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 A major False Flag looms. I can’t elaborate here; but I signalled this at least six months ago. If the old warriors can block it, we will. As we did with the ignored and forgotten Methane Clathrate Affair in 2015. And there were many others. 

The poppy field evicted are desperate. They thought frauding stupid Orange was the solution. Hardly. They want to hit Russia. Good Luck with that. They need to posture terrorist propaganda they can steer to Russia. So they can pretend a UN World Community grand idiocy to march in and address the humanitarian and democratic issues of the Afghanistan disaster, created by America.

The locals were saved by being arrested by Russian Ground Forces, preventing them from being theatrically murdered by US Intel at Bagram Base.

US popular consent for mass military optics, is dumb. They posture Biden as a hero savior, then try to cover their arse as it all turns to the predicatble proverbial. I wrote that the Bidenite first reaction was to rush in 10,000 NATO and US ground from Cyprus. The delay in US intel had not processed that about which I had written at that time. 

They no sooner landed; they cut and ran in the biggest chicken shit display in history. Bigger than the abandoned $500 Million in materiel abandoned in Iraq, and bigger than The Second Saigon War of 30/4/1975. Monumental dumb arse. They left a conservative $83 Billion in usable materiel.

If you wonder why there is no health, education, and welfare in America; try viewing the defence budgets.

I have previously written how US-NATO and allied playmate materiel melds in with Russian, but the reverse does not. 

Suddenly from Humint (I have previously detailed how there are no Recon satellites over Russia or China, and their surrounds. Refer to Hainan Island and KAL-007 Incidents etc.) they wake about what has occurred in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the close in Russian and Chinese borders. Don’t forget theatre distance from; Syria, Iran, and The Caspian, Black, and Aegean Seas.

The capability of American and allied playmate military, is actually far worse than generally understood. Soetoro actually announcing that America had no missile system. As if the real world didn’t know. And of course Rumsfeld advising that starting with $3 trillion, he didn’t know what was missing from The Pentagon. All just indications. The future of America was on those countless trains of Jade Helm, carrying the materiel to the thousands of square miles of desert junk yards.

The USN expenditures from the late 1930s to the present is astonishing. The waste of natural resources. The unbelievable pollution, devastation and carnage, and the dustruction of domestic economies; beginning with America; is beyond comprehension.

As the global industry of war began to fade, the industry of disease was pushed seamlessly into the relay. One big lie tractioned to follow the previous. And the hirdes queue, screamiing for more. 

Afghanistan is the end of an era in two directions for America and its owners. Burning the candles at Langly and Pentagon. Good Luck with that. A good moral, politically correct token assortment; as compared to capable and conscientious. Well Done.

The evicted criminals own the intel communities of their respective countries, and a few other sychophant states. Desperation, when you can’t tell the punters any truth, is such a bitch. 

The old crystal ball never fails. Haven’t got one wrong yet. Definitely qualify for The Nobel Crystal Ball award. 


There is an old camaraderie with Cold War Western Warriors, Eastern Bloc Warriors, and that culture that has survived through the international intel community. At the risk of what might be misinterpreted; Jewish and Chinese members of those circles are not on full entrée. Long history and many reasons.  

Which brings us to the great mystery of how fucktardism mutates to a cluster fuck.

It is very moral and very intelligent to observe that those who wear polkadot underwear on their heads, are being disadvantaged. Something must be done to address this travesty.

They should be holding equal qualification to all others. But are refused. The solution is through opportunity. Mandate opportunity to meet the theories, and even create a hidden five trillion dollar hole in the  national budget. Not only to pay for the tokenized university attendance, but all costs and a good wage on top. 

Now because the polkadot people became lazy and no longer bothered to attend university, or because they could not even succeed beyond the pass for participation levels; they began dropping out. 

The only solution there was to move the invention further along the dark alley to nowhere. So: equal opportunity became equal outcome. They began as tokens, they may as well continue on that path. And government being the leader of the insanity, must be the biggest facilitator of the tragedy to follow. Bearing in mind that when universities were being converted to highly moral and highly intellectual token factories, people with geniune abilities and conscientiousness were being excluded. 

And what would that deliver? A beautiful politically reengineered Post Modern, Affirmative, Liberal Society, correcting the theoretical wrongs of past eras, or a metastasized and devastated domestic economy, with virtually no ability to survive.

A roaring political and statistical success from professional and expert classes to industries of law, medicine and science to every corner of American society. One of the interesting methods of hiding the naturaly evolved profound ignorance, is by self-esteem ubiquitously ridden opinion. Even taking the recommendations of the team, became monumentally fashionable. 

Which leads us to the current circus of Bidenism. Where anything postured as a step forward, is always three steps back. It just depends where you are standing at the time of the observation. 


There are ongoing coups within coups in what was The USA.

Milley; who was supposed to have stepped aside for Berger; has now caused the empirical Joint Chiefs to have no tractionable input. Biden is not regarded as Commander-in-Chief, and is even prohibited from entering The WH and The Pentagon. His owners having to deliver file, green screen, and photoshopped imagery to feed media with the ongoing sitcom routines. 

Austin who had an office in The Pentagon, is out of the loop and forbidden from entering Cheyenne Mountain, where the true command resides.

I have detailed Afghanistan and who the various parties actually are. You have seen the activities of The Biden Military. 

There are some 98 (according to reports I have sighted) foreign nationalities of people abandoned by Biden’s owners. A lot are US collaborators. It doesn’t matter. The Russians (Taliban) and Chinese (now owning the poppy fields) want them out. Apart from other issues, it avoids Bidenites through CIAstarting suicidal theatric incursions of bravado and allied stupidity.

This has been the fastest observance of a FUCK OFF order issued to America in its history. Better than; Eastern Europe, East Germany and East Berlin, Korea, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Crimea, Dagestan, Georgia, South Ossetia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dombass Eastern Ukraine, and Syria. Operation warp speed. Mission accomplished.

I have mentioned that the Russian ground forces are avoiding engagement wherever possible. It’s the Bidenite military causing all the problems, injuries and death. I have written how the US purposely abandoned their own to murder them at Bagram Base and scream to The UN for a big theatric. 

I have written how RAF and UAE freighters are running shuttles between Kabul Airport and NATO Cyprus for the forty odd thousand innocents abandoned by The US. I will add that the real USAF is also running freighters between Kabul and Germany. No NATO trans shipments.

I wrote that the last US Bidenite freighter from Bagram was loaded with dogs and cats. These were the pets of the darling invading imperialist collaborators. Note they left behind all security service dogs. I have been involved in the training of defence dogs, many decades past. These are a problem for control and retraining purposes and will have to be put down by being shot. Well done US. 

Recall that on the return of the Australian and other cavalry units at the end of WWI, tens of thousands of horses were shot, in The Middle East.

Biden’s idiotic ‘Hide’ order to those abandoned, has caused problems for the Russian troops having to pass door to door arresting the delusional to deliver them to Kabul Airport for removal. Each unit has a camera crew. To cut some of the US propaganda narratives.

The biggest and avoided issue; as I wrote immediately; was the poppy fields taken from the elites of; The US, The UK, India, Saudi Arabia, and The R cartels in Europe by Russia and handing them to China. The greatest blow these elites have ever had. A great deal will flow, including drug and race wars everywhere affected. Crime will rocket, as The Scherff-CIA cabal centralised the world illicit drug industry under itself. 


OH No. It never gets better. It only gets worse. Because there is no accountability and no transparency. There is no learning curve

Like believing that an inmate, in hard general population in a prison; serving a life sentence, will not kill anyone. Forget the cultural stupidities of not going down for the soap. What might happen? Another life sentence.

Recall The Jamie Partlic Affair. The NSW government was going to teach driving and parking offenders to pay up the insane and subject police revenue fines, without protest. They dropped Partlic into a unit of lifers. That’ll teach him, and send the message that The NSW government is serious about the fraud of vehicle fines. And there is an endless stream of incompetence concerning the psychopaths at both ends of a terminally deluded bench system.

Now we have ‘Fixated Persons’. The Psychopaths get to decide who is not suffering from a mental disorder. Try: being locked up forever, because of your political or moral beliefs. Want some recent examples of the political convenience of unheard life sentences. Or at least until one purged their contempt. Yes my dear. The system is indeed not perfect. 

And there are so many good people doing their very best. At least since The Roman Era. Plunge your arm into that vat of boiling oil. If you are innocent, you will be unscathed. You believe in God don’t you? And who could fault the great Vatican Inquisitions. God himself speaking. Infallibility nigh. And what of The Burning of The Witches? Almost no women remaining. One can’t be too careful.

‘Fixation’ to be determined by psychopathic determination. With Expert intervention of course. NO? Want a list? Australia, Maoist China, Soviet Russia?Pick one.

Recall The Piggott, Griffith’s, Simeon Case, when The Australian Government Analytical Laboratory was exposed as the filth it was. Aiding and Abetting unreported numbers of false convictions and wrongful imprisonments. NO? NOTHING IS EVER LEARNT.

The fluoride in your drinking water was from a fake American report. The reality was a control mechanism used by The NAZIs in the concentration camps. To keep the teeth of the enslaved; pending extermination; healthy. Of course. Recall the deadly Giardia and Cryptosporidium in the tap water of Sydney. Well: that was just an oversight. Just at that time of a new contractor. Someone forget to mention that deadly toxins need to be removed from the drinking water, in the late twentieth century. Really?

The game is over.

The Awakening Process from 2012 of the Stargate and Looking Glass projects. The only possible future from String Theory of The Timeline Contraction.

G Squared
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I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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