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The Guardian report of Russian bot spreading fake news is an incredible bit of 1984 bullshit. A story based on one bit of information…/twitter-bots-trolls-australia…

Which disregards the following;

 Paul Read
SMH November 18, 2019 — Dr Paul Read is a Senior Lecturer, School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University.

1. My report on Guardian Climate change news and its cheque book journalism funding.…/cheque-book-jou…/

2. Its Repeated in the ABC come January again with no actual analyst or data break down and only one real source who says it caused by lightening (again no back up data to support that claim in any meaningful context).

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3. The original figure of over 200 case of arson comes from the ABC who back inSep 22 2019 reported Dr Paul Read, co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bush-fire and Arson, said the great majority of bush fires are deliberately lit by “cunning, furtive and versatile criminals..”About 85 per cent are related to human activity, 13 per cent confirmed arson and 37 per cent suspected arson,” he said.

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Claim police down play the arson ignore;

4. Taskforce Overcross, which was set up by police this month, found 23 bush-fires were thought to have been deliberately or carelessly lit, with action taken against 21 juveniles and nine adults. That for Gold Coast alone. The story contain a break down of the arson case age and nature.

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5. Here is the parliament report for NSW 2004 pre climate crisis fire damage costs the community about $600 million every year, with arson accounting for approximately 30% of that figure. Concerns were raised throughout 2002 that not enough was being done to protect the community from the devastation of deliberately lit bush fires. Makes clear arson is always a major cause of fires in Australia always has being.

7. Below is the pie graph from the Australian Institute of Criminology which was also reported in the ABC which like the majority of media accepted the role arson played right up till the first week of January 2020 when the unproven unsupported allegation of social media bot and disinformation fake news claims began and quickly dominated the main media outlets headline of the corporate media – despite a lack of proof. All claims of arson (as reported in their own outlets in 2019) as a major cause thrown out without supporting evidence other than it fake cos ‘we say so’ and few bureaucrats and academic giving opinions offered up without offering verifiable data or studies.

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Fact is the 2019 fire data has yet to be correlated so claims of the majority cause are simply not possible at this point

These 2019 story below however predate the arson claims is fake news claims. Which as ststed before only became dominant corporate media as late as January 2020 if you look at the top 2 pages on line in the news section.

However if you add then add the word ‘police’ or ‘arrested’ this is a list of stories (far from complete) of bush fire causes listing specific cases examples. Some may be double up case but most relate to separate case were the arsonist lit one or more fires deliberately.






6.… 9 year old arson case


8.…/ “string of fire lit by juveniles


10.…/nsw-bushfires-conditions-…/11698322 Police are appealing for information about fires at Moonbi, Berkeley, Balgownie, Turramurra, Katoomba, Morisset and the Royal National Park near Loftus.

11. 74 people arrested…


13.…/accused-arsonist-found-no…/11250164 (2004 case)




17. Victoria last years data To date, police action has been taken with respect to 101 people on 172 charges, including 32 adults and 69 juveniles, who have been dealt with for “offences relating to recklessly and/or deliberately setting fires”.

The type of offences detected statewide include unauthorised lighting of fires, contravening local fire bans, and endangering property under the Criminal Code”.




21. Special Forces helicopter hunts arsonist.


23. Arsonist




27.…/Army-chopper-corners-suspecte… Special forces sent in to hunt for arsonists




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