MUST WATCH: CCP Collapse and the “Ark of Doom”

Revealing Chinese Communist Party’s Ark of Doom Project

China Observer – Vision Times

Some scholars have published an article claiming that top officials of the Chinese Communist Party are hiding a “sinking ship plan”, also known as the “Ark of Doom Project” , which was prepared in the early 1990s as an overseas escape route for the top CCP leaders after the collapse of the regime, and transferred up to $10 Trillion USD in assets overseas for this purpose. But recently the United States implemented a series of sanctions against Chinese officials, so is it still possible to implement the Communist Party’s “sinking ship plan”? On July 9, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced on its official website that it had sanctioned the Xin-jiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) Public Security Bureau and four CCP officials under The Global Mag-nit-sky Act for involvement in serious human rights abuses against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. On the same day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also issued a statement saying that the four individuals and their families are also on the State Department’s sanctions list and that they will not be eligible for visas to enter the US. Pompeo also mentioned that he was imposing similar visa sanctions on other officials of the Chinese Communist Party. Previously on June 10, US Congress released a national security strategy report that talked about sanctions against Beijing officials, including officials responsible for instituting and enforcing China’s new security law targeting Hong Kong’s autonomy and those behind the CCP’s United Front Work Department. Even high level officials such as Han Zheng and Wang Yang who are members of the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee can also be sanctioned.

— What is the “Ark of Doom Project”?

As a result, senior leaders raised the need to prepare a pre-emptive response to the collapse of the CCP and criticized Deng’s selfish action. To quell the criticism, Deng proposed a “Sinking Ship Plan” at the 1991 standing meeting of the Central Advisory Committee (CAC) , which was unanimously approved. After the meeting, a secret preparatory group was formed, accountable only to the CAC Standing Committee. Since then, the CCP has continued to raise funds for the plan and has used various means to transfer assets overseas in preparation if the party was going to go down. Afterwards they use various means to transfer their assets overseas, and once the day of the CPC’s demise comes, immediately activate the archival self-destruction system (nationwide connected) to destroy all dangerous historical records, and then the elite families will escape overseas with ease, which will keep them and their offsprings safe and rich; ordinary Chinese citizens and their future generations however, will remain trapped in a damaged society.

Implementation of the “Ark of Doom Project”: transferring assets overseas + easing relationships The most critical step in the “Ark of Doom Project” is to use any means necessary to transfer assets overseas. There are 2 main ways to do this: 1) Misinvoicing and money laundering, which is the primary way. 2) Overseas investment or asset mergers and acquisitions; such as investment in the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative. As exposed by WikiLeaks, corrupt officials in mainland China have more than 5,000 personal accounts in Swiss banks, two-thirds of whom are central-level officials, from the level of vice premier, bank governors and ministers to central committee members, many of whom own Swiss accounts. In addition, most of the bureaucrats who have worked in Hong Kong also have Swiss bank accounts.

The “Ark of Doom Project” may become Bankrupt Some analysts say that once the US takes action, all of the CCP’s overseas funds will be frozen or even confiscated by the US, and the US may also convince the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Japan and other countries to freeze the CCP’s overseas assets, putting the CCP officials’ efforts in vain. That way, the CCP could really be facing a desperate situation, with public discontent inside and international pressure outside, with nowhere to run. History has proven that extremist, totalitarian regimes and organizations that commit crimes against humanity do not last long and that good will always prevail and justice will be served.

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