Advisory: Disturbing video content “Doom Fetito is a deeply perverse form of activism. The game involves killing pro-life women before shooting to death an unborn baby with a shotgun at the end.”. (Martin comments: Apparently YouTube finds this content OK, unlike political content that doesn’t follow the narrative!) “The ‘game’ […]

Right now, our government is amending our Abortion laws, I thought they were liberal enough but apparently not. Jo-Blogs, Red Sky in the Morning “I’m proposing it comes out of the Crimes Act,” Jacinda Adern explained to the disability community. It sounds very high-minded and caring.  Actually Jacinda’s being disingenuous […]

The sick Margaret Sanger, The founder of Planned Parenthood spoke of “black extermination“. Opinion by G Squared But of course who reads these days? The times of robotic entitled morons with oversized attitudes, told what to think when they plug in to the MSM news cycles and suck in Social […]

Abortion in the 21st century has little to do with women making a choice. Abortion is a streamlined industry that coerces women into horrific medical procedures that exploit their well being and long term mental health. The abortion industry has become a modern day Auschwitz, where baby organs, extremities, brains […]

Excellent comment and facts from author Amy Brooke. Please visit her site for much more outstanding content. MH Abortion law “reform”? What are Ardern and Little up to? And why is Andrew Little, the Minister of Justice who commissioned this report, now avoiding acknowledging its findings? See below.** Must we […]

“Thou shalt not kill”? Apparently at least one of the Ten Commandments doesn’t apply, according to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. God may be “present in this space” (as an omnipotent being would), but would The Creator approve? MH Micaiah Bilger – Life Site News June 11, 2019 Calling […]

More MSM Censorship: FB is at it again! Lucas Nolan – Breibart Jan 18, 2019 Social media giant Facebook has allegedly refused to allow the upcoming Roe v. Wade film to run advertisements on its platform under the new “issues of national importance” rule, treating the movie as if it were a […]

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