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Genevieve RobinsonChristchurch, New Zealand

Feb 5, 2019 — 

We have learned in the past week, that Cloud Ocean has confirmed it wants to bottle water at a second Christchurch site – which it has recently purchased.

A spokesperson for Cloud Ocean Water told NewsTalk that it has purchased  land at 55 Belfast Road and lodged a resource consent application for a water bottling plant.

If approved, Cloud Ocean says the plant would employ 200.  

Aotearoa Water Action spokesperson Genevieve Robinson says it’s one bad knock after another.

She says this behaviour isn’t okay in such a time of climate crisis.

“We’ve got a lot of pressure on our aquifers as it is, and imagine if Cloud Ocean is allowed to take five times their original take consent?”

Fellow spokesperson Peter Richardson says the Government isn’t doing enough to prevent water mining.

“Start applying political pressure on our politicians and saying, hey, its time you guys got off the fence and got behind communities rather than supporting foreign corporates on this.”

Peter Richardson

AWA is still fighting these consents at a judicial levels, and needs you fabulous people, to please continue to forward this petition.

AWA will be fundraising through a new PledgeMe page, but is currently accepting donation into its bank account.


Aotearoa Water Action Inc.

38 9019 053 0141 00

thanks everyone!

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