‘Protection’ of the Presidency and the Monarchy

There are deep hidden intel elements in The US that ‘protect’ The Presidency not The President. And there are elements that ‘protect’ The Monarchy.

Some thought will deliver answers for the past.

By G Squared

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The delightful Miss. M sucks air, because she is a total shit to Mr.Hewitt. Who is in turn a total shit to those around him.

When Diana died; she willed her personal jewellery and possessions equally to her two sons. She also left them £10 million each when they turned 30. The shortfalls were met by Charles. Who also suppprts them, through the massive Duchy of Cornwall, among other substantial interests he has.

Now The Duchess of Buffoons has started a massive bitchathon with Kate, and interposing Mr.Hewitt to verbally attack his brother at family gatherings.

She wants Kate’s engagement ring, which was Diana’s. M. Instead of being grateful for all, and for which she is not entitled (a light year from the throne, and zero comprehension), has started an incessant screech session with Kate and E2. She wants access to E2’s jewellery to ponce, and a redistribution; on her terms; of Diana’s legacy; bought by Charles.

She has a terminal mental disorder. The Feminese Princess Syndrome, combined with an entitlement disorder. About which Mr.H. was repeatedly warned.

The last time The Crown suffered a Jewellry thief was with fellow American Wallis Simpson. Much of that stolen by her, hit the auction houses. They had  ‘needs’.

Edward VIII, never crowned, was not ousted because of some great romance. He was a serial, violent rapist, a thief, a liar, a NAZI sympathizer, a consummate ingrate, and refused to stop interferring in British Domestic politics. And about which he was totally clueless. The very issue that demolished the royal houses of Europe, after WWI.

Vicky with first cousin Bertie was cute, but destined to produce nothing. In steps Lionel Nathan Rothschild, who sired all the royal families of Europe. Now that connection should be clear.

Eddy VIII goes to exhile; after being forced to sign over all the estates he held; including Blenheim; among other requirements.

They lived on a Buck House remittance, in a villa given to them. The same that the idiot, drug dealer, Al-Fayed bought for his son and Diana. He lost four royal warrants for Harrods. Before he donated the brand to The Qataris.

Mr. H. would be well advised to continue that exhile tradition with his great love. But then, both have clearly demonstrated an impervious nature towards reality.

Mr.H. is having bells of divorce ring loudly in the void normally occupied by a brain. He has drilled her on a small number of public outings. But has suffered much more at her hand.

She has crossed the line. There are issues at stake; that neither can comprehend. In past eras, “what M wants, M gets” would be managed in a very different and most swift manner. The only choices would be the axe or the broad sword; the mound or The Chapel of St.Peter ad Vincula.

Diana was dispensed with. But not many are able to correctly point. Vide my first paragraph supra. Honi soit qui mal y pense.


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Note the weasel token May who stuffed The Conservative Majority after a 57 day idiot general election, was on line to destroy Brexit. She ran, one year almost to the day, that Trump, E2, and Johnson told her the game was up.


As soon as J. Edgar Hoover (‘Mary’ to the Mafia) died, the call went out. His office and residence were vacuumed. ‘Mary’ the greatest all round blackmailer, developed Deep State as did OSS-CIA Donovan (funded into the future by the looting of Gehring’s lootings (the identifying of which had him released not suicided), and Yamashita’s Gold, identified by Marcos), was holding files on every political animal, every Creep State slithera, and accessible businessman, he considered of personal value to him, or The Mafia who owned Hoover from the ’20’s.

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J Edgar Hoover

The development of The Mafia and Deep State, has a history derived from the Intellectualized and Moralized arsewipe classes of Prohibition. What they did, has a legacy that lives on to this day. More than the great Kennedy clan, Las Vegas, drug networks, and a blackmail economy.

The great Joe, emulating Edward VII (not VIII), took a slut on his honeymoon with Rose. And it never fell far from the tree. The elites of The Dem Party you see today.

LBJ, appointed Hoover, Direrctor for Life. Fortunately Trump shafted the FBI-DOJ  and CIA scum that he could.  LBJ didn’t want the world to know (The Dignity and Legacy Syndrome of McCain III and GHWB) that he was a perverted and owned dixi-shit.

Among LBJ’s grand exploits was raping his grandmother (Baines) at the age of 14. The Dem leadership of The Coup d’état of JFK et al. Albeit GHWB (RINO) orchestrated the event through CIA Angleton for Jack Lawrence, the final shooter. Tippit was shot by his patrol partner, which I have previously detailed.

Those who are conspiracied to mental oblivion can suck in The Warren Commission mental fuck, and stay with it. Your presence in the real world is not required.

LBJ performed in The Oval Office as well as his Dem cohort WJC, to follow. LBJ observed through the right side observation and security portal. To the left is the equally hidden escape portal, to the deep underground, equally unknown bunker areas and rail and road system. But of course, there is also the bunkered Oval Office Sound Stage. Public Meetings are in the original, and heavily fortified from rocket attack, office. The roof of The WH containing a security system even better than that briefly in frame at The Trump Kim 38th. Parallel Border Meeting. And as Trump leaves The South Korean building; freeze framing will deliver some of the security operations on that side. Both wore body mass vests and contingencies had been agreed.

The North South Unification having been agreed at least from Feb. 2017.

The entire theatric affair being orchestrated between The Singapore and Hanoi Meetings. And for which The US paid NK and Russia, very heavily. The Sanction Serenade is as fictional as the abilities of The US Economy and Military. Hardly some spur of the moment derived from a tweet by Trump in Japan at the time.

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Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham

There were three security forces acting in concert. The hilarious footage of the jostling of Stephanie Grisham in response to the standard ” Don’t you know who I am?” was worth the extra cup of java.

Little Stephanie came up the screech climb from Melania’s team. It was a bit of a move from Colour Coordination and Fashion Statements to a token CV of real world Geo-Strategics. These people are not Qualified. Uni. and the Intern Fiction, can’t do it. Albeit they read scripts and answer from droppings onto the lectern i-Pads. They do not stand alone.

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Monarchy hiding behind presidency?

Trump speaks unscripted from The WH gardens while moving to Marine I. At major events, he speaks from two front angle screens. There are no Dems currently capable of non scipting and help by lectern i-Pad, earpiece, or heavily scripted questions, even at ‘town halls’. HRC at her Trump debates was on i-Pad, face touch signals, and earpiece from her scaled down lectern. Trump was not. She floundered when he moved over to her and forced her to draw away, just on her earpiece. She did have prepared answers to the questions she was advanced. The Brazile Factor. She waffled on ‘Temperament’ against Trump.

The defunct Megyn Kelly thought she could steal the Feminese vote for the criminal HRC by reading a script concerning Trump’s anti-Feminese public waffles. No one really cares. He quickly spun it to the Feminese, lardarse, megaloon Rosi O’Donnell, and captured the audience. When HRC tried to trap him by her fed script statesmanperson waffle, he responded that he would ‘Lock Her Up’. She froze with no comeback.

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Kelly and Clinton

The joke of the triumvirate of the reality disengaged; Nuland, Psaki, and Harf, as Spokespersons for The US Dept. of State; is hard to beat. Worth a study (provided the medication is at hand), as Press Corps Leader Matt Lee was attempting to extract honest answers from profoundly ignorant, script reading, compulsive and obsessive liars, underpinned by nauseous arrogance.

Define the token. As with Obama, the present Cortez and Omar; not only are real birth certifictes not required, but also Transcripts of Attainment. A unique ‘Qualification’ of The Dem leaning Ideologues of world perfection.

Obama produced two fraudulent birth certificates. He never produced Transcripts from Columbia or Harvard, and staff and students of the nominated eras; never identified him. He had also applied to Columbia as a Foreign Born Student. His grades from Occidental were non-existent to the point of requiring a token admission. The CIA East-West Centre was beginning to stench. Particularly when it was indentified further, as one of the delivery points for Op. Paperclip NAZIs and The CIA’s disastrous activities in East Africa.

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“Amelia Occasional-Cortex”

And of course Squad Leader Cortez, failed Yorktown High, and produced a fraudulent ticket from Yorktown Heights High. She was never to warm a seat at Brown U. where she applied. But received a token scrap from Boston U. Hardly learned in Economics or International Affairs, as her zero skill set attests. Comedy abounds in Congressional Committee question bursts. Apart from stunning ignorance displays as The La Guadia Croissant Affair.

The ingrate, ideologically insane Omar, not far behind. I have previoisly written of Chelsea Clinton and her ludicrous claims from particularly UC Oxford and Columbia. A political animal (New York Senate aspirant), Gillibrand won’t be bought at the current offerings and Dan Moynihan was an easy buy. The Obama owners simply blackmailed him into The Illinois Senate. The same three step shuffle.

And then of course Dear Chelsea had the Webb Hubbell chin that needed attention. Poor HRC was never that predictively astute. WJC was also at UC Oxford pretending his Rhodes (Rogues) until he was Sent Down (DNG) after a particularly nasty rape. Distorted in The Paperless World, requiring a search of Alumni of University College.

A modest fee of recompense was offered. All forgiven and Chelsea gets her pretend run for the postures. Frauds as plagiarism and others Writing and Sitting seems to also be a Dem trait. Even the great JFK was into it. It cost perverted and Mafia daddy a lot to fraud him into The White House. I have writen of The Arlington Body Swap from J.D.Tippit to JFK.

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In passing: Obama is Barry Soetoro, Michelle is Michael LaVaughn Robinson, and the two girls are those of Marty Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard. The latter having falsified the birth certificates at The University of Chicago Medical Centre. She also collects for sitting on useless and meaningless committees as that for The Preservation of The White House. After all; what are good friends for? Michael of course decorates hospital boards. It helped for the benefits from Big Pharma for the massive fraud of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Then of course the insane school lunch affair, also enriched the fraudsters. Bill Clinton is actually Bill Blythe. Mega-tokens Eric Holder was fond of using the names Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Lew Alcindor. As Loretta Lynch was partial to Elizabeth Carlisle.

Nothing much changes in Dem Town. Bernie Sanders is hardly a practising Socialist. Although he is a determined Totalitarian for all those outside the belief structure. As is the lost in space Cortez. Poor Maxine Waters just paid $6 million for her latest DC dump. Where did that come from. I note Cortez has stopped asking certain silly questions in committee, since she also discovered the scams. Pelosi of course being the queen. She chalked up a government debt of some $25,000 for Cognac bought on a commercial US flight, for sebsequent delivery. And of course The Person of Colour Scam always manages traction for the disengaged delusional, less gifted. Presidential hopeful, Elizabeth Warren is not a Cherokee. Just an innocent scam to catch a token job of Professor of Minorities Studies (almost as good as Gender Studies, Climatology, and Liberal Arts). Fellow presidential aspirant (qualifications to run The US being a career public seravant prosecutor from San Francisco. Where she couldn’t even get that right) being a subcontinent Indian pretending to be African American. Also being the orchestrator of the absurd CIA asylumned Blasey-Fraudster Affair, attempting to obstruct The Kavanaugh Confirmation.

And who could forget Nikki Haley (Nimrata Randhawa) who fed false and treacherous intel to Trump from her rostrum of US UN Ambassador (another great token success story) concerning concocted geo-tensions with regard to North Korea, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe. She was caught out on a number of occasions and lied through; as they do. Her predecessor, Londonite Samantha Power being the facilitator of The False Flag Benghazi Affair.

And who could forget Elijah Cummings; outed by one of the witnesses in The IRS scam (Koskinen, Lerner, Paz, et al). His insane theatrics while questioning DHS McAleenan about unchanged alien infants at The Border; reversing as to the infant care question by Women of Colour, in his own Baltimire constituency. The DHS is not a diaper service. But if asked; The DHS has been providing the requirements of a civilized state, to those not accustomed. It was further revealed that Cummings’ constituency has the highest crime rate in the entire US. Perhaps the buffoon should concentrate on these statistics instead of lecturing stupidites for MSM self-reward. The image of a ranting, raving, rabid, brainless ape, does not sit well with the sane.

The Dem Party hiding its Anti-Abolishonist Pro-Slavery history by obtuse tokenism. Blacks in power does not empower Blacks. Reputation is not Legacy or Dignity. Tokenism and absurd Quotas accomplishes nothing. The destruction of The First World does not enrich The Third. The strength of The First draws all with it. The depth floats all.

The Dems were not only the immoral protectors of slavery (even forming The KKK) and opposed emancipation, but they supported (The Confederate Government Partisan Ranger Act) the criminal and genocidal gangs of the era (not just cattle rustlers and bank, train and coach robbers. Followed by banditry after the North defeated The Democrats and freed the slaves. The descendants and their cohorts, relentlessly attacking their protectors of the past. The James [Harry Truman’s ancestors] and Younger Brothers, Bill Quantrill, Bill Anderson et al conducting genocides wherever they could against the innocents of the south (Lawrence, Wilson’s Creek, Baxter Springs, Blunt, Kirksville, Centralia, etc.)

Today’s highjacked Feminese concocted Rights over Their Bodies; ranging from Infanticide (abortion to term), then protecting Paedo World, then protecting Rapists. As against what the very ones falsely complain of The Other.

The rush to disguised Totalitarianism under; Progress, Liberalism, Socialism, Equality, Diversity, Anti-Discrimination etc.

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The reality is THE ROPE AND LADDER Trick. In today’s highly charged disengaged, fictional world of ideology, rights, and delusions, the Dems will throw down a rope, to lift you up, and promise not to let go (The true history is out there). The Conservatives point to a ladder, which you can use, if you want.

(IRS TEGE Programmes (sub codes: Patriot, 912) were where The IRS scum hid the targetting of ‘Conservatives’ under Obama direction).

The toilet was flushed at The IRS, as it was at DOJ-FBI. Albeit Haspel was appointed CIA Director, after SHE was the instigator, as London Station Chief; with fraudster Alexander Downing (East Timor, Leviathan, Woodside, Clinton Foundation, ASIS, FVEY etc.). Criminals; Heyden, Brennan, Clapper, et al flushed from The US Intel Community.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

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