Empires of Death and Destruction

Trilateralist Carter’s Camp David Accords of 17/9/1978  eventually saw The Sinai returned by Israel. A whale that could not be swallowed. No matter how ravenous the postured appetite.

by G Squared

Sadat was murdered on 6/10/1981. All four assassins as well as The 1993 WTC linked Abdul-Rahman were sent to their heavenly rewards. Begin having gone into quiet mode; with political enemies all around; after his long history from The British Palestinian Wars; died of a ‘stroke’ on 9/3/1992. That took care of The Camp David Accords.

Rapist Bubba’s Oslo I and Oslo II were respectively agreed in 1993 and 1995. Rabin was murdered on 4/11/1995. Arafat was murdered on 11/11/2004. That took care of The Oslo Accords.

Retracted in a world now thought to be only Unipolar; The US and its posture of representing The World by manipulation of tokenisms through The UN, kept maintaining its contemporary pace.

Potsdam was the resounding surrender of The Anglo-US Allies and their deep cover Third Reich Puppet, to Russia. Anglo-US Genocidal flooding and bombing of The Holocaust Forced Labour Camps being a desperately held ‘secret’ to this day. The controllers of Israel and some the descendants of those of the variously murdered by NAZI Germany, being paid by the post WWII looting of Germany and Switzerland.

And how else was Dunkirk functioned. Germany attacking France and Belgium while allowing a future allied belligerant to slip away. Normandy would have been very different if Dunkirk received full Third Reich interest.

The World’s strongest militaries are not based on; propaganda, stereotypes, jingoism, because media platforms tutored you, or social media advises, and the top ten list is…..

The world’s ‘Terrorist’ organizations are proxies of; UK-SIS-SAS, Mossad-IDF Appatatus, US State Dept. CIA FBI DOJ Elements, and NATO. Funded primarily by The US Military Industrial Complex. Whose best interests are wars and interventions. Precisely the activities of The US Foreign Policy, since at least the end of WWII. Only mental disengagement in the hordes would allow any other notion.

And initiated by The Goering and Yamashita caches, processed through The Usual Suspect Banking and Market Monopoly Cartels. Apart from the; pillage, plunder, and looting that has been ongoing since WWII.

Britain formed and functioned an empire built on death and destruction. Compare as they may with other empires. However, leaving a semblance of a somewhat civilized behaviour in return. Somewhat as The Romans.

The US tried to emulate; it’s all based on numbers and the power of weapons; and left a comparable; one hundred million murdered, one hundred million injured, and one hundred million displaced; in
broken resource rich, nation states, protested, about their choice of government and social norms. And all in not much more than a century.

With its variously allied Fourth Estate,  and its assumed advocacy to frame
belief systems and impose political perceptions, for domestic consumption  and approval.

Along a path of incessant deceptions,  punctuated by chains of hoaxes and  False Flags as a loose cohesion for cause and justification.

In April 2011 Gaddafi and his wife Safiya were struck by NATO bombing in their home. NATO first denied, then lied, then admitted; conditionally of course; that they were not targeting individuals, but The Libyan Military Command Structure.

They bombed Libya for six weeks under the guise of A UNSC Resolution; murdering Gaddafi’s three grandchildren and his daughter in their home.

Russia produced evidence that NATO acted outside its mandate. The bombing was stopped as there was; ‘The disproportionate use of force … leading to detrimental consequences and the [purposeful] death of innocent civilians.’

The War Crimes and unprovoked Acts of War; were glossed through by Cameron as UK PM; ‘UN resolutions permitted attacks against the regime’s ‘Command and Control’ sites because their aim was to prevent ‘a loss of civilian life [in] targeting Gaddafi’s war-making machine’.

We’ve heard that one before. We’re saving your people; that’s why we’re murdering them. The children of Vietnam were so happy that the majority of them slowly burnt to death by Napalm, to save them all from a Communist Regime.

The true history of The US and the cohorts who played with it; will never be expunged. Trump has quietly moved The US into a holding pattern. Its crimes can never be forgiven. Those attempting their ventilation as The Idiot Squad lack all the skills. Ignorant buffoons allowed entre as a slow release valve. Pelosi as Dictator to also fizzle to nowhere.

The US needs Trump as its hidden delouser for a further attempted return to The Human Race.

I recall Cameron at a press conference in London with Putin, whistling some serenade about Assad’s Terrorist Regime. They seem to forget that Putin speaks more languages than Russian. He often jumps before earpiece translations have time to finish.

(At another time at some G-Whatever, he was taunting Merkel in German. On a hot mic he told her; You have come to a party, don’t expect to leave without being fucked.)

Putin spoke of The UK-US sponsored terrorists in Syria; proudly on Youtube biting into an excised heart of a just murdered Syrian.

And again: Tillerson summoned to Moscow after The US perpetrated War Crime of Khan Sheikhoun and Act of War of Shayrat, in a press conference with Lavrov; he delivered a script concerning “Assad the animal”. He was stopped by Lavrov who delivered a short history lesson to the gawking US MSM. The visualized mental void confirming there was no takeaway by the invited pathetic US MSM.

Tillerson was sacked as the rogue Secretary of State. Cameron was a gun runner in The Middle East with Mark Thatcher and Black Spider. He resigned after he lost his Remain support in 2016. Spitefully and petulently flooding The UK Government with a horde of incompetent tokens and edging in May as PM.

They all performed as expected with May calling a 57 day election in 2017 and destroying The Conservative majority; blocking Brexit until Johnson manoeuvred an election for 12/12/2019. The Lords taking sixty seconds for its revue and approval.

Cameron should return to Brasenose and further develop the art of fucking dead pigs, with cohort Turnbull. They would both have greater credibility.

An interesting and imaginative body count from Usual Suspect Intel Apparatus. For those number inclined, note the popularity of November. And remember 9/11.

(Yushchenko survived. Melania Trump escaped (White Hats to the rescue) Hayden, who was in turn paralysed (Big Orange loosed, White Hats to the revenge) as he had intended for Melania. Albeit an SS did die. ‘Lead Poisoning’ being a euphemism for being shot with extreme malice. And de facto President HRC authorized; Kursk, Kosovo NATO Genocide, Benghazi, and more. The US would still be in a state of Civil War today, if the pantsuited filth had been ‘elected’ on 8/11/2016.)

The Count:
Lead Poisoning:
Sadat (6/10/1981), Rabin (4/11/1995), Benghazi (11/9/2012)
Methyl Iodide:
Begin (9/3/1992), Melania Trump, and US SS Agent (17/7/2018), Hayden (Nov.2018)
Arafat (11/11/2004), Litvinenko (1-23/11/2006)
Markov (11/9/1978)
TCDD Dioxin (The US Genocidal Weapon of Choice for Operation Ranchhand, saving Vietnamese from themselves):
Yushchenko (after fraudulent election victories 2004)

Soleimani was a deep cover US Intel Asset, and had aided US Forces to defeat or subdue, The US-Israeli formed; ISIL, ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra et al. From the prior Mujahadeen, Taliban et al. Every ‘Terrorist’ aggressor you see, being a US invention. Opposing elements being defenders of status quo; peoples, territories, and resources.

Soleimani was outed by his own; as was Che Guevara. They were in turn murdered as the preferred salve.

Bin Laden, Baghdadi, Che Guevara, McVeigh et al, were all US Intel Deep Cover Assets. Marcos, Noriega, Hussein et al were all on the purse. The US has a fondness for murdering its own. Israel, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine etc. should not be singled.

Soleimani had safe passage through US controlled Iraq. Where he was murdered. That alone defeats the surface of The US ‘official’ claims concerning him. Including the follow-on nauseous political narratives. The Dems as isolated from reality as they can attest; having partly lost Their Deep State, by Trumpish public flagellations of their bare arses.

Outed by Iran. Israel delivered. The US clapped its thongs in pride. Uninformed Iranian hords made street noises. How could they accept any realities. Iran fired duds at a US base in Iraq. (Note the hoax tapes show protesters not stamping on The US Flag. At the downing of Hussein’s statue; allegedly in Baghdad; note the cheering crowd of some 25 year old males in similar pressed jeans and casual tops.)

NATO attempting to manipulate foreign policy, shoot down PS-752, with NTSB and cohorts, to mysteriously find Russia at fault. The US does not control NATO. Albeit de facto US President HRC used  them as proxy forces during the de jure reign of Rapist Bill Blythe. NATO is funded by the consortium, including The US supplying them materiel, They should not be existing beyond The Warsaw Pact. As further confirmed at The Bucharest Conference.

NATO is controlled by Germany. Putin has variously referred to them as NAZIs which indeed they are. As is the product in The US delivered by Op.Paperclip, into its Intel Apparatus, its fake NASA (weapons programmes, Moon Romances), and into its three Branches of Government.

Russia having been around the block a few times before, and with more experience than NATO could ever attain; cleaned The PS-752 Site of the fallen aircraft. Expect virtually no evidence beyond the recorder and box to be delivered to ‘The Investigators’. Already downloaded by Russia, and in which The Lackeys will find ‘gaps’. If they guess in their favour; Russia could release the originals.

Albeit Russia released the true evidence on MH-17, and even 9/11. But no one was listening due to the background noise. And as Chomsky said; “Who cares.”

(Note: The gap in The Zapruder Film.(The Time Magazine Fraud). The Warren Commission Ford 
(25th. Amendment frauded to The WH in the light of The United States House Select Committee on Assassinations, The (Rockefeller Commission) United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States, The Church Committee (14 unread reports), and The Pike Committee; aided by The Fraudulent Watergate Kissinger Deep Throat)
pardoned The JFK Coup Murderers; Angleton, Lawrence, GHWB, Landsdale, et al. Never believe ‘Death Bed Confessions’. There was no Oswald show trial. He was not in Dealey on the day. Tippitt was murderd by his police partner. Oswald was murdered after the Ruby Blank Theatre. Garrison was a diversion for those who needed it. Nixon would not give the alleged Moon Hasselblad to the maker. Fellowes would not give The Mercedes to the maker. Confiscated the tunnel CCTV footages. Authorized the immediate embalming after the suffication in the ambulance at the hospital door, and initially refused to release the body to be flown to England. Charley sent The RAF to return her to England. The embalming destroying all evidence of The Murder. Fellowes rewardrd with Barclays Chaimanship and a collection of baubles signifying greatness.)

Safe Passage US Asset Suleimani; as at all previous visits, travelled through US controlled Iraq. The negotiating Hess of the contemporary era.

‘The Art of The Deal’ (incidentally as JFK, he didn’t write it. But that’s a secret); where both sides are working for The US. The US opposing a balance with Turkey, The UK and The EU not wanting US economic; meaningless or otherwise; interventions in their oil supplies. The Blackmail US Sanction Game being the new version of The PetroDollar Blackmail. The US unwittingly driving Europe to Russian Supplies to balance North Sea Brent, Saudi Aramco and related sources. Russia even domestically having the world’s largest energy resources.

The (JCPOA) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is The Vienna Agreement of 14/7/2005, between; Iran, The UNSC (where America’s face appears), Germany, and The EU. It is monitored by The IAEA. Part of which ran until 2018 and another until 2020.

It is NOT ‘The Obama Agreement’, NOT Terrible or Dangerous to America, does NOT Threaten World Peace, requiring American Intervention to Save The World, yet again.

It concerns the operation of centrifuges capable of either 98% weapons grade or 3% energy grade production. Iran has its own Uranium source. And as North Korea could rely on Russia and China to save it from American onslaught, as in 1953, and as Vietnam in 1972; it could rely on Russia to respond ro whatever was served to by The US.

The IAEA; by agreement; monitors Iran. All the other signatories are primarily concerned with buying its crude and general trade. Iran otherwise has no nuclear ambitions or aspirations. Does not need defence or aggression and does not need The US. It also does not feed World Terrorism. That is fed by; The US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Trump has been handed a dying basket case titled The US. It is bankrupt, and owes others more than it can ever produce. Which left Trump with few options but to continue the illusions of economic and military prominence and lie and cheat a return to a domestic wellbeing and readmission to The Human Race. The only ’empire’ ever to have run from barbarity to barbarity, without visiting civilization on the journey.

It died because it never learnt to trade instead of stealing at the point of a gun. The latter being the far more expensive course.

North Korea is a US domestic political nothing. China is The US trying to avoid what it owes. Iran is The US attempting to play world bully. Russia only needs a focus on US skid marks from at least Potsdam to the present.

The Trump WH garden pressers are idiots asking stupidities of a stand up comedian. The Trump Rallies are a travelling comedy act. But who do they have; HRC, Sanders, Biden, Warren.

Remembering that The US input into The JCPOA is only one fifth of The UNSC; despite any additional signature as The Korean Armistice, when The US signed for itself and The UN; Trump decided to unilaterally withdraw from JCPOA on 8/5/2018 (The word of The US being now equal to that of Israel) The US attempting to threaten the world by meaningless sanctions. I am reminded of the sheriff in Blazing Saddles, holding a gun to his own head, and threatening to pull the trigger if everyone did’t obey.

All The US and sycophant herds know is what they are sung concerning a Sanctions Serenade. Never mind the quality, feel the width. Forget the steak, listen to the sizzle.

The EU; stupid and also bankrupt as it is; enacts a blocking statute for its 28 members ro ignore the stench of US flatulence, on 7/8/2018, nullifying The US Blackmail Sanctions. In Nov. 2018; The US goes again with its stupities.

On insignificant technicalities; The IAEA (with some 3,000 man days a year monitoring Iran; from the beginning. Recall the murders of Kelly and Cook over The WMD Lie (Chilcot Report) by Powell of The US concerning Iraq. As uranium is processed; read the physics; there are losses of product)
blackmailed by The US; issued a report; without caveats on 5/1/2020 that on 1/7/2019; Iran had breached the agreement.

Recall that The US had breached every weapons agreement it had signed since the end od WWII. The BZ gas (inert in that use) of The Salisbury False Flag was  a DOJ product. One of the many ways The US avoided its postured and demanding of others obligations under Chemical Weapons Agreements. The US being the only nation ever to have used; Biological, Chemical, Nuclear and Radiation Weapons; not only against other militaries; but against unarmed civilian non-combatants.


The current US game concerning Iran is The US threatening The World to force the purchase of US overpriced energy. The game to be played out off The US MSM News Cycles. The destruction of Saudi’s two largest refineries cannot be protected. And they won’t be hit by Iran.

Trump’s surrender and agreed future behaviour will never reach the evening news. That platform doesn’t even know what happened in Syria last year.

The USN has to be carefully controlled, because it has become a visual. An extension of US Force and Power across The World. The retirement of The 7th. Fleet is as well known as The USS Donald Cook, Ross, Porter, Virginia etc. Incidents.

The Russian; Zircon Missile, Super-Cavitation Torpedoes, EMP Technology, and Hupervelocity Mussiles, have made US portable airfields, the junk of an era passed. Each needing some thirty other vessels to protect them, and unable to even detect a Russian Incoming.

Israel for its own disengaged interests fired an air to ground missile at Soleimani’s electronically planted convoy, en route to departure. The US Military responded by blocking Israeli

In The West: it was always about oil, and who owned and controlled it.

In The East: it was always about sectarianism, and whose interpretation of The Quran was preeminent.

One of the major issues in The West evoloved to be its materialization of politically induced morality.

The US codified and UK precedent Constitutions, specifically express The Separaton of Powers. And for very good reason. Not for momentary throwaway political gains.

Beware of those posturing; The President; is mentally unwell and his family needs to stage an intervention (recall HRC et al); he is an agent of a foreign power (recall Uranium One , Sberbank etc.); he is hiding his assets and is making financial gain from his position (recall Obama, The Clintons et al); he is threatening, extortiing, and blackmailing, those nation states receving forms of aid from The US; (recall Biden, Iran Contra, USAid, Honduras, Nicaragua etc); those posturing to defend The Constitution, and Democracy, by subjective interpretations quoting The Founding Fathers; and referencing to God; the last bastion of scoundrels.

The Separation of Powers is not just one piece of The Legislature usurping authority over The Excecutive. Nor is it
just politicized elements of The Judiciary ideologically manipulating to obsruct The Executive.

In The UK we observed Brenda Hale as a puppet for Gina Miller, deliver that, Johnson acted ‘Unlawfully’; not ‘Illegally’ which would require a reference; in proroguing The Commons. The Opposition runs back to The House; requiring Johnson to prorogue a second time. As The Lord High Chancellor and The Attorney General take darling token Brenda aside for a little chat, to dispel her silly notions concerning her  Supreme Court havng some authority over The Commons and The Queen being consulted as to prorogation. The first prorogation and Brenda’s  unconstitutionally attempted power    grab being expunged from Hansard.

The theatre in The US concerns The Executive sitting only at the pleasure of The House. A far greater Abuse of Power by the current House Femocracy than just removing Trump, because they cannot defeat him or GOP followers at any near future time. The Obama HRC legacy that will keep on giving by its circular firing squad.

The Dems have taken one phone call out of context with an army of listeners and manufactured an absurd Indictment for an Impeachment Article from it. Imagine the thousands of phone calls Trump conducts without the, herd on the line syndrome.

Pelosi acting as de facto Dictator of The US; with the de facto Authority of a handfull of mentally disengaged, voting on ideological whim and random mental process selection, on party lines, is attempting to blackmail The Senate with a non sequitur Indictment cavorting as Articles of Impeachment. She in turn holding the Indictment as some illusory big stick over The Executive Branch. About to be struck out by The Senate for lack of prosecution.

Dictator Pelosi has sacked herself and demolished The Dem Party before. She is about to do it again.

In a normal situation; Pelosi should be impeached for being mentally incompetent. But the situation presents that the inmates of an asylum cannot be trusted to observe that one of their own has well recorded Cognitive Dissonance.

A bill currently before The House purports that Trump, by allegedly murdering Soleimani, has The US surrendering to Iran. And MSM platforms line up to suck it in and invent a news cycle about it.

A further concoction concerning The Soleimani Affair is currently being drafted by The House Femocracy, for inclusion in The Up Schiff’s Creek, Abuse of Power Article. Their partisan interpretations of; The War Powers Act, The Constitution, Executive Powers, and being Commander-in-Chief of The US Military.

Trump has authorized Intel Target Kill Teams, and limited operations that would have The Femocarcy running to their dry cleaners for streak removal. Safe Areas anywhere? What is the required input of consulting Congressional actors. The fact that he would consult them passes his authority to them. Which destroys The US.

If a traffic cop pulls you over to blow in a machine to check if you have been drinking; the number plate is checked for outstanding ‘breaches’ as is your pretend ‘licence’.
(you agree by having it. You pay tax therefore you agree to being taxed)
But it isn’t the mattter of breaches and drinking; it’s the reinforcement of the induced psychological addiction of; Me Authority: You Obey.

Trump for the sake of the continued Constitutional Democratic Republc of The US, must defeat all efforts to remove him from his duely elected office, and must block attempts by The Judiciary and The Legislature to Abuse their Powers and Obstruct Justice, by usurping The Executive Branch. By forcing it to exist only at the pleasure of The Legislature, to become a ceremonial vestige, destroys The Three Branches.

Then you have the extraordinary theatrics of The Obama White House Occupation. The  presidency that never was. Trump left with the task of cleaning the damaged apartment. Garbage piled high. The sewers backed up. Abusive, and deletarious relationships with neighbours, near and far. The need to cleanse the area of confidants and authoritarians, never appointed on the basis of abilty, but only delusional social theories. A fertile ground on which Deep State finds its best growth potentials.

Theatric absurdities as Obama jogging while followed by the carrier with The Football; the nuclear codes computer. The ultimate and most ridiculous power play.

Obama will receive a call that Russia or China have launched; for some unknown reason, and never detected by The International Intel Community
(in passing: you are never able to actually resign or retire);
Intercontinental ballistic missiles headiing for The US. One of which is heading directly for Obama’s arse.

Now as the story goes; the last sound  The US will hear is The Incoming Alarm. A play of which was propagandized by the big thinkers of The Pentagon Communicatons Teams. Apparaently Soleimani went out with a big flash and bang. OH! The unbridled talent. Almost as good as HRC floating with regard to her opportunistic murder of Ghaddafi (did she get Congressional approval for that). ‘We came we saw, we killed him.’ HA HA HA. What a statesperson. And of course she; ‘Landed Under Fire’. Recall the shock horror hand on mouth cringe as she allegedly watched Bin Laden being taken out by Seal Team Six. An event thar NEVER OCCURRED.

No Congressional approval for the nuetralizing of Bin Laden or Baghdadi. But then of course Bin Laden was already dead. The footage was file I had seen many years before. As was that of  Soleimani.

You can’t have Bin Laden as Most Wanted while still alive. You won’t get more cute than his burial at sea. Strange that Seal Team Six were all lost in a helicopter crash. The current ‘Six’ speaking of that magic night, were actually not there. But then; as Che Guevara and Soleimani; all four were US Intel Deep Cover Assets.

So Obama now has the nuclear codes out of his pocket. He’s on the park bench; security all around; The US is in lockdown. He sends out a series of messages. One is to SAC at Cheyenne Mountain. The worldwide alert is out. Carrier groups Crash Sail to positions. All nuclear subs dive and prepare to launch. All leave is cancelled and all military are contacted to return to base immediately. All B1s and B2s are loaded  with nuclear payloads and are awaiting target instructions.

Did I mention that one of the minor secret faults of the new great B1 B2 bombers is; they actually have no radio communicationrn ability. Something to do with their non-existant Stealth Technology. They also require some 8 hours of service for evey hour of flight. The F-35 was of course a joke played by The KGB-GRU against The CIA, concerning a fake SU in production. It never ends. Recall the propaganda stereotyping during The Cold War…well…

All covers are rolled back from all land silos waiting for launch instructions. It doesn’t matter that they are empty or don’t work; as Obama admittted on national TV. He could have been lying to bluff The Russians. But then he wouldn’t have authorized a further appropriation from Congress of some Two trillion to bring the silos to an operational semblance.

And then there was that televised military brass meeting of propaganda for international and horde consumption. Where he cringe refers to Michelle as Michael. May as well spin it to a social adjustment forum.

When the new normal never supplants the old. And pushing against it never gains traction.

Cheyenne Mountain is verifying the authenticty of The Obama Order to return fire. I trust he had Congressional approval. The Pentagon has ships moving, aircraft in the air, silos open and troops dressing for combat transport.

Frantic and manic activity all around. Did I forget to mention that The Russian Incoming, in vast numbers, with Tsar Warhead configuration for the soon to be desert of The US, and Zircon cnfiguration for the former USN; are travelling at six kilometers per second, cannot be stopped, cannot be bloked, and cannot be detected until just under low earth orbit, barrelling down and accumulating pace from some Mach 30. Will they melt before they MIRV into something resembling a nuclear hailstorm.

But I’m sure that Russian physicists who developed hypervelocity missiles, as well as, supercavitation torpedoes,   variable vector thrust engines, EMP technololgy and real (non-US) stealth technology, have worked it out.

The only phone call being from Xi to Putin complaining as to why he destroyed the biggest enslaved horde sucker market, the world has ever seen.
At least The Central Americans will go home. No more freebies here.

To check how long The Central Americans can survive with a good dose of radiation; they should consult the reports concerning the stupidities of; Three Mile Island, The Savannah River Project, Camp Century Project Iceworm, The First Gulf War Syndrome, and The False Flags of Chernobyl and Fukushima If they can find a library. And if they can read in The Digital Post Paperless World. 

Do you think the lunacy of Operation Starfish Prime, and Operation Fishbowl, were as the hoax of Refrigerants, or Anthropogenic Farting Cows. I’m sure that some actor trained, mentally challenged, child will emerge with the scripted answer. After all; The Science is Settled, and there is no such thing as Junk Science. Nor indeed does Deep State exist, and all US University documentations are legitimate.

What clever people. How do they manage tertiary education and even lower doctorates; without exhibiting any telltale skill sets.

Writing is confined to the Textese and Feminese Dialects. Delivering a grammatical jumble, not unlike TESOL Chinglish. Reading is a problem, as is pronunciation of anything past three syllables. But of course this is the Digital, Paperless, Post Truth World. Where Regurgitation, Participation, and Entitlement are the rewarded meritocracy. All else is Conspiracy Theory, Hate Speech, Racism, White Privilege, and Sexism. The fault of the guilty non-quota white, male, elitist Christians.

So if this is The Dem audience; the posturings of failed Collectivism, and pantsuit mafias, with Trump Derangement Syndrome, will gain immediate traction with the emerging Soleimani deceptions, concerning Trump needing Pelosi’s permission to breathe.

Internal power plays destroying The US, as all other Empires; real and imagined; before it.

The micro focus on Iran and its alleged potential for nuclear weapons, wrongly assesses the overall.

Israel was never involved in The JCPOA, beyond constantly threatening to attack everyone including Iran.

It’s long history of foreign political assassinations, incursions, interventions, and non-cooperations, never adding either to its security or its credibility.

Political and business assassinations, incursions and bombings (Lebanon), denied genocides (Sabra, Shatila etc.), and False Flags, in the region, are well recorded. The Vela Incident, the hiding of Dimona, and the history of agents stealing nuclear technology and fissile material from The US, and much more, are all in the file of Close Allies in the region.

But is all this the way Close Friends behave to one another. Even cooperative False Flags as The USS Liberty Incident was conducted as an aggravated atrocity (McCain II, father of USS Forrestal Songbird III, blocking 6th. Fleet response).

A long history of assumed Biblical Supremacy has brought questions that need not be answered.The World is not moving back to Old Testament postured State Boundaries by preferred selection.

Even the events of WWII, bring more questions than answers. Beyond any Balfour Agreement or Protocols of Entitlement. The British Ruhr Valley Flooding (Dresden and Cologne separate issues), the bombings of camps as Peenamunde leading to Mittelwerk, by The Allies murdering those entrapped. It never halted The German War Machine. The Allies are as responsible for The Holocaust as was The Third Reich. What was The Theatre of Nuremberg, The Vatican Rat Lines (two Popes emerging as three others are murdered), and Operation Paperclip.

The well touted US Sanctions against Iran have had virtually no effect. Why would they. If you refuse to take my worthless USD (Iraq, Libya, Syria) and fraudulent credits, I will not trade with you, and will not honour the mountains of USD you hold because I have now decided you overcharged me in agreed trade. So I refuse to pay what I owe you, as you will not obey my instructions. I will also Sanction and threaten any other nation that dares to contravene my dictates.

Albeit; The Bretton Woods, USD as The World Reserve Currency failed. As also predictably did the fraudulent PtroDollars.

Russia and China disregarding US ravings from at least the time of The Allied Surrender of Postdam. Both trading to mutual advantages with North Korea and Iran.

The connection with Leninist- Stalinist Russia controlled by The City
(Lionel Nathan Rothschild having sired Vicky (Bertie first cousin) to stock The Households of Europe); owning The Third Reich, and touts as the exhiled, non-coronated Edward VIII, being separate issues again.

Trump offering to lift non-existent sanctions on Iran after The Bad Deal Serenade, and political consumption threat to resanction, was under negotiation in Iraq, with a number of other issues.

Where US Asset Soleimani was always guaranteed safe US passage. Illinformed, belligerant, self-serving, currently isolated from The International Intel Community Israel, decided to make its mark.

Well you didn’t tell me. No: you didn’t ask. Are those intel isolations now going to be lifted. No: they clearly must be reinforced. I refuse to play. Your choice.

Israel has no energy resources except Golan looted from Syria, and Leviathan, looted from Lebanon. Russia protects Israel as the home of Orthodox Christianity, and runs a pipeline through northern Israel, allowing it to be tapped.

During The Crimean War of 1853-56,  Russia with Greece and The Kurds, fought The Ottoman and British Empires, and a ragtag consortium including France and  Germany. The Russians expelling The Ottomans who had re-entered Jerusalem, despite any 1829  agreement. The 1856 Teaty of Paris being broken by France in 1871.

Judaism and Orthodox Christianity have always maintained good relations. Despite events as shootings by rogue Israeli Military, over the decades. Germany and Croatia invaded Greece during WWII, and murdered over 400,000 civilian non-combatants. I have personal  experience. The Jewish Community suffered heavily but was also protected
in The Orthodox Monasteries. Issues  that have never been forgotten.

At any time of need due to earthquakes or other emergencies; without any official contact or requests; Israel has always been the immediate first responder. Flying and shipping in all aid and personnel. In their region; only Israel and Iran are non-Arab.

As I wrote in 2012; Greece can suffer all the frauduent German economic aggressions, lootinig whatever it can. Greece will outlast Germany; as it always has. Brexit is the beginning of yet  another German end cycle. If the protagonists want to wake The Bear; The German Boot crosses the line.

Disguised NATO atrocities in The Balkans War, falsely blamed on Serbia, with similar incidents in The 2014 US led Ukrainian Invasion, Regime Change, Occupatiion, and Civil War. The question of some 300,000 ‘Missing’ Ukrainians; about which I have written; yet to be answered by NATO.

Recall the lunacy of Poroshenko attempting to have NATO face off with The Russian Navy in The Black Sea in 2019. You could sell tickets for that one. Except that there would be noises for the return of the ticket prices; by those in the audience who blinked.

Israel would better serve its own interests if it altered its incessant aggressive stance. It has defended itself  since the end of WWII; done what it needed; and buit a viable nation state in the desert.

Bibi is the end of an era in Israel. As Big Orange is the beginning of another in The US. The idiotic sectarian flailings in The US need to end this year, with Trump returned with unassailable majorities in both houses. If the game does not end; the final nails can be driven, as the invented cultural divides, shoot it out.

The UK just saved itself from the paralysis and devastations of EU Collectivist utopian ideological insanities.

With The Ottomans being on and off allies of Britain; from The Crimean War to the present; following The Crimean War, Marx had written; ‘There they are, the French doing nothing and the British helping them as fast as possible’.

Apart from the signatories of The 2015 JCPOA Treaty; Italy and Pakistan also buy oil from Iran.

The US has threatened The World before with The USD and The Petro Dollar and failed. Apart from domestic usage and that pushed externally by US foreign bases and missions; blackmailed tourists through the monopolized Payment Systems are exposed to the manipulated currency markets.

The powerful Dem legal and political minds, have now woken to the reality that there is no clean end. They are now frantically polishing their product.

Is there really a protected elite land of The Old Testament. A further confusion arising by there not being any archeological evidence for The Tribes in Egypt.

Forget The Ten Agorot and BOI, Greater Israel depictions. Albeit it destroys the last Ottoman vestige of Turkey.

The US Jerusalem Embassy confirms a statehood beyond The Peaceful Observer Status in The UN. The spun to oblivion Moses Speech by The Palestinian Representative was correct. As was the removed Khrushchev shoe banging incident.

The US suffers Dem invited Anti-Semitism into its House. Its attempted legislative apologies only deepening its self-caused morass leading to its well-earned political oblivion. No number of Schumer warp speed, credentialed cringe brown nose ceremonies and offerings of appeasement at AIPAC, will resolve the failings.

The deeply illinformed; Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib; in full peasant, uneducated arrogant form, are an entertainment, as they keep throwing lighted matches about The Dem House. The solution of take the matches, yet to dawn.

The triad once confined to reading (very pooly) scripts from their screens and asking meaningless and disjuncted questions, is nauseous at best. Idiots who should never have been unleashed onto Congressional Committees by Pelosi. They have not enraged Trump, nor trained them for any future greatness, but rather delivered and deepened The Dem Stigma.

We have had theatrical ‘Training’ further compounding lunacies of the past year. The Hearings concerning; Kavanaugh, Barr, Lewandowski, Whittaker, et al confirm the claim of Dem Comedy Hour.

Now we see Cortez (the junior school drop out. Zero Skill Sets. The Economist who can’t work out the cost of a croissant, The Spanish Speaker who doesn’t know the difference between drinking and toilet water. Ghost Payrolling and manipulating expenses. Getting lost in Congressional buildings. Hiring an actress to deliver a lie in testimony concerning the postured border death of a non-existent young girl.

Now taught to wave her arms about, in an idiotic simian attempt at rhetorical emphasis. Frenetic, incoherent, disjuncted, fly shooing; only confirming a passing visit with a simplified definition of intelligence. A meaningless occupation of a House seat, not representing anyone, but her own tutored illusions. Even voting against Party Lines; which she promised not to do. Succumbing to delusions of major adjustments by funding blocks of essential services as; DHS, The Coast Guard, ICE, and CBP. The Wall delusion failing when Trump commissioned The Military to fund and build it, and threatening to sieze unallocated  Congressional Funds.

Beware he who speaks softly, carries a big stick and pummels the defenceless and trusting. The noise is in direct proportion to an empty vessel. US Sanctions

Sanctions are a posture by those unable or uwilling to respond to a geo-political situation, that they in fact have caused.

The EU is committed to maintaining a Payment Mechanism with Iran. Which brings in an issue of the reinstated US Sanctions affecting The EU. The US needs its bluff called. In one regard, The EU has an additional pressure concerning its acceptance of The No Deal Brexit heading in its direction. Accompanied with a tariff war with Germany. As The EU faces its creeping bankruptcy. And a further hidden agenda
concerning the supply of Russian energy through The NordStream Pipelines.

Despite the noise that has erupted following Israel’s attack on The Iranian negotiation team and the thwarted second attempt (US denying Israel airspace) on the Iraqi team concerning The Israeli assassinations of  3/1/2020. The Iranain leadership has quietly confirnmed it will continue along its path of peaceful business activities.

So Trump claims a pyrrhic. But he always knew Iran was not an aggressor. He knows that from the history from 1908; Anglo-Persian Oil, Resource Nationalization, The ICJ, The US Op. Ajax Invasion, The Puppet Shah, his expulsion, and to the present. Hardly any doubt that The US is The World Enemy, not Iran.

Just to confuse the propaganda further: Iran actually has its own Uranium resource at Bandar Abbas. So the narrative of US supply is false. In addition; it has a heavy water reactor at Arak, and the abiity to produce weapons-grade Plutonium at Natanz, Bushehr, and Isfahan. And a military complex at Parchin.

Trump took the unwanted hit for the illthought Soleimani murder, as the big brother for the petulant non-thinking younger brother, less capable of defending himself. But it delivered some dividends for Trump.

The current stupid ad hominem attacks on Soleimani and linking him to ‘Terrorist’ activities and planning some major anti-American engagements, is as the nonsense narratives delivered against Assad of Syria. Which you will note has faded, as the hordes were refocussed, and The US was kicked out by Russia concernng its Qatar Pipeline ambitions to Europe. Recall that Qatar was once the favoured Terrorist Pay Master designate by The US. Then it slipped that The Terrorists paid by Qatar were US Proxies.

Soleimani was active with proxy forces in conjunction with The US and Iraq allegedly fighting ISIL or ISIS forces in the region. But there is the greater issue of the millions of dollars in cash being trasacted daily between oil companies looting oil from occupied areas protected by The US. The complex transport system. The Pipeline Systems. The refinery systems. Gangs are hired and paid to protect the system. Nothing to do with stealing lands for Allah, Jihads, Fatwahs, or any other theatrics sold to idiot hordes.

It’s all an illusion as the world lifeblood of energy of some 81 million barrels of oil, excluding; Natural Gas, Coal, Hydro, and Nuclear are consumed daily.

Renewable is a political joke to the informed, as is Anthropogenic Climate Change. They are as relevant as; being offended, hate speech, and identity pronouns.

The current stupidities from within The US should also dissipate in time. Trump is playing on the hero image; with narratives of stopping a war not starting one.

The narratives concerning Bin Laden and Baghdadi are also not as delivered by The US ‘Mockingbird’ Media Platforms, protecting the sensitive Belief Systems of The US Hordes.

A conflagration in The Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman Region is not   a  good idea. The current stupidity needs to be played down and phased away. As I have previously written;  Russia owns Northern Iran with five Fields, apart from  its bordered Caspian Sea Fields, and Iran posturing a no Russia Zone in its North.

The non-existent Sanctions Game also leaves Trump with a face-saver.

Bibi in Israel has some major corruption issues to overcome. It was he who needed to move the news cycle off his
platform, not Trump. Bibi notorious for playing regional tough boy for political gain. Alhough not specifically advised about Soleimani. An in tuned guess would not have delivered a wrong answer. Which further compounds the selfish bastardry of the event.

As I have also previously advised;  Chanan Kushner owns Bibi and has a high input to Trump. I understand the noise through the telephones from The US to Bibi would have scorched the lines.

It is unlikely that anything will eventuate from the current situation. Russia would only become involved if a belligerent fool were occupying the political influence zones. The US moved Tillerson and Bolton. And the inputs of; Haley, Clapper, Brennan and Hayden, are long passed.

Apart from the fact that Trump had no interest in moving his alleged Impeachment off the news cycle. He is not likely to be affected by Dem House Indictment non-issues. Already acting against The Dems in polls leading to 3/11/2020.

Trump was ‘negotiating’ with Iran; when Iran was on The US Team. Pelosi was negotiating the delivery of The Articles when no one wanted them.

Apart from them having no candidate and no platform. The removal of Trump from the 2020 ballot; however it can be accomplished; being the desperate agenda along the long line of events from before Operation Crossfire Hurricane of 2016.

The 1967 ‘War’ Affair involved the annexation of Golan from Syria. Not an issue of protecting Israel’s water supply or blocking high ground military advantage over Israel. It concerned the looting of the oil of that region for Rothschild Genie Resources.

The Ayyubid Sultan Salah ad-Din (Saladin, 1137-93 CE) The Sultan of Egypt and Syria (1174-1193 CE) following his defeating The Crusader States of The Levant at The Battle of Cresson on 1/5/1187, further defeated them at The Battle of Hattin (Galilee) on 4/7/1187, capturing Jerusalem.

At a meeting in Constantinople on 28/11/1829; Jakob Mayer de Rothschild purchased from The Porte, (synechdoche for The Central Government of The Ottoman Empire); for the amount of 350 million Piasters, including a 50 million indemnity demanded from Russia; payable in three non interest installments; The sovereignty in perpetuity of The City of Jerusalm, (excluding Temple Mount), and the territories of ancient Palestine, occupied by The Jewish Tribes.

Oil production in The Middle East began in Persia (Iran), by The British developing a reliable supply of the strategic  resource for its energy requirements.

Winston Churchill’s Cairo Conference of 1921; set the illinfomed sect and tribal state boundaries that would lead to  problems to ths present day.
(Churchill; the son of Jack The Ripper Randolph with Alpha Lodge cohort William Gull; over 11 mutilation murders; covering for the insane Edward VII.
The murder at Glamis; not Sandringham at the instructions of Claude Bowes-Lyon; to cover the then stigma of son Albert Duke of Clarence, being gay. Recall the madness of The Oscar Wilde Trials of 1895. The laws decriminalizing in 1967.)

Winston, notorious as a cross-dresser, smoking cigars while eating, rewriting British History, and murderously ridicuous military decisions in WWI and WWII.

It didn’t need to be repeatedly confirmed that it is easier and cheaper to trade for natural resources, than steal them at he point of a gun.

But then that would exclude The Military Indusrial Complex and its parasitic government attachment to The Western Economies. Servicing the induced addiction for petroleum products.

The incorrectly defined Fossil Fuel Industry, and notions of a finite supply, buoyed by supressed technologies and  glimpses of alternatives, that will never be overcome by the fraudulent industry of Climatism.

Under the old ploy of the opposition being owned by the hidden main protagonists, The alleged health based restrictions on The Tobacco Industry was developed and paid for by The Tobacco Industry, which has moved to greater financial heights. Who benefits from; Uniform Packaging, and  disinterested Health Warnings. It’s  cheaper to manufacture from the same unregulated products from the same factories in China. Different perceptions of taste as controlled as the soft drink industry flavours. The incorporation of rapid burning and more addictive chemicals in the soup, confirmiing life long addiction. Saved advertising costs and marketing sponsorships, and the dismissal of Class Actions, has accomplished what, and to who’s benefit. Well done The Anti-Smoking Lobby. Recall Prohibition and the birth of The Mafias; functioning to this day. And what of the ludicrous Climatology, Renewable Energy, and Environmentalism; confusions yet to be revealed and tricks yet to be played on the hordes.

In The Oil Industry, the hordes are duped by conferections of propaganda. The government pays for Intervention, Invasion, Regime Change, Occupation, and the conduct of genocides blamed on The Other, while the hidden protagonists pillage, plunder, and loot. The Oil Resource is; Identified, Extracted, Shipped, Refined, and sold, for the benefit of The Oil Industry and its paid government puppets.

The hordes maintain their addiction, for which they continually pay, from The Military Industrial Complex looting by the supply of Fit For Use, and Planned Obsolescent Junk Inventory; rotting in the deserts, sunk or tied to port as a symbol to failure and where the economy went.

They pay for continued occupation and subsidize The Industry of OIl. Then pay again at the pump of market manipulated pricing.

Two days before 9/11, airline stocks were shorted in the market. Two days before The Israeli air to ground missile strikes on the Soleimani convoy, oil stocks were heavily bought.

And as Carlin would say; You ain’t in the game. And as revealed by Carl Levin, in the days when Congressional Committes were not infected by those with mentally diminishing returns; in questioning;  Lehman’s Fuld and Goldman’s Blankfein;  the middle classes who reach that status, are always thrown under the bus by their brand name financial leaders.

The Government Paid Military, act on softened resource rich nation states. The sold deceptions of Democracy, Humanitarianism, US Nationl Security  and The Foreign Other.

The visible is played out in theatre for the absorption of The Belief System Adjusted, Moral  High Ground inculcated dysfunctionals. With tutoring and reinforcement by main stream media platforms. The entrapped, herded and deluded from birth to grave, of enslaved consumerism.

There is no universal agreement regarding which norms are jus cogens, but it concerns; genocide, piracy, slavery, wars of aggression, torture, refoulement, annexation, imprisonment, separation of powers, and political persecution. The US playing the game of; Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

George Washington left Donald Trump a Constutionally Guaranteed Legacy. It was Commander-in-Chief of all US Military Forces.

After the reported strike in Iraq of 3/1/2020; Dictator Pelosi; apparently off  her psychotic episodal medication yet again, and up Schiff’s Creek poncing an Impeachment has come out drivelling, that Trump didn’t ask her permission.

It could be an impeachable offence; Abuse of Commmander-in-Chief Presidential Power, or Obstruction of Pelosi. Clearly ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’.

It could hardly be a revelation to  the sane, that The US tells lots of Official Lies.

What is believed to be known of Middle East Affairs, particularly; Iraq, Syria, and Libya, in the contemporary; would never fill The Fully Informed Cup, of the average punter. Even those posturing an intellectualized bent. The Forrest for The Trees Syndrome.

Which also brings us to the definition of  Lies and Deceptions. When events are opened there needs to be an ‘Official’  Narrative. It helps cover False Flags and  Hoaxes. And deliveres a chain of events that can be digestible to the hordes. It doesn’t mattter how incoherent and ridiculous the narrative. Those variously addicted to officialdom,will suck it in as delivered.

Detractors of course; being Conspiracy Theorists. When in fact The Real Conspiracy is what was delivered to the gaping hordes.

‘Being Economical with The Tuth, and ‘Not being Fully Candid’, as well as answering questions that are not asked, or advising that you are not the person responsible, or you don’t know, are also in the same category. Lies, Deceptions, and Misinformation, come in many forms.

And as Moynihan wrote of Kisinger; ‘Henry does not lie because it’s in his interests. He lies because it’s in his nature.’

And when Interests and Nature combine; we have such actors as The Cintons, Obama, Lynch, Comey, Clapper, Brennan,   Hayden, Mueller, Strzok, Wiessman, Bolton, Susan Rice, Yates, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, GHWB, and on and on.

Trump cleared out Bolton and his Pentagon colleagues after there was  considerable misbehaviour from the bought activists and agents of The US Idustrial Military Complex, concerning, North Korea and Iran. The harassments of Russia and China had to end.

North Korea was defused by the meetings of; 12/6/2018 in Singapore, 27-28/2/2019 in Hanoi, and  30/6/2019 at The 38th.Parallel North.

The US Embassy attacks at Cairo, Benghazi, Khatoum, Tunis, and Baghdad, were orchestrated False Flags.

As The US False Flags of ‘Aggressive’,  ‘Intimidating’ and ‘Threatening’ narratives concerning aerial encounters between US P-8 Spy Planes and Chinese Fighters played out As The US had been denied reconnaissance of China since before The Hainan Island Incident. And indeed denied the same of Russia since before The U-2 Gary Powers Incident. The KAL-007 Incident and the colliding by Rsssian Orbit Crossing of all US Offending Satelites, being separate  again.

The 1953 Agreement being an Armistice, following The American Invasion of 1950; not a Peace Treaty. The latter is currently pending, since Moon met with Trump in January 2017. The unification has the four stakeholder of North and South Korea, Russia, and China. The US sponsoring being no more than a Public Relatoins Exercise for Western Consumption. Russia: in exchange for one and half million tonnes of cola per year, has conducted all infrastructure; ports, rail, roads, bridges, tunnels, and energy pipelines to The 38th. Parallel North. China has some 400,00 North Korean Guest Workers, and manufactures consumer goods marked ‘Made in China’. As previously occurred with products marked ‘Made in Hong Kong.  

South Korea to save some 30% from its energy costs, and the benefit of goods manufactrured in North Korea.

For the unaware; North Korea did not fire some six dud missiles at Japan. The DMZ is actually in North Korea. it pushed down on either side of that symbol, and Positioned some four and a half thousand artillery pieces facing south, to block land movement. In 1953 after US Taskforce Smith had the notion to nuke Russia and China; both drove The US and vanquished its forces on the peninsular. As they were again, required to do on 30/4/1975 in Vietnam, to end Operation Ranchhand and the prior Napalm Genocides The US was conducting in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

As the buildup to The Pearl Habor Inicident, with The USN blocking crude oil freighters from Malaya to Japan, eventully bringing about The US Genocide of Japan immediatley prior to The Postdam Meeting of the disguised Allied surrender to Russia. The US again tried the same tactic of blocking Chinese cargo freighters to and from China.

Different nations, different cargo values, and different military strenghs.

As the notion of ‘Shock and Awe’ has long lost its translation in US Military Theories; Vietnam is a prime example, so too, blocking sealanes was passe with  the buccaneers.

Firtrstly, the P-8s were driven back home. The USN began Charge-Downs onto Chinese Freighters; sharp corrections causes them to lose ondeck containers, and even to roll over with the sudden weight shifts.

So The Chinese Government, tired of the dangerous games, ordered all freighters under its control, to turn amidships and stand fast in the face of a USN Charge-Down.

It didn’t take too many of these encounters; with The USN almost capsizing its overpriced flotsam, and a couple of bumps near Singapore, to remove the idiocy from their ploys.

So The 7th Fleet went into ‘Operational Pause’ in Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Oregon, and California.

Trump was initially bluffed by bad Intel in 2017. At least niw he is controlling The US propaganda machine. Neither North  Korea nor Iran have Nuclear Ambitions, beyond energy. There is an extraordinary difference between weapons grade and energy grade materiel. Apart from the fact that North Korea and Iran, regarded as rogue nations, are protected from THE rogue nation of The US by both China and Russia.

Trump is riding a cart pelting along with a wild out of control military horse. He knows he needs to take control, stop the horse, and trade. Should anything be left in his cart, after the insane journey to nowhere.

Soleimani’s Iraqi negotiating counterpart Shubul al-Zaidi, was to have been murdered the following day. Israel was denied air access. Trump has not incorporated that confusion into the current narrative. Soleimani was murderd along with 9 others, including a Public Affairs official Mohammad al-Jabiriand and other staff members. Does that match what has been delivered as a cover narrative by The US.

Murderous Soleimani plans terrorist attacks against Americans while wandering around US Iraq accompanied by Public Affairs and related staff.

Far more want wars in The Middle East, than Peace.


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G Squared
G Squared

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I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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