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Auckland To Get 8000 CCTV Cameras: And They WILL Be Facial Rec. Capable!

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A network of “shared access” surveillance cameras with facial recognition capability is on the way amid well-founded privacy concerns. Here comes the Police State: Big Brother is watching you, and so are all his mates!

From Radio New Zealand:

.”..Any new cameras installed in Auckland will have automated processing abilities, including facial recognition, and are not merely passive video cameras recording footage that goes to a server for manual inspection. The older Auckland Council cameras are a passive type.

A Memorandum of Understanding with police did not mention facial recognition, and the cameras would not be used for this, Mr Creighton said.

The police currently have real-time access to AT’s system; this project will broaden that so they have access to all of the agencies’ feeds from, eventually, another 3000 to 4000 cameras.

Computer vision specialist Andrew Chen said most CCTV use in various countries has to-date been benign.

But he warned it was not just the technological advances, or the nature of the data gathered, but who gets to see the data, that must concern Aucklanders.

“The primary hazard that we’d be concerned about is the potential to combine this data with other data that these agencies would already have from previous interactions with the council or with police – cellphone data, banking data, et cetera,” Dr Chen said…”


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