This is what Evil looks like. Vile, monstrous, and legal in New Zealand. Is this what we have sunk to? MH

From Jo Blogs, Red Sky In The Morning

It is illegal in New Zealand for a dairy famer to induce a calf who wouldn’t survive being born too early. This practice was considered “inhumane and cruel” by the *MP’s promoting the change. But there’s no such protection for a human baby.

This week ***Voices for Life reported that an unwanted baby was born alive and left to die. The incident took place at a hospital and was witnessed by a healthcare student who was present there during the ordeal when a woman who was more than 21 weeks pregnant was admitted for a late term abortion.

“Normally a late-term abortion is performed on babies that have medical issues, but this baby was completely healthy – so instead of using an infanticide injection to stop the heart from beating before expelling the baby from the womb, the mother was just induced.”

The newborn infant was left struggling to breath for two hours before finally passing away. The healthcare student has been left traumatised as a result. “We wouldn’t do that to an animal,” she said, and she’s right.

The worst part? It’s perfectly legal. The **politicians who demanded that the abortion act be changed in March 2020 voted down an amendment which required the care of a child born after an attempted abortion. The media was silent about what would happen to the babies born alive.

Now we know.

I can’t stay silent over this. (me neither Jo, Martin)

Vote them out


*On 1st June 2015, a new law came into effect stopping farmers from inducing cows and killing the calf who wouldn’t survive being born too early.

**I say the politicians demanded the abortion act be changed in 2020 as there was no mandate from the NZ public. There were 25,000 submissions on the Bill with approximately 91.6 percent of New Zealanders opposed to it passing.


If you read this in time, here’s a link to a petition to repeal the Bill.


*** EXCLUSIVE: Healthy NZ baby took two hours to die after late term abortion while hospital withheld medical assistance

Amendment to the Abortion Legislation Bill which required the care of a child born after an attempted abortion was voted against by a majority of NZ MPs.

Martin comments: I have three strong, healthy youngsters. All three have faced, and overcome, life-threatening challenges at some point in their lives. One took four long minutes to take his first breath, another was born with a knot in his umbilical cord-which was also wrapped around his neck. One struggled with tremendous mental health issues. All three instinctively battled to survive and we did everything in our power as parents to help, as you do.

It is a basic attribute of human beings to help one another, to support one another through whatever challenges life brings. To feel compassion for those struggling to survive. The more helpless that individual may be, the more inclined we are to assist. That goes for human beings. So what does that say about monsters-in-human-disguise like “be kind” Jacinda Ardern? What about “they are us“, Prime Minister? Are these children not “us”?

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