The Legitimate Search For Truth And Reality: Alt. Media Failed The Call

SJWs, Feminese, Race and Sex Baiters, shrieking disengaged, intellectualized, moralized, and ill-informed in general; grovelling onto MSM talkfests, are not entertaining, not informing, nor representative of even any minority constituent voice.

Attempting to elevate irrelevancies, diversions, and stupidities to the front line of talking points, and manufacturing false narratives, does not maintain a narrative as a new normal.
There is no Cognition or new Belief System, beyond Reality. Attempting to swerve Reality maintains that Reality, except to those deeply invested in the absurd, obtuse, and inane.
It denegrates and even further damages the credibility of MSM. AltMedia lost its relevance when it became the image of the most imaginative in its ranks. Stupidity has no bounds to invention. Its audience is the fall away from MSM seeking true discourse. AltMedia failed the call.

Image result for alternative vs mainstream mediaOnly true Independent Media can provide the answer to that legitimate search for Truth and Reality.

MSM and AltMedia are the emperor without clothes. They neither need forgiveness nor indeed any enhanced attempt at comprehension. It is a Lie. Neither entertaining nor enlightening. It is a deception attempting traction.
Diving into polluted waters and leaving with a stench, is not going to change, the longer you stay in those waters. If you leave and the stench has apparently passed, does not mean that the stench was not there to begin. It means you have adapted to that stench. Your enemies have succeeded.
Have you gained enlightenment by believing in square pegs in round holes, and disavowed your innate rational and critical thought processes? Or have you become a disengaged vassal of that which you understood as idiocy, when first introduced?
Stupidity and false narratives cannot be intellectualized or moralized into a new normal.

There is No Political Correctness. There is No Social Awareness.

A Lie is a Lie, and a Truth is a Truth. No matter the packaging.

Image result for new normalReality and True Facts cannot be invented or supplanted. Initial perceptions are critical to commonsense. Paranoia, Prejudice, and Naivete, are the filters invented by the attempted comprehension of any New Normal. It is not Normal. Not any New Reality. Not any new comprehension or understanding through any ‘enhanced’ morality. A Lie is a Lie.
The fools are not those ventilating The Lie, but those accepting it. It in turn entrenches as a false filtering in a swerved Belief System; no longer based on Rational and Critical Thought.
Being tutored what to think, rather than maintaining how to think, is an easier journey. Especially when packaged by a local social or familial disengaged moron, who has sucked in the lie. Terminal stupidity in a known person should not be a sudden awareness. And it is certainly not any cause to believe or accept what they are echoing as some grand new awareness, and all else are fools to them.
They are the fools. They always were and always will be.
There are only two sexes, not fifty-plus as the over-thinking morons posture. DSM as the Psychiatric reference manual brings in two issues. That alleged ‘reference’ has a number of imaginings. Including Authority Defiant Disorder and Transgender being a mental illness.
Psychiatry has the most horrendous historic reality of the entire Industry of practical medicine. Albeit there are only three mental disorders: Depression, Bipolarity, and Cognition Schizophrenia.

We were all female in a formative stage. Otherwise, why do males have nipples? They don’t work. It’s an issue of a mental and physical intersection, enunciated in various forms. An issue of life-changing identity and self. Not a mental disorder.
Did we adapt, evolve, or were we created; with or without Intelligent Design? Explain The Appendix.

The amendment of Sexual Offences Acts in The West was not an issue of Gay Rights. but one on the road to the removal of religious oppression, intolerance, and command of political power. Universal and Female Suffrange were natural progressions as much as the British Daily Cheap Press.
America still maintains its elections on the first Tuesday of November, each four years. Tuesday because Workers could not vote.
When Graham Hill and Peter Wherrett transgendered, no one cared. When Bradley Manning became Chelsea it began a social weaponizing. Again no one cared. When Robert (Zoey) Tur gets into the face of the nation; it does not purport or force a reality. It forces an aversion. When sat next to Shapiro in an alleged debate, it does not enhance any transgender reality; when Tur openly threatens Shapiro with violence, it destroys Tur and those who sailed with him.
When there is no more available rationality in a debate; it reverts to aggression. Tur has not advanced the Transgender Issue, he destroyed it. There is no Debate as no one cares. An in your face approach elevates the issue and it loses. There are no ‘rights’.
Image result for transgender agendaWhen Obama enhanced the Manning Issue by the absurdity of greater awareness, it was already understood that pretending to protect Whistle Blowers and then demonising and criminalizing them in response, is the reality of the initial politically induced lie.
Following on this; the fact that transgender aspirants would join the military, and The Pentagon would pay, became a forefront issue. In turn, it would naturally draw opposing political traction.
Issues must never be forced. They must be led, or they self-destruct.
As a natural consequence; LGBT drew to the frontline of idiotic MSM. Trump blocked the cost of transgender in the military. As he naturally would, based on the framework presented. MSM becomes relentless on it. There is nothing else occurring in the world. The general public, flooded by an elevated in your face issue; naturally sees it lose ground.
To attempt to resuscitate the suicided, the next stage is politicised court cases before the disengaged SJW delusional. As a natural consequence, two hand selected and theatricised federal decisions deliver a block to Trump’s decision. The great test of The American Constitution. A better comprehension to when Obama would unilaterally decide what laws or parts thereof would be observed.
But as The Immigration Issue, when it eventually fully reaches SCOTUS, the lower court decisions will be struck down. Sadly, the American Court System is no longer a Constitutional Branch, but a partisan political appendage, that has brought on its own irrelevance.
The end result will be the Military deciding by its own unfettered hand who it will let in the door. And it’s so difficult to determine the orientations of interviewees, isn’t it? Especially when the selectors are removed, due to specific bias. But of course these are never the enunciated issues, real or imagined.
Issues flowing by their own traction, should never be brought to general light. They can only attract a counter decision.

There is no New Normal. When further pushed in your face, and not allowed to slide, its destruction is assured. There is no new swerved social awareness.

It is hardly a well-kept secret that Obama was not born in America. The fraudulent Birth Certificate, convinced more of the reality than the fiction. Michelle Obama being Michael LaVaughan Robinson is not any conspiracy theory, but a reality. The three children (the two Nesbitt girls and a Kenyan boy) are ‘adopted’. There are no contentions with any of these realities. They become contentious and tractioned against, naturally, when foolishly converted to an in-your-face, incessant, or aggressive posture. More ground is lost than can ever be gained.

Related imageNo one cared if two men, or even less conspicuously, two women lived together. Gay men became victims of violence when they attempted to force their say. Nothing has changed with regard to violence against gay men, when pressed outside compartmentalised social settings. The issues should be ignored .

Human Resources biases are ignored, as passive assertions and addressing certain prior socio-economic inequities are played through. Again; no one cares. When Blair in Britain or Obama in America tried to change the landscape by force and tokenism; it all failed.
Obama and his handlers, not learning from the dramatically failed Blair social agenda experiments; repeated the same to a rhyming ad nauseam. Its tortuous and natural unravelling camouflaged in greater issues of its very cause.
Related imageTelling people what they want to hear neither confirms, nor creates a new reality. Michael Wolff’s book attacking Trump, is as big a lie as those of Woodward, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Dick Cheney, JFK (false award for a lie), Michelle Obama (having a miscarriage), and John McCain III (being a war hero). If people lie to your face in open MSM and purported AM, why would they not present those lies in writing?
Again; the only determinant of reality is Rational and Critical Thought. All else filters to Lies, Fictions, and capture into a Belief System. A world captured by resistant delusions and disengagement. The world of the intellectualized daisy chain citation addiction and ventilations from the void of the sheltered workshop and studies in still life. The world of derived illusions from the decisions for the sake of decisions and random thought processes. The world of being strong, determined, and always wrong.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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