Confirmed: Abortion body parts group admits to selling beating hearts and fully intact baby heads “harvested” from Planned Parenthood abortions

Abortion in the 21st century has little to do with women making a choice. Abortion is a streamlined industry that coerces women into horrific medical procedures that exploit their well being and long term mental health. The abortion industry has become a modern day Auschwitz, where baby organs, extremities, brains and hearts are harvested and used for scientific research and experimentation.

09/19/2019 / By Lance D Johnson

Biotech companies need women to be convinced that abortion is an empowering decision because the biotech companies are using the body parts of their living, feeling babies to conduct research. In New York and Illinois, lawmakers recently determined that babies have no rights up until birth, in essence, making it easier for biotech companies to harvest mature organs from full term babies.

Biotech companies want “raw fetal tissue” including whole baby heads

In court hearings, the CEO of the biotech company StemExpress admitted that the company goes after beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads. StemExpress works with Planned Parenthood to supply fetal body parts to medical researchers. In a preliminary hearing, the CEO of StemExpress said the baby’s head is sometimes attached to the torso or it can be “torn away” from the rest of the body. In the undercover videos, abortionists reveal that there is great demand for “raw fetal tissue.” Fragile brain tissue is often shipped in a “whole calvarium” and kept intact with the baby’s head.

In court hearings, StemExpress was also implicated in the use of a Langendorff perfusion, which describes a technique used for procuring a beating heart. StemExpress admitted that they supplied this heart tissue to researchers at Stanford University. These macabre admissions indicate that the baby’s organs are being cut out during illegal partial birth abortions. Women are being abused by abortionists and raped of their dignity as their babies are forcibly born alive so their organs can be harvested for select research needs.

These revelations would not be coming out if it weren’t for the brave work of undercover investigative reporters, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress. These courageous souls went undercover and recorded conversations between corrupt California Planned Parenthood executives and organ-hungry biotech reps who discussed the trafficking and sale of fetal body parts. After exposing the operation, the investigative reporters faced persecution. They are currently charged with 15 felony counts of illegal taping of confidential information. Even though they exposed violent, gruesome acts and the felony trafficking of fetal body parts, they are the ones being charged!

As the court hearings continue against the brave Daleiden and Merritt, those involved in the gruesome, illegal trafficking of fetal body parts are being exposed further. Undercover videos reveal not only the organ trafficker’s motives but also their illegal, horrifying actions and manipulative behavior. The abortion industry is being exposed for what it is — a gruesome modern day Auschwitz. It’s time to restore dignity to women and men and protect human life from evil organ traffickers and the industries that crave the organs of dead babies.

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