Cool Kids Of The Paperless Void

The totally disengaged Cool Kids Of The Paperless Void, and Government Lifers of The Artifical Intelligence of their sheltered workshops, would have naturally mutated and evolved as the life forms they did, because hordes never listen to the sane. 

By G Squared 18/12/19

Killing the messenger always kills any message requiring more than two neurons to fire simultaneously. 

Hordes that will fight to the death for their right to be terminally disengaged from the social inconveniences of truth, fact, and reality. The disavowed innate skill sets of Rational and Critical Thought. 

Far more conducive is their articulated; Paranoia, Prejudice, and Naivete. The substance that evolved as Government Fed Establishment Media took it upon itself to lead and not to inform. The reality of Government Accountability and Transparency, long gone. 

Paranoia alone being delusions of persecution. Now translated to race and sexual identification narratives. As well as exaggerated self-importance. The use of imaginings of elitism in narratives, and manufactured Offence as Hate Speech for the narrowing of communication. The command by the offended as against the control of alleged offenders. 

Game players in the digital world; hiding under dung heaps; became the bastardized controllers of the fiefdom, emerging as an unacceptable Western pestilence of socio-economic power mutations, occassioning filtrations and blackmails, while acting as government couriers and selling all. 

Desperate to please public servants, mutated by power maximizing insular mental and moral function, to their perception of masters of all. The tail shamelessly wagging the dog. The evolution of the now vehemently denied Deep State that all the sane have experienced. 

Did The People cause wars, genocides, depressions, corruptions, and the devastations of land, sea, and air? Or was that The Enemy Within, in concert with regulatory protections of empowered, corrupt Industries? 

Is there a right to ownership of the Genome? A right to ownership of life saving pharmaceuticals and their suppression, for preferences based on revenue streams? Or any right to population control? 

The lunacy of The Abortion Industry, of selling foetal parts, practised through minorities. The recent pathetic court wins by Planned Parenthood.  Dismembered parts of the live sold through the voices of the least mentally capable, as ‘Women’s Rights’ and ‘Health’. The unborn having no rights and no voice. murdered to term. 

(Interesting to note that Terry Nichols, falsely convicted of The OKBOMB False Flag, in his package of 161 murders, had one titled Foeticide (Foetal Homicide). A round of applause for The Gender Studies Enthusiasts, and their token, government fed cohorts. A further case comes to mind in Sydney Australia. A security guard was driving to work. However it happened, his car was collided by a young lady otherwise preoccupied; her unborn died in the impact. Hardly damage and no other injuries, the guard was charged with murdering the unborn.) 

Note the desperations at The Kavanaugh Hearings and The Fem-Dem scum attempting to block his appointment. From screaming paid audience disruptions on the first day, to the immunised lies of a CIA trained mental case on the final day. 

The garbage bought by The Industry of Roe-v-Wade. 

The lead Harris; Indian pretend African-American ‘of colour”, from a disaster of her Prosecutor’s Office in San Francisco, to a disaster as a junior Senator, to a disaster of her campaign office. 

Thinking herself not a token throughout her disgraceful career. Zero skill sets, and believing herself capable of running the massively complex corporation of the US. 

Qualifications: wears a pantsuit, is ‘of colour’, has the right genital quota package, was a San Francisco Prosecutor, got to be a junior Senator with the party about to end 3/11/2020, And this believes itself capable of running the US? Zero to do with the task! The Party Hat Syndrome and nothing else. What America has become.  

And yet again, this useless individual is on MSM whining that those around her campaign let her down. She never had a campaign. She was even outpolled by the garbage of Biden, Sanders and Warren. And now screeching she was Veep material. Veep to what. The newly attempted polish of The HRC Turd. 

No Dem in the 2020 campaign ever demonstrated that they were capable of running the US. In that regard, only Bloomberg raised a hand. And he backed out to the superior manager. No debate win there. Yet the scum of ignorant, arrogant Democrat present themselves as ‘representative’ options. 

Is there a right to own food production and fresh water? Is there a right to determine drought and flood, cause tsunami devastation by undersea nuclear detonations, plant radiation weapons to destroy arable land, or nuclear weapons in fault lines or natural resources as blackmail? 

That which The People have suffered. The reason why theorized and flavoured Totalitarianism, illusions of Globalism, and delusions of Progressive and Liberal, have gained the fraudulent tractions they have. The puerile minds that know best. And the terminal imbeciles who give them credence, compounded by the opportunistic, obtuse, proof-texting exactitude that the hordes are unable to determine what is best for themselves. (Somewhere to live, somewhere to work, someone to love, something to hope for.) 

Decisions that need to be made by the sheltered workshops of Deep State. As the contemporary history of the Commission determining for the EU, and the meanderings in the mental voids of the high moral posturings of Deep State in the UK and the US. (Effectively the West), with the litany of sycophants following the scent. The stench that they incessantly deny. 

The self-appointed top of the food chain materialized as the untrustworthy, self-serving, Power Base, that it would. The questioning of its usurped authority demanding immediate and visual message retribution. 

When 2014 and 2016 UK Referenda are ignored by non-involved Assemblies. When lawful prorogation is challenged by non-involved Judiciary. When a 2016 US Democratically elected Executive is incessantly challenged by the losing minority and obstructed by that minority’s sycophant Judiciary. Particularly after posturing a gained wind from a fraudulent and meaningless 2018 mid-term anti-incumbent impetus. 

Establishment Media having suicided at its own hand of deceptions and propagandized disinformation, from decades past. 

The insanity of it attempting to lead, tutor, inculcate, and demand propagandized obedience, as communication. When its reality is to follow, and adduce and summarize, as reporting and journalism. 

Image result for Merry Christmas not happy holidays

It’s Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. That latter obscenity of denial is as the “Always-offended, Liberal-Progressive, Hate-Speech Deniers, Pronoun Aficionados, Safe Space Demanders, Intellectualized, Moralized, Supremacists, Minority Conformists, Tokenized, Participation Rewarded, Regurgitators, and Fiction Enthusiast Morons”, espouse in the postured First World with the moderne of the sycophant Third World. 

Equality, Diversity, and Anti-Discrimination, producing exactly that which they pretend they confront. Government and confection Elitist purges on Race and Sexism, compounding, never erasing any social issues, real or manufactured. 

The tail learnt to wag the dog with impunity by its opaqueness caused by assumed psychologically addicted need, by its vassals. Not an issue or existence or not. But that of the imperative of a redefined contract of employment of that servant turned master. 

Have the hordes yet paid a big enough price to demand it? The First World brain is soft; filled with lies, and its heart is weak filled with induced fears and assumed addictive essentials in a failed social fabric and destroyed economy. 

More socio-economic devastation having been caused by The Enemy Within Power Base, than can ever be postured for any good. 

The issue in The West, that The Enemy Within knows better. The People have lost control of what is theirs. Through a long history of hard-fought gains, with Powers LENT to Government by The People. Those Powers have again been held by force by The Enemy Within and been weaponized against The People. The signals of Function Creep were always there. 

The very reasons The First and Second Amendments were put in place. If the First fails; resort to The Second. Never an issue of those powers being withdrawn from The People by posturings of The Enemy Within. 

Trump Putin Russia

And now that game must change in 2020. Whatever is required. The People must and will prevail. Hopefully softly-softly under Trump, Johnson, Putin and Xi, as The EU is destroyed. As new trading agreements with the real world are established, including the former enslaved of the EU. 

If you haven’t noticed due to MSM and AltMedia pundit noise; Russia and China are now functioning capitalist economies. There are no trade wars between The US and the others. Imbecilic suicidal Sanctions are withdrawn. North Korea and Iran are not  threats to world stabililty. And the real threat of The US has been controlled. 

G Squared
G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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