The Deep State Concern

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The Deep State concern is that Military Tribunals do not search criminal codes. They run on Treason and Sedition. The US Civil and Criminal Jurisdictions have well demonstrated their political reality. specifically over the past two years, and just with Immigration Issues.

G Squared
By G Squared

I understand that as Obama was not constitutionally President, his pardons are not binding. Or is the posture of the office necessarily relevant? Even with DOJ confetti immunities, Military Tribunals are not encased.

There is also precedent for Executive Orders altering prior ones. Could WJC issue undated unspecified blanket pardons. CouldObama pardon himself. Trump should eventually make these lunacies and abuses public. Documents from the President, The Office of The President, and The White House, are all separate entities. Could Slick Willy have also sold presidential letterheads, signed but blank?

The military will rely on the evidence before them. They have a problem by not being imbalanced by a 19th. century most rigorous precedent from one of the great jurists, concerning flatulence in enclosed spaces and the relevance to the matter at hand.

“Are you Mr.X? A simple; Yes or No, Please. Time’s Up. No, sorry you need to answer. Your beliefs in The Fifth and Sixth are noted. Show the accused the evidence. Did you do that? We appreciate your passion for rhetoric, but this is not a DOJ court with MSM shock-horror programmed for the evening news. You may continue screaming your version as we take ten seconds to decide our verdict. Thank you for coming, will you need assistance to move to the rope room next door. No; chemical soup needles are reserved for the aged, and dying. Even though we use the same needles over and over, who will catch what from whom? it’s more costly than a short travel on a rope tied to the truck.”

DOJ does not have jurisdiction and cannot enforce. Do Sheriffs want to challenge military orders to shoot them? What about judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, members of Congress, and concerned citizens, lining up at the barricades to defend what they posture? Or is that a little too much reality? Or what about a really big online petition and a Lamington Drive?That’ll scare them! Have you seen how terrifying be wigged gavelling bench warmers can be?

Iran-Contra is interesting. North was gaoled. GHWB vacated, dismissed and reversed the decision.

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Kavanaugh et al are reliant on the Eisentrager, Baden, and Rasul Cases. Which may be fine for aliens. Nuremberg being unlawful, due to lack of jurisdiction, and contravention of The Geneva Conventions, even if postured as representing The UN, is interesting.

Nuremberg was a preposterous theatre. The pretend winner strutting and rewriting the history. The ponce of The US Empire, such as it was and became, intersecting the reality of its suicide.

The US functioning on; doing because it can.

GWB and Obama set the framework for contemporary Deep State US Nationals to go down.

As I have written, and as Carlson delivered in his recent Swiss Interview; Trump is not delivering from 2016. 2019 is critical for all. If there is no momentum, the purpose of the 2016 election is lost.

US Deep State has been in existence for over a century. It power-maximized to what it became, incorporating the entrapment of MSM, between the great wars.

On 8/9/2015: there were 21,995,000 public servants in The US. Excluding contractors. At the same time; there were 12,329,000 employed in manufacturing.

Which of those two sectors is critical to TheSocio-Economic Well-Being and Future of The US? Which of the two has destroyed it, as a self-sufficient reality? Which has not learnt that the point of a gun, throughout history, has destroyed the one holding the gun and never the one threatened?

Of the public servants; on the general estimate of 30%; there are some 7,000,000 variously Deep State. Or at the least, self-interested.

They need to be isolated away and sent ideologically adjusting messages! Deep State has the elitist and non-transparent elements of a contemporary, covert Monarchy.

The US; in desperate need of a French Revolution, has a stupified populace that could not withstand it. And of course after the tediously long realization period concerning the Rothschild puppet Macron (as Finance Minister restoring their stripped licences); The French may need to reuse The Great Guillotine. We can only hope.

Incidentally: the present riots in France have nothing to do with fuel costs; as the great Globalist propaganda whore MSM is delivering to the soft brained.

It concerns the socio-economic devastation of the insanity of Anti-Nationalism. The splashing of Europe with tens of millions of Mid-East Refugees being paid to travel there by US provocateur agencies. The tens of millions chased away by incessant US, Acts of Unprovoked Aggressive Wars, and Genocidal War Crimes.

The US Deep State issue is needing immediate and final settlement. Whether that entails a rash of suicides by their leaders, anoccasional theatric trial and immediate publicly broadcast hanging, or theleaked realities of military tribunals. The more expressions of outrage by Deep State, their handlers, owners, and puppet paid screech cells, the better.

Public Servants offering different views (truth,reality, facts) to official reports are fired. There was one this week. Whistleblowers are criminalized or commit suicide. Not as the theories roll.

Over the past month McCain (Songbird) and GHWB (Timber Wolf) were tried and executed. The audience is specific and Deep State. Others don’t understand it.

Melania has recovered from being poisoned (‘strokedout’) by Methyl Iodide by an SIS-CIA dupe in Scotland. That dupe was dealt with(he will not be bothering other people again), as was his boss Hayden; former CIA and NSA Director. The stroke to have been delivered to Melania was delivered to Hayden. Enjoy. In a further expression of an expansion theatre aWhite Hat FBI and his entire family were taken out by Brennan-Hayden BlackHats. The field perpetrators of that atrocity, will also, not be bothing other people again. There is NO SHOCK AND AWE. The message is seeping in. Black Hat concrete is not so porous.

For those relying on MSM to be “Fully Informed”, (and MSM would not lie to you….?), dream on!

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To the uninitiated and inxeperienced; the point of executions is that they cannot escape by; retiring, resiging, or living out. The astonishing damage they caused, remains, and their families are also demonized as the legacy. The audience is SPECIFICALLY DEEP STATE.

The swift Military Tribunal and immediate execution, avoids the bilious and endless criminal court circuses. No; it is not INJUSTICE nor Denial of Rights. Were the treacherous genocides they perpetrated, Justice? Should they be written off? Or should Deep State be on notice, that past events are neither forgotten nor forgiven, and its present activities are intolerable?

 None of this is borderline. They don’t need lawyers to craft responses or find blockages to process. The millions spent there, being the proceeds of their crimes. Military Tribunals act on overwhelming real evidence. They are not a criminal jurisdiction; gaoling the innocent and freeing the guilty.

 Deep State dropped from their perches after they became aware of McCain, GHWB and others. They had a different scenario in mind.Tony Podesta was executed not for paedophilia, but being involved in supplying and aiding enemy combatants. The preferred outcome achieved.

Good old stupid puppets GWB and Obama provided the tools now used by Trump.

 Many flipped on their cohorts. Including the Obama pardoned HRC. Military will find other activities outside the pardon. Or couldinterestingly deny the pardon. SCOTUS will uphold that decision if asked. After all Obama was not constitutionally President at the time of say a Vacancy of the position. And Biden is a paedophile. But more importantly  he has aided enemy combatants with Kerry and their sons.

Trump has now agreed to the release of ‘targeted killing’ teams to counter the rogue US intel community hard head field agents.

Brennan (CIA Director) saying Trump as President should be “Removed by force”; has that miserable loud mouth, goose of a gangster, hung. No discount. No misunderstanding. No sorry. One simple question.

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McCain delivering arms and funds to ISIS, Al Qaedaetc. In Syria; declared enemy combatants of The US at War from three days after9/11; has him dead. No discounts. Nothing to say.

His Forrestal Affair, delivering US Intel to NorthVietnam to save his miserable arse the discomfort suffered by real military (albeit The Vietnam War was one massive War Crime from start to finish. His injuries were self-caused on ejection not by any torture. He lounged inhospital for services rendered, not The Hanoi Hilton Camp), and positioning in Congressional Committee with Kerry to have all remaining US POWs in Vietnam executed; were sufficient for that miserable owned and blackmailed puppet to betried and delivered his outcome.

For the silly; no one dies the day after they are off chemo. The chronic and habitual liar also lied about his brain tumour. Fancy That. He was wearing a criminal ankle bracelet along with HRC prior. He thought he could ‘walk’, as the privileged and unaccountable he always believed he was.

The WH half mast was only delivered to placate the loons. It was back to full staff wuthin hours, six days before that for REALWAR HEROES, not on whose execution was written of; to the minute, a month before by Trump (Sorry, I meant ‘Q’). He was refused Arlington and only accepted at Annapolis under protest. His daughter’s disgusting political tirade at his send-off to his reward, was typical of an illinformed loud mouth feminese nut case.

McCain wrote a parting book as a lie concerning 9/11. Nut cases as WJC, HRC, MIchelle (Michael laVaughn Robinson) Obama (miscarriage indeed), Cheney, and Obama have a hide wasting paper with their fictional renditions of reality. Do they really believe that their fictions will stand above truth and fact? What are these humanoids?

‘Songbird’ executed the day before ‘Dog Day’ liked to express his cheeks and deliver flatulence concerning Conspiracy REALISTS. He had a severe dislike for Truth, Fact, and Reality.

Right to the end with his head firmly implaced in his own delusion, he believed that The Military would not have the audacity to end him and his magificent war time and senatorial contributions to The US.

The outrageos criminal activities of Deep State fronts, running for the decades that it has, is astonishing in itself. Being protected by MSM propaganda and false narratives, to the point that there are herds of fools who have sucked in the lies; is incredible. To see these herds objecting to being released from their self-caused enslavements, brings one to the point of wanting to leave them drown in their cesspits. But the efforts are not to save the armies of terminal fools from themselves, but for future generations entitled to a legitimate education and a world of Truth. And to correctly steer the millions absorbed by The US Lie, in sycophant political environments, succumbed to the point of having destroyed institutions as Education, their goverments looted to buy US military junk, their banking systems destroyed by reliance on a book entry worthless fiat USD, the activities of rogue, ideologically delusional, regulatory, legalized nut cases destroying domestic free enterpise in preference for US multi-national cartels sucking the domestic economies dry by government protected monopolistic seizures. And where is the escape from this imported madness for criminalized innocents and destroyed domestic industries?

 One mild example is the intellectualized and moralized ‘Environmental’ issue of trees. The captured nation has its trees locked away. So Weyerhaeuser, for example delivers ship loads of containers of wood and paper products. All fine because the products come from America. And we all know how strict The US is with regard to environmental issues. And certainly US MSM and protesters would be out, signaling anything untoward. Well unfortunately The Weyerhaeuser products are what is ripped from the rapidly diminishing Amazon region; that should NEVER be touched. Let alone gradually depleted.

And of course you can’t make sufficient paper for domestic use. You might pollute a waterway. REALLY.

There are many examples. The realities of  The Canadian Fur Seal Affair, ‘unclean’ Coal Fields with power stations above, OIl Pipelines and rail frauds, toilet cistern volumes, hot water tank temperatures, fuel costs, the massive tobacco scam, the plastic bag scam, and many otheraffairs, attesting to the abject stupidity of the shamelessly manipulatedvoting herds; acting incessantly against themselves, and the bought andblackmailed peoples’ representatives’, and government leaders devastating their own nation states.

Criminal Songbird even took time out from his filthy ‘career’ to lambaste Kelli Ward in her honest career.

 Logan, Hatch, RICO, PATRIOT, FISA etc are only decorations for Military Tribunals stretching their jurisdiction.

GHWB was indicted and Trump held the correct file on JFK. The plea deal of (‘Timber Wolf’; the mongrel dog) was that he died with his dignity and legacy. That was honoured. Which is more than GHWB ever did for his adoptive nation.

2019 will be an interesting year. The 30% of government occupied by Deep State is shrinking.

 Assange being a goose is hard for many to absorb. The material was leaked to him by intel ops. Snowden was CIA through BAH working in NSA, during that era of The US Intel Wars. He did NOT have access to  what he delivered. Now it is combined Black Hat Intel with Deep State, against Trump’s US.

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The hoohah created by The CIA plant Snowden, concerning The NSA choking itself by vacuuming social media crap; apart fromits prime interest in The Trade Wars; brought The People’s Representatives to the ponce line. Legislation was warp speeded through to prevent NSA knowing what Mary Lou said to Billy Jo about Cindy Lou.

As that was passed, a parallel piece was tucked inforcing all service providers and platforms to maintain all the records oftheir users for NSA to access should it so determine for National Security purposes. Not even a bump in the road. Well done loopies.

 Then the issue of sunset clauses concerning GWB’s disguised (PATRIOT, DHS, and FISA) Martial Law needed to be addressed. No problem; The People’s President Obama, lets the legislation slide; as he introduces disguised Executive Orders, solidifying all the GWB insanity in place.

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Trump is reshaping The US with the tools made by GWB and Obama. Q and Q Anon are periodically off by intercept and hack. Q in particular is close but misinterpreted by both the well meaning and the purposefully malevolent.

We don’t need to go back and argue school shootings being Hoaxes and emotively disguised 2nd. Amendment pushes. New comers and agitator loons get into Alt and liberally spread braindead plasma all over what they find. They do not have a right of audience. It is not censorship, avoiding a continual return to start. AltMedia is now over run by illinformed opinion dwellers.

 I filter and send messages. Which I have done fromthe days of Boyce, whom I knew. What we wrote then was perfectly correct. What I wrote about Profumo, Petrov, Kissinger, et al, was perfectly correct.

If I named the SVR ops. who intercepted Nuland,Ashdown, Paet, Pyatt, Yatsentyk et al. Does that endorse by citation? Just a moment while I phone a counterpart in M to ascertain if they will make acceptable affidavits available!

The addicted should go away; do their own research and determine the messages delivered. If they claim they can’t find other references; they should check back in, in about two or three years, where they might find a clue from those quoting those who are quoting me or others in turn perhaps.

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How did I know of the ballistics of JFK? It’s certainly different; not only to The Warren Fiction; but different to an FBI Ballistics Expert and Court Authority who has made a career of a book and talkfests on The JFK Affair, according to her.

 They can hang around for a few years and periodically check in with their belief systems to see if there are any acceptable updates. The problem I encounter with those is; they are ALWAYS a certain number of years behind the mark. Which is not the mark of them using  their own abilities. but the mark of messengers not meeting their rigourous  standards. As if the world will pause for their delusional catch up phases.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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