Hillary tweets: ‘Sickening horror’ in Syria ‘is one man’s fault’; Twitter retorts with smack down of her deeds!

Hypocrite Hillary cries crocodile tears: What a croc! As always the Russians are having a field day with this news:

Sun, 13 Oct 2019 01:22 UTC


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Former US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has retweeted a post by an NBC correspondent about ‘atrocities’ unleashed by Turkey’s incursion in Syria, hinting it’s all the fault of President Donald Trump. Twitter sent her down the memory lane.

“This sickening horror is one man’s fault,” she tweeted Saturday night commenting on a tweet by NBC’s Richard Engel who said US military officials are concerned Turkish offensive “opens the door to BOTH ethnic cleansing of Kurds and return of ISIS/Al-Qaeda.”

Some commenters were not impressed by the ‘crocodile tears’ and ‘faux outrage’, reminding the former Secretary of State on her own role in destabilizing the middle East.


“This entire horror in Syria wouldn’t even be happening had it not been for you, Obama, Brennan and McCain arming, funding, training and empowering Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in a fanatical push to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government,” one wrote.

It was under Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State that US led a NATO campaign against then Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi on the site of groups seeking to overthrow him.

Libya plunged into chaos, with factions in Tripoli and Benghazi fighting each other, and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) found a fertile ground there. Clinton’s handling of the September 11 attacks on the consulate in Benghazi, which saw the murder of four Americans, including US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, and lying about some of its facts afterward, left her open to widespread criticism. She also advocated for training and equipping moderate Syrian rebels to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. The arms supplied to ‘moderate’ militant groups in the country ended up with IS.

Trump has been bashed by both Democrats and Republicans for what they call the betrayal of Kurdish allies after Turkey started an operation in Northern Syria against Kurds who they consider terrorists with the help of allied militant groups. Ankara insists it wants to create “safe zones” for the return of refugees.

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2 thoughts on “Hillary tweets: ‘Sickening horror’ in Syria ‘is one man’s fault’; Twitter retorts with smack down of her deeds!

  1. Do you realize how utterly terrified Hillary is: her crimes are so heinous and numerous that she can never rest — she must remain on the offensive as long as she lives, perpetually propagandizing the public and pointing the finger at someone else, lest the tide of public opinion turn against her… for if the people knew the entire truth, its no exaggeration to say they would be screaming “OFF WITH HER HEAD” and could not carry her to the gallows quickly enough.


    1. Like I said in reply to another of your comments, Guest: No one escapes the consequences. A life of fear and paranoia is the price she pays. The gallows would be a quick exit from her suffering…unless you believe in Hell!!

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