OPERATION WHITE RABBIT: Psychological operation and the undermining of democracy via polarisation techniques using agent provocateurs

Caught playing both sides of the fence! A great expose by Ben Vidgen. MH

“The following excerpt is from KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation (CIA torture guide) dated July 1963: The aim of the Alice in Wonderland Tactic or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee, or in its current mainstream application, to force the controlled narrative onto an unsuspecting public through the use of Psychological Operations tactics spread through the mainstream media” – Alice in Wonderland Tactic

by BEN VIDGEN “The Dyslexic Detective”

The Official CIA Interrogation & Manipulation Manual: The Cold War KUBARK  Files - Updated 2014 Release, Full-Size Edition, Newly Indexed with  Glossary (Carlile Intelligence Library): Agency, Central Intelligence,  Media, Carlile, Media, Carlile:

OPERATION WHITE RABBIT ( Psychological operation and the undermining of democracy via polarisation techniques using agent provocateurs) : Their is increasing evidence that just like the Italian’s 1970’s years of lead, the Iraq Sunni Shite post US invasion mutual assassination units and the Northern Ireland Protestant Catholic death squads, that the Capitol riots were egged on by agent provocateurs playing both sides of the fence.

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Angeli an actor who also calls him self ‘”Loan Wolf” is found turning up at protest that are both left wing and right wing in their political orientation

Sadly the emerge of these ‘Koch suckers’ such as John Earle Sullivan and right wing QANON Sharman/Left wing Climate Activist Jake Angelli are seen as proof the ‘The ‘Other’ side did it’. As opposed to proof that some third party is in fact playing both ‘sides’ to create a ‘strategy of tension‘ to use the term which emerged during the 1980’s Italian corruption trials.

P2 was in fact a cell of wider program called Gladio first set up by the CIA post WW2 to create a NATO commanded secret army of underground guerrillas capable of fighting a guerrilla war in the event of an invasion by the Soviet Union. It however soon became a vehicle of corruption used to undermine democratic nations in Europe. NOTE P2 Were not actually masonic but pseudo masonic as it leaders chose to use the masonic brand to lend an ear of mystery to their ‘organisation, to provide camouflage as the lodge structure lent it self to the secretive and nepotistic needs of its architects.

The Italian corruption trials and the term Strategy of Tension hit the world headline and not only proved beyond all doubt that a deep state did and does exist. Just as Julian Assange’s leaked primary document, seized from the DNC own computers also proved a US based deep state shortly before the emergence of Trump and his dancing clowns (who hijacked the term and then discredited via their own buffoonery) popped up on que no pun intended.

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John Earle Sullivan, 26, entered the Capitol Building during the siege last WednesdayThe left-wing activist, who has previously participated in Black Lives Matter demonstrations, claimed he was simply documenting the event on his phoneHe was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN afterward, where it was implied that he was passively observing the situation as it unfoldedHowever, Sullivan has now been arrested after video footage appeared to show him inciting riotersHe is charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and interfering with law enforcementSullivan is already facing rioting and criminal mischief charges ‘stemming from a Black Lives Matter protest in Utah last year’, Rolling Stone reports By ANDREW COURT FOR DAILYMAIL.COMPUBLISHED: 16:03 AEDT, 15 January 2021 | UPDATED: 16:24 AEDT, 15 January

The Italian trial exposed a cartel of wealthy elite and NATO military industrial insiders who funded both left and right terrorists. Those who had fuelled the wave of violence which caused polarisation in Italy.

The cartel’s goal to divide and conquerors the common people for the benefit of industrialist and the security forces. Its most famous victim Italian PM Aldo Moro who was adored by both left wing and right wing Italians and who dared to be a moderate who threatened to unify the Italian people against the parasitic exploitation of the ultra wealthy.

balance10: behind Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro's murder
Aldo Moro adored by left and right, working class and middle class. He would be murdered for the crime of being a moderator who dared to unify his divided nation

I use the term ‘Koch Suckers’ as a play on words to describe the patrons of these renta thugs. Specifically the corporate partners of so called left wing pro climate change advocate’s patron George Soros (the man who originally financed the Trump Tower) and his close allies, Exon Mobile funded Donald Trump buddies, the so called patrons of the far right oil moguls the Koch Brothers. Whose Trump lobbyist representative incidentally energy mogul Wayne Laufer {https://www.facingsouth.org/tags/wayne-lauferdocked a member of Freedom Action.

Laufer boat Gayle Force, fresh from a trip in Antarctica, was spotted in 2020 next to the yachts of Google Larry Page Senses and Roscinante belonging to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – both in partnership with the NZ government – plus vessels belonging to the right wing patron media mogul Rupert Murdoch son left wing patron of climate chance activism Lachlan Murdoch’s yacht at the viaduct in Auckland during lock down.

Freedom Partners | DeSmog

A discovery made by this reporter which was gaining attention with mainstream media until up popped QANON groupies and devotees of the US bastardised version of Maori sovereignty movement. Those whose hysteria led to media shying away from reporting on why all these uber wealth and powerful folk were rushing to NZ during lockdown in their boats and planes.

CIRA and AFIO 40th Anniversary

Mean while down under we now find that a key supporter of the far right NZ QANON movement American Michael Stace, a former employee of the Prime Minister’s Office (according to his own linkedin profile) and member of the CIA affiliated Association of Former Intelligence Officers is in also in bed with left wing Maori activists.

The AFIO is a political action group set up to discredit anti CIA watch dog groups by spreading absurd conspiracy theories that under mine anti CIA watch dog discoveries by reporting the same stories but with plainly absurd and fantasy claims then added on top. This is a technique developed by the CIA psychological operation experts in the 1970’s and was first given the name ‘Alice In Wonderland. Stace known as part of right wing movement during the elections is now emerging, via the release of document signed by ‘Tuhoe’ activists and Stace, as a close associate of key left wing ‘Operation 8’ “terrorists”.

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American and ‘former’ spook Stace can be found running with the left wing fox and hunting with the right wing hounds.

— incidentally police documents also show the left wing Tuhoe activists were equipped and armed by Gun City (wiki leaks pdf). This is the firm who not only armed the right wing Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant (who wore the dog tags of the US financed/armed Neo Nazi Azov brigade) but according to a 1991 issue of Peace Researcher had helped US politicians armed right wing mercenaries led by AFIO co-founder General Singlaub in Nicaragua.

Mercenaries also linked to another CIA political action group aimed at undermining Nicaragua in the 1980’s Project Democracy whose New Zealand members, according to TVNZ reporters in 1987 included Hugh Templeton, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Templeton along with the chairman of the Christchurch Foundation Humphrey Rolleston, were also directors of the arms firm SM Andrew Ltd whose subsidiary firm Minerva was run by South African Rhodesian former special forces white supremacist Michael Graham.

Minerva Security commander and author of Secret SAS Missions Michael Graham in Africa with then Rhodesian Minister of Defence Pieter Kenyon van der Byl.

Action Zealandia has very similar profile and feel to the other right wing groups started by Christian fundamentalist and right wing activist Kyle Chapman including Right Wing Resistance who can also be tied to Australian Neo Nazi mercenaries. Those found fighting for US backed neo nazi in the Ukraine called the Azov battalion.

Chapman was also a founder of the far right Neo Nazi Group the National Front, a former Christchurch council employee, whose later charity work for ‘homeless skinheads’ was found to be funded by from 1995- 2014 by a charity group in turn funded by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Zealandia was the daughter of Britannia, a ‘contrived figure used a symbol for New Zealand up to the end of the nineteenth century.’ She remains on New Zealand’s coat of arms. The memorial also features two flags and a crown, indicating the British Empire and New Zealand’s relationship to it.
The nationalistic motivation of the statue is amplified by the text: “in Commemoration of the South African War in which New Zealand represented by her 6500 volunteers for the first time took part in battles of the Empire and assisted to maintain the prestige of the British flag”.

Minerva is the familiar of the Colonial Empire British interpretation of Greek deity Diana called Britannia whose New Zealand variant is called Zealandia, the inspiration for the name the Action Zealandia militant groups who has popped up post shooting.

New Zealand Police Urewera terrorism affidavit as released by wikileaks

Gun city the firearms business who armed the right wing Christchurch shooter, pseudo Tuhoe (in fact pretenders who did not wear the legitimised Tuhoe 1835 badge of sovereignty but rather wore as primary heraldry the bastard unheralded/ non Rangatira – meaning its without legitimate genealogically designated chiefdom-ship whakappa — chief-less bearing ensign of Tino Rangatiratanga flag) activists charged with terrorism in 2007.

The Stace Tuhoe documents, which emerged recently, confirms my earlier finding reported in my 1999 book State Secrets (Page 244 -250 / 294- 300) that so called ‘Maori activists’ were not legitimate activist. Rather rather simply dupes of American state department bureaucrats and NZ right wing businessmen (including Ron Brierly & Fayrichwhite Alan Gibb’ss [who funded Tamaiti’s gallery on K Road). Those who saw such reactionary fringe groups as means of applying leverage against a government then riding the populist wave of anti nukes following the out rages of the bombing of the Rainbows Warrior. A terror attack as carried out by agents of the state. Specifically the then right wing led French government. France’s own former spy master, far right wing proponent, Alexander DeMarench stating in an interview that he himslef had being in charge he himself would have funded left wing Maori activist to bring the NZ government into line.

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‘.Memorandum of understanding s singed between ‘Tuhoe’ activist and ‘former’ American spook ad PM man Michael Stace.
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Memory of understanding s singed between ‘tuhoe’ activist and ‘former’ American spook ad PM man Michael Stace.
No photo description available.
New Zealand Police Urewera terrorism affidavit as released by wikileaks

Published by BENS WORLD – an interesting read with your coffee.

Ben has worked as investigative journalist, researcher and writers for a number of NZ/Australian publications, radio stations, as well as working for universities, NGO and commercial clients, as well as being a best selling author (State Secrets 1 & II [Return Fire]) specialising in organised crime and national security issues. With a degree in history and political science specialising in political violence and counter terrorism Ben spent six year in New Zealand Army territorial (reserves) serving in the Royal Artillery and the infantry with posting in signals, artillery intelligence, field and counter intelligence, reconnaissance and as a rifleman & platoon grenadier. Ben also has decades of experience in all aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry (from kitchen hand to marketing and promotions) through out Australasia as well a having strong root in the arts community of New Zealand’s South Island his beloved home and were he prints his own cafe publications and books . View all posts by BENS WORLD – an interesting read with your coffee.

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