“Nature uses signs, many of which escape our eyes. A sign is something that stands for something else” Jeff Phillips


“In ancient civilizations they didn’t have disease as we know it. It would be incredible if you could produce music so perfect that it would filter through like rays and ultimately cure.”


A musical experiment I did in 2002 inspired by a dream in which Hendrix showed me some stuff on guitar. This track has him playing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock, that track running backwards and slowed down, some dialogue from a 1964 courtroom drama ‘Judgment at Nuremberg’, and then some vocals by me at the end.  Probably the heaviest and freakiest thing I’ve yet to record. Click on title to read about track and here to listen.

(written for Sarah McLachlan, Ashwin Sood, and Dan Cleland)
“When I left America I wasn’t ‘leaving’, I was just coming down under to check it out. But then in the post-9/11 climate I began to see that it was as if the Great Spirit had whisked me safely away before the shit hit the fan. I mean, for many years I had already been on ‘orange alert’, and had gone ‘red alert’ in the spring of 2001 when I learned of the navy sonar attack on the whales and dolphins; to me, this is really their planet.

Maybe in the back of my mind I remembered a warning given to me by my ‘conspiracy theorist’ friend in Athens, GA in 1985: that the New World Order was going to stage a terrorist attack in the United States and use that as a pretext for turning America into a police state. And in 1996 when I was in Martha’s Vineyard I met Spar Tharpe, who was the skipper of the Arabella, Hugh Taylor’s katamaran (he’s James’ brother); he told me that the New World Order was going to do the takeover attempt in 2000 and that he was moving to New Zealand! I didn’t really take any of these predictions seriously, but indeed, it has come to pass. 

To me, it’s all a global issue; it doesn’t matter where you are, because we’re all connected in the web of life. ‘Conspirare’ in Latin means ‘to breathe together.’ We’re all co-conspirators in the web of life, literally! It’s kind of like, the Bush administration/NWO is to North America (and spreading) what human industrial civilization is to the Earth:  an invasive viral parasite, similar to cancer in the human organism, where the unhealthy cells multiply rapidly, stealing nutrients from and crowding out the healthy ones.

Jimi Hendrix said that ‘in ancient civilizations they didn’t have disease as we know it…’ Because what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves, since we as-a-whole are acting like a cancer on the Earth, we are seeing a rapidly increasing rate of human cancers.  I don’t think it’s going to drop away until we collectively are pulling back on the total damage we are inflicting on the Earth and all of her life-forms;  right now, we are showing no sign of letting up.   People are consuming more and more stuff, generating more and more waste, expending more and more non-renewable resources, making species go extinct, accelerating climate change and global toxicity.  Since Bush was put in (not elected…he was installed by an administrative junta or coup d’etat) any and everything related to protecting the Earth has either been dismantled or is under attack. One of the most dangerous aspects of the current scenario is the exponential increase in uranium mining and the revived proliferation of nuclear weapons, extending to the militarization of space. And can you believe that Israel is the fifth largest nuclear power in the world?

In addition to a profound sense of the sacred in nature, indigenous cultures have always had a much more long-term and cyclical world-view than western civilizations. The Hopi Indians of Arizona tell us that periodically the Earth cleanses herself of that which is out of balance with life; their prophecies have been excellently portrayed in Ron Fricke’s film Koyaanisqatsi, a Hopi word meaning ‘crazy life’ or “life out of balance.”

When I heard Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya speak in 1986, around the same time the Chernobyl meltdown occurred, he said that at that time if we as a whole were to make a serious effort to pull back on our damage to the Earth, the ‘purification’ would not be as severe as it might be. The Hopi prophecies said that at the day of purification, the Great Spirit would shake the world to remind us of our true nature;  that he would shake the Earth twice, with one hand.  The first two shakings were world wars one and two.  The prophecy continued, saying that if he had to shake the Earth a third time, it would be with BOTH hands.

Hindu mythology tells us that we’re now at the end of the Kali yuga, a ‘galactic season’ of several thousand years, an ‘iron age’ in which humanity has sunk into almost complete materialism and identification with matter, and has almost entirely forgotten our true spiritual nature.
This same idea is expressed in the cosmology of the Mayans from Central America. All of these cultures acknowledge a cosmic cycle of around 26,000 years, which corresponds to the astronomically-recognized cycle called the ‘precession of the equinoxes.’ The date 2012 (which in Mayan is marks not only the end of the current cycle, but more importantly, the beginning of the next one.
At this moment we’re in a window of galactic alignment during which evolutionary energies from the center of the galaxy are streaming to Earth via the sun. These energies are creating an ascension process, a realignment of our whole reality with its actual, healthy vibration which we have gradually lost; these energies carry us to our next level of cosmic evolution. This is the ‘second coming of Christ’ in a true sense. What we are witnessing is a separation of realities; the denser materialistically-centered ‘false reality’ or matrix consists of all those souls who continue to live primarily in fear and greed and who keep the ball of the Kali yuga rolling; the other souls, and the Earth and all of her life-forms, are literally ascending in frequency into a new, true ‘reality’ that will be like the Garden of Eden, the ‘kingdom of heaven’, while the fear and greed collective will inherit what Jose Arguelles calls the ‘necrosphere’, a world of machines and ‘life’ completely unlike water-based life. The forces of global totalitarianism, death and destruction and the planetary ‘military-industrial megamachine’ are the most extreme manifestation of the ‘fear and greed’-driven Kali yuga energies.

In terms of what has transpired in America since 9/11, it’s just an amplified version of processes that began in World War 2, if not long before. Imperialism is as old as civilization; what we now experience is the latest version of what the Nazi’s called the weltanschauungskrieg, or ‘world-view attack’, implemented by what Aldous Huxley called the ‘scientific dictatorship.’ Their diabolically ingenious scientists and strategists were incorporated into the military and research communities of both the US and the USSR, where they had unlimited funding and complete freedom to continue their work…how to take over the world not only through military might but more importantly, through deception and psychological manipulation; how to dominate everyone, control everything, kill off everyone you don’t like, enslave the rest, and enthrone themselves as rulers of a new genetically-obedient ‘master race’, while reaping vast profits every step of the way!

My concept of ‘infotoxin’ concerns the weaponization of communication and the techniques of deception using mass-media. 9/11 is a textbook example of a psychological warfare operation. The basic idea is to stage or engineer a heinous atrocity on your own using your secret ‘terrorist apparatus’, which may consist in part of people or groups who don’t know who they’re really working for. You make it look like it was done by who you wish to popularize as your new official ‘enemy’; then you go about instituting the changes and programs (a global police state, for example) that you wanted to achieve. This way you give the appearance of ‘coming to the rescue, combatting the ‘axis of evil’ and solving a big problem’; this Nazi tactic of the ‘big lie’ gains popular support and maintains the facade of democratic decision-making!  It is economical, too, in that with existing levels of public indoctrination and addiction to mass-media, primarily television, you don’t have to blow up more buildings…you just constantly replay the footage of what already happened and issue new ‘terrorist alerts’ to keep people on edge. People who are upset and afraid are much easier to manipulate.

In other words, the vast majority of terrorist acts at any level are actually being sponsored by factions within the governments of the US, Israel, England, and other NWO strongholds. Al Qaeda = CIA = Mossad = Bin Laden = Saddam Hussein = Bush = New World Order. They’re all more like puppets or actors in a highly orchestrated attempt to engineer what the public thinks of as ‘reality.’ The main goal is to keep our attention on their fabricated ‘reality’ to distract us from using our extremely powerful innate abilities as creative and spiritual beings.
I know for a fact that most of the weird stuff in the world is on TV far more than it is in the real world.  All the rape, pillage and violence on the tube helps keep people afraid of each other; divide and conquer; desensitize and coerce. I know that in reality the world is a  very friendly place. When I hitch-hike I am in the REAL world in many ways. She is my friend;  she loves us! 

Regardless of prophecies and predictions, however, no one can possibly really know where it’s all leading.  We are inflicting major pain and damage on the Earth and her life, including ourselves. Much of it comes about through the summation of daily activities we take for granted as “normal.” What mankind does to each other is bad enough, but I think that it’s what we’re doing to the Earth as a whole that is of far greater impact.

The damage seems to be intensifying. Lots of people are waking up, but just as many seem to be retreating into denial and diversion. We’re burning up fossil fuels at an ever-accelerating rate. Brutality is thrust in our face by all forms of mass-media. The whole world is under attack…by ourselves!

Is Mother Nature using us to destroy ourselves?  Is the Bush administration and the New World Order debacle nature’s way of telling us that we’ve gone too far? It would seem that if we are not capable of regulating ourselves, globally speaking, as a species, that nature will intervene and do it for us. This appears to have happened many times in the history of the Earth. It appears already to be happening.
I think it very unwise to sit back waiting to be saved by the phantom gods of fictitious religious belief systems; indeed, religion has long been used as a massive form of disempowerment and psychological enslavement.  Jesus wasn’t a Christian, but George W. Bush is;  the pope is Catholic, and so were the Nazis.  And Mel Gibson!

I think that the Great Spirit is doing her best to wake us all up to who and what we really are: divine spiritual and creative beings who have been blessed with Spaceship Earth and who are intended to be her guardians and navigators, not the homo sapiens macro virus. We ARE the ultimate technology ourselves! The challenge before us is to remember who and what we really are.

In the 60’s it was the artists and musicians who catalyzed the consciousness revolution, protesting the state-sponsored genocide and projecting the vision of peace and togetherness. John Lennon died for this vision. Today the world is in far greater danger than in 1969; weapons technologies have grown exponentially in number and destructive capacity; the planetary ecosystems are stressed; the sun is behaving mysteriously, and the magnetic fields of the planets are changing. Resource extraction is peaking as are toxicity levels. Forests are falling and babies deformed from DU radiation are being born.  Humanity is under a spell of apathy and fear. We ARE on the brink. But of what?

We have in place a massive global communications network that can reach tens of millions of people with the same message instantaneously. Right now the positive uses of this system are being undermined by the forces of centralized control and propaganda power. Our global nervous system is clotted with pus. If the forces of goodwill can somehow gain control of mass-communication as a whole, and rapidly shift the balance of information flow from the currents of death and destruction to currents of love, sharing and creativity, we MAY be able to avert or delay impending major catastrophe. If people can somehow be inspired through music and art-forms to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE EARTH, to make even small but real changes in lifestyle which reflect this love, to actually live the highest knowledge we already have…we may be able to experience a more harmonious and continuous transition into the post-2012 world instead of the catastrophic discontinuity which seems almost inevitable now.

‘It would be incredible if you could produce music so perfect that it would filter through like rays and ultimately cure…’ This was Jimi Hendrix’s vision for the power of music. I am calling on artists and musicians everywhere to create forms of expression which convey these messages and inspirations. The challenge is ours; WE are the citizens of planet Earth and she is the only planet we know of with life in the whole universe! We have to heal our relationships with ourselves and with the Earth herself and all her life-forms. We have to create whole new ways of thinking and communicating which reflect a broader understanding of ourselves and our home.

We are now within the window of galactic alignment.  Everything we think, do and say matters. This is the most important part of the entire 26,000 year cycle;  in the words of Barry Brailsford, ‘we stand at the greatest cross-roads ever reached by human kind.’ We are literally creating our own reality as I write this. We have to wake up because as a whole we’re asleep at the wheel. There’s no guarantee that humanity will still exist 26,000 years from now.  Extinction? Metamorphosis? It’s partly up to us…but it’s also beyond our control. What is happening here and now could be a unique experimental art-form of the Great Spirit.

But we have to do our best with what we’ve got. The universe can only help us when we’ve reached the limit of our own capabilities. Many of us are still fast asleep.

JUNE 2004

“Nature uses signs, many of which escape our eyes. A sign is something that stands for something else…Shamans have long said that nature uses signs and communicates. Taking their insights into consideration could improve scientists’ understanding of nature…Not so long ago, some considered the use of signs a specifically human trait. But defining human specificity by listing traits that only humans possess has turned out to be a difficult exercise:  Either some people do not exhibit the trait or else members of some other species do. People in Western cultures have obsessed about the difference between humans and animals. But humans are animals, and our capacities grow out of our common past with other species. So why conceive of ourselves as entirely separate from them? Why the obsession to look for the human distinction?

I launched into this investigation seeking to understand ‘intelligence in nature’, but gradually realized that intelligence has so many different meanings that trying to define it does not seem intelligent. In Japan I realized that the Japanese word chi-sei meaning knowingness or recognizing-ness, provides a workable alternative…I did not find an English word equivalent to chi-sei that could apply neutrally to other species. Intelligence, awareness, cognizance, and understanding were all defined in human terms. Faced with the absence of an appropriate word, I decided to import chi-sei into English, meaning ‘capacity to know.’ Yes, a Japanese import.”

JEREMY NARBY, Chi-Sei and Knowing NatureIntelligence in Nature (2005)







I just learned today that a few days ago he was spotted swimming in circles around Point Farewell not far out into the gulf from the mouth of the Alligator river where he had finally left the estuarine environment and returned to the open ocean of his own accord. We were all jubilant at his success, yet at that very same instant the massive pilot whale stranding began in Tasmania.

Now it seems that he is still around and has apparently lost a lot of weight. Kaitiakis are concerned for his health and well-being. Still a total mystery as to why he and his companions even went up the river to begin with, then why he stayed, and has not ventured south to the cooler krill-abundant waters of Antarctica. That something is wrong with him is clear but what we may never know.





On Monday 14 November 2016 a huge 7.8 quake destroyed Kaikoura on New Zealand’s south island, within an hour of the inception of NZ’s first-ever naval ‘war game’ in Auckland harbour, which hosted dozens of war vessels from over 30 countries, including the first US warship in decades. The purpose of the ‘game’ was to deal with ‘unconventional forms of warfare.’ This whole thing was remarkably similar to the Christchurch quake scenario of 2011. Both of these events were presided over by then-PM John Key. On both occasions at the instant the quakes happened Key was meeting with high level officials from other countries, particularly the US.

That both of these quake scenarios were deliberately engineered as part of geo-physical warfare activities designed to assist the NWO take-over of New Zealand and to show the world what the Anglo-American hegemonists are packing, is to me incontestable.

In contrast to all the socio-political upheaval, chaos, hullaballoo, kafuffle-mongering and other pathological abnormalities that seem to be happening everywhere in the human world, in particular the sci-fi horror P.O.T.U.S. titanomachy (Greek, war of the giants) spectacle riveting mind-share to the screen, the dominant streams happening in my life  are the immensely powerful currents of cosmic energy and inspiration coming through stronger now than ever.






Last week my great kiwi mate and quintessential wood-master Peter Cholmondeley pointed out a distant rock out in the ocean as we had our weekly cuppa.  He said his name is Nungalinya and is a very sacred site to the local Larrakia mob, having to do with Rainbow Serpent dreaming. Peter said that they don’t like for whitefulla to go out there but that I was different, being beige with freckles, and should try to go and pay him a visit at an upcoming ultra-low tide, which is the only time one could possibly have a chance of getting there and back on foot without swimming.

Yesterday that ultra-low tide arrived around 1:30pm, a height of only 0.06 m. This coincided with the hottest part of the day, but I burned some sage and asked Grandfather Nungalinya if I might come and say g’day and seek his healing and guidance? At that moment a face appeared in the clouds above me. 

I cycled to the beach which is a she-oak, or casuarina forest, and looked out to see the ocean the furthest away I had ever seen any low tide anywhere, except maybe at Broome WA and at Rototai beach in the Golden Bay region of the south island of New Zealand. The breakers looked to be close to 2 km out. I said g’day.

I walked out and saw a few people heading back returning from going out I’m not sure how far. I began walking out right on the moment of low tide, so it would already have turned to come back in. I decided not to try to go all the way out to the big rock but instead to stop at the closest out-cropping. I didn’t touch him but talked with him and played my flute, and cleansed my crystals in the waters around him.

I was on the look-out for ‘flat dogs’, or crocodiles, who are able to lie low in very shallow water if they want. Even though there was sand all around me, around some of the rocks were channels maybe 60-80 cm deep, which would be plenty of space for a croc or two to be stealthing. Not knowing if they would subject themselves to tidal isolation like this, I was wary and didn’t venture too close. For all I know, they may even live or next there.

I felt an extremely powerful good energy out there, and half-way back I turned and looked and felt a distinct invitation to return again and maybe go further out. This would require precise timing and maybe setting out from the beach about an hour before low tide to give maximum time. Maybe around the next full moon?

I got back and sat down to cool my burning footsies, as I had just walked well over 2 kms on sand barefoot, and once out of the water it was quite toasty, the air temp being probably around 35 C. I heard an interesting bird call, one that I had never heard before, which was really cool. I got out my camera and started recording the calls along with the beautiful sound the wind makes when blowing through she-oak needles.

Lo and behold, when I saw one and zoomed in, it was a glossy black cockatoo! I was stunned…the black cockatoos are probably my very favourite bird of the dream-time. I’ve seen and heard them many times, and had some really cool very close encounters in Tasmania. I even have a few of their tail feathers on my flute dream-catcher thing. They are regarded as endangered Australia-wide and many of their populations were decimated by the bush-fires of last season, lending all the more power to my seeing them now.

I spent the next hour filming and photographing them from various angles as they sat there munching on casuarina cones and swaying back and forth on the windy branches. I was quite literally transfixed by their magical presence. Then suddenly they were off as quickly as they had appeared, but I saw them later as I cycled back to the house.

Then I spotted the slender crescent of Marama as she adorned the western sunset colours. This whole experience was to me a huge acknowledgment that my visit to Nungalinya was not only ok, that it was an exceptionally wonderful, powerful…and appreciated…thing to have done! I sat there beneath the she-oaks looking at the ocean and listening to the wind and birds for another hour or two just reflecting on how much I love Australia and the top end and how powerful and present and knowing and caring the dream-time ancestors truly are. They are not something from the past, from long ago and far away, but a living presence here and now. I feel the connection more strongly now than ever.


from THE COSMIC SERPENT, Victor Clube and Bill Napier (1982)

“In this book we bring together hitherto unconnected strands in astronomy, biology, and geology, and in the early history and mythology of man.

The unifying theme is the comet, currently thought of as a minor actor in the cosmic drama. We shall propose that it grows out of the cold-dense nebulae found in interstellar space; is captured into the solar system during a close encounter; and if not flung out again, is thrown either into the space between Mars and Jupiter where it becomes an asteroid, or into an orbit which will bring it eventually, in the form of an asteroid, into collision with a planet.

If the planet is the Earth and the asteroid of modest dimensions, the impact destroys life on a global scale and may initiate an ice age. Such visitations are not uncommon on geological time-scales, and we shall argue that they have played an important and yet unrecognized part in the evolution of life and the history of the Earth. Smaller collisions, catastrophic say over the area of a small nation, are much more common and bring us into the time-scale of human existence. We propose that these have occurred in prehistoric and early historic times, and we interpret Biblical and mythological narrative as faithful records of past catastrophes. In this sense a catastrophist view is taken inter alia of biological evolution, geological phenomenon, and the ancient history of at least the Mediterranean and Near Eastern peoples.”

“Thomas Wright wrote around 1755 ‘That comets are capable of destroying such worlds as may chance to fall in their way is, from their vast magnitude, velocity, fiery substance, not at all to be doubted.’ 50 years later Laplace thought that ‘the seas would abandon their ancient positions, in order to precipitate themselves toward the new equator;  a great portion of the human race and the animals would be drowned in the universal deluge, or destroyed by the violent shock imparted to the terrestrial globe;  entire species would be annihilated…’ and so on.

With the data available in the 19th century, these ideas could only be speculation, and they were soon lost, submerged by the bold concepts of uniformity and evolution. But the great explosion of astronomical and other knowledge of the past few years has enabled us to put such early speculations on a scientific footing, and in the pages which follow our debt to scientists and scholars in many fields will be in no doubt.

But this explosion has brought with it a severe problem. No one individual has the breadth of knowledge to analyze, in full scholarly depth, more than a fraction of the evidence which can be brought to bear on the theme.”




This is a new painting I am working on and represents an entirely new motif in my star-art, the Star-Dragon. It is in the family of several round star paintings of recent years, but has the interstellar/intergalactic energy-plasma-electrical discharge being who has been seen in the skies of Earth countless times throughout the history of human existence on Earth. She ties in with two major streams of thought that I work with, one of which is the brilliant work of astronomers Victor Clube and Bill Napier, which I have talked about a lot on my show. They are the top comet researchers in the whole world, and formulated the ‘mass extinction by cometary impact’ hypothesis years before the Alvarez team ‘stole their thunder’. Here is not the place for this huge story, but the Star-Dragon energy is not only coming through, I feel that she is getting ready to make another appearance.

In 2017 I was invited to paint my version of the Rainbow Serpent as a mural for an establishment in Alice Springs, which was a huge honour. This is the other stream in my current field of operations. I’d been painting her on rocks for a while and felt that it was ok, as First Nations elders had some of them and loved them. Understanding the Rainbow Serpent to be extremely sacred and powerful, we sought and were given spiritual approval to do the mural by a First Nations elder who was born in Alice Springs. The story I made up is that this mural actually shows two Rainbow Serpents, the visible spectrum one who we know and love here in the terrestrial dream-time, and her sister, portrayed as the darker one inside. She has been on inter-stellar walkabout in the Pleiades star-cluster for a long time, but in response to calls from her sister here to come back to Earth to help fight the good fight to protect what’s left of all the families and kingdoms of life against the onslaught of human military-industrial civilization, the Star Dragon has been on her way back for a while and is almost here. At the far right, beyond the DNA helixes in the tail, you can see the Pleiades.



Well if all this stuff doesn’t qualify me as indigenous or at least hybridigenous, I don’t know what would!

In my last show/blog I concluded that if we take the standard definition of what indigenous really means, there would be exceedingly few if any truly indigenous people left on Mother Earth at this time, their absence or impossibility being no fault of their own but being due to the existence of an increasingly pervasive global military-industrial civilization juggernaut whose tentacles are not easy or even possible to escape, even for the people of the sea, the whales and dolphins.

Somehow, magically and mysteriously, the sacred connections remain unbroken, however, and my life is dedicated to making sure that they stay that way.

If, on the other hand, we adopt a more liberal and probably more fruitful interpretation of indigenous, then not only are all humans indigenous, but all of life is indigenous to Mother Earth, the question being begged by the more pedantic among us (of whom I could name some names but won’t!) regarding the origins of life and so on. But the immediate and incontestable reality is that WE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE OF NOW. We are all ‘from here’ somewhere at least in the recent temporal zone, so why don’t we recognize everyone as all equally indigenous people made of the same water and elements and DNA and breathing the same air, and expanding our horizons of identity to include mitakuye oyasin, all of our families of life, our kin of the kingdoms. This sounds pretty darned indigenous to me, how about to you?????? Emphasizing kinship and common-ground and not obsessing over superficial differences. 🙂

I could go on to elaborate on colonization, assimilation, immigration, emigration, migration, ‘third world’ this and ‘poverty-stricken’ that; globalization, imperial mobilization, patriarchal hegemonies and population reduction agendas. These are real, but will save for later.

We could be scientific and formulate an equation that would yield our ICQ, or Indigeneity-Civilized Quotient, which would be a measure of the ratios, for example, of the number of BTU’s of energy we expend daily, how many litres of water we use, how many kilometers we drive and therefore how many litres of hydro-carbons OR ABLU‘s (Amp-Battery Longevity Units, in the case of electric cars) as opposed to walking, how much food we grow as opposed to buying at a supermarket, how many gifts we give as opposed to how much we sell, how many trees we plant versus how many houses we buy, how much time we spend in the company of non-human beings and listening to their voices with our minds and hearts, not just ears…as opposed to jamming our frequencies with the media abortions of politics, sport, sit-coms…the full spectrum of infotoxin. How many cubic meters of urine we excrete or how many meters…kilometers?…of feces we exude annually. How many ounces of mercury are lofted into the atmosphere when our fillings are melted during cremation? All part of the equation. Contrasting the privileged west with the much simpler living majority of people around the world. A measure of HOW we live, not what we look like or think we are or identify with in terms of groups:  the bio-physical substrate that puts us all on equal footing.

Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to focus on what we all have in common, what binds and connects us, rather than obsessing over superficial differences that really don’t matter in the grand scheme?



This little foray into a bit of autobiographical whimsy is meant to be for fun, but elements of truth or reality do exist.

When you think of ‘intelligence agent’ you think of characters like 007 James Bond, or Danger Man John Drake, or Illya Kuryakin of U.N.C.L.E., blokes who were bad-asses at all the secret and covert, sometimes marginally or il-legal, spy assignments and operations which were their raisons d’etre. Probably the coolest and to me most loved spy of all was Roger Moore as The Saint, but you can’t include him as an ‘agent’ because he was free-lance, that is, not an employee of any person or organization. Like myself.

Unlike myself, most of these characters were astute and chronic womanizers, The Saint eclipsing the notorious Bond in that category, but Danger Man hardly bothering.

They all had certain things in common, like the UN, Interpol, the CIA, MK5, the bloke at central command who gave them their missions and scolded them for spending too much money, and the always-mentioned Scotland Yard. Lately it’s come to my attention that Scotland Yard seems to be located in London. I have yet to follow up on this but if so, how could this be? What if it’s actually a putting green?


I would include David Vincent (Roy Thinnes, The Invaders) the California architect who witnessed the landing of an alien craft thus embarking on a life-consuming search for solid evidence of their plot ‘to make the Earth THEIR world’ as a free-lance intelligence agent, bordering on private detective on a private mission.

But the mac-daddy of all super-sleuth private detective secret intelligence agent operatives would be the inimitable Sherlock Holmes.

Last year around this time I was able to communicate with him via some high-tech wizardry, and even though in the end he had to resort to using Morse code to communicate with me, his revelations on the reality of ‘climate change’ were astounding, and astonishingly similar to my own views.

 SHERLOCK HOLMES SOLVES THE ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ MYSTERYhttps://mailchi.mp/44a867951e4d/on-the-brink-radio-299-sherlock-holmes-solves-the-climate-change-mystery-the-encke-window-continues As a free-lance intelligence agent myself, one of the most important things we do is to communicate with top minds in a variety of fields of inquiry and endeavour, to conduct on-going independent research and analysis of all available information and data on relevant topics, to distill and synthesize that which is of greatest significance, then to formulate and express the insights and possible tentative conclusions or recommendations to our network of friends and colleagues, which in my case is everyone who is alive now, for the purpose of harmonious re-navigation of the human process.

One significant difference exists between me and these very interesting characters, not even counting that they are all fictitious and I am not…for REAL! It’s that almost without exception, in all of their adventures and exploits and missions, they were in pursuit of more or less elusive and clandestinely cloaked evil-doers or bad guys, whether in the ranks of organized crime, underworld overlords, corruption in high places, disgruntled spouses, defecting counter-espionage contractors, ripped-off former business partners or just plain greedy malicious bastards.

In my experience, sad to report, it seems clear that with respect to what is happening on Mother Earth right now, no autonomous evil-doers or bad guys exist who we can blame for all the increasingly science-fiction malice coming down in the world around us…there is only US. ALL of us…indigenous, civilized, black, white, rich, poor, pink, green, tall or short, ugly or pretty, privileged or enslaved. Despite our various individual circumstances, my firm belief is that in the eyes of Mothers Earth and Nature, we are ALL responsible for what OUR species, homo sapiens, ‘man, the wise’, is doing and not doing here and now. Not a popular perspective and guaranteed not to be made into any movies…who could possibly go after ALL OF US? 


Wait…isn’t that what’s happening with the whole Covid plannedemic global biomedical psychological operation? If Covid had a face it would be Bill Gates right? THIS needs to be taken up for consideration by a round-table of Sherlock Holmes and all the other investigative luminaries mentioned above, chaired by moi of course. Will keep you posted on what we come up with.


Just a bit of history on the ‘free-lance intelligence’ thing. I was living in Athens, Georgia in 1985. The dreaded 1984 had come and gone. The fact that we were all still alive and well or seemed to be but the sense that nonetheless, Orwell’s ghost lingered and many things were still rotten in Denmark (an expression I am using with absolutely no idea of its origin…forgive me if this accidentally offends any Danish, I have a great dane for your pastries!) was persistent. Bouncing around as I did all over the continent, my appendage was on the pulse of the nation (and hence the world, if one were truly American!) and I was inspired to start creating a new level of music involving multi-instrumental multi-track recording under the name The Brink, in honour of the senses of gravity and urgency that I felt. The 60’s were still alive and well in Athens and I owe a lot of my inspiration and drive to this unique social environment I was lucky to be a part of before the hard drugs set in, just like what happened with the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. 

I felt that I was onto a lot of cool information and ideas and decided to make some little spiral-bound photocopied booklets with articles on this and that and some of my own writings. I entitled the first one ‘A Free-Lance Intelligence Report’. I had several copies run off at the local Kinko’s copy centre (US version of Office-works) and gave them to all my friends.

They were very well received and more people wanted them. I had made friends with the night manager at Kinko’s who took interest in what I was doing, going so far as to call me ‘the Marshall McLuhan of Athens.’ Years later I came to realize what a high compliment this was. Will knew I was giving all this stuff away, so he offered to run off as much stuff as I wanted for free, so I became a late-night regular there where sometimes I’d go in tripping after a night of partying so we could run off a few thousand copies! I shit you not. I was making books that were maybe 3 cm thick and many hundreds of double-sided copies, and giving them out and even posting them all over. 

All this carried over to the Kinko’s in Boulder CO when I moved out there in the late 80’s, and continued until I left there around 1990, culminating in a massive two-volume FLIR each of which was about 7 cm thick. I had not only donated copies to university libraries but also became a de facto CIA asset by giving a set to a professor of a close friend who purported to have ‘agency affiliations.’ Glad to be of service!

Personal computers and email and all that were coming into existence. I remember that cd’s were just coming out when I did my first Brink recordings in 1985. Everyone kept telling me I needed a computer but I resisted steadfastly, relying instead on my trusty internal technology. I finally got an email account in 1996, when I created the name Jeff Wefferson (from my Tennessee chick friend’s name for me, Weffer, a Dr. Seuss version of Thomas Jefferson, designed to fool Big Brother!), but didn’t get my own computer until 2005 (and never owned a mobile phone until 2012). 

So my original free-lance intelligence reports were truly analog information activism before the days of internet networking, in my life anyway.

In the same way that I love actual books, there’s something to be said about being able to hold a hard-copy document in your hand and read by reflected light rather than a rapidly scintillating screen. These days I use both. One of my information activism projects now is gradually photographing and digitizing my archive of rare and important books, making them into pdf’s that can easily be transported and shared.


Another thing that all your intelligence agents, sleuths, detectives and spies has is common is that inevitably, in every episode, someone is always out to get them, to eliminate them, get them out of the picture, because they know too much and are interfering in the evil plottings, maybe even capable of thwarting it entirely.

Has anything like this ever happened to me? Well, no one has ever pulled a gun on me or threatened my life or limbs, or appendages…not in front of me anyway…but I can share a couple of stories that kind of go in this direction, and have great entertainment value.

This first story might seem like no more than a case of highway robbery but there is more to it than meets the eye. I will let you read it in full here, but this is the true story of when I was hitch-hiking in Tasmania in 2001 and got a ride from a bloke who had given me a ride before. He tricked me into getting out in the middle of nowhere and sped off with all my gear, leaving me standing by the road-side in the dead of winter. It seemed like the worst-case scenario was unfolding…but that’s not how it turned out at all! What initially seemed like a nightmare ended up being one of the absolute coolest and empowering things that has ever happened to, with and for me…to this day. And yes, I got all my stuff back!


I may have been targeted by covert electromagnetic spy assassination weapons but will never know for sure. On the full moon in late October 2015 I was on Aotea and had gone up to the over-look to photograph the full moon rise. The moon was rising and the sun had set but the sky was quite light. I had been watching the heavens as I do and all of a sudden I noticed a brilliant blue point source of light, totally artificial, that just appeared out of nowhere. It was extremely bright, brighter than Venus would ever be, and a strange chemical blue in colour. It was stationary. I realized it couldn’t be a plane as it was the wrong coloour and not moving. It stayed on for about 45 seconds then went off. 

But I was spooked. I felt as if I had just been targeted by something like one of those laser-finders that people have, by something either hovering or in low orbit. It never reappeared but I told my friends about. About 3 weeks later I had that bicycle accident only about 300m from that spot, where I mysteriously came off the bike and landed on my helmet, coming out with fractured neck vertebrae but recovering to close to 100% in a few weeks.

What was weird is that as my hands did not go out to break my fall as they had in my first bike accident in 1981, which occurred at a much slower speed, it was almost as if I became unconscious before coming off the bike.

Could it have been an experimental activist assassination attack by a new Lockheed-Martin drone technology? Supposedly things like this do exist. But why little me?

Sorry guys, better luck next time:)


This is by no means an exhaustive list of ‘famous people’ I have met or talked with. I have run into quite a few here and there, some quite by chance and others through deliberate attempts to communicate. Many of them have my painted rocks, at least the ones I met after I started painting them in 1993. By the way, my love of rocks and painting them will be the topic of next week’s show/blog post.

The people I will now describe have been influential in own life and thought. What is more important than who they are is what they contribute. Of the 17 people I list here, I met 12 of them in person at least once and some several times. I could devote an entire show and blog post for each of these minds. For this reason I begin with Dr. John C. Lilly, whose work has probably had a greater effect on my world-view than anyone else other than my dad.

JOHN C. LILLY (1915-2001)

Brilliant ‘Renaissance thinker’ neuro-scientist, dolphin researcher and cartographer of inner space, Lilly paved the way for a lot of new thinking, indeed new paradigms concerning non-human intelligence, inter-species communication, non-local information transfer and an expanded holo-psychic perspective on what is happening on Mother Earth from an extra-terrestrial perspective. I did two week-long workshops with him and his wife Tony at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in the late 70’s and moved to the Bay area in 1980 where I was invited to participate in his new dolphin communication program. My main angle was using music as a form of communication, and was able to swim with them while playing them pre-recorded music by my favourite musicians Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. How they responded was an extraordinarily powerful and transformative experience for me. The whales and dolphins have been my heroes ever since. This work brought me into contact with the SETI group then at NASA.


CARL SAGAN (1934-1996)

Sagan was a top astronomer specializing in planetary atmospheres but then branched out into the cosmos, producing and hosting a brilliant educational tv series by the same name. He was a huge advocate for space exploration, the protection of the solar system, and the SETI work, or Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, which was the wavelength that got us connected. The SETI folks at Ames Air Force base were very interested in the dolphin work so I happened to be the one who made contact with them. They invited me on-lab and I met luminaries Seth Shostak and Jill Tarter. PR director Bob Arnold was my host and took me under his wing. I told him about this radical project I had conceived that involved the cetaceans, music and radio-telescopes. His response was that I needed to talk with Arthur C. Clarke about this. Wow. THE Arthur C. Clarke?  

Bob also invited me to a ceremony being held in the desert about 100 miles east of Los Angeles at the Goldstone-Mojave tracking Deep Space Network installation on Columbus Day, 12 October 1992. He said that Carl Sagan was going to be there and that I could meet him.

He gave a short talk, and I was able to shake his hand and talk with him for about five minutes but he was really busy talking to other big-wigs. They all had on suits and ties and I was there with my hand-painted t-shirt and cut-offs, accompanied by the beautiful fellow red-head Italian astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi. I didn’t have any of Carl’s books with me so I got him to autograph her cd cover.


I think what impressed me most about Carl Sagan was how he became an ardent nuclear education activist because, having the astronomical perspective and therefore the awareness of the extreme preciousness and fragility of life on Earth, and precariousness in the face of all things nuclear. He demonstrated against nuclear proliferation at ground zero of the Nevada Test Site over a hundred times, along with dozens of other top scientists. Some believe that exposing himself to all this high-level radioactivity activated the rare form of leukemia that claimed his life in 1996.


ARTHUR C. CLARKE (1917-2008)

Bob Arnold of SETI gave me Arthur’s mailing address in Sri Lanka, so I wrote to him and sent a hand-painted rock and a t-shirt. A few weeks later I received a letter from him that included a hand-written page. On the letter was his phone number so I ran him up.

A young man’s polite voice answered, and when I said my name he said “Ah, Jeff Phillips…” indicating that he already knew who I was. Arthur came on and his very first words were “Jeff, I’d really like to thank you for the wonderful parcel, the rock and t-shirt. By the way, how is Carl doing?”

Sagan was hospitalized at this time and I didn’t know his status, but we went on to talk for an hour and a half about possibly every topic in the universe, but focussing on the whales and dolphins, who he adored and about my infotoxin hypothesis. Among other things he told me that Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame had just recorded a cd based on what Clarke thought was his very best book, The Songs of Distant Earth. And in reference to global information toxicity, he observed that even though it had become an instrument for world domination, he thought we were still better off to have it than not to have had it. Time will tell on that one.

Clarke was not only a major science-fiction writer but also a fully-fledged scientist/engineer. Not many people know that he originally formulated the orbital trigonometries that made satellites possible in a 1946 paper, a decade before any went up. He was also the co-author along with Stanley Kubrick, of the screenplay for what is probably the ultimate science-fiction movie of all time, 2001:  A Space Odyssey, which is to film what ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is to modern music.

I wish I had asked him about the moon landing and if he really believed we went. He was as close to Kubrick as anyone could have been and would have been privy to all kinds of top secret inside information. Not that he would necessarily have shared this with me, but knowing him as I came to from those conversations, I think he would surely have hinted me in the right direction.


When I did my second workshop with the Lilly’s at Esalen in 1980 I also did a weekend workshop with theoretical physicist Fritjof Capra with whom I felt a cool connection. He expressed great interest in the dolphin work. I had already read his ground-breaking first book The Tao of Physics and complimented him on his clarity of expression. We kept in touch for a while as he lived in Berkeley but gradually lost touch, until year before last when i was inspired to get back in touch. He remembered me quite well and we recorded an interview for my radio show. He has become the world’s leading systems theorist and is involved in a wide range of projects, one of which I have just seen called ‘ecotecture.’ I am hoping we can do a follow-up interview in the near future.



Wow, I could easily write a whole page about Ralph Towner, who I consider to be the absolute best of human musicians. If we could have sent someone on the Voyager spacecraft to play music to the E.T.’s, it would be him! His music has an astounding clarity, elan vital, spiritual and transcendental elegance plus it’s wicked. Joe and Rosie the dolphins at Lilly’s lab got to hear some Ralph Towner coming at them through high-quality hydrophones and expanded into their own frequency range courtesy of the J.A.N.U.S. configuration.

I have seen/heard him perform numerous times, and got to hang out with him each time. He is a great lover of the whales and dolphins and said in an interview that “we really need to leave those people alone.” He is a member of the group Oregon, a brilliant mostly acoustic quartet of extremely brilliant musos playing eclectic green-eastern-influenced meta-jazz, whose original line-up was the original Paul Winter consort.

Two years ago I was able to send hand-painted rocks for Oregon and their manager in Switzerland, so now they are legally stoned, which always helps with music. Ralph is as active and creative as ever these days…listen to some of his music as it speaks far more clearly than can any words in any language.



I have had the honour and pleasure of communicating with Bill several times via email over the last year. We were breaking some new ground but he had to withdraw reluctantly due to workload pressures and health issues with his wife. He loved the painted rock I sent him. He and his colleague Victor Clube, with whom I’ve communicated a little, are to me THE top comet astronomers/cosmologists ever to grace Mother Earth. Their amazing work, which I am only beginning to explore and digest systematically and in-depth, is of utmost interest to anyone concerned about the fate of life on Mother Earth.



“The theory of evolution involving episodic terrestrial catastrophism predicts that the Oort cloud is disturbed by close encounters with massive nebulae. Each disturbance generates bombardment pulses of a few million years duration, the pulse frequencies being determined by the Sun’s passage through the spiral arms and central plane of the Galaxy where nebulae concentrate. The structure within a pulse is shown here to be dominated by a series of ‘spikes’ of ≡0.01 – 0.1 Myr duration separated by ≡0.1 – 1.0 Myr, each caused by the arrival in circumterrestrial space of the largest comets followed by their disintegration into short-lived Apollo asteroids. Evidence is presented that a bombardment pulse was induced 3 – 5 Myr ago and that a ‘spike’ in the form of debris from a Chiron-like progenitor of Encke’s comet has dominated the terrestrial environment for the last 0.02 Myr. Among the predicted consequences are 14C modulations, climatic variations including the last major glaciation and observable zodiacal light phenomena.”


Frank is the legendary radio-astronomer and member of the Order of the Dolphin that included John Lilly who was behind the 1974 transmission of the Arecibo message to the globular cluster M13 in Hercules. It’s 25,000 light years away, so barring non-local connections, it will be a few generations before we might hear back. Frank developed the Drake equation as well as co-designed the plaque on the Pioneer spacecraft along with Carl Sagan. 

I got in touch with him in 2001 asking his permission to reproduce the Arecibo message as a part a larger work I was working on, The Ultimate Technology (you can see it in the lower left corner). He gladly obliged. I haven’t been in touch but wouldn’t mind learning about what he is working on these days.

KARL PRIBRAM (1919-2015)

Karl was a brilliant neurophysiological researcher at Stanford University who did some pioneering work in a holographic theory of brain function, and he was greatly interested in the dolphin work. He did some legendary collaboration with theoretical physicist David Bohm, and I referred to this holographic paradigm as the Pribram-Bohm Hypothesis in my 1980 article for the Human/Dolphin Foundation. I went over and paid him a visit at Palo Alto one day. It was weird, he had a lot of primates on lab and that morning he had just had a finger partially bitten off by an irate chimpanzee!

FRANK ZAPPA (1940-1993)

His music was a bit beyond my kin in my early years but I nonetheless recognized is creative prowess not only as musician and composer but as politically aware planetary citizen.  I never got to hear him perform, but in 1986 was invited to come and meet him at the KPFA studio in Berkeley. I had given a tape of my new Brink recordings to the programming director and he thought it was like something Zappa might do, so he invited me down. Zappa was there to be interviewed then was on to Washington D.C. to testify in the U.S. Senate against Tipper Gore’s born-again right wing PMRCParent’ Music Resource Council, who wanted to levy hard-core censorship on rock lyrics. Zappa and unlikely colleague John Denver both testified in defense of the First Amendment. 

Interestingly, they both became politically active in the early 90’s, Denver in particular becoming an outspoken critic of the global armaments industry. Zappa was thinking of running for the state senate in California and would likely have won a seat.

In 1993 Zappa succumbed to a vicious rapid-onset cancer attack, and in 1997 Denver plummeted to his death in a still unexplained plane crash.


Pat is a beautiful musical spirit who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times, first in Atlanta in I think it was 1980. He and keyboardist Lyle Mays were captivated about how the dolphins responded to hearing their music underwater, and said they’d be delighted to participate in my ‘project’ involving music and cetaceans. The next year I was in Hollywood visiting one of my fraternity brothers. We went to the Pat Metheny concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and he had just come out with his new album Offramp. I was blown away, not entirely because of the opiated thai-stick I had smoked a bit of, but when I heard the amazing sounds Pat had created using his new Synclavier (a new state of the art computer-synthesizer which Zappa was also working with). In the title song, which you can hear starting at 1:00 in the link above, it’s kind of like a freaky Mahavishnu-style sound-storm but on the opening track Barcarole you can hear more clearly his new sound that was very much like a cross between an elephant, a trumpet and a whale.

In 1984 he came out with an album called Rejoicing. The three tracks on side two, ‘Story from a Stranger’, ‘The Calling’, and ‘Waiting for an Answer’ were about the story I shared with them of the dolphins and my project. How do I know this? Not only does the music tell the story, but a friend heard him on the radio in Atlanta talking about it before a concert there.


Alexander was the legendary chemist and psycho-pharmacologist who synthesized over 200 novel psychotropic compounds including the ever-popular 2-CB, 2-chloro-bromo-phenylethylamine, or ‘bromo’ for short. It burned your nose as if snorting ground glass, but you were instantly tripping and it only lasted 4 hours or so, not the 12-24 hour excursion that major psychedelics like LSD delivered. The ‘businessman’s acid’ I think it was called for a while. I didn’t meet him in person but did get in touch and send him a painted rock, and he sent me an autographed copy of his book PIKHAL, Phenylethylamines I Have Known and Loved, which contained the actual chemical synthesis instructions for several of his molecular offspring.


Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya may be the most important and spiritually significant person I have ever met. I got to hear him talk at Big Mountain on the border of the Hopi-Navajo reservations in April of 1986. We were there in support of the elders who were undergoing forced relocation so that Peabody Coal could strip-mine more of the Grant mineral belt on which we stood. Thomas told us the story of the Hopi prophecy and how their most important admonition is ‘If we dig precious things from the land we will invite disaster.’ We were standing on land where some of the uranium for the first atomic bombs was mined.

After a week in isolation, we went down to Flagstaff where the hugest newspaper headline caught my eye. On moving closer to read it, it said ‘Chernobyl Reactor Explodes.’ This was probably the single most powerful synchronicity of my entire life, and set me on a course of ardent nuclear awareness and education work which is more important now than ever.

The Hopi prophecy says that the ‘Day of Purification’ is coming soon, a time when Mother Earth cleanses herself from all that is out of balance with life, and that this has happened 3 times before, our current world being the fourth. He said it could not be prevented or averted, but that through the summation of all the good deeds and life-oriented changes we can make real in our lives, we may hope to lessen its severity.

His words have echoed in my mind for decades because I understand what this means:  to lessen the severity means to lessen the destructive impact on all our family of life from whatever Mother Earth has to do or invoke in order to get rid of us.


Kathleen is the leader of the awesome Keringke Arts group at St. Theresa south of Alice Springs here in the territory. She is the first full-blooded aboriginal person I met, in 2003, when I visited them and showed them my painted rocks. We were mutually blown away by what we were all doing…me having just come from America and them being in the central, yet both doing art that was very similar in both look and spirit. I am hoping to catch up with her in Alice Springs in the near future.


Darn she is beautiful! I met her body body guard in Park City Utah one summer arvo. He said that I reminded him of her and that we would like each other. They were out and about but he showed me the inside of their tour bus and invited me to their concert that night. I didn’t try to make a personal connection due to time restraints but kept in touch and they invited me to a Lilith Fair concert in Columbus Ohio a few months later.

I didn’t know that much about her and wasn’t a huge fan and maybe found her music a bit depressing at times, but I knew she was huge as a muso. I hitch-hiked from western North Carolina up to Columbus Ohio and went to the show. They had me back-stage with all the musos which was very cool. I remember Joe her body guard saying ‘Jeff, you’re one of them.’

Somehow after the concert we had been talking and carrying on and suddenly I found myself alone with her in the locker-room. I had brought a cd of my brand new recording of grand piano improvisations which i gave to her. Then she came close to me and stood up on her tippy-toes, not being very tall, and gave me the sweetest kiss right on my wee lips.

I think she put some kind of charm or enchantment on me because from then on everything just went to the next level over and over again. I ended up riding with them to Cincinatti for a concert the next night, then a couple months later I did what was to be my last big hitching trip in the states, from western NC all the way to Denver CO to hear the last performance of the Lilith Fair tour.

Not only was I backstage with everyone but they also let me get down right in front with my video camera filming as much as I wanted to. Such an honour.

Apparently she has a new tour scheduled for about now. I have not heard any of her new music but she is a force to be reckoned with…a force for good in its highest form.



I got to meet Gordon in Salt Lake City in 1998 I think it was. I bought a ticket and gambled that I could get back-stage, so I made a nice big painted rock for him that said ‘Light Foot’ in Mandarin Chinese. They let me back-stage and I gave them all their rocks. He was really cool and his keyboard player was very interested in my new cd. They had a brand new cd called ‘A Painter Passing Through’ and Gordon said ‘Jeff, it’s you!’ What a cool encounter.


I met the lead singer of Aerosmith on the plane from Boston to New York on my way to London in 1998. I was already seated and I saw him get on a sit ahead of me. I thought he was looking at me. I asked the bloke next to me if that was the guy from Aerosmith and he said yes, so I went up and said g-day. I had one nice painted rock with me to give away, and I asked if he would give it to his daughter Liv who I knew was a popular actress. He said ‘Are you kidding? I’m keeping this for myself…haha, just kidding, I’ll be glad to give it to her.’ He was super nice. I ended up getting their contact details for Vindaloo Music in Boston and sent them a whole set of rocks, which they got and appreciated.  Dream on.

Whew! That took a lot of time and energy. Just a day in the life of a free-lance intelligence agent!

Actually now is when I should really start talking about the nitty-gritty of being ‘intelligent’ but hey I’ve done that countless time already.

I reckon that now is the moment when we all need to seize the day and take the helm of voluntary and purposive coherent multi-dimensional  self-re-meta-programming and activate full-spectrum self-transformation onto our highest paths and into the most awesome version of YOU that you can conceive.

Be the living design of your own artistic creativity instead of taking the path of least resistance down into the cess-trough of being a Genetically-Modified Mutation of the New World Order techno-hegemonist over-lords.


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