I would like to think it was a notice announcing Judgement Day for the Elite Bloodline families. Now that would be a way to bring in the New Year! A Fine analysis by Seething Frog… GHWB FUNERAL – THE ENVELOPE AFFAIR Seething Frog Published on Dec 24, 2018 The nuances of the GHWB Funeral – the Main Players – Early Cordiality […]

Editor’s note: These two communications from our valued contributor, G Squared, make some sensational and extraordinary claims. But then, G Squared has access to many “insider” sources, so take heed, these are the writings of a well-informed individual! And, as always, do your research and “Think For Yourself”. I usually […]

FILE: NAZI War Crimes Interagency Working Group, CIA DIrectorate of Operations Record Group 263: Gestapo Head Heinrich Mueller. By G-Squared Mueller was noted as having disappeared (OSS-CIA files) in May 1945.The deception continues. He was reported as having suicided. He was reported as having been buried. His documentation was presented, […]

When Reuters revealed in November 2018 that the Venezuelan government had contracted with the Chinese company ZTE to develop a national biometric identification system, public reactions were mixed. By Laura Vidal, Translated by Alexis Faber The report stirred outrage both in Venezuela and internationally. But for those who have closely followed the […]

Israeli PM and acting defense chief Benjamin Netanyahu has praised the capabilities of his air force a day after IDF jets endangered two civilian flights while carrying out Christmas Day strikes against ‘Iranian targets’ in Syria. https://www.rt.com/news/447481-netanyahu-air-force-syria-iran/ Israeli PM and acting defense chief Benjamin Netanyahu has praised the capabilities of […]

Russia: Watch Successful Public Test-Launch of Avangard Hypersonic Missile Sputnik Published on Dec 26, 2018 “On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry, on instruction from Russian President Vladimir Putin, successfully test-fired the Avangard missile equipped with a hypersonic winged glider unit.” Martin Comments: Perhaps my Interocitor needs retuning, but I seem […]

What was once a conspiracy theory is now the subject of mainstream media reports as more and more of the elite begin lining up to ingest the blood of children. By Matt Agorist – December 24, 2018 freethoughtproject Once the talk of conspiracy theorists — the rich ingesting the blood […]

In Britain, the absurd May who lost a general election and was forced into a  coalition with the ridiculous DUP, so she could play act Prime Minister, has totally fouled Brexit; as only she or someone of her seriously deficient abilities could perform. by G Squared Decisions for the sake […]

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