Tools and Fools: The Two Edged Sword.

5 Jan 2019

By G Squared

Trump’s Legalese Dilemmas concerning:
The Logan Act, The Hatch Act, The RICO Act, The Espionage Act, The Sedition Act, The Patriot Act, The Posse Comitatus Act, The Insurrection Act, The International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Death Sentences, Martial Law, Foreign Detention and Tribunals, lean in his favour.

As would be expected, the tools were misused by fools. Many have been charged under The Espionage Act including; Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, Cablegate Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, and NSA Whistleblower  Edward Snowden.

Image result for whistleblowers mislabeled as traitors

Whistleblowers are conveniently mislabeled as traitors. While traitors are labeled as heroes and patriots. Blasey-Ford swung clueless FemDems into The House. US fool cells are pretending they are not victims of their self-infliction. The threads holding the tattered US together are; illusion and delusion.

The Patriot Act (26/10/2001 amended the; Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Money Laundering Control Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Right to Financial Privacy Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Immigration and Nationality Act, Victims of Crime Act of 1984, and Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act.

The silly people invented a TWO-EDGED SWORD, to be used against them.

A meeting (28/11/2018) at Fort Jackson South Carolina; finalized the arrangements for Military Tribunals.

(Military Tribunals are inquisitionial, based on charges brought by The Military, prosecuted by The Military, judged by The Military, and sentenced by The Military.)Tony Podesta was not swung for Paedophilia, Voter or Financial Fraud, but Treason concerning dealings in Ukraine. Manafort did not commit treason by dealing with Yanukovich. The lawfully elected President from 2010 to 2014. Removed by Kerry’s State Department proxies for the Puppets Porky Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk. So that The Kerry-Biden consortium could loot Ukrainian resources while spouting “Democracy to The People!”

Biden of course is having a separate issue concerning young girls. But you won’t hear much of that unless The CIA Mental Facilities release a trained liar. But then again, Real Women came forward in The WJC Affair and nothing was done. But they thought something would happen in The Kavanaugh Affair.

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How many women subsequently voted for FemDems, BECAUSE A WOMAN WOULD NOT LIE? And WHERE THERE’S SMOKE… No wonder Chucky Schmendrick, Nancy No Brains, and DiDi Feinstein were high-fiving their thongs when Blasey-Ford was turned lose on the no-brainers. THEY SUCKED IT IN.

Poor Nancy is now outed by a daughter claiming ill treatment. A rerun of ‘Mommie Dearest’.

The looting in Ukraine that Lavrov has demanded that Trump end, concerns consortia involving: Kerry, Biden, The Heinz Family (Rosemont Group), Devin Archer, The Bank of China (Thornton Group), James Bulger (Winter Hill Group, charged with 19 murders), The BHA Fund, and AVIC Group. This writer has been able to trace $3.4 billion in initial capital.

  • AVIC is a Chinese Military Supplier and has stolen US technology by the deception of ‘Double Usage’; avoiding CFIUS approval for the purchace of military aircraft supplier Hennings. But then CFIUS also walked through Uranium One. Which again brings in the HRC link of exporting military assets to China as well as Russia.

On 10/9/2018 GHWB was charged with conspiracy to violate The Logan Act and offences under The RICO Act. To which he plead guilty, in exchange for maintaining his; ‘Dignity and Legacy’. Trump signed the order for his execution by lethal injection on 30/11/2018. He was buried off Arlington.

(Taking a given pill is suicide. Being injected with a chemical is execution.)

Brennan wrote that Trump should be removed from office by force. Brennan’s trial needs to be a public theatre. A protection of The US Constitution. He was behind the eleven attempted assassinations of Trump, from the first by Michael Sandford (18/6/2016). But then Russian and Israeli Intel and The Marine Corps, are packing more smarts than Brennan’s CIA, Mafia, and Drug links.

GHWB had orchestrated The Hinckley attempt against Reagan (30/3/1981). GHWB knew The Hinckley Family and had dinner with them two weeks prior to the attempt. He offered to assist their mentally challenged son by entering him into a CIA mental health programme. (Recall The Sirhan, Polite, Blasey-Ford and many other Affairs). But as VP CIA GHWB subsequently explained to his parents; unfortunately John did not respond to the ‘Treatments’ offered.

Reminiscent of Mary Jo Kopechne murdered by Teddy Kennedy. She was bashed unconscious in the car, prior to it being sent off the bridge. The idiot forgot that a number of others saw him drive off with that car with that girl. The narratives and footages that followed did not correctly depict her parents being paid and duped by The Vatican to block any valid investigation. Their daughter needed to be allowed to rest peacefully in Heaven.

I wrote that on the evening of 8/11/2016 CIA Langley was hit by a “Force” that restored the election intercept to the correct positions and against the reversal of the numbers.

Since the murder of JFK to the election of Trump, all Presidential elections and appointments (Ford – Rockefeller) were manipulated.

Coups are not tolerable in a nation state posturing it is a democracy and pretending it is not a suicided Third World pittance of reality.

Under HRC, by this time, the herds would have been on the violent civil war journey to surrendering most of The Bill of Rights, particularly The First, Second, and Fourth Amendments; The US Constitutional War.

The recent WJC-HRC 13 city tour was cancelled. Tickets ranged from USD 59.50 to a staggering USD 745.50, peaking at 17% sales.

Live Nation Promotions were dreaming. Even if billed as a night with two criminals with onstage confessions, the rooms would have been empty!

More of the fool brigades are waking. Currently lost in the voids of their ideological and moralized brain spasms, attempting reentry to the real world.

Truth and Fact may follow. Rational and Critical Thought maintained for post-grad research dissertations. There could well be a US PhD in Rational and Critical Thought. An upgrade on Liberal Arts, Climatology, Gender Studies, and double degreed with Feminese Frogshitology.

The GWB tag-teamed Obama raft of Anti Bill of Rights, Anti Constitution, Anti Freedom, and Anti Humanity, has been inserted back to its origin in the dark recesses.

The Obama Comedy Routine of, DHS, FEMA, DOJ-FBI, CIA, CDC, TSA, NSA, DEA, Pentagon, State, WalMart Bunkers, Black Prisons, power grab enslavement camp ideological insanity; has been reversed onto Deep State, Enemy Within, Shadow Government Elitists and Champaigne Socialist Criminal Cartels. Including The Industrial Military Complex, Black Hat Intel Cartels, Usual Suspects Banking and Market, Obsessed Liars and Thieves, and Fetish Fixated Power Addicted Censorship Dross.

The World of Prolapsed Reality and Retards sans Frontieres. An inability to accept limitations and confront reality of You Can Do It and Self-Esteem. Reward for attendance rather than accomplishment.

The GHWB plea deal was returned to Trump asking if he would object if the true account of The JFK Murder could be allowed to pass. That reality could trip at least some of the braindeads into questioning other stupidites they have also held near and dear to their obsessed delusional version of reality.

The agenda is to return The US to a Constitutionally controlled Democratic Republic; and to maintain it there.

McCain and HRC WERE wearing ankle tracking devices. HRC was arrested as I wrote (11/9/2016). The two Deep Cover FBI agents (the second with his entire family) were murderd to prevent The HRC File progressing. HRC, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden et al, were involved. Hayden received a dose of The CIA-SIS poison he sent to Melania in Scotland. Trump authorized Target Kill Teams in response. Those killings are legal. Assassinations and murders by Deep State and their criminal cohorts are not.

The teams have been very active. Deep State are looking under the beds. It is pathetic that The US had to resort to; Rendition Teams, Trubunals, EOs, and Executions, to descum the nation.

McCain did not have a brain tumour. Did we really need to suffer the billious theatres of The US Criminal Court System Bench Warmers. Given enough time and MSM deception, Deep State, Traitors, Muderers and Thieves, become the victims. And the just become the persecutors. That lunacy is already appearing concerning poor little Hillary.

Many disengaged bench warmers would be in desperation to derail their own forthcoming future meeting with de-ideologized, de-obstructionist, de-legalese, and de-delusional intersection with the real world. An industry of law derived from Intellectualized Sheltered Workshops and Loony Tune Studies in Still Life Brain Activity.

Foreign Courts Martial (US is at War according to GWB’s handlers (the very ones) from three days after The 9/11 False Flag. Trump does not want to alter what the loons initiated. So War it is. And we have; Enemy Combatants, Acts of Espionage, Treason, and those who have breached the rafts of legislation THEY were going to use to enslave, demonize, and criminalize those THEY determined to be enemies of THEIR U.S.

So off to NSGB they go. With recently refurbished accomidation for 4,000 patrons, court rooms, exercise yards, a one million dollar new soccer field courtesy of The Obama Economic Waste pundits at the time of Austerity, Sequesters, and Quantitative (Goldmans expertised) Easings, execution facilities, and no appeal lunacies whereby the guilty die of old age before any sentence is complete. I am advised that one recent hearing (They’re moving up the chain) lasted a full 90 seconds. Thanks for coming.

Antifa is a Deep State proxy military. There are many available to DS elite interests. So a little agitation and some MSM Loony Moralizing, and off goes a ‘civil’ disturbance to release the guilty.

Image result for antifa

Trump tested the court system with two simple questions; Illegals and Voter Fraud. And you wouldn’t believe it; The US Legal System FAILED. Now who would believe it. So if they can’t carry a cup of water across the room, they can hardly carry a vichyssoise.

And of course to prevent the speculative mental gymnastics of the disengaged of MSM; The Courts Martial will be IN CAMERA. Loony Free Zones. As determined by the overly maligned 2016 overwhelming People’s Choice Donny.

Related image

Trump signed GHWB’s death warrant; “God may have mercy on his soul. We will not”. Jeb was upset when he read it at Daddy’s send off. Yes, unfortunately Youtube AltMedia got it wrong again. You actually have to be correctly informed, not play “Best Answer Is” with IQ single digit cohorts back at the dorm. As there is no IQ test to post on YouTube, you get what you will. I check the palatability of what I send out, and comment otherwise.

And of course intolerable truths are taken down from Social Media and Youtube immediately.

Some one Third of The US Government  is involved in Deep State, confirmed by fifteen internal reports, which “Collusion Delusion, Caravans are Humanitarian, MSM”, will never confront, or even sight.

JFK Jr. was murdered to prevent him standing against HRC for The New York Senate. DNC Seth Rich was murdered because he was making DNC email information available in 2016. When HRC was emailing the world. Scalia was murdered to clear a seat for HRC, then for The Lynch (Phoenix Airport) Tradeoff. The mentally vanquished Ginsburg is holding out for HRC. How totally insane are these people?

  • Laura Elizabeth Loomer, American political activist, was banned by Social Media and vilified for correctly stating that the spate of school shootings were staged. Particularly; Sante Fe, Parkland  and Sandy Hook.

A lot of evidence concerning DS was  initially garnered from the Kerry Report of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and The Final Report on Iran-Contra. Unwitting releases.

The Iran-Contra (Criminal) ‘Enterprise’, consisted of GHWB, Donald Gregg, and Oliver North.

  • From Jan. 1981 to Jan. 1989, GHWB was VP of The US. From Jan.1989 to Jan. 1993, he was President.
  • In 1981 to 1989; while VP he assumed extraordinary powers over US intel and covert ops, through a series of EOs and National Security Decision Directives (NSDDs) signed by the then President Ronald Reagan.
  • 14/2/1981; Reagan signed an NSDD on Crisis Management, and designating GHWB as chairman of the Special Situation Group (SSG), responsible for Crisis Management.
  • 12/1/1982; Reagan signed an NSDD reaffirming the existence of interagency groups to deal with intel and covert ops. The SSG then superseded The NSC in areas of crisis management, with covert ops and counter-terrorism.
  • 28/1/1982; GHWB took control of The South Florida Drug Task Force.
  • 14/5/1982; a standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group (CPPG ) was established under the SSG. The SSG-CPPG, under GHWB, had control in any area in which a potential crisis could emerge, and was charged with developing preemptive policy options for dealing with such a potential crisis.
  • 10/4/1982; an NSDD, on Managing Terrorist Incidents, was issued, giving GHWB control over the convening of the SSG, and creating the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG).
  • 23/3/1983; GHWB took charge of the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System (NNBIS).
  • July 1985; GHWB created The Terrorism Task Force (TTF).
  • Feb. 1986; The Terrorism Task Force creating the Operations Sub-Group of the TIWG, and positioned in the NSC, headed by North, but controlled by GHWB.
  • Aug. 1986; GHWB became Chief of Op. Alliance Anti-Narcotics with Mexico.
  • Dec. 1981 to Aug. 1986; GHWB consolidated control over every aspect of US covert ops, as well as every agency dealing with drug interdiction. The game was complete.
Image result for GHW Bush NWO

In 1982; the first Congressional Boland Amendment was passed, blocking funds to The Nicaraguan Contras. GHWB began exchanging guns for drugs with The Columbian Cartels to fund The Contras. 

The Enterprise made cocaine affordable in the ghettos of The US by ‘rock’ (crack cocaine), developed by The CIA. HIV, LSD, BSE, CJD, and many drugs and toxins having previously been developed through CIA labs. Contaminated blood sold to The Canadian Red Cross through WJC murdered over 20,000.

Dec. 1992,  GHWB pardoned the major players in The Iran-Contra Affair; thereby destroying the crimes of The Enterprise.

GHWB pardoned The Iran-Contra Affair, as Ford pardoned The JFK Affair.

Every time Trump lifts a bump in the carpet, he finds Immunities and Pardons.

A legacy from the days of Constitutional Truth, Fact, and Reality. And when The President was not thought of as the lead character of criminal enterprises, or acting AGAINST The People.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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