The Agenda Exposed: Love Letters to America and World Thought Police

“I am writing this not to please you with words you want to hear. The rest of my message may be more unpleasant to you than even Communist propaganda, or more offensive than the speeches of “leaders” in Kremlin.
But as a true friend of America, I want to help.
My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, you are at war. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves…”

Hidden Agenda

Us Agenda 2030

Deep State Agenda

The words in the introduction were written by Yuri Bezmenov aka Tomas Schuman, a Soviet Defector and ex KGB agent, who passed away in 1993.

Since he wrote these words, everything he warned us about, everything, has come to pass. We are rapidly headed down the road of destruction via Communist takeover, thanks to the hordes of what Bezmenov called “Useful idiots”.

Yuri Bezmenov

Following is a link to the US Archive copy of Bezmenov’s extraordinary warnings from the past, in two books, Love Letters To America and World Thought Police, reaching out to us at this critical moment in time.

Please read and share widely!

love-letter-america.pdf (

Yuri Bezmenov: understanding west political scenario – r e t r o c a p i t  a l i s m

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Who was Tomas Schuman and why was he Important?

By Carson Babich

In my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada you can find the grave of a man named Tomas Schuman. The gravestone is simple: ‘Tomas Schuman; Aug. 14, 1941 – Jan. 5, 1993; In loving memory of Tania, Jonathon, and Tessie’. The obituary of Tomas Shuman states that he was a gifted educator – especially during his time at the University of Windsor teaching public relations. At first glance, you may think here is a former educator who was passionate about his work and lived a quiet life. However, his life was far from quiet – especially when you realize the man named Tomas Schuman was not Tomas Schuman at all.

His real name was Yuri Bezmenov – who was a former Soviet journalist, a state informant for the Soviet First Directorate, and former KGB officer who defected to Canada in the 1970’s. Bezmenov is famously known for his lectures on Soviet-Communist subversion tactics used to influence western society through institutions such as media, universities, and government. In his lectures, he describes the act of subversion being the most common and widely used tactic by the Soviet Government to influence their power within western society; furthermore, outlining four steps of subversion that were used by the Soviets – based off Sun-Tsu’s Art of War – into distinct characteristics:

  1. Demoralization: Done through 15-20 years to subvert a generation through moral influence of propaganda inside areas where public opinion is shaped (i.e., religion, education, social life, labor, and employment relations etc.).
  2. Destabilization: Done through severing ties to national or internal characteristics of a society. Produced through individuals influencing economy, media, and law and order. Essentially the fractionating of a society based on demoralization (e.g., radicalization).
  3. Crisis: Comes from an impactful or disastrous situation that divides a nation or society based on fault lines creating panic.
  4. Normalization: Is an acceptance of individuals – predominantly through soft power, but can be done through hard power (e.g., violence) – to submit to the ideals of government as a protector and to accept the changes of law for a collective understanding.

Bezmenov drives home the fallacy of equality standard that the Soviet Union used to demoralize a nation through either its history or democratic characteristics against them to prove a negative point. What this means is the generation of demoralization enters the professional sphere to use the subversion tactics towards destabilization – from there a cataclysmic event triggers the fault line through fear, terror, and psychological control. Lastly, ideological rulers of society attempt to stabilize the country with exploitation in victory…READ MORE

To repeat; “a cataclysmic event triggers the fault line through fear, terror, and psychological control.” I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing. The Lock Step Scenario, aka COVID-19. Here we are.

And doesn’t it make you think. The opening of the Iron Curtain, the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the opening up of China to the world: Were these things done in the name of ending Communist regimes, or introducing them to The West by stealth and deception? MH

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