“I think that the cetaceans are using their highly advanced ‘internal technologies’ of group-telepathy and holographic consciousness-transmission to beam their love and message into the human psyche, now more than ever…Within their collective psyche they may have memories and knowledge of the history of Earth and humanity that we are unable and/or unwilling to access. They may have knowledge of life elsewhere in the universe…of telepathically-connected galactic communities…and a greater appreciation of the beauty and uniqueness of life on THIS planet.

Perhaps they are the ‘mind of Gaia’ herself.”

Jeff Phillips, ‘We are not alone…YET:  How We Are Waging War on a True ‘Extra-terrestrial Intelligence’ (2012)“The Cetaceans hold an important lesson for us. The lesson is not about whales and dolphins, but about ourselves.There is at least moderately convincing evidence that there is another class of intelligent beings on earth besides ourselves. They have behaved benignly and in many cases affectionately towards us. We have systematically slaughtered them.It is at this point that the ultimate significance of dolphins in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence emerges. It is not a question of whether we are emotionally prepared in the long run to confront a message from the stars. It is whether we can develop a sense that beings with quite different evolutionary histories, beings who may look far different from us, even ‘monstrous,’ may, nevertheless, be worthy of friendship and reverence, brotherhood and trust. We have far to go; while there is every sign that the human community is moving in this direction, the question is, are we moving fast enough? The most likely contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is with a society far more advanced than we. But we will not at any time in the foreseeable future be in the position of the American Indians or the Vietnamese – colonial barbarity practiced on us by a technologically more advanced civilization – because of the great spaces between the stars and what I believe is the neutrality or benign-ness of any civilization that has survived long enough for us to make contact with it. Nor will the situation be the other way around, terrestrial predation on extraterrestrial civilizations – they are too far away from us and we are relatively powerless. Contact with another intelligent species on a planet of some other star- a species biologically far more different from us than dolphins or whales – may help us to cast off our baggage of accumulated jingoisms, from nationalism to human chauvinism. Though the search for extraterrestrial intelligence may take a very long time, we could not do better than to start with a program of re-humanization by making friends with the whales and the dolphins.”

CARL SAGAN, The Cosmic Connection

“Can it be, one inevitably wonders, that man is so locked in his own type of intelligence – an intelligence that is linked to a prehensile, grasping hand giving him power over his environment – that he is unable to comprehend the intellectual life of a highly endowed creature from another domain such as the sea?

Perhaps the water barrier has shut us away from a potentially communicative and jolly companion…Perhaps we have some things still to learn from the natural world around us before we turn to the far shores of space…

Unless we are specialists in the study of communication and its relation to intelligence, however, we are apt to over-simplify or define poorly, what intelligence is, what language and communication are, and thus confuse and mystify both ourselves and others.

We are forced to ask ourselves whether native intelligence in another form than man’s might be as high or even higher than his own, yet be marked by no such material monuments as man has placed upon the Earth.

The question we must now ask ourselves, however, is whether this involves an unconsciously man-centered way of looking at intelligence…”

LOREN EISELEY, ‘The Long Loneliness’, from The Star Thrower (1978)“I will never forget their cries…this is an experience that will haunt everyone involved.”

“In order to appreciate the future of undersea warfare, it is necessary to understand some aspects of the current state of the oceanographic sciences and their development. In no other field of warfare does the environment enter in so complex a way to fashion and fix the character of the operations.  The classical example is that of BIOLOGICAL INTERFERENCE. In the air and on the ground the intervention of an animal or plant in military operations is rare and noteworthy. In the sea, freedom from such interference – by organisms that reflect sonar, for example – would be extraordinary.”
Admiral William Nierenberg, ‘Militarized Oceans’, chapter from Unless Peace Comes, ed. Nigel Calder, 1968

“Consider Rocket Lab’s launch site on the Mahia Peninsula.​ From there satellites can be dispatched on trajectories within the arc from northeast to southwest, and the lower rocket booster stages drop harmlessly into the Pacific.”

DUNCAN ‘FRANKEN’ STEEL, ARCHITECT OF OPERATION FRANKENSEED‘Man, the wise’ is waging an all-out war against life on Mother Earth, inflicting imperially-mobilized ‘full spectrum dominance’ across all theatres of engagement. No landscape, niche or organism is safe from the military-industrial juggernaut, regardless of the pervasive la-la land ‘everything is perfect’ dementia characterizing the modern mind-set. Whales and dolphins have been known to strand since the beginning of recorded history thousands of years ago, long before technological civilization began; whatever contributing factors existed then would still exist now, in the same way that ‘climate change’ is as natural as having a climate. Whale strandings, algal blooms, disease outbreaks, bush fires, floods, cyclones and earthquakes are all ‘natural disasters’ that pre-date homo sapiens by many orders of magnitude. So what is different in the world of today? We are living in a world that is vastly interconnected by telecommunications networks that permit nearly instantaneous but highly selective awareness of events distant from us in space and time. We are surrounded by incredibly advanced technologies at every level, yet few of us have sufficient scientific background to comprehend them.”

JEFF PHILLIPS, ‘Whales Strand Down Under:  Multiple Anomalies Point to Covert Anthropogenic Activity” (2018)



HAPPY EQUINOX a few hours ago. The past few days have been extremely powerful. I had been struggling with my post about Operation Frankenseed, Duncan Steel’s plan to ‘infect Mars’ with genetically-engineered microbes. For the past two weeks a humpback whale had been about 30 kms up the Alligator river in Kakadu National Park, maybe 150 kms east of where I am now. Just as he returned to the ocean, one of the largest whale strandings in Australian history began on the west coast of Tasmania and continues as I write this now.


Although it’s not all that unusual for humpback whales to head up rivers now and then, this was unprecedented in that none had ever been seen in this area in ‘recorded history’ (which isn’t very long!) It was freaky, I go out and have my wee dip in the ocean every day around sunset, and a couple weeks ago I kind of sensed a whale presence. This inspired me to wear my ‘Paikea-aniwaniwa’ pendant for the first time. A day or so later is when I first learned of this humpback.

This is an extremely interesting and cool story which I will tell in a minute. It was one of the best and happiest encounters with whales and humans that I know of in Australia. Just as we were celebrating his successful return to the ocean yesterday, within a few hours I got a message from my friend who’s a fisherman in Tasmania about a stranding of around 250 pilot whales on the west coast, one of the largest ever to happen in Australia.






So, the irony of all this right on the equinox…a ‘sacred moment in time’ of balance, a synchronicity of one of the coolest and one of the worst things to happen relating to cetaceans ever in Australia…is a bit overwhelming to me to be honest.


on mission for C.I.A., ‘Cetacean Intelligence Agency’ 🙂

Some park rangers spotted two or three humpbacks coming up the Alligator river around the 4th of Sept. They had never seen them in that area before. After a day or two, one or two of the whales returned to the open ocean, leaving the one to continue on his journey. It was this point that I found out about it. He (I am guessing it’s a he!) had made his way to approximately 30 kms up the river.  The media was saying that he’d made a ‘wrong turn’ on his way to Antarctica and that he was ‘lost.’ My immediate response to that was ‘what if he’s NOT lost?’ This opens up another whole world of possibilities, and puts them on at least equal footing with us instead of being just ‘magnificent animals’ or ‘beautiful creatures.’

I was able to hear a great interview with Dr. Carol Palmer, a marine biologist with the NT Department of Environment and Natural Resources. I could tell that she was a quite cool and conscientious person with none of the ‘expert syndrome’ that we encounter so often. She observed on how unusual this was, and shared that the whale was seeming to stay put at one location with relatively deep water, around 8-9 meters. The river is tidal up to around 90 kms inland, with a daily change of 6-7 meters. The main thing they were concerned about was the whale getting stuck on a sand bar, particularly since humpbacks do not use sonar as far as we know…in fact, we know very little about how they do know where they are and find their way…and the river is quite murky and muddy.


The Alligator River has a funny name in that it is home to what is probably the highest density of salt-water crocodiles in the world. These aren’t the ‘freshies’ that my partner Liesbet and I swam with in El Questro National Park in WA. Au contraire, these are the notorious ‘salties’ who can come on land and eat cattle, out-run the fastest human for a short burst, stalk you for days at a time if you establish a spatio-temporal pattern, and, if a story I was once told is really true, can actually climb trees. These are the dinosaur-looking critters that Steve Irwin was so fond of. Alligator, on the other hand, are similar but different and they live in places like the Everglades down Florida way. They get big and will eat you but not as big and hungry as salties…who have also been seen to surf on ocean waves!

Anyway, the media of course said in every other sentence how many crocs were around and how nasty they were. Carol had said that the whale wouldn’t even be perceived by the crocs as prey as they would never have seen one and it was far too huge for them, and that only if he got stranded then they might have a go. Carol’s colleague Daniel Low Choy, with whom I spoke a bit, reckoned that even if stranded, the crocs wouldn’t attack until the whale had been dead and was decomposing. I was praying that neither of these things happened!

Carol had said last week that after a couple more days they were planning to try some acoustic maneuvers to try to get Mr. humpback back out to sea. First by banging metal pots and pans to make him turn around, then by playing recordings of humpback whale songs to inspire to come and join his virtual friends. If those failed, then they were going to play recordings of orcas, who are known sometimes to attack whales, to scare him back out to sea.

None of these sounded like good ideas to me, because to me, he was there on purpose and would leave when he was ready. If he had entered the river with at least one other whale who turned around and went to sea, how could he possibly be lost? Sure he was headed due south, directly to Antarctica, even entering what may have been a prehistoric inland-water-way route that his ancestors used to take…but I think he was on a mission.

Scaring him with metallic noises or orca calls could easily have driven him onto a sand-bar. And even playing humpback whale songs may not have worked. Sure he may have been curious, but possibly not be bothered? Being the masters of sound they are, he would instantly know it was a recording, not the real mccoy. And the recordings could have had inherent information beyond our understanding that made him NOT want to check it out further…like being a low-res mp3 as opposed to a 64bit digital recording! There’s a LOT we don’t know.

FINALLY yesterday he went back out into the ocean on a high tide. WHEW! We were all so happy! He had been with us for 17 days that put the territory on the radar of the world. I really felt his presence the whole time, even beginning to feel it just as or even before they entered the river. In my mind…which is of course where a lot of my reality comes from…he could have been there on ‘walkabout’…a tradition of indigenous Australians often having to do with being initiated into higher orders of wisdom and sacred law and lore. Maybe he had to prove himself by staying in the croc-infested waters for as long as possible. Maybe he was an emissary from the ancient whale clans sent to a location where corroborree was held back in the day between the human and whale peoples? Maybe he was waiting for a posse of blackfullas to come out and play their didges for him, like they used to do?

What could very easily have turned out disastrously turned out fantastic, mainly thanks to the brilliant oversight of Dr. Carol Palmer and Feach Moyle, head ranger and marsupial zoologist at Kakadu National Park. I was lucky to be able to talk with both them at length on the phone yesterday, and I thanked them whole-heartedly for the patience and forbearance they showed.

Maybe they were ‘erring on the side of caution’ not having dealt with humpbacks before, but the fact that they postponed doing anything and gave him time to make his move was crucial to the positive outcome. One wrong move on the part of ‘man, the wise’ here and Mr. humpback may have already become dead. A miscalculated noise could have put him onto the sand. If he didn’t move after a couple tidal cycles, then they would have to consider if they could get some kind of boat in there…a tug perhaps…who could physically pull him off the sand-bar and out to the mouth of the river? I don’t know if anyone has tried this before, but having a 15 meter 40 ton humpback whaled tied to your boat could result in what crown countries refer to as a ‘misadventure’, which is euphemism for ‘grotesque fuck-up.’

The past couple days I started getting nervous about what they might feel had to be done if he did get stranded: euthanasia. I’m not going into it here, but both Australia and New Zealand have absolutely abyssmal records when it comes to successful outcomes with stranded cetaceans, almost all of which end in this way. One bloke in WA a while back actually inserted a stick of dynamite into the head of a living whale and blasted it to smithereens. Un-effing-believable but this is documented reality. Sorry but I beg to differ.

Naomi Gales working for DPIPWE in Tasmania in the 1990’s proved that fully-grown sperm whales who had been stranded and lying on the beach for over 96 hours could not only be ok and not have their ‘lungs collapse’ but could be successfully refloated, this disproving a lot of the consensus beliefs that lead to premature euthanasia.

Would we do this to a fellow human being? To me, every whale and every dolphin is the spiritual equivalent (if not superior) of the human individual. If you saw someone sick and injured on a beach, are you going to get your rifle or hypodermic syringe filled with kill juice? NO…you are going to run and ring the ambulance and they come and get them and take them to the nearest emergency medical facility. That no emergency medical teams or facilities like this even exist for whales and dolphins…in a country with vast wealth and more coast-line than any other country in the world…speaks for itself.


I have devoted the majority of my life’s energy since the early 1980’s to being of service to and trying to understand the whales and dolphins, who are my true heroes of life on Mother Earth. To me they are a ‘true extra-terrestrial intelligence’ and ‘the ultimate indigenous people.’ They have highly evolved spiritual/non-material cultures; not only do they not have material possessions or external technology, they don’t even have hands! They have brains and neuro-biological endowments that put us to shame yet they have lived harmoniously for at least 30 million years in roughly their present forms:  they have not mutated themselves or destroyed their home. Leave all that to us.


When I was on the beach in Tasmania about 3 months ago, had my swim and played my flute beaming love to the whales, I had in my mind ‘so why did they return to the ocean after having lived on land?’ it was at this point that a bloke came running down to tell me that three humpback whales had appeared right beyond me and started breaching just as I played my flute! I couldn’t see them due to the angle of the sun but spotted them later and watched their blows all the way into the sunset. He reckoned that I had some kind of special connection with them and that they loved my flute. I think both of these are true.

They are highly telepathic beings, and you don’t have to be physically close to them necessarily to feel their spirit and presence. But when they are closer, you feel it more intensely. I have been able to feel Mr.Humpback from Kakadu from over 150 kms. Who knows, he might even be closer to me now if he headed west out of the Alligator.

I was in Nelson, New Zealand back in December when the fires were raging so horrifically here. It was so intense that I felt physically ill for a few days. I could feel or sense the whole kingdoms of cetaceans surrounding the land-mass of Australia and beaming massive amounts of their special healing energies in concert into the Earth and all the ancestors and fellow-beings who were being burned up. I started on a painting depicting this.


What if Mr. Kakadu Humpback was on such a mission: to go inland as far as he safely could to bring healing for the land and land-based life? What if he is one of the humpback shaman-medicine-men?

I do know this. About two weeks ago BOM was declaring that ‘catastrophic fire conditions’ existed in the top end, the worst they’d seen in five years. I had been asking for some rain from the cloud-spirits and nature-devas. I played my flute for Mr. whale every day at sunset at the ocean and sent him love when I burn my sage twice a day.

With all the horrific fires happening in the western regions of the USA, I just couldn’t bear the thought of similar conflagrations happening again here in Australia. Well, lo and behold, one day last week after the most beautiful sunset I have seen here, due to a bit of cloud cover, a few little drops of rain fell on me. It was a gentle kiss of water from heaven.

The next evening, it actually rained for about 10 minutes right on us. No one even a couple kms away got any…a sign from above. Then the next night WHAM the bottom dropped out and we must have had 10 mils in 45 minutes. Unbelievable. My friend said this was the first rain to fall since March. Normally the serious rain doesn’t start at least until November or December, as this is what they call the ‘build-up.’ But we had significant rain for two more nights, accompanied by massive amounts of thunder and lightning…and hundreds of these amazing frogs who are very loud but quite funny sounding! It’s weird, I find dog barking to be extremely annoying, at any sound level really; but the sound of these frogs, although quite loud when they were close, was not annoying but made me smile. I reckon dogs bark out of discontent, fear, anger, to send an alarm or pouting, but frogs sing out of looking for a new missus!!!!!!! I won’t start going into why whales ‘sing’ but I guarantee you it’s not for National Geographic or David Attenborough!

What IF Mr. Humpback, using some magical (to us) powers that whale-shamans have, was able to bring some rain????? I know, I know…but it’s not impossible. I could also say that maybe he was an emissary sent to meet with the elders of the crocodile clans. For all we know, this may be precisely what he did and at no time was he in any danger but was being treated as an honoured guest! While I’m reaching, what if the whale was on a ‘Heart of Darkness’/Apocalypse Now’ mission? To Canberra or Pine Gap? Did he succeed? Will we ever know?

Anyway…his presence put the NT on the world stage for a bit. People love whale stories, especially when they have a happy ending, and we mainly have Carol Palmer and Feach Moyle to thank for this. THANK YOU GUYS 🙂

Mr. Humpback got a lot of whale and cetacean people in Australia together in mind and spirit to try to figure out the best course of action, and it’s not every day that this happens. I got to talk with my great mate Wally Franklin, the legendary whale researcher from Hervey Bay, Queensland, and also heard from my great mates at Stranded No More, marine biologists in the USA, with whom I’ve been collaborating since 2009.

When the whale was still up the river Wally emphasized that humpbacks have ‘superb spatial awareness’ even though we have no idea how, and SNM emphasized the importance of the salinity of the water as a factor affecting his orientation and comfort-level.

We were all breathing a sigh of relief around this time yesterday and on the verge of celebrating a job well- (not) done = letting him be to do his own thing when all of a sudden I get a message from my friend in Tasmania that over 200 pilot whales had stranded at MacQuarrie Harbour near Strahan on Tasmania’s west coast.


(thanks to StrandedNoMore)

“We see an extremely large area approximately 528 miles away from the stranding site marked as “hazardous operations, space debris”. The warning was for September 17 and 18, with the expiration on September 20th. What does this warning exactly mean is not clear, does it mean that things burn up, blow up and shower everything alive in the area with noise, fire and who knows what else? Curiously, if anyone remembers, in 2015 in Chile there was a massive die off of sei whales. Guess what was happening in the area? ‘Hazardous operations, space debris’!”

I was absolutely gutted and have felt like I have a spear through my heart for the last 24 hours. To me, each of these pilot whales is a wee person. Thinking like this, however, is too much for most people to bear…what IF we saw hundreds of people lying in shallow water drowning and struggling to breathe but unable to move? What would we do then?

This is a leap of mentality few of us are prepared to make. As long as they remain nameless ‘animals’ it lets us off the hook of really being deeply concerned. It also makes it easier for the so-called ‘experts’ to use Orwellian euphemisms like ‘misadventure’ to describe what led to this stranding, so far the biggest in Tasmanian history and one of the largest in Australia ever witnessed.

And it may not be over yet. As the stranding seems to be happening in waves, more could come in. We could also see strandings of pilot whales and/or other species in other locations…King Island, Otway Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, even Stewart Island New Zealand. These are the next closest land-masses. Part of the problem, however, is that with stranding events, the vast majority of cetaceans affected by whatever the cause might have been, go undetected, regardless of whether they were killed, injured or ‘just’ scared. We only know about these because they stranded…what about other pods of pilot whales or other species who may have been affected by what was behind this, but who just fled out to sea in various directions, not killed or even physically injured but traumatized nonetheless?

 “This is our post from 2015 about the mysterious die-off of 343 sei whales in Chile. When the whales were found they were decomposed quite badly. Chile event was attributed to harmful algae bloom, but no direct evidence was found (read the paper attached, the conclusion about the algal bloom was mostly inference as no direct toxicology findings from whales, doses needed to kill them, presence toxins in their bodies were actually reported). What we find particularly interesting is that researchers could not explain by drift model all carcasses locations and concluded that dozens if not hundreds of sei whales actually swam into narrow inlets just to get trapped there & die. Could it be that whales were actually fleeing something, being out of their mind, going away, away, until they hit the dead end in numerous inlets of Golfo de Penas? Just like the pilot whales in Tasmania flee something and end up stranded on the flats of Macquarie Harbor in Tasmania? We will never know, because if whales are indeed fleeing something, it is super hard to demonstrate directly.”
  “The mystery of 337 stranded sei whales in Chile. This case is extremely bizarre. We actually wrote to scientists who discovered first 30 back in May, naturally they did not reply. Chilean authorities are trying to argue it was a red tide, but why only sei whales? If it was red tide, and fish was contaminated, it would have been much bigger die off including birds, sea lions, dolphins, etc. Next, why and how these whales ended up all in the Golfo de Penas? These could have been actually live strandings and not the dead whales washing up there. We do not see any seismic surveys activities or navy operation in April and May, at least through our usual sources. The only things that were happening some 1200 km away from the stranding site were ‘hazardous operations involving space debris’. This is a warning that happens from time to time in the open ocean areas as some space rockets or satellites are brought down or something?”
I’ve been collaborating with StrandedNoMore and other marine biologists around the world for over 15 years in an attempt to understand what is going on with all this. I have covered this whole area of inquiry in great detail in an article I wrote in November 2018 after an anomalous multi-species trans-Tasman stranding cluster occurred.




‘Misadventure’ is perhaps the least specific and most nebulous explanation I’ve heard to this day. It definitely puts the onus on the victim, and sure, these whales did swim ashore of their own volition. I will never forget the first time I saw this term used in conjunction with a death. A young black man had been in jail in Fremantle WA in the 1990’s. When he was shot by guards, the verdict handed down was ‘death by misadventure’ rather than ‘first degree murder’ as it should have been.

And sure, whales have been stranding for thousands of years, before the advent of military-industrial civilization. These are common responses given by the so-called ‘experts.’ These days one might even get bits of climate change and possibly now even corona-virus thrown into the mix.

The reality is that it’s extremely complex; everything that’s ever existed is still there, only in the last century or so new effects, influences and technological impacts are over-lain onto the already complex matrix of influences.

This is the point at which the ‘experts’ retreat into group-think cliches and Orwellian euphemisms that help them give the impression of being informed but primarily helping them to keep their jobs by not offending anything or anyone. They aren’t getting paid to think about all this stuff when they’ve punched out at the end of the day.


Also of relevance is space scientist Duncan Steel’s view of Mother Ocean as a place where it’s ok for rockets and missile parts and space junk to just drop in with no harmful side-effects.


“Consider Rocket Lab’s launch site on the Mahia Peninsula.​ From there satellites can be dispatched on trajectories within the arc from northeast to southwest, and the lower rocket booster stages drop harmlessly into the Pacific.

The famous complex at Cape Canaveral​ in Florida was built there for similar reasons, as is the second Rocket Lab site at Wallops Island,​ Virginia – there’s only ocean to the east.

But shouldn’t we have some sort of capability to see for ourselves what is happening in the skies above New Zealand? Suitable radars located near (say) Invercargill, Auckland and in the Cook Islands could track every satellite passing across a line drawn from the South Pole to the equator, and make a vital contribution to ensuring that peace is maintained in outer space.”

This person thinks that rockets and their parts can just ‘drop harmlessly into the Pacific’ and there’s ‘only ocean’ out beyond…’terra nullius’ of the ocean? NOBODY THERE SO WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE WANT?”

This is from my last week’s post/broadcast about Steel’s plan to ‘infect Mars’ with genetically-engineered microbes.




“The DIS releases broadband low frequency acoustic energy which exerts an adverse acoustic bio effect on the suspected terrorist diver/s at a substantial distance from the diver. The DIS utilizes a proprietary air gun control system which may be remotely operated a distance from the intruder causing the diver to surface at a safe distance where they can be apprehended.”


Also of interest is information that was shared with me a few weeks ago. I was filming an interview with a person who had been close mates with an old friend of mine who had grown up and lived on an island off the northwest coast of Tasmania. This person, whose name I am not giving, was a skipper for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for two years.

He told me that once they were in the North Sea not far from the Faroes Islands, and their annual ‘hunt’ of pilot whales…the same ones who are stranding in Tasmania now…was about to get under way. He said that the SSCS crew decided to deploy some ‘hydro-acoustic devices’ that had been given to them by ‘friends in the navy’ to try to ‘move’ the pilot whales away from the Faroes islands.

In telling me this, he expressed serious misgivings about doing it, but according to him, it worked and the huge pod of pilot whales they were monitoring did change course and hopefully avoided human interaction.

If this technology was powerful enough to re-navigate a pod of hundreds of pilot whales, it may have been some kind of seismic weapon or instrument, who knows. Sure, this turned out great if it worked BUT the point is that the exact same technology could be very destructive of life if used in other kinds of ways.


Interestingly as well, Carol Palmer told me that Mr. Humpback in Kakadu had quite a few scars on his body, and one of them was from a harpoon.

The harpoon is in many ways the ultimate symbol of humanity’s ignorance and aggression. Paradoxically, it may have been the earliest weapon deployed by homo sapiens in his war on the ‘ultimate indigenous people’, but in the world of today, regardless of the high-profile PR given to whaling by so-called ‘non-profit organizations’ whose names I won’t mention, the effect of whaling compared to systemic issues like chemical and radio-logical toxicity, all things naval and military, sonars, noise, seismic testing, and deep sea-bed mining, to name a few, is negligible.


(Tutunui Wananga Kaliqatsi)“My belief is that they have deep and fundamental understandings of a ‘reality’ that is far more expansive than ours;  that they don’t need mathematics, geometry, calendars or symbols for this understanding;  and that they are not imprisoned by the web of self-delusion so comprehensively woven by homo sapiens… Someday we might be able to see ourselves as they ‘see’ us;  if we exist long enough to achieve this level of conscious communion, the revelations it brings could be of far greater consequence than the highly-touted ‘contact with an extraterrestrial civilization’ that pop-astronomers have long awaited.”
This painting, done with acrylic on water-colour paper, approx. 60 by 80 cm, is a step towards a film/beyond-film project I am working on which will attempt to journey inside the minds of the whales, to help us understand and appreciate what it’s like to be them.This painting illustrates three key dimensions to this understanding:  their awareness of and interaction with the “cosmic context” within which life as we know it exists, here on Earth;  the unity of oceanic consciousness based on sound;  and the dangerous effects and side-effects of human industrial civilization which is inflicting pain and suffering on them, as well as interfering with their life-processes, of which our knowledge is minimal.The sun, of course, is the dominant energy influence;  here we see the moon, planets, a comet and the Milky Way exchanging energy/information, with each other and with the whales.  Shown here also are plasma discharges, or “interplanetary lightning” between the planets, which some researchers today believe may have been the origin of human myths about “dragons and gods battling in the sky.”  The cetaceans may have similar “mythologies” or even direct knowledge or understanding of these and other cosmic processes unknown to us;  with their more highly advanced CNS’s, they may also possess memory capacities far beyond ours.  The whales may be highly aware of changes in the solar constant or fluctuations in the spectrum of wave-forms impinging on the Earth, as well as being intimate with her “heart-beat.”  They may actually be able to “hear” what Kepler called “the music of the spheres” in ways that are inaudible or imperceptible to us.The ocean, particularly at any degree of depth below the surface, is essentially an acoustic environment, as light does not penetrate very far;  most marine life-forms, consequently, have highly developed abilities to use sound, to “see”, to sense, and to communicate.  Sound as a form of vibrational energy travels much faster and more intensely in water (higher density) than in air (lower density).  Cetaceans use sound in many complex ways, none of which are directly comparable to how we use sound.  They can perform stereo echo-location, to determine distance, velocity, and qualitative information about each other, other life-forms, geological features, or human artifacts;  they can transmit a “shock-wave” of sound from their heads, as well, to stun fish.  From my experience of swimming with dolphins and playing them recorded music in their own frequency-domain, I think that they “feel” sound with their whole bodies.  The ancient Greeks wrote extensively about dolphins’ love of music.  Humans and cetaceans both have acute vision and hearing, but we are more visual and they are more acoustic.That cetaceans communicate with each other, both intra- and inter-species (remember, cetacea is an order, just like primates) is undeniable;  but to say that they use anything called “language” is a completely unintelligent anthropomorphic projection.  Their systems of communication are incomprehensible to us, regardless of what some researchers may boast;  “language” is performed by the tongue, but cetaceans send out sound directly through their heads.  People who know them well agree that they have highly-developed “telepathic” abilities;  and some speculate that they use “acoustic holography.”My belief is that they have deep and fundamental understandings of a “reality” that is far more expansive than ours;  that they don’t need mathematics, geometry, calendars or symbols for this understanding;  and that they are not imprisoned by the web of self-delusion so comprehensively woven by homo sapiens.  Their advanced social relationships, and, in particular, the fact that they do not kill members of their own species, testify to an “intelligence” far beyond that which we claim as uniquely our own.In the lower left corner you see the “six-fingered hand of industrial civilization” and representations of what it is inflicting on the cetacean and oceanic communities:  the land is covered with solid-state circuitry-looking structures;  an “all-seeing” microwave tower transmits its lethal “wi-fi” and mobile-phone rays;  factories and nuclear power plants belch out toxic by-products;  an atomic explosion releases megatons of isotopes into the atmosphere, already irradiated by legions of military and commercial satellites.  The six fingers of the homo-cosm could represent the major threats to the health of cetaceans:  whaling/harpoons, which are the only publicized threats to whales but in reality affect whales in general least of all;  pollution in the form of waste-products, run-off, and spills;  toxicity due to presence/high concentrations of a host of chemicals, e.g., pesticides, discarded military ordnance, including chemical and biological weapons as well as radio-active waste;  drift nets and trawlers;  noise from any motorized boats or ships, as well as from seismic testing explosions;  and low-frequency active sonar, or LFAS, which U.S. submarines use, allegedly “to detect silent submarines” but which really functions as an anti-whale weapon, as the extreme sound levels it generates, on the order of 160 db with “kill zones” the size of Texas, explode their inner-ears.Ultimately, in this vision, the whales and all life in the ocean are protected by a full-spectrum rainbow continuum, which is generated through an interaction of cetacean sound artistry and emanations from the Hunab Ku (center of the galaxy) mediated by the sun and other stars near us.  This is the fabled “rainbow bridge” prophesied in native American traditions. They are shown here “singing”…we don’t have words to describe what they do with sound…yet…but this is the closest approximation we have…they are “singing” vibrations of love and healing to everyone, on land, in the sea, and in the heavens…to help us all awaken from our lethal sleep-walking and to learn to use the “ultimate technology” which we are in ways that it’s meant to be used:  for spiritual creativity.“Tutunui-wananga” is Maori for “the personification of the knowledge of whales”;  “Kali” is the Hindu deity of death and destruction, in the latter stages of whose yuga we are said to be now, as reckoned by some calendrical systems;  and “koyaanisqatsi” is the Hopi word for “life out of balance”, the period of time they say we are now in, where everything runs amuk and the Earth eventually “cleanses” herself of all that is not in harmony with life.Paleontologists agree that the cetaceans have been around in pretty much their present forms for on the order of 30 million years;  during this time they may have seen terrestrial life-forms come and go, as the land-based environment is more volatile and less stable than the oceanic.  Life-forms on land are more highly bombarded by energies originating outside the Earth, and subject to mutation from these energies;  water is very good at blocking these vibrations.Someday we might be able to see ourselves as they “see” us;  if we exist long enough to achieve this level of conscious communion, the revelations it brings could be of far greater consequence than the highly-touted “contact with an extraterrestrial civilization” that pop-astronomers have long awaited.  In fact, the cetaceans literally are an “extra-terrestrial”, i.e., “away from land”, intelligence…here and now on the same planet as us.  I tend to think that really, we’re on their planet.The first and greatest step towards “communication” is awareness and acknowledgement of the problems that WE are creating for them, then STOPPING all these things so that they can live healthfully again, free from the effects of our aggression, greed, waste, and stupidity.I seriously doubt that the cetaceans would refer to us in the same way we refer to ourselves:  “man, the wise.”

JON, MICHELE, KATI AND PINGAL WEEPEEMany thanks to Jon & Michele Baty for facilitating this project!  YOU ROCK!
JUNE 2009

ULTIMATE SEA-LIFE PAINTING, Jeff Phillips, 2012-13
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