British scientist and inventor Mark Steele is facing ongoing court appearances in relation to his activist work on the 5G issue.  Mr. Steele rose to national attention in the UK after an article in the UK Daily Mail reported on his concerns ( about new LED street lights in Gateshead […]

Welcome to the madhouse California: Political correctness is out of control! Nick Givas – The Daily Signal Jan 23, 2019 “We are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so that it’s a gender-neutral designation of ‘they,’” says state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Calif. Pictured: Jackson speaks on equal pay […]

Mind control? Project Blue Beam and other false flags and psy-ops? Many sinister spin-offs come to mind despite the upbeat vibe of this article. “God told me to do it” is the phrase that springs to mind…”exciting possibilities” they say. Depends how one defines “exciting” I guess. Martin Optical Society […]

“Where will the Children play?” asked Cat Stevens (Yusuf) in his popular song from the 70s. The climate, like the times, is always changing, and as a parent, I ask myself the same question Cat did all those years ago. But discerning the truth about our changing environment and the […]

It was the viral story of the week: a teenager in a “Make America Great Again” cap was filmed standing in front of a Native American drummer smiling broadly as his friends cheered. By: Emma Reynolds As the days passed, a more complex picture of what happened between rival […]

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