Boris Johnson in Intensive Care: Will The UK Lose The Brexit PM?

Seems once again the Russian intel was closest to the truth. BoJo worse than authorites have been letting on.

Let’s hope the man that finally delivered Brexit survives (even if you don’t like the guy, no one wishes this on anybody).

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms worsen

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the prime minister was given oxygen late on Monday afternoon, before being taken to intensive care.

A No 10 statement read: “The prime minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, after being admitted with persistent symptoms of coronavirus.

“Over the course of [Monday] afternoon, the condition of the prime minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the intensive care unit at the hospital.”

It continued: “The PM is receiving excellent care, and thanks all NHS staff for their hard work and dedication.”

BBC report

The strange lead-up to Boris Johnson’s admission to hospital

On Thursday lunchtime, having denied the first round of rumours about St Thomas’, Downing Street floated the idea that Johnson might not be back at work on Friday as planned if his temperature remained high.

A cough was not mentioned, but his official spokesman told a daily briefing with journalists that he would only go back to work the next day if his temperature came down.

That evening at 8pm, despite his isolation, the prime minister appeared at the door of No 10 to applaud the work of NHS workers. Despite the appearance, the health rumours did not go away: St Thomas’ was on standby because Johnson’s condition had worsened, the first source insisted – only for Downing Street, when pressed, to deny that he was about to be admitted that night.

On Friday lunchtime, the situation began to unravel. An unkempt, gravelly-voiced and clearly unwell Johnson released a video in which he said, somewhat implausibly, “I’m feeling better,” before conceding he could not fully return to work. “Alas, I still have one of the symptoms, a minor symptom, I still have a temperature,” he insisted.

On Saturday he spoke to newly elected Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to invite him “to a briefing next week” on the crisis, but on Sunday his health apparently took a turn. At about 7.30pm that evening, Johnson was rushed by car to the hospital.

About 90 minutes later, Downing Street went public, saying Johnson had been “admitted to hospital for tests” on the advice of his doctor and, in a change of language, acknowledged the prime minister was suffering from “persistent” rather than mild symptoms.

Shortly before 8.30pm on Monday, further news came: the prime minister had been admitted to intensive care at St Thomas’ 90 minutes earlier.

Several sources say Johnson has required oxygen to help with his breathing following his admission to hospital – an assertion that was not denied by Downing Street – although his official spokesman said that Russian reports that he was on a ventilator were “disinformation”…READ MORE

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2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson in Intensive Care: Will The UK Lose The Brexit PM?

    1. Use your own powers of discernment and come to your own conclusions based on the available evidence Aroha. “I don’t believe it because the MSM said it” isn’t a great criteria for establishing facts. There’s just as much fake news coming out of Alt media sources as there is from the MSM! That’s why we have a motto that says “Think for Yourself”.
      Having said that, I sympathize with your suspicions!
      Thanks for commenting:)

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