“Johnson’s UK, Trump’s US, and Putin’s Russia can finally destroy The imaginings of a Globalist dominated economic serfdom.”

A wealth of fascinating commentary on the geopolitical situation from the ever perceptive G Squared!

A civil war fuelled by India, is pending in Bangladesh, where tens of millions will die.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hansina, daughter of Mujibar Rahman, has unilaterally, with the connivance of President Abdul Hamid, signed three particular treaties concerning water for food production, and India intervening.

One water source near Bhutan, was subsequently blocked by India; after India agreed to its access, it already  being wrongfully controlled; leaving desolate arid land, in an already desperate nation.

A further treaty allows for The Indian Military to enter Bangladesh to maintain Law and Order in a state of emergency.

A recipe, where deals have been struck for the return of Bangladesh to India.


Turkey has been manoeuvred closer to the day of its devastation and division; as long forecast.

Syria was the enemy. Sacked; Bolton, Haley, and Mattis, read the old State Dept. script. The rhetoric was horrendous. Hoaxes, False Flags, Fakeries, Proxies, The CIA, State, and ISIS had their days. Russia, France, The UK, and Israel became involved. The civilian death count at the hands of Syria’s saviours, kept rising. Gassings, bombings, and missile adventurisms were blamed on Syria.

Eventually Russia entered the equation, protecting its and Iran’s interests, and chasing out all the liars, deceivers, and murderers. As it did by entering Georgia on three occasions; Russia entered Iraq and devastated US proxy Islamists. The US did not destroy ISIS.

Throughout this US State Dept. and CIA lunacy; Turkey took sides as it suited. Currently, as the error of Iraq believing it could engage Kuwait, Turkey has engaged oil rich Kurdistan.

There are issues concerning The PKK, and ISIS prisoners to be taken in by; primarily; Germany, from whence they came. As Merkel is currently suffering from selective hearing; particularly facing the realities of Brexit, and the stirrings of; Hungary, Italy, and the destroyed Greece; Trump has indicated he will deliver her proxies to her border.

Trump has now made noises against Turkey, as Syria had been taken off the news cycle. As has The Golan area of Syria, occupied by Israel and from which Genie (Rothschild Group) is pumping oil.


As US Ambassador April Glaspie lied to Hussein over Kuwait, US Ambassador Barbara Bodine lied to and blocked US investigation of The USS Cole incident in Yemen, and Victoria Nuland (Nudelman, Kagan) lied about the Poroshenko coup in Ukraine in 2014, US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch lied and attempted to block The Trump Adminstration investigation of the criminal activities of; Biden, Kerry, their sons, and The Clintons et al in Ukraine.

Trump had Yovanovitch recalled by The State Dept. and is investigating back to the affairs of The 2014 Coup, Lootings, and Civil War. Good old Joe and Heroin Hunter are caught.

Expect Yovanovitch in the media complaining. Never explaining what she was actually doing during her tenure, and what she was attempting to cover.

I am reminded of McCabe, sacked from The FBI. He lies to media, writes a fake book, and gets hired by Fox, to twist narratives with cohorts; Napolitano and Brazile. The recent Anti-Trump Fox Poll, shown to be a fraud. Reminiscent of 2016.

The current Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman narrative and link to Giuliani is to divert from the Biden realities. Apart from The FemDem decision already made, to shaft Biden and Sanders; the concern is that the matter will further splash back to other Dem actors.

The Dems can make all the smoke and noise they like; there will be nowhere to hide by mid 2020.

FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs Michael Kortan has been outed for ‘Lack of Candor’. That’s code for lying. As is; ‘Economical with The Truth’. He LIED under oath to IG Horowitz.

Now you might find this one a little difficult, but Mueller is now outed as a purveyor of porkies par excellence. Under oath; no problem.

You have to watch those church goers. After The Vatican Paedo Club; anything is possible.


When Epstein was arrested in New York, I wrote he would not survive to trial.

Epstein Clinton

He had not attempted suicide, and was not in a Dry Cell or under watch. He  would reasonably believe he would legally escape, as had occurred in South Florida with similar negotiations conducted with the now sacked Acosta.

I wrote that the same force that dispatched; Louis Mountbatten, Princess Diana, and Jimmy Savile, would dispatch Epstein.

I am reminded of the hoaxes of The Hitler Diaries, The Alien Autopsy, and the photo of Oswald holding a rifle. Even the fake photos of Bin Laden (Tim Osman) in his cave. The fake Seal Team Six Capture is in a class of its own. A pity HRC had to use training footage, already seen by most in the trade. But then; HRC knows everything.

Recently fake photographs concerning Epstein’s death were sold to the press.

The syllogistic logic is classic. The pictures are fake; therefore Epstein is alive.

My dog has four legs, my cat has four legs, therefore my cat is a dog.

To explain where Epstein could be hiding, we have; “he’s wearing theatrical makeup.” But none of his friends have noticed.

What of The Lunar Landings, The Boston  Marathon, The Sandy Hook, The Chrischurch False Flag, and the many other fake images.

What of The AltMedia inventions of; Putin is Dead, Jade Helm is martial law, the Trump Rally Actor is JFK Jnr. (also not dead), as JFK was living on Skorpios with Onasis and Jackie, The Eye Winesses at The Las Vegas False Flag, and on and on.

No wonder deceptions by governments are left loose. The big thinkers will fill in the dots for a grand illusion.

Epstein, as Savile, and Mountbatten were a danger.

The situation and Epstein’s real and very predictable demise, are SPECIFICALLY AS I WROTE.


“My Government’s priority has always been to secure The UK’s departure from The European Community on 31/10/2019.” (Queen Elizabeth II; 14/10/2019).

When Johnson prorogued parliament in early Oct. 2019. The Socialists, after hearing the warblings of The High Court of Scotland; a more irrelevant body in that context could hardly be imagined (firstly return The Stone of Scone (pronounced Scoon), then recall Hadrian’s was there to keep you in, not the others out); The English Supreme Court decided to jump into that about which it also has no bearing. It decided that Johnson acted ‘Unlawfully (not Illegally as references would need to be cited, and there are none applicable) and of No Effect’.

The Supreme Court was countermanding  The Queen as Head of State. Too much history there. Coups are no longer acceptable. Good Luck with that. You will quietly be sent to the dunce’s corner. And think yourselves very fortunate indeed. If Brenda persists; she will have a problem.

Johnson had asked The Queen, who is well capable and well advised. She agreed to The Members of The Commons, representing Her Subjects, not Citizens, to go home until 14/10/2019, when she would speak from The Peers.

But after the performance from the eleven warming the benches (careers to end in the quiet of British tradition. The UK has had enough disruptive history); The Mace was returned and The Commons assembled. The barage from the Opposition, believing they had scored some pyrrhic; did not bring legitimate debate but accusations that; Johnson acted ‘Illegally’, had lied to The Queen, and was behaving Unconstitutionally (there is none as such), is a Dictator, Undemocratic (democracy was the 2016 Referendum), and should be gaoled. Even tearfull waffles from opposing Feminese Actors with effectively nothing sane to add; “Will The Prime Minister apologise for …..” The inane world in which so many live.

Johnson spoke: no apologies. The complainants needing to return to their medications with no psychotic episodal ‘closure’. AG Cox spoke, dismissing but not admonishing his fifteen minutes of fame, Supreme Court; but well aware of his requirement to render a terminal word to Brenda (Baroness Hale) and her cohorts for their discraceful exbibition. A May token no less.

The Leader of The House and Lord President of The Privy Council, Rees-Mogg spoke, as did The Chancellor of The Duchy of Lancaster (The Queen), Michael Gove (Graeme Logan).

Previously, the Opposition of Labourites, SDP and sacked Conservatives, were offered a General Election on three occassions. They refused to support the motion on the first two occasions, and ignored the third; well knowing that the 52% Brexit support of 2016 (17.4 million) has grown to some 60%. The largest Democratic Referendum Mandate in UK history. Not the non voted 29 million of the disturbed mental functions of Opposition Anna Soubry.

To add insult to injury; Johnson ‘Suspended’ Parliament a second time until 14/10/2019. Work that one Brenda.

The invention of A One Nation Conservative Party after The 14/10/2019 Queen’s Speech.

It’s Free Market as against clapped out Marxist stupidities that would destroy The UK. The EU is a bankrupt economic parasite, that confirms by its existence and functions, that Totalitarianism does not work.

Against the closed door interventions of; Major, Blair et al, and the bold faced; Labour, SDP and allied morose; to derail Brexit, and maintain The UK as a captured cash cow, for the ridiculous and bankrupt EU. Interesting how the Totalitarian Globalist EU desperately needs The UK to feed it.

Imagine if HRC had prevailed on 8/11/2016. The Swamp would be riding high. The US would be in and feeding The EU. Controlled political shootouts would be playing with Russia and China; in the hope that neither of those became serious. The Socio-Economic Fabric of The US would be permanently destroyed. Trump was at the very edge on the very last day.

Trump pushed the stupid May to leave her token employment; damaging Brexit; one year and one week before she did. And has since advised the disgraceful Merkel, that the tariff on German motor vehicles will become prohibitive in The US. Apart from further actions against The EU, for a failed Brexit on 31/10/2019.

The EU will come under concerted attack by The US (NATO included) and Russia (Nord Stream) if it does not revue its operations and reasses its insane trading activities. Albeit it is bankrupt and all but gone. The third wave in a century by Germany to consume Europe.

The Bear definately has its functions. Particularly at this time when it is controlled by The Russian Orthodox Church. The Tsar is not forgotten. Nor are the histories of Lenin and Stalin.

The EU functuons as a massive unelected self-appointed bureacracy, power maximising and deceiving to push its manic agenda. The EU Parliament is a mutant sounding board, giving the illusion of a democratic theory.

A meaningless waste of time, and an historically unbelievable waste of the real assets, and labours of the nations and peoples entrapped in its socialistic totalitarian bastardry.

When token May was wrongly elevated to lead The Conservative Government; with the counsel of her equally token imbecilic cohorts; calls a General Election on 57 days notice; then disappears from the scene, The Conservarives naturally lose. They require a slim margin with The DUP to hold government. Then to worsen the matter, she wants to negotiate Brexit, causing a six month delay at an additional expense of over £6 billion, with no end in sight. Further; she starts dictatorially running The Conservative Party. Sacking ministers who disagree. Then in an incredibly childish manner; as if her past were not enough (nothing to do with legitimate government or even Brexit; pure power for the pantsuits) she hauls them to the absurd Chequers Conference. Ministers must learn to obey, or they will be sacked, effective immediately. The effect being; they lose the cars which brought them, they have to walk with their luggage some mile to the front gate, then call a cab or someone to collect them. As cabs or private vehicles were not allowed past the front gate. The technical term is Bitchification. Never give tokens authority. They have no idea what it is.

The EU is not China or India. It sells goods and services that can more easily be manufactured in The US.

Greenland was the first to leave, after being entrapped by Denmark. A horrendous price for zero gain.

Greece, Italy, Hungary, to follow The UK. Watch EU attitude adjustment after Brexit.

I would prefer a no deal Brexit. Leave and demand compensation. The ECB has ‘Lost’ some £3 trillion (unspoken) belonging to The UK. That issue yet to be raised.

The combined weights of Johnson’s UK, Trump’s US, and Putin’s Russia can finally destroy The ‘Usual Suspects’ imaginings of a Globalist dominated economic serfdom.

Image result for boris johnson donald trump vladimir putin

The disturbed Bear strolling back to Germany and camping for another half century is not that far removed from the equation. It appears nothing was learnt from the first visit. Ah: such self-esteem.

Could a No Deal bring us the entertainment of The RN blowing EU fishing vessels out of UK waters? Remember The Cod Wars?

The stupidity of The Benn (Surrender) Act needs to be managed by 19/20/2019; or just ignored.

One of the problems; if The Bear returns; the occupied must feed it. And of course, lip service will deafen. But then; Russia OWNS Europe (excepting The UK), as China OWNS Asia to The South Pacific. A determination after WWII and settling the postured Cold War Era. As the herds were not advised of the unpublished agreements of the past.

At this stage it needs to be noted that two of the sacked Conservatives were Hammond and Grieve; sitting on Opposition benches. It was Hammond who was writing the fool May’s agenda and the impossoble to conclude Brexit ‘negotations’. The UK to be trapped indefinately and without a voice in The EU. Or at best suffer the break-up of The UK by the ceding of Northern Ireland to The EU; effectively Germany.

The hidden aspects of the simplified Brexit, reveal a greater aspect. The EU is not a cutie pie co-operative free market. It is a protectionist bloc and not a free trade zone. With The UK OUT, The UK forms a separate trade bloc that will savage and destroy The Globalist Totalitarian United States of Europe.

We have seen what has been done to Greece by Germany (The EU) concerning fraudulent loans and capitalized interests to levels that can never be paid. But repayment was never the plan. Greece to be wrenched from the hands of Germany.

The affair of The EU is not over until it is expunged.


US FemDem lunacies are GOP Assets.

Image result for cortez pelosi

At The Trump presser, the day after The Dem hidden suicide of 6/11/2018; one of the disengaged MSM proudly announced that one of the new Dem weak links “Is veiled”. The response from Trump to the baiting loon was; “You’re Racist”.

Knowing that at mid-terms, the herds push against the incumbent; The Dems had a unique opportunity to bring to The House, members who could aid their return for 3/11/2020. Instead; they pressed forward with what had begun their demise on 8/11/

2016. Instead of presenting a meaning for 2020, they continued with even greater fervour and full occupation; to rerun 2016, which they determinedly lost.

The 1913 Mental Deficiency Act of England would have seen many of the current noise factories of The FemDem reality illusion, consigned to sanatoriums.

At another time, in another place.

Hardly permitted to roam freely, even lying and deceiving. Being fraudulently ‘elected’ to public office as token gestures to modernity, and the more far reaching absurdity of socio-economically destructive quotas.

The UK has variously survived The Post Truth Token Equality Era, with more resilience and purpose. The US has fallen apart, with the rush to even greater lunacies.

On a commercial foundation; you are hired on the basis of your alleged genitalia, not that of being the most qualified for the position. Or even just being given an opportunity. The Glass Celing perhaps. But then the experiment of correction of postured wrongs has been a dismal failure. So how could that be rectified.

We opened doors for them, let them pass ahead, offered our seats, and doffed our hats. They destroyed civility in an insane rush to the allegedly denied centre; in reality not sharing but occupying. The past became ‘Sexist’. They can fend for themselves; as they built a new world. Their designed horse is a camel.

Thatcher and May sulked in the widerness; not knowing that their stench from their own, actually exceeded their determined electoral liability. Tokens as Esther McVey and Amber Rudd, devastated their portfolios, and were removed. Yet the former stood in the ring against Johnson for PM. Even Rees -Mogg, Gove, and Cox, only gestured. As against the disturbed and disturbing, Hunt. The latter (supra) thought herself capable of being special commissioner negotiating Brexit. I will not comment further on that psychotic episode.

Is it not an issue of equality and diversity, rather than of engendering a supremacy as the alleged ‘balance’. Incessant schooling propaganda to the disasters of quota forced tokenism.

Illusionist Blair who determinedly functioned the pseudo international response against Iraq, became appointed President of The EU, and UN Mid-East Envoy. Albeit; The EU, The UN, and for that matter, The Nobel and The Rhodes, have zero credibility and relevance, beyond the demented hordes.

Currently; not sufficient that dysfunctional characters as Rahm Emanuel want to confuse prepubescent children with notions of sexuality; but SJWs are now given time to confuse children with their particular versions of deranged reality.

The current two lost generations to lead to four. If the intellectualized buffoonery of Expertism had not already invented a ‘Non-Education’ System; permeated through The West. The stupidity of regurgitative inventiveness having delivered; What to Think, and not How to Think.

Those who can afford it are able to have their children correctly educated, and not vaccinated. So the push to equalize has destroyed the remaining already thin grip. The divide worsened; as it does; whenever expertism and social engineering step to the mark.

No wonder The Dems in The US and their partners in socio-economic crimes in The UK; Labour et al are pushing for votng age reduction to 16. Not enough time for the development of Rational and Critical Thought. If it ever escapes media platform tutoring and inculcation. Also illegals vote for the promises. Never fulfilled of course.

Why were the Dems desperate not to have a citizenship question on The US 2020 Census Form? Isn’t that a specific purpose? The massive Dem voter fraud to continue in 2020; so they believe. But now attempts to remove The Electoral College, and the illegal, vote early vote often fraud, could well fall apart with the requirement of voter identification. The Real ID of The UN to be implemented October 2020.

The Dem Progressives Lost in Space are actually advertising free everything to Central Americans. Come to nirvana in The US. Borrow an infant, and this is what you say to CBP and DHS. From there Sanctuary Cities await. This is your script for HUD and ICE.

So we have the spectre of deranged and disengaged FemDem House Committee noises, complaining of HUD issues concerning their constituents. Well; the illegals come first and the constituents second. No housing, education and welfare for those allegedly ‘Represented’, yet a free for all for illegals. Perhaps a looming recipe to unseat those thought ‘Safe’?

Fortunately, the Wall was funded by the Military as an emergency, until the Pelosi ragtag decided to send in $4.6 billion. The too little too late funding had conditions of limited beds. Ostensibly to force immediate release into The US. The reality being; people on the floors, or turned back. And of course Trump paying Mexico to act as a filter, was not factored in.

The full insanity of this Dem Illegal Immigation Agenda, to be realized some years from now. Until then; a political blip on the evening news to the believed unaffected.

The forcing of Social Engineering Agendas, perfected by ‘New Labour’ Blair. The lying war monger of The Chilcot Report. Complicit with GWB, Howard, Rasmussen et al and their further cohorts; in the murder of over one million non-combatants in Iraq and surrounds.

At the highest public optic level (Cortez, Omar, Chelsea Clinton, Obama et al), lie about; even high school graduation (Cortez ticketed through Yorktown Heights High School not her failed Yorktown High School and ticketed in a semblance of Liberal Arts through Boston U., not Brown U. where she was refused admission. Daddy having Jesuit connections from Costa Rica.) But then even birth certificates are forged.

In passing; Obama was not the first Black-American to reach The White House. Eisenhower was not White, as many others (confused on The Paperless Void). Furthered by the ‘Bi-Racial’ invention, to give a lift to Obama. But still losing.

A child is incarcerated for pointing a finger and pretending to shoot others. As are people having their careers affected by not using one of the fifty-plus sexual identity preference pronouns.

To suggest that The US has destroyed itself by the psychotics of; ‘Identity’, ‘Preference’, ‘Offence’, and ‘Rights’; is a mild assertion. The rationale of a non-syllogistic, sane, socio-economic semblance, is gone. The bandaids can no longer hold the determined effusion.

It reverts to regurgitative (participatory) non-education and the incessant invention of false realities.

Obama was admitted to Columbia as a foreign born student. Otherwise he had no admission grades. He’s a thick head puppet token, if you hadn’t noticed. It makes no difference as he demonstrated a clear lack of skill sets. A total fraud from birth to The White House. Trump protecting The Institutions in exchange of formal declarations of The US as a Third World Dross House.

Cortez particularly is a constant source of entertainment. Her questioning and even gavelling in House Committee Three Ring Circuses, are monumenral, apart from her stunning ignorance concerning Economics (The La Guardia Airport Croissant Affair), History (The FDR Affair), Geography, Current Affairs, The Law, The Constitution, Government, and even Language. Her delivering an inanity of women (who else) at border detention centres (where else), allegedly forced to drink toilet water (no Giadia or Cryptosporydium. Just taste perhaps); displaying her lack of comprehension of Spanish being even worse than her lack of comprehension of English. She can’t rise to even greater levels of inability. She represents virtually no one but lost in space ideological delusions. She disrupts and will not comply with the basic political requirements of the party that invented her. She has surpassed her use by date and contracted an incurable mental fungus, on the journey to nowhere.

She has middle class accomodation from daddy and has pocketed say a million from the job. All that’s left to maintain the social media frontline, is to marry some twerp. A successful life and career. Return when the divorce is happening.

In the interim, her incessant puerile demonstrations afford an amusement. At the time of her fraudulent ‘election’ (her nomination was for a different district, subsequently altered, with Crowley sacrificed), she promised the local Dem administration, she would comply and vote as directed.

Sanders was purposely sacrificed by The DNC; Shultz, Brazile, HRC et al. With the aid of The Swamp and Fake Media, protecting their investment. Currently, Biden and Schultz are to be sacrificed, as have been O’Rourke, Booker, and Swalwell. To clear for the frauds of Gillibrand, Klobucher, Harris, and Warren. Harris is a sub-continent Indian posturing as African American. Warren had two ‘jobs’ invented for her by Obama, and postured as a Cherokee, to falsely secure a professorship in Minorities.

Entrenched Ignorance needing to be overridden by profound arrogance.

There was only one, heavily scripted ‘local district ‘Meeting’, and one walkabout photo op. That was it. From there Cortez announced she would be ‘Inaugurated’ (only The President is Inaugurated) on the 3rd. (Jan. 2019) and ‘Signing Bills’ (only The President signs) on the 4th. She even commented that she has greater abilities (skill sets) than Trump, and knows how to work him. Comment is hardly required.

The professional bar fly who was manipulated to Congress. As was Obama. It has to be a quick two step, or the non-thinking punters catch on.

She had two scripted photo op. visits to The Wall, and wore a picture of an alleged murdered in custody young girl (who else) at The Border. She wore the silly whites of the on again, off again Pelosi, during Trump’s 2019 SOTU.

She attempted a social media (where she lives) ‘Hot Hit’ against Mitch McConnell; but was in the wrong building. She has since been banned from The Senate areas.

She paraded actress Yazmin Juarez before a House Committee delivering the alleged death of her alleged young daughter (who else) at The Border. I broke into your home, fell over and injured myself. Therefore that is your fault.

As if there is some ‘official’ connection with events as a result of her illegal actions. She voted against funding The Coast Guard, and attempted to push the closure by defunding of; DHS, ICE, and CBP. She wanted to ban The Electoral College. Her GND actually reached Tge Senate, where NO ONE Dem or GOP voted for it. A classic.

In House Committee Hearings; the references are from hardly rigorous, Fake Media, Social Media, and even unaired ‘legal’ claims.

Tlaib refused to join a Congressional Soiree to Europe and Israel (recall Trump blocked a prior money waster in late Jan. 2019. The plane to have been shot down by The USN as a Russian False Flag. As I wrote at the time. No noises from Pelosi or Schumer).

Instead, she went to Israel with Omar, applying to enter ‘Palestine’. But asking Israel. She was to visit her grandmother (who else), but failed to mention anti-Israel rallies organized for them. (Israeli Intel is one of the world leaders. Hardly to be duped by terminal mental deficients as Tlaib and Omar. And hardly precluded from calling reality as it stands. There are many instances. The Rachael Corrie Affair should have sent signals to the even partially sane.)

As a consequence, Bibi agreed Tlaib could visit precious nanna, then pack off with her playmate. So Tlaib tries a non-flying spin. They return to DC and organize a bitchathon presser about how she was prevented from visiting grand mamma. Therefore aid should be stopped to Israel. These loons are not of this planet.

Notions of course that go nowhere. On the back of idiot Omar fiddling an Anti-Semitic Bill in The House. (Arabs are also Semites) following her ‘Hate Speeches’ concernjng Jews, and her not comprehending a Holocaust (The Border does not have ‘Concentration Camps’, ICE are not NAZIS, and 9/11 was specific, as well as a False Flag she could not comprehend. The greatest value of these loons is their innate ignorance).

So Chucky Schumer on the back of all this; with Jewish money drying up at The Dem fonts; has to run to AIPAC and deliver a nauseous Jewish loving script.

But the internal swervings by FemDem loons are a problem. And for which a severe price will be extracted.

The House Committes have turned suicidal for The Dem Machine. Cummings’ performance over CBP and DHS not supplying diapers to the illegals for their ‘rented’ infants, bordered on a zooligical raving. He was subsequently reminded that his ‘Information’ was false, and further that his electorate in Baltimore, has the highest crime rates in the entire US.

I recall the initial thrusts of the imbecile Cortez on House Committees; where she has proven a great asset for The GOP; concerned an inkling of ‘Corruption’ by Congressional Members. A really uninformed and terminally dumb individual. After some closed door Pelosi meets and Cortez and Omar caught in funding frauds; that game ended. The follow on was female infants caged, abused and murdered at The Border. Problems also arose with that lie. Move on to another invention.

Tlaib has bought into The Impeachment Lie. The Dem House Committees are now being ignored by The Executive. Subpoenas chasing Trump, his family and their financial affairs; including appearances, are ignored. Barr and Ross cited for Contempt (not delivering answers Dems want) is ignored.

Virtually nothing is being accomplished in Congress by virtue of Dem obsessions with their 2016 electoral failures. 2018 is a mid-term aberration. The wind will pass in 2020.

The interpretation of The First Amendment being as The Progressives determine. As indeed is that of The Second.

All guns gone will prevent gun crime. So the manipulated ignorant believe. But Feminese are entitled to murder their voiceless babies, up to birth. That is a ‘Health Care’ issue, and ‘Women’s Rights’ to control THEIR bodies.

After The Las Vegas False Flag, Bump Stocks became an issue. Legislation was fiddled through. Now all half million plus Bump Stocks will be handed in; or you are committing a crime. But as with The Volstead Stupidity, nothing happened. Subsequently The 18th. Amendment required The 21st.

Some 1,000 Bump Stocks have been retrieved. Prior to that particular stupidity, large capacity magazines were made illegal. Even less of them were retrieved.

So can we hope for a door to door search of The US to confiscate weapons or parts thereof. And how will that be accomplished, as the death count rises. No doubt Trump will sign off, as he will to correct the many other aberrations of reality that are gradually destroying what remained from the prior devastations.

Unless an Amendment passes its requirements, The Constitution stands above legislation. Whistle on Congressional fools. Did anyone mention a Civil War?

In Passing: The Bushs were GOP in name only, as was McCain III, Ford and Rockefeller. Which explains the continuum. Reagan was a puppet under Bush. Nixon was manipulated. The 25th. Amendment was misused. Gore and Kerry were postured opponents who stepped aside. Perot drew votes away from The GOP. Carter was a founding member of The Trilateral Commission.

From The 1963 GHWB Landsdale Angleton (Lawrence) Coup d’état through 1981 to Soetoro ending with Trump recapturing The US; there has been unremitting turmoil on every front in The US. It is nearing an end.

At the very precipice, Trump is the saving of The US.

G Squared
G Squared
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