Fake Filings and Voting for the Enemy

The NYT alleged leaked Trump Tax Filings are fake. As fake as The Hitler Diaries, Soetoro’s (Obama’s) Hawaiian birth certificate, his tertiary education, and his SitCom family. As fake as the tertiary attainments of; Biden, Chelsea Clinton, AOC, Pocahontas, et al.

by G Squared

An agenda for political deception has fixated on Trump’s financial dealings and his alleged tax filings.

As if the masses of US punters will revert to voting for their enemy, career public servants, and against a businessman standing between The People and The Government. Trump is The People versus The Government.

This saga, always under Trump’s control, as The Mueller, Collusion then Obstruction Hoaxes, and The Pelosi Impeachment Farce, were allowed to run their courses to oblivion. A further Covid Impeachment Hoax was shelved. 

The Executive does not sit at the pleasure of The House.

The activities of Crossfire Hurricane and prior, were The Deep State War against Trump, attempting to protect its interests. White Light Intel acted to protect Trump through 2015 and 2016, at the least. There were five (not FVEY) international Intel agencies acting from prior to The Trump Tower, FISA Interceptions, in which I was involved. As I have written.

A failed but ongoing Coup d’etat against Trump, as that which succeeded against JFK. I have previously detailed all these matters.

In the current NYT Hoax, the bite was the deception, that Trump only paid $750 in federal taxes in 2016 and 2017. He held the standard extension to file, and is on a constant audit. As are all those persons in his category.

He had a rolling tax credit of $1m from 2016, and $4.2m from 2017. Apart from a prior $72m blanket offset credit. So Trump manages his tax commitments, and actually pays ahead. He doesn’t evade or defraud as the culture of those of the owners of the hypocritical screeching brigades. He manages his voluntary payments to the questionable federal IRS. Privately owned; as The Fed and The CIA. For those unaware.

New york times trump tax returns
© New York Times

The voluntary payments of individuals pass into Treasury Revenue, Then to Currency Interest Payments to The Fed. The corporate sector federal payments are the Defence Budget. 

In passing: The President nominates a chairman from a list of only one name, given to him by The Fed. Yellen was a token. Fischer was moved from The Bank of Israel to manage The Fed. 

Infra; Elizabeth Coleman, Fed IG, questioned by Alan Grayson, had no idea what she was talking about. A brilliant career public servant ‘Trail Blazer’.

JFK had begun to block the Fed currency monopoly by issuing some $4.5 billion in ‘Federal Notes’. Identical to The USD. A separate issue to the ‘Super Bill’ Affair. Which is incorrectly detailed on The Internet. The culprits in that massive fraud were; CIA Deep State and The post Op. Ajax, Iran. 

Fort Knox had already been cleared by FDR. As subsequently The BOE was cleared by Brown and Blair. Separate to the massive Soros frauds against The BOE and The Five Dragon Currencies. I was subsequently involved as an advisor in the latter. 

The USD being removed as The World Reserve Currency, following the change from Sterling by The Bretton Woods Agreement.

In passing: Fuld of Lehmans paid himself an additional $450m just prior to pulling the plug. 

(I was depicted in; ‘Margin Call’, ‘The Big Short’, ‘Ship of Fools’, and ‘The Looting of The Savings and Loans’. As I have previously written.)

There is a rolling bill and Congressional Unallocated Funds, that maintain government function. Not as politically postured on various occasions. Obama’s Sequesters and Quantitative Easings being as fiction based as his Sanctions Serenades. 

The true US deficit (Unfunded liabilities) is in the order or ten times the publicly advised number.

The Sino-US Cold War continues, as The Western Economies contract and implode. China is being delivered major infrastructure and natural disasters. As it prosecutes in The Asian Region. It is being isolated from natural resources.

The abject ignorance and obsessive fixation on minutiae by Western MSM and related platforms is astonishing.

The IRS Director, sits at The President’s Pleasure. As indeed Mueller could have been removed at any time during his twenty-two month farce. Mueller and his Brookings institute product were allowed to drown in their own swill. 

It’s interesting that the rolling tax credits for advance payments, were instituted into the regulations by The Obama Crime Consortium, for their personal benefits.

Trump held properties of some two hundred acres each, in Westchester New York and Los Angeles. The purpose was to develop golf courses with surrounding housing estates.

When Trump subsequently filed development applications for the above two sites, the local authorities decided that they should not proceed. They changed the zoning. Albeit in contradiction to prior agreements. Trump took a $119m tax deduction; giving the lands as reserves; and closed the files.

Hypocrisy being as it is: Joe and Jill Biden established two Delaware S Corporations, that do not pay Federal Income Taxes. Avoiding Social Security and Medicare responsibilities. Not the intention by moving from a Delaware General or Close Corp. through The IRS s. 2553. Employees are left stranded with the evasion of The Payroll Tax.

We are dealing with people posturing the morality they demand in others. The Obama-Biden Affair was The Clintons and Bidens colluding with foreign powers. Posturing Trump as corrupt, to hide themselves. There is a library of the criminalities of those Dem consortia concerning; China, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, The Balkans, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, etc. Not including The Clinton Foundation Frauds and the looting of aid to nations as Haiti.

Apart from The Uranium One Affair, and related dealings with Iran, there is a further Uranium Affair involving Kyrgyzstan, in which Mueller and Comey were personally involved in the theft and fraud. Hidden under the veil of National Security. I have previously written as I could, on this matter.

Comey having left an HSBC Directorship at $11m a year plus, alone. Apart from being Senior Counsel to LockMart during the monumental F-35 Fraud, which I have also detailed as best I could. All cast aside to become FBI Director. REALLY.

Cheney, McCain, GHWB et al all being involved in The F-35 Affair. The world’s greatest Military Industrial Fraud. A CIA copy of a non-functioning Russian SU. A bigger lunacy than; ‘Our Man in Havana’. 

The Bidens mysteriously managed,  speaking fees and book royalties; no connection  to quid pro quo of course (recall The Ukraine Affair). Some $13.3m in 2017-18, passed through The Delaware Scheme evading the 15.3% employee component, by non-wage distribution.

Without forgetting HRC receiving $670,000 for two speeches to Goldmans and WJC receiving $500,000 for one speech to SperBank Moscow. The latter to grant financial licences in The US. I am reminded of Rothschilds losing their banking licences in France. A helpful Finance Minister Macron runs to the rescue. A scheme is established to reinstate the banking activity through three small banks. I have previously detailed these matters.

Macron takes a retirement from The French Government, and begins materialising funds to buy out his contracts and run in a questionable election to become French President.

The fixation on Trump’s financial affairs; dragging in subpoenas against his grandchildren, incessant Dem government paid fishing expeditions, and journeys up and back from SCOTUS, concerning consortia including, Mazers, Duetsche, and Capital One, have been settled prior to the issue becoming a talking point in the forthcoming news cycles.

The manufactured Mary Trump book is linked to the accusations of fraud concerning Eric Trump et al. Fourth Estate inventions to produce narratives in search of advertising revenue.

In Feb. 2012; halfway into The Obama-Biden Administration; it became necessary to seek an investigation by TIGTA (The Inspector General for Taxation Affairs in The Office of The Deputy Secretary of The Treasury), concerning The Obama-Biden Consortium weaponizing The IRS for the gain of that consortium, and attacking Conservatives. 

The Report was returned in May 2013, with the standard; ‘Evidence not Found’ Hoax. Hearings were commenced involving the then Director of IRS Legislative Affairs, Leonard Alsor, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, John Koskinen, and other now former officials; Lerner, Paz, et al, including Cole and Steven Kelly.

Lerner wiped hard drives and hid files, the day before she was called. As is the standard modus of not guilty, Deep State, Democrats. She added the humour that she had not breached any law, but incessantly delivered the mantra of The Fifth, when asked about her employment.

As entertaining as The Lynch Mantra. She took the recommendations of the team of seasoned career public officials with regard to not prosecuting HRC from the obtuse findings of Op. Midterm Exams.

I am reminded of the ridiculous Eric Holder, HRC, and recent Mueller cleansing exercises. Mueller’s compelling evidence on Trump’s Obstruction including Gestapo Mueller’s inability to recall basic matters as The Steele Dossier on which his fake witch hunt was predicated. He not knowing of Fusion GPS, and Nellie Our being employed there. Mueller of course had hinted the conclusion even prior to the commencement of that sham investigation. As I had written at the time. Two operatives from The Brookings Institute had pre-written the report. They were initially both moved to Schiff’s staff.

From 2019 to the present: Dem controlled House Committees, reached the bottom of their credibility.

We witnessed The Barr “Reclaiming my Time’ Lunacy, The Kavanaugh Serial Rapist Hoax, and The Mueller Lack of Recall Stupidity.

Monumental honourable mentions from the annals of Dem Past include; Lynch’s Team Recommendations, Lerner’s Fifth Serenade, and Holder threatening everyone.

Harris of course can reflect back to the great guidance of HRC’s Reno. They both derived great joy from concocting evidence to execute innocents.

Reno of course having the additional honours of her fingerprints being on; The Ruby Ridge Massacre, The Davidian Massacre, The Murrah Building False Flag (Oklahoma City Bombing blamed on CIA McVeigh), and the fake break up of Microsoft.

G Squared
G Squared
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Martin Harris

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