving emphasis to the Soetoro and Davis links.
By researching independently, and to no more than three generations, including Obama; the writer has been able to confirm the following by cross-referencing, and the use of intel file notes.
SIgnificant because three generations along the alleged maternal line and two generations along the paternal line; are recorded CIA operatives. The common meeting point is the infamous CIA Taining and Research Facility at The University of Hawaii, known as The East West Centre.
Obama is clearly not purely African American. Unless he has been hitting the various Michael Jackson preparations. Either way; one should be proud of their ancestry and personal history; no matter what that would be.
If Obama as an African American reached the presidency honestly; then it is an issue of pride. If however, that attainment of the presidency was by a series of CIA deceptions; beginning with The Illinois State Senate; then there is a problem. And certainly the legislative and regulatory raft and decisions derived from his being in office, are deeply questionable.
Certainly his conduct as President and of those he appointed to high office, has justly come to question over the recent year, as their veil of non-transparency, and Deep State activities is being exposed.
In a world of Progressive Liberals fixated with the narratives of Racism and White Privilege; why would it be significant for Obama to appear whiter as time passes.
There is little doubt that Obama is ‘Coloured’, not ‘Black’. And as admitted; there were encounters in Kenya, with; English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, and Swiss. The further point that has been exposed is the fact that Obama Snr. was promiscuous.
‘Coloured’ children found themselves ostracised ‘racially’ by both White and Black Communities. The more fortunate, left with missionary workers, were sent to America for adoption.
On more than one occassion, Obama Snr. and Dunham had mentioned leaving the young Obama with The Salvation Army for adoption. Rather than initial contact; it was a projected ‘return’ to The Salvation Army.
As Obama (President) had slipped in a speech referring to Michelle as Michael; so too did he slip by referring to Dunham’s father as ‘dad’. He was raised by his alleged grandparents.
He is not the first, but the sixth ‘black or coloured’ President of The US. Eisenhower being the closest in time-frame. So it has no meaning. As some would vote against him for colour or sexual pursuasion; others would vote for him, for the exact same reasons. Albeit Eisenhower did not appear to be Creole. And the time-frames of social history have evolved differently. But there is certainly a strong Black Caucus in Washington.
Sadly there were differences when MLK was murdered and Democrat George Wallace as Governor of Alabama, thought Segregation was a good idea.
As the issue of Obama’s birth certificate is not settled (significant because of The American Constituiton, and a fraudulent CIA sponsored presidency); so too are his ‘tertiary’ and ‘professional’ qualifications questionable.
His jump from Occidental College to Columbia, did not deliver the grades he required for normal entry. But they did if he was registered as a Foreign Born (Indonesian) Student. From there, the jump to Harvard is not that exceptional. Harvard and Yale are not what they used to be. And of course the ‘connections’ and forgery facilities of The CIA are quite exceptional.
The Obamas apparently met while working at the the law firm of Sidley Austin.
In 2007; The IRS had some wins against alleged tax schemes. Albeit that American Federal Income Tax is ‘Voluntary’; it is ‘protected’ by the US Court System. Not supported by The Constitution, and invented in 1913 to feed The Federal Reserve System. Which prints and rents the currency to The Treasury and buys Federal Bonds to ‘maintain’ The Federal Government.
At that time of FBI ‘Investigations’ and threats of Prosecutions; the important element was Fines. Persons in gaol accomplish nothing. Sirhan Sirhan has been gaoled for 49 years and costs money. Captured or shot ‘Lone Gunmen’ and Fines are the cheapest alternative. Long and costly prosecutions where it might be somehow proven that the accused, should not have been so; are very problematic.
Unless Scapegoats are agreed. It doesn’t answer the narrative of the theatric of The Power Base; attempting to ‘Send Messages’. Albeit lies and deceptions.
So in 2007; with the above agenda; Sidley Austin paid $39.4 million in Fines and over $25 million in restitution. But it was all a big mistake. Apparently it was Robert Ruble of Brown and Wood’s fault (bought by Sidleys). He was issuing ‘Opinion Letters’ concerning taxation, that he shouldn’t have been doing. So he agreed not to do it again.
Deutsche paid $76 million in fines and blamed the law firm of Jenkins and Gilchrist. And KPMG wore a fine of $456 million. And of course the 2007-8 activities of Goldmans and Lehmans are legend.
In passing: Gary Cohn (firmer Goldmans President and COO) was appointed by Trump as Senior Economic Advisor (DIrector of The National Economic Council). He was promised the vacant Fed Chairmanship after the retirement of the puppet (the illusion of the age of the empowered feminese) Yellen and her handler Fischer (Bank of Israel). The problem being that The President does not decide who The Chairman of The Fed will be. That’s part of the illusion. As is the office of The Fed. Inspector General, Balance Sheets, and submitting to Congressional Reports and Questioning.
Trump was not advised at the time that; The President is given a ‘list’ by The Fed, from which to choose. The ‘List’ contains ONE NAME. Jerome Powell became Chairman of The Federal Reserve System; ‘Appointed’ by Trump. Cohn ‘retired’ and moved on. Albeit that Goldmans is one of the 240 ‘unknown’ stakeholders in The Fed; with The Usual Suspects.
Just a year after the great IRS Tax Scheme Raids and Fines but No Court Cases Affair; (2008) Barack and the entourage were in The White House, and all would be made good. The Koskinen, Lerner, and Paz, IRS Circus, made itself famous. Hard Core Deep State, entrenched in; The Intel Community (by Executive Order, represented by The CIA), The IRS, The DEA, The DHS, The DOJ-FBI, and anywhere a rock could be discovered, under which to hide.
An issue of very great debate, conjecture, and posture. The Fed being privately owned (admitted by Greenspan) and not accountable to any US authority. The IG Elizabeth Coleman admitting in Congressional questioning to Alan Grayson, that she had no idea about ‘Investiagtions’ she termed ‘Reviews’. Or indeed any idea about what is mentioned here and raised in that questioning.
Of particular interest was the leaked facts of a ‘missing’ nine trillion dollars, from the Fed Balance Sheet, that was never located, and of no concern. And a further list of foreign banks that were recipients of Fed. Credits and Book Entries, in March 2008 and March 2009. Australia included, and lied about in AGMs.
JFK having been assassinated after attempting to close The Fed after he issued four and half billion in ‘American Notes’ (Currency); withdrawn from circulaton by LBJ. JFK also having decided to disband The CIA and withdraw from The Vietnam War.
He was not responsible for The Bay of Pigs CIA Fiasco. He was aware of the reality of The Cuban Missile Crisis (Russia deceiving The US in Turkey and maintaind the presence in Cuba, to this day). He was pressured by the need to maintain the illusion with The American People.
As was Bill Clinton with The Kursk Incident (rammed by USS Memphis and USS Toledo); and Trump is. concerning North Korea and Iran. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Ukraine, slowly slipping from The News Cycle.
The JFK mission (Vietnam, Fed, CIA, OIl Depletion Allowances Fraud) also had RFK assassinated in 1968. By that time he had added The FBI to the list. MLK having been assassinated not by James Earl Ray, but by operatives opposite the balcony. As Yvonne Fletcher was shot from opposite (I was present), not from The Libyan Mission. Indeed MLK was well destined to reach The American Presidency. But of course he spoke the truth and that is not acceptable in Amercian politics.

G SquaredG Squared

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