I Owe, I Owe, To Downing Street We Go!

A funny thing happened on the way from eleven to ten Downing Street on 13/2/2020.

by G Squared

Sajid Javid, at the time Chancellor of The Exchequer, walked next door
(there are actually internal connections from Whitehall through to Westminster Palace through Embankment, from the days of the secret underground roads and rail system, deep under King Charles Street, which I have had the privilege to visit, below the tourist war rooms)
to Boris’ standard cabinet reshuffle. Apart from the hallways linking all the terraces and to The Whitehall Cabinet Offices.

Why not? you get to wave to the media virtually living on The FO side wall.

Nothing untoward was anticipated. But the broader had not been seen.

Javid is the son of a bus driver, who was raised with his four brothers in two rooms above a shop in Bristol. He is a Blue Collar Conservative. Corbyn invented about fifty on 12/12/2019.

The oldest brother Tariq, a drug dealer, died under the usual undetermined circumstances. Another, Bas, became a commanding officer at Scotland Yard. Just a phone call away.

Javid became a high flyer at Deutsche. He and his two other brothers; Khalid and Atif, have joined the billionaire UK property club, with principal holdings in four major cities. I’m sure they all worked very hard.

Javid a staunch Pakistani Muslim, married a longterm girlfriend Laura King. Her being a staunch Christian, drew them to honeymoon in Israel, of course. The Christian religious aspect perhaps. The family and their puppy, making excellent vote-gathering portraits.

Image result for sajid javid

When The US invented “The Muslim” as The Terrorist of Choice; the propaganda was obviously not lost in The UK. The False Flag capital of Europe. Particularly since The IRA was exposed as to its ownership. Would you believe The US. Peace was returned and the gates of The Maze were opened?

Javid being a Pakistani Muslim in The UK (I spent many months living in that community on a Humint Op.), has gathered both a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies: Mr. Fixit.

Always a very popular figure on The UK’s ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ each March. Interesting as a side issue; a Soros ‘Open Society’ front, postures on the side of Muslims. Advising that Islamaphobia has reached the level of 80% of UK Muslims suffering from Hate Crimes. Standard propaganda rhetoric with numbers and imaginings drawn from the proverbial.

Compounded issues were dropped onto Johnson’s desk. Apart from a rearrangement of priorites determined even before 2019.

Javid was to become a political liability due to unexposed problems of times past. He was able to sit on the front bench with cohort Priti Patel and mouth ‘Shame’ to Corbyn opposite; but no further.

The end came swiftly and neatly, except for Javid floating that which was not required.
Tech was publicly known. BRICS was in the backrooms. Sunak was an easy guess; Murthy and Goldmans.

A fiction was run to gawking MSM. Javid could have simply advised he was moving on. But the ingrate, annoyed about his obvious replacement, floated that Johnson wanted him to sack all his advisors. Stupid to the sane. But Javid, being the great upstanding moralist of his lunchtime, said “NO; I will resign!”

The entire UK shop, to now easily become a Goldmans’ sub-branch. The only validity was Deutsch owns Germany and The EU by default. Javid stacked his office appropriately. But they did correctly input on Yellow-hammer.

Johnson now has Murthy, BRICS India, China, and Goldmans in place, in one move with Sunak, the messenger boy.

Javid should have just walked and moved on. He should have realized that a Pakistani could not stand, with what he should have known was arriving. Apart from his becoming a liability. .

The Anglo-US efforts to change Terrorist of The Month from Muslims to Russians, has not gripped the punters. May’s False Flag efforts of Salisbury and Amesbury fell flat. And the more bullshit loaded onto a path, the less traction.

Moving on…

Rishi Sunak became renown since 12/12/2019, for his incessant Dorothy Dix philosophy of political nausea for Johnson. Son of an Indian doctor and his mother a pharmacist, already establishing excellent connections, in a Britain with entrenched racial issues, at that time.

Young Rishi passes through Winchester; an establishment school. From there he becomes a Lincoln College Oxfordian with a first in PPE. Lincoln, not one of the greats but a contemporary political hack shop. He collects a Fulbright and a run through CIA Stanford. Now acceptable to both UK and US establishments.

Beginning his ‘professional career’; he passes a stint at The Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan. Then moves to become a de rigueur luminary at Goldmans.

But the dream doesn’t end there. He marries Akshata Murthy. Daughter of communications multi-billionaire and Indian power broker; N.R.Narayana Murthy.

But there’s more…

It was mentioned in The Commons on a number of occasions, obviously missed by most, that The UK was going to become the tech capital of, at least, the Western World.

Gove (Graeme Logan), Chancellor of The Duchy of Lancaster (E2’s Estates) money handled by Rothschilds in The City and Coutts, mentioned in a defence speech (no confidence motion) for the hapless May that Talgo, Boeing, Starbucks, and Chanel were moving bases to the UK. And that the UK was attracting some £1.3 billion per year in new investments. In that speech and on subsequent occasions by Johnson, it would be stated that The UK would become The Tech Capital.

Image result for Uk tech capital

Despite May, Corbyn, The Jamaican Ghetto Mafia, and The FemLoon Brigades; Brexit would happen. And The UK was the corporate escape valve from the insane EU.

Silicon Valley and allies became an unopposed, Power Maximizing Mafia. Congressional Hearings and Court Evidence, having the US Tech Monopoly Giants being both publishers and platforms. As it suits the moment. Also being Metadata; collectors, uses, and sellers.

The cover derived from the expert morons of The GWB Era. They allowed The NSA to run riot. Then decided to change the rules on The NSA’s data addiction. The next day, The NSA issues its own order, demanding all platforms gather all data, and pass it to The NSA. CIA Snowden and Assange make Anti-NSA noises. But nothing changes. Why would it?

And no one really cares what Marylou is going to wear on Saturday, or even if a ‘Terrorist’ can be located. It’s all economics and banking. And The US is still at the end of the economic queue.

Now, returning to the main line; it was quietly decided by the US and the UK that Silicon Valley political blackmail had to go. So the UK would become the world’s tech capital. Can’t be done? Don’t bet against it! Ireland was next choice. India doesn’t service the West as well as it could.

The manufacturing war is between India and China. The US mouths against China but runs to The UK to protect it against India.

The US spiking The Kashmir will not gain economic traction.

Apple and their cohorts manufacture in China, and sell for monopoly and insane prices in the West, while managing in low regulation Ireland and banking in “no tax” Caymans etc.

On a number of occasions, the incredibly ill-informed Corbyn and his woeful front bench cheering squad, have touted that the UK will be the US’s great trading partner post-Brexit.

Understanding that ‘National Security Risk Corbyn’ and his coterie of village idiots, have been cut off from legitimate SIS briefings and file access, it should not have taken much rational thought as to what was actually happening. But of course; ‘Rational’ and ‘Thought’ are both very challenging notions to Corbynistas.

The UK’s move forward to massive economic recovery and growth, is not by joining hands with the almost unrecoverable US, guaranteed to default and destroy The UK, But by joining China, India, and Russia, in The BRICS Economic Consortium.

The UK does not need any more involvement in US Wars and Economic Sanction: Psychotic episodes of cognitive dissonance.

military industrial Huawei

China has Tech Giant Huawei, and the ability to supply cheap consumer goods into The UK domestic consumer market.

The US, recidivist from 1972 in the contemporary, defaulted on China. So Trump put up the propaganda of a trade war, tariffs, and sanctions. China agrees to reschudule some $200 billion of US debt over the next two years. In exchange for an immediate payment of the undisclosed floating balance and prompt payments from here on.

Martin notes: For some perspective on the above claim, the reader may wish to check the following links:




Things are a little more complex than they may appear! MH

No adjustment to RMB to discount the US Debt and weaken Chinese receivables. No blackmail of China to buy junk US Treasury Bonds, and the continued cessation of military aggression by The US in the Asian Seas; The 7th. Fleet to remain on ‘Operational Pause’.

The US have provoked China, Russia, Iran, and Syria on many occassions. Even from 2017, until Trump was correctly briefed.

At the present, the US is finally walking out of the Mid-East, Eurasia, Eastern Europe, East Africa, South-East Asia, the Maghreb and the Levant. And you wonder what happened to The US Economy!

Throughout history, trading always delivered a better return than stealing at the point of a weapon. Even savages worked that out. But then it took Trump to slowly deliver that reality to the self-destroyed US.

Apparently Deep State US was happy swinging from the trees. Barbarism was the advance. And where did Civilization appear?

In The US propaganda narrative, concerning the non-existent sanctions hoax, Huawei was mentioned as thieving technology from Apple and its function in The US 5G Rollout. The purpose to block Huawei market share in The US and deliver it to Apple and Samsung. The former as a deal for Apple to invest $350 billion in The US and employ locals. The latter as a deal with South Korea concerning US positioning at the time of the pending Korean Unification. Apple and Samsung being the ‘choices’ in the monopolized and controlled US Domestic Market.

But The UK broke from the public spectacle of the grandeur of US Sanction Hoaxes. The UK is concerned with its own existence. Not as some stupid Australia as a pathetic and embarrassing US brainless sycophant colony.

So: The UK correctly runs with China and Huawei, without blackmailing out Apple or Samsung. As The US did with Huawei. And of course, India will build The UK Communications Industry.

Trump sends Pompeo on a fool’s errand to have the UK Tow the US Line. But why should The UK destroy itself for the sake of some US propaganda lie of the month?

Image result for Uk and Us post brexit trade
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. and Britain would retain and enhance their special relationship once the U.K. leaves the European Union this week. He also said that American unhappiness with the British decision to allow the Chinese tech company Huawei to play a role in the country’s high-speed wireless network would not affect broader ties.

Albeit Trump is backing out of all US wars, proxy actions, and political interventions. There is a backoff from the rhetorric of inventing enemies. The Iran cycle is fading as did the Syrian. You cannot underestimate the intelligence of the average American horde member. And of course, they have no redeemable defects.

In The China Huawei Affair, if the US had pocketed its world leader arrogance, and consulted, before assuming, it would not have stranded itself as badly as it did. But who cares, the voting punters of The US have zero in Rational and Critical Thought and a rigorous non-education system to prove it. Tokenism is like wearing white at SOTUs. We all knew anyway.

The UK becomes the tech giant, both taking down Silicon Valley as the confused US wanted, and also developing products and resources with India and China. An issue that the failed US had never understood. Why trade when you can shoot and thieve your way through?

The SNP claiming it represents the People of Scotland, has the worst education system and the highest taxes in The UK. The referendum of 2014 has Scotland remaining in The UK and that of 2016, leaving The EU. Scotland has oil and fishing which will be returned to the UK for the benefit of all. The SNP want to remove Scotland out of the UK and into the EU as a vassal state. Neither will occur. A concerted effort in Scotland will remove the parasitic SNP.

The US delivers too many propaganda lies, and continually entraps itself, demanding others to pay prices to remove it from the bogs it invents.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin comments: Not for one moment do I think the US-China Trade War is a hoax. China and the US both owe each other and open warfare is hardly going to sort things out productively. Under Trump, the US has changed it’s focus from War-based economy to international trader, with a focus on “America first”, so in my opinion it makes sense for the US to be using it’s own businesses and infrastructure rather than those of a competing nation. On the other hand, surely if the UK is to become the new “tech giant” as G suggests, then should they not do like the US does? One doesn’t become tech top-dog by letting others install (and thus control and monopolize) your communications infrastructure! This is, of course, assuming the UK really did leave the EU in order to gain independence and not in order to become slaves to China’s Belt and Road (“China First”) Initiative…?


Martin Harris

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