Protests and Near-Arrests in Assembly Appropriations When SB 276 is Passed on Party Lines Ahead of Hearing – California Globe

Medical tyranny of the WORST kind in CA!

Madman Pan, who is a liar and a paid pharma troll, should be prosecuted and locked up for his crimes, abuses of power, and conflicts of interest!

NEXT he will be pushing for ALL adults to be vaccinated (for shingles, flu, and God knows what else).

The OWO goal is to chip everyone for total control!

Hope and pray the Gov. does NOT sign this very dangerous draconian, bill.  

Better yet…SEND Gov. Newsom an email or call his office demanding that he NOT sign this tyrannical bill, which violates a doctor/patient relationship.  This will get much worse when the government starts implementing all adult vaccinations!  

Bad enough they have taken away a parent’s right and religious freedom!  The long-term consequences and agenda of this is terrible beyond words.  Many children who have already been vaccinated, won’t notice the damage done until years later when they develop autoimmune diseases and neurological/brain diseases.  

Apparently, all CA Democrats voted for madman Pan’s NO exemptions!  NOTE: This is different from Federal Senators and Rep.    

READ this entire article & POST it.

THIS is a BIG election issue!

What is SB276 ?

The text of SB 276 is HERE

Martin Harris

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