Whitewashing History: This Review of “Ford v Ferrari” Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

This review of the movie “Ford v Ferrari” (which is about the auto industry in the 1960s) frowned on the fact that it mostly featured “straight white men”. It also called the entire auto industry a “patriarchal wasteland”. This is the sad state of “movie critics” today.

By Vigilant Citizen on November 30, 2019

Confession: I enjoy reading movie reviews. I particularly enjoy reading critics who take the time to rip apart a bad movie or, conversely, those who explain exactly how a movie is a masterpiece. In fact, I sometimes find myself more entertained by the criticism of a movie than the movie itself.
However, nowadays, some movies are being ripped apart for the wrong reasons. And others are being praised for the same wrong reasons. Why? Because the entire “movie critic” business is being taken over by an “agenda police” that grades movies according to their compliance to and agenda, and nothing else.
In my article about the movie Joker, I stated:
In this day and age, mass media critics do not evaluate movies by their artistic merit, but by the direction of their political message. To be deemed “good”, a movie needs to check a list of “agenda” boxes.
With that being said, I recently came across a review of the movie Ford v Ferrari that perfectly illustrates this fact – to a point that it is nearly infuriating. The title alone transformed my head into a giant question mark: “Ford v Ferrari depicts a generation of ‘car guys’ best left in the past
What? Why?
Why would a ‘car guy’ generation be best left in the past? Why would any generation be “best left in the past” when it comes to movies? Even the worst chapters in world history can make great movies. So why should a movie about the trailblazers of the auto industry be “left in the past”? Well, according to the subtitle, it is because most of the people in the movie (and in the auto industry in the 1960s) were “white males”. And, according to the author Hannah Elliot, that fact alone makes the movie bad.
When one musters the courage the read the entire thing, this “review” of a fun movie about fast cars turns into a hateful tirade against “straight white males”, auto designer Carroll Shelby and the entire auto industry.
While I couldn’t care less about the opinion of a single movie critic, these kinds of “reviews” are becoming the norm. And the wider issue at hand is the active shunning of movies that do not pander to the agenda while underhandedly calling for censorship and the whitewashing of history.

Reviewing the Review

Continues …

Martin Comments: As regular readers may have noticed, I’m a “car guy” and a white male also. In fact, not only are my two white male sons “car guys” but my life-partner and daughter are “car gals” and know their way around a classic car!. In fact the president of the car club we belong to is a female. So much for the supposed sexism of auto enthusiasts. However, generally, men tend to gravitate towards machinery related hobbies more so than women.

Of course this is about more than just cars and movies. All entertainment and educational sectors are busy rewriting history according to a narrative (ie a lie with an agenda). And apparently the future is to be all-inclusive as long as you don’t happen to be born white and male. Reverse racism and reverse sexism rolled into one.

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