China’s Argentinian Military Facility: “Greater than the Cape and Pine Gap Combined”

From an Intel Colleague:

In The Argentinian side of Patagonia, China has constructed a massive Intel and Military facility greater than N.W. Cape and Pine Gap combined; and much more. Nothing to do with The Moon or Mars. My associate visited and maintained The Argentine FIA – National Directorate of Strategic Military Intelligence File.

By G Squared 3/5/20, images added by MH.

China Builds Space-Monitoring Base in the Americas – The Diplomat
The South China Sea islands connection points to another Miltary-Industrial Complex at work.

There are currently 10 bases in the complex; operational from 2007. Ignored by the stupid GWB the bought Cheney, and the criminal Hayden (attempted murder of Melania Trump in Scotland, currently enjoying his Methyl Iodide ‘retirement’, courtesy of a Target Team. Brennan and Clapper back in their holes).

Because of vaid interest from territorially shared Chile; Argentine forces; due to corrupt activities in The Argentine Government, currently guard the facility.

Shrouded in secrecy, the compound has stirred unease among local residents, fueled conspiracy theories and sparked concerns in the Trump administration about its true purpose, according to interviews with dozens of residents, current and former Argentine government officials, U.S. officials, satellite and astronomy specialists and legal experts.

The US has just warned Argentina to withdraw its forces.

There is a problem landing Chinese Regulars.

One of the issues is The US Prime Intel Bases in Australia being on First Strike.

Only Russia has the most advanced military technologies. In which case it is necessary for Russia to protect Australia, with The US, against strike by China.

Another reality that cannot be delivered to the herds.

Only Russia can detect Point of Launch, and only Russia has Hypervelocity Missiles.

Don’t expect an engagement between Russia and China, and the expunging of N.W.Cape and Pine Gap in exchange for Patagonia, to be of concern.

The problem is the follow-on bastardized strike on Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. But of course that’s just fancy. And we well know the controllers of China to be most moral and ethical. [one presumes sarcasm is intended, G? MH]

Australia cannot defend itself and The US cannot defend Australia. Only Russia can protect Australia.

What an astonishing and cringe fool was Abbott, poncing The Dem Narrative Line at The Brisbane G20. The option was to ignore. Look at the legacy of the mega-fool puppet Howard reading The WMD Script.

An indication of how ridiculous Howard made Australia, apart from the denigrated sane who always knew, is The Chilcot Report concerning the criminal Blair.

And they wonder why.

G Squared
G Squared

Martin comments: “Only Russia can detect Point of Launch, and only Russia has Hypervelocity Missiles.” says G Squared. I may not a military intel insider, but I would strongly question that claim. Russia has a tendency to chest-beat (and even bluff: remember the “bomber gap” trick?) when it comes to it’s military might, whereas the US loves to stamp everything “classified”. The US “Space Force” includes both mobile and geosynchronous “point of launch detection” satellites as well as sea-based platforms working in conjunction with OTHR; and that’s what we know about publicly!

Regarding hypervelocity missile tech:

Note the use of the word “Quietly” in that latter story heading? I think the Russians can talk “the talk”, but can they walk “the walk” (put their money where their mouth is)?

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