Brexit and The EU: The Biggest Nightmare

The EU became The UK’s biggest nightmare in contemporary history because of two events.

by G Squared 29/10/19

Firstly: It was taken into the trap through The Common Market, which would naturally creep and power maximize into The EU under, the dictatorship of appointed and unelected, unaccountable and non-transparent Commissioners. With a meaningless puppet appendage of an EU Parliament. All facilitated to plan by a blackmailed, lying, child murdering, paedophile Prime Minister, named Ted Heath.

Secondly: The controlling Conservative Party made the fatal flaw of allowing an incompetent token May to lead The Parliament, and consequently the most critical exit from The Totalitarian Insanity of The EU.

She called a General Election, showing the world just how clever she was, and how ill-gotten authority and power is managed by the incompetent and arrogant. She called it with 57 days to the polls, then disappeared. Not appearing for interviews or debates. The natural outcome being that she demolished the majority she was handed. Then falling into a meaningless DUP Coalition, for purposes of pretending to maintain the government benches. The original majority she was handed, allowed her to push through The Brexit Withdrawal Bill, as mandated by the referendum, and conclude the matter.

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Theresa May: “Showing the world how clever she was”

The following clip gives a small indication of what Brexit is. And indeed how the Opposition Members have compounded an already very difficult matter. It is noted that it would take some six years at best to resolve the complexities and allow The UK to regain its sovereignty. I suggest; from what I have seen, been advised, and understand; the normalization of The UK will take in excess of some fifteen years. Well done: Heath, May, Corbyn, et al.

Apart from all the secret and backdoor deals coroding Brexit.

As such it is essential that Brexit concludes its initial phase and preferably with NO DEAL, NO AGREEMENT, and NO TREATY. The UK walks out, pays and owes nothing. Out of The EU, The Customs Union, and The Single Market. If The EU misbehaves; even better. The US and BRICS are eager to trade.

If The EU makes an effort to reach for its NATO or confiscate UK holdings where it can reach; even better.

It is most unlikely that The EU will force the hands of The Other. However; The Bear from one side and The Eagle from the opposite, meeting for a lunch in Berlin would epitomize the history of the past two centuries.

The EU is only a fraction of The World Trade it pretends it be. The current Commons presented reports of doom concerning The UK Labour Market and drop in Scottish and other GDPs are the partisan political nonsense, they pretend not to be.

There is an argument that Brexit did occur on 31/3/2019.

Map of europe with the national flag. Brexit referendum UK – United Kingdom, Great Britain or England leaving EU – European Union, British vote to exit.

The extension to 31/10/2019 was to allow The UK to undertake its internal functions as Westminster. Should that have failed, then Brexit would hold, but with NO DEAL. Which of course does not suit The EU, or its invented Brexit Opposition Industry.

All of which is being currently fudged to not only keep the UK enslaved in the EU Totalitarian Superstate, but to destroy The British Monarchy at the same time.

The Marxist Trotsky Superstate, commenced by The Anglo funded Lenin, furthered by The Potsdam Stalin, destroyed by Khrushchev, buried by Putin, emerged as The EU. Along with the tragic journey of manufactured Totalitarianism, the devastation of the World, and the slaughters of hundreds of millions. Manifestations from The Pre-Napoleonic Era. And all for what?

After exiting with the triggerd EU Article 50, 14 months is allowed for an adjustment period, or a No Deal can be triggered with The UK Government, Operation Yellow-hammer.

A Referendum with a majority in 2016, and a General Election with the same Leave Manifesto in 2017, have had that confirmed Democratic decision denied, by Party Politics, and non-representative ideological lunacy.

The opponents put their cases twice, and were defeated twice. Which left them with an obstruction as the only course, to frustrate the Democratic decisions.

In 2016 The US voted for the non-politician Trump, against Deep State, corruption, war mongering, Fake Media, and the manufactured divisiveness of racism and sexism.

There are parallels with The Globalist Totalitarian Agenda. As there were for the prior international events circling 1968. Having commenced with the prior US Coup d’etat, and through The International Student Revolutions, in which I was direcly involved, and the numbers of political assassinations that occured.

The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Representative Pretenders are dealing directly with EU Totalitarians; posturing and agreeing to that, against The Democratic Referendum. The People don’t apparently know what they voted for. The Oppositoin Forces in The Commons know better. Therefore; keep having Referenda until the Right Decision to Remain, is produced. Does this sound like Government by Bureaucratic Delegate ideological whim, or members as Representatives of The People, in a Democracy?

The Personal and Letter Writing Representations to The EU and its other 27 members, confirms nothing beyond the optic of a meaningless Commons.

As further weight to the determined Totalitarian Commons, absurd court cases have been run in Scotland and  England, funded by Globalist fronts as Gina Miller et al. And of course meaningless political decisions have been forthcoming from the ‘chosen’ deciders, infront of whom these cases have been placed.

The Queen flows with the presented tide through Her Commissioners in The Peers.

The current ploy being that the devolved and otherwise, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland Assemblies, need to also make their own decisions.

The entire farce scheduled into a twenty year plus lunacy that it is hoped, by The Totalitarian Puppets at issue, will eventually fade to oblivion. The UK having lost its sovereignty with an enslaved people and economy in a Totalitarian Ideological life to nowhere but a bureaucratic Paradise.

Let there be no misunderstanding: Brexit or not, is the Totalitarian absorption of The UK with the Socialist devastation of The Monarchy. The Economic Panic currently striking The UK is not because of Brexit instability, but because of its opposition. A repeat of 1929 on the horizon. The diametric opposite of the current postured theories and beliefs of The Opposition Elements.

Image result for the city of london corporation

The City of London and The Usual Suspects are the hidden controllers of this game. As with all the others.

The parallel of the current Democratic illusion in The US, also from 2016. Where it was believed that the US would join The EU, as the great Totalitarian New World Order to traction on to World Domination, and Socio-Economic Enslavement, to a position that could  never be reversed.

Any small nations not joining the enslaved, to be militarily forced into the domination, by US military might. And the great theory that failed after a century in Russia, to become The New World of The Elite. For the betterment of all, of course.

Johnson is now in a position where he has shown that he can suspend or prorogue Parliament (twice), as he chooses. The second to prove the point of the meaningless Hale ‘Unlawful’ decision of The Supreme Court of England. And of course the absurdity of any decision by The Supreme Court of Scotland, to posture authority over Westminster. 

Below all this Brexit Affair and the machinations in play, is a strong attempt to destroy  The British Monarchy. There are further, a number of hidden events to destroy The Lords. The end game being a meaningless Commons, answerable to EU Commissioners, and no House of Review.

Brexit’s underlying opposition agenda to maintained the entrapment of the UK in The EU Totalitarian State, with the destruction of the British Monarchy on the journey. And who would deny that hidden agenda after the history of England with its immediate neighbours, throughout history?

Johnson is trapped; he cannot call a General Election under 25 days notice. If that is decided this week, the first opportunity is in November. But further, he  does not have the voting numbers in The Commons to do so. A general Election has been voted down on two occassions to date in this madness.

EU Brexit nightmare

The Benn and Letwin Obstructions to be added to with Second Referendum and Customs Union and Single Market obstructionist legislation.

The Withdrawal Bill was voted for by 329 to 299. It’s First or Second Reading being a matter of opinion. But more significantly, The time Table was voted against 322 to 308.

As a further complication; The WAB is not specifically an Act, but a 500 odd page, very complex and coded by definitions and interpretations, International Treaty.

Contrary to some diversionary debates, an Act for a Treaty can be passed on short notice. Albeit Rome, Maastrict, and Lisbon, had lengthy committee deliberations. Further: Maastrict was fortunately not signed by The UK, which allowed it to maintain The Pound, and not be blackmailed as Greece, and saddled with false financial obligations. 

Nevertheless, apart from everything else,  The UK has been severely damaged by some £50 milion per day, and a yet to be raised some £3 trillion ‘lost’ in the black hole of The ECB. Then  there  is the separation payment currently estimated as some £39 billion. A further Brexit extension continues to feed the bankrupt EU the current minimum of the £50 million per day. Debated of course by The Totalitarian Obstructionist Anti-UK Commons.

The massive Opposition lie of Brexit is fighting Populism; not supporting it. Every aspect of The UK Opposition is as the incessant falacies of The US Democratic Party. Also from 2016.

All of The UK benefits by Brexit. The Northern Ireland Border Issues, The EU Migration Issues (The UK did not sign Schengen), the 3.4 million Europeans in The UK, can remain by registration; as have currently 2 million. There will not be food or medicine shortages, nor mass unemployment and manufacturing closure. The Hospitals and medical services will not close. And The NHS will not be taken over by US interests. Scotland will be better for having control of its territorial waters, for Oil and Fishing. Remember The Cod Wars and debates over The North Sea Brent OIl.

The EU is bankrupt at its own hand. As I previously advised. Macron and Merkel are deeply invested in the lunacy of The EU.

Image result for EU bankrupt

Albeit: The UK  pays the highest overall tariffs of the other 27. It maintains the Socialistic Ideals and practices of The  EU unelected, unaccountable, and non-transparent. The ‘ideals’ of UK impoverished, building sewerage systems in unrelated self-detstroyed member states. Only after the massive EU bureaucracy is well fed; of course. Some ‘Friends’ in this great European Community.

Lisbon was signed, and allows Johnsoin to use these laws to fight for Brexit.

Seriously: walk away, call out the military, and settle the matter. Resolve Totalitarianism as was The Ottoman Empire. Well almost; which is why Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have maintained a destabilized Mid-East, now spread to The West.

Virtully everything postured in The Commons by The Oppositon is false. Workers in The UK currently have better pays and conditions than their EU counterparts.

It is virtually impossible to find legitimate opposition argument for not having a NO DEAL BREXIT.

The Diversity of Humanity and its Individual Will to Survive and determine, is its existence; The Human Condition. Every attempt throughout history to conquer, subdue, control, homogenize and enslave has failed. What price; The EU?

G Squared
G Squared
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