Registered by DoC as a wasp bait, 1080 is being gathered by bees & NZ has no accredited test for it in honey

Evidence: POISONING bees and the Manuka honey industry. NZ’s Dept of Conservation try to wriggle around the fact that 1080 is an insecticide – but DOC even registered it as such in NZ as wasp bait.

From Pam Vernon at Envirowach Rangitikei

And here we have evidence of honeybees gathering poison. NZ has NO accredited test for 1080 in honey. Do you feel safe eating honey now? Tell DOC by email


Is 1080 an insecticide? Here is the registration data for 1080 insect bait: Name:Fish paste containing 10 g sodium fluoroacetate/kgCAS Number: Synonyms:1.0% 1080 Wasp Paste, 1080Approval number:HSR002425. 1080 also sold in peanut butter paste as well as pellets. Check out the factory website

1080 takes 1.5 to 2 hours to kill bees, enough to complete about 4 foraging trips.


(Above) 6 bees photographed feeding on poisoned blood pouring out cows nose = 1080 poison.

Mapara South Road, NZ. Bees fed for 6 days from 14th September 2018.

tim bensemans post

(Above) 1 honeycomb tested Landcare Research Tongariro National Park 0.0046 ppm 1080 poison 2002 – 7 years after 1080 jam banned.

2 honeycomb samples tested LR Lab Tongariro National Park 0.009 ppm 1080 poison 2003 – 8 years after 1080 jam banned. No further 1080 tests despite this obvious threat to consumers. Other toxins found in bees from DOC “pest control” operations. 32 dead bees, washed prior to analysis 7.86 ug/g pindone 37 dead bees, washed prior to analysis 4.03 ug/g pindone 52 dead bees, washed prior to analysis 3.64 ug/g pindone 25 live bees, washed prior to analysis 0.74 ug/g pindone

1 of 2 bees found dead 90.3 ug/g pindone The highest concentration of 1080 detected in the honey was 15 ppb and subsequent tests showed a gradual decay down to 3 ppb after 59 days. The honey source that the samples were taken from would have eventually gone on sale after 16 weeks, hence there would not have been any detectable level of 1080 in the sale product, although under different circumstances, this time could be considerably shorter. Zero studies were done to see if the 1080 samples “lost” 1080 due to the toxin binding to the plastic sample pots – 1080 is well known for binding. What this could mean is the samples tested lower over time while the drums of honey remained high and were then sold. 1080 IN HONEY FROM POSSUM BAITS RAHOTU – TARANAKI Murray Lowe HEALTH PROTECTION OFFICER TARANAKI HEALTHCARE


SOURCE: Save Raukumara from 1080 Facebook Page

From MSM 2018:

Accidental poisoning possible cause of mass bee deaths in Murchison

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11 thoughts on “Registered by DoC as a wasp bait, 1080 is being gathered by bees & NZ has no accredited test for it in honey

  1. All I can say is what I’ve been told….. Nick Smith has some affiliation with the importation of this shit and we are basically the only country that uses it to such a high extent. Hey while they’re at it, why not get some Agent Orange, and spray it all over our native forests and completely fuck the country!!! Our government is showing us that they don’t care about future generations at all

    1. Yep, we’re pretty much alone in using the stuff. The plant that made it in the US shut down but we make our own here. There was a recent case of a worker getting poisoned that the MSM were pretty reticent about. The Government don’t want us venturing into the bush and don’t want any hint of self sufficiency. Hence they poison the land and are slowly chipping away at hunting and fishing. State reliancy and totalitarian control is the name of the game.

    1. Well, most of the regular DOC workers genuinely believe they are doing what’s necessary to eradicate pests. But obviously after all these decades, it clearly isn’t working. Obviously it’s doing more harm than good. Someone is making money out of this though, and someone is using the whole conservation/environment thing for political and sociological leverage in a long term plan. The same lot who are yelling about climate emergencies and whatnot. Bringing New Zealand to it’s knees quite successfully it seems destroying our business, our environment and our reputation.

  2. Please please dont give up..
    We the people must gain the right, to stop our leaders from ignoring the sensible people of aotearoa..

    1. Giving up is on my mind constantly Lesley. The majority of New Zealanders are far too reticent to speak up or take action. It can be a frustrating exercise attempting to bring these topics into the open and being greeted with silence and indifference.
      Sadly, the rise of Socialism and the nanny state (Big Momma) is knocking the sense out of much of our population: “Common” sense is no longer common.

  3. Honey testing is done by MPI not DOC, so asking DOC to test honey seems misplaced.
    Ban 1080 Jam, what is this, not sure why this is inserted into article.
    The risk of bees taking 1080 is something I am concerned with.
    I am also concerned with zealous anti1080 lobby creating false news as they have so many times before.
    The OIA letter from DOC does not reference the bee photo, so the link there seems vague.

    1. The article was reproduced as per the original Facebook item via Rangetikei Envirowatch.
      While we welcome any criticism, opinion, corrections etc which we will reproduce here for all to read, I can’t alter another author’s work!
      I also think it a shame when lobbyists/activists self-assassinate just as you do.
      If the item proves overwhelmingly erroneous then I’ll delete it in due course. For now I think there still enough of relevance here. The fact that the bee photo and letter aren’t directly related doesn’t detract from the relevance of either, as this article is about a general topic and not a single stand-alone case.
      Thanks for your input Danny, much appreciated and good to receive a well balanced comment.

    1. You’ll have to be more specific Toby.
      There are two articles in this post. Are you suggesting both articles are complete fabrications? Or are there elements of one or the other which you wish to address?
      In the case of the second item from then I urge you to make a complaint to the NZ Media Council with your accusation:

  4. Chemical warfare is killing our country it’s time to wake up.too many have cancer.whats the answer.? Chemicals in our food and water.the over populated world is killing us off because its preparing for agenda 21.the new world.

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