The Black Spider Eco-Fascist, Dominion, and The Cheney ‘Presidency’

More controversial commentary from G Squared!


I hardly need to reiterate that Charley is owned. Apart from Black Spider, his other Intel file name is Fog. As thick as the proverbial.

Gov. Kemp and State Secretary Raffensperger, both Republicans, paid Dominion one hundred million dollars, from GA state funds, for the licence to use their voting machines on 3/11/2020. From which there is documentary evidence of kickbacks paid to the two as well as their family members. 

In addition, as I have previously detailed, The Pelosi-Newsom-Feinstein Crime Families are also involved by virtue of the marketing scam.

By the close of voting on 3/11/2020, a minimum of seventy-four million US Citizens voted one time for Trump. Excluding those refused a vote. Because they had allegedly already voted (stolen absentees). By the following day, that number was dramatically eclipsed by one hundred percent Biden mail-ins. The totals blowing out the number of constituents beyond any rational belief.

The money trail was from state funds to The Dominion Consortium, back through kickbacks to family members of the players, and as direct payments to the workers in the fraud. It’s all there.

The legal challenges to finish by 14/12/2020, when The Electoral College reports. Failing that, The House delivers The Presidency to Trump. Failing that it becomes open season on anything even resembling a Dem Sect Member.


During the Cheney de facto presidency under GWB, the NSA data fetish moved to a political concern.

Bush considered dumping Cheney in 2004 presidential race | George Bush |  The Guardian

I have previously outlined how Snowden was CIA not NSA through BAH (not KBR) in The Intel Wars. NSA having backdoored CIA through SAIC and DARPA. Developed characters as Assange and the manipulated Manning, being less than au fait with real events. As disengaged as The Q Set and The JFK Jr. AltMedia inventions. About which I also advised, in recent years. As I stated on radio in 2012; Assange would worm into the Ecuadorian bunker in London and be removed (2019) as determined. All inbetween being a comic theatric. His GOP evidential value for Feb. 2020 being as fictitious as all else, when he moved off message. 

Often the voice in the wilderness. I am disinterested in daisy chain post hoc echo chambers. The more baubled, the more tokenized, the more absurd. 

Those who have followed my writing over the years, don’t need reconfirmation from the illusion of alleged more digestible platforms. As when for example: some court pontificating on The MH-17 Affair, almost caught what I correctly wrote some five years prior. The day after that False Flag was perpetrated. 

There is often diametric opposition between Intel Files, The Rules of Evidence, and baubled lock step group think dogmatic belief systems. Reality is Reality. Fiction or invention is not required.

When The ICTY falsely convicted Milosovich of The NATO War Crimes in The Balkans, he was fortunate that The ICC began reversing those convictions. But then the question would arise; if not Milosovich’s Serbia, then who.

Which would; apart from other matters; further confuse The Left-Right Paradigm practitioners by linking GHWB to the de facto HRC. So Milosovich commits suicide on the virtual eve of his release. Mladic is rendered to the safe UK, falsely convicted and kept in close protection, as the required token of the high ground fake morality.

To posture having addressed what became the politicised NSA metadata issue: Cheney had GWB read a script withdrawing NSA authorisation to directly harvest. Not a problem. The harvesting was mandated back to Big Tech as an obligation. In fact where it always was. 

The problem of Big Tech was enhanced, and Big Media followed naturally. Power always maximises. The tail wagging the dog, (which always knows best) was enhanced and mutated to the; censored, filtered, manipulative, propagandized absurdity, suffered today.

The ever-adapting swamp, is very deep indeed. Power is weaponized and difficult to excise. Particularly when part of an evolved Fifth Column of self-serving, allied to a political sect, and moralized and intellectualized.


On the night, as I wrote: Trump was 295 ECVs to Biden’s 100 and nowhere. On opening the counts: every Dem candidate was given 35,000 votes. Even before the more overt illegalities began. Indeed it was a national orchestrated effort. 

That and the four a.m. dump of one hundred percent Biden mail-ins, blew out the fraud to absurd numbers beyond the total number of constituents in the electorates.

Fraudulent Fake mail in

If there was no orchestrated fraud: where were The GOP Observers?

An Intel team from four services, raided The Soros-Dominion Frankfurt Bunker. We don’t use warrants or subpoenas, and manage local policing and Intel, as required. The only problem is what can or cannot be released for public consumption, and what can be delivered as evidence through court systems. We deliver chains and links.

I advise here that that raid was not by US Military, special ops. or otherwise, and not in concert with German Military. Certain derived information will be released over the next two weeks.

The Frankfurt cache advised that Trump had reached 410 ECVs as against a generous 128 for The Biden Delusion.

The spin is: “No Fraud Here”. As previously: all ANTIFA, BLM and allied proxy operations were Peaceful Protests. Albeit children were shot in the face, and murders, assaults, lootings, and devastations were as 1930s Germany. The actual framework. And as then: The Fourth Estate was the essential propaganda arm.

US Election hypocrisy

I advise that Putin is playing lip service to The WEF Reset Fixation. Merkel’s fronting of the incessant and covert continuation of the lunacy of Aryan supremacy. Hitler’s heir. 

Perhaps it’s time again to march from Stalingrad to Berlin for a further round of artillery practise. The sphincter diameter has been calibrated to three decimal places, and NATO fits perfectly.

With shameless Rothschild puppet Macron (I have previously detailed the pathetic public service career of this professional miscreant and his frauded primacy), bunkering as Biden, and May prior to her 57 day general election fraud, elevating the insanity of Corbin until Dec 2019; The EU Global Reset pivot is precarious. Particularly as Trump is returned. 

G Squared
G Squared
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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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