Sarah’s ‘Jab, No Job’ Story

In this COVID era the saying ‘No Jab, No Job’ has become common place around New Zealand and around the world.  But Sarah Carter’s story is different.  Her story is one of ‘Jab, No Job’.   

By Peter Drew 

Sarah’s story is worth listening to whether you are jabbed or un-jabbed, and whether you are pro vaccine, anti-vaccine, pro-choice, or pro wait and see.  Whatever your position on these things, Sarah’s story highlights some of what can only be described as inhumane elements and shortcomings of the current COVID vaccine policies of the NZ government.  In Sarah’s own words, she did everything that the government asked her to do, and now she is not only badly health compromised, but she cannot work and she has been banned from many of the most basic elements of society through medical apartheid.  

This is Sarah’s story, and she is very quick to point out that she is well aware that there are many other fellow Kiwis who are in a much worse situation than her through similar circumstances and that she feels they are more deserving of being heard.  But she feels that if her story can help even one other person then she wants to tell it.  

In 2020 Sarah was loving her work as a NZ Tour Guide.  A high energy and positive person loving life, she was very popular with her adventure loving clients from abroad.  Then COVID hit and had a devastating impact on all tourist driven industries, including the Coach Tours that Sarah was leading on.  Sarah took this challenge in her stride and her positive mind set and people skills enabled her to shift careers and move into the health sector working in Mental Health support work.  Then in late 2021 the NZ government announced that the health sector was mandated for all staff to be fully vaccinated, with the first jab required by November 15th.  Sarah was reluctant to take the jab due to the uncertainty around the experimental nature of the COVID vaccines, but eventually she did take the first jab in order to keep her job.    

That is where Sarah’s story unfortunately takes a rapid downward turn.  Within two days of receiving the COVID jab Sarah began feeling major discomfort and pain in her chest and heart.  This has been the most common adverse reaction to the Pfizer COVID vaccine, including the tragic death recently of Rory Nairn from myocarditis (heart inflamation).  As such, the NZ Ministry of Health has recently sent a letter to all GPs in NZ relating to myocarditis caused by the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  

As well as the chest and heart pain, Sarah had a general feeling of not being at all right.  She kept going with life as best she could despite the symptoms and discomfort, but two weeks later she passed out unconscious.  She received ECG tests on her heart and various other tests but she was given no conclusive diagnosis other than it was probably just caused by an ear infection.  Meanwhile Sarah was completely wiped out and in her words felt like she had been hit by a truck.  She is still feeling that way and weeks later she now struggles just to walk to the shop down the road.  She knows her body and she knows that there is something very wrong with it.  

As Sarah has only received one COVID jab she is not eligible to return to working in the health sector and despite her very serious adverse reaction to the first COVID jab she does not meet the extremely narrow, virtually non-existent criteria for a government authorized medical exemption which would be required to return to working in the health sector.  Sarah has just tried to take up a new short term seasonal job working at a nearby camping ground, however this is a major battle for her due to her severely depleted physical condition. She will battle on as best she can for the next few weeks after which she currently does not have any viable employment options.  She is physically very limited in what she can do, and because she is technically ‘unvaccinated’ her employment options will be very limited.   

No one is liable for Sarah’s situation.  Pfizer refused to sign contracts with any countries unless they were fully exempt from any liability due to adverse reactions from their vaccines, and the NZ government is seemingly also not liable.  Everyone just seems to wash their legal and moral hands of these situations that Sarah and many other Kiwis are victims of.   

To rub enormous salt into Sarah’s wounds, the NZ vaccine passport system means that Sarah is now also effectively banned from many of the most fundamental elements of normal NZ society because she has only received one jab.  She now can’t have a coffee down at the café, or catch up with friends for a drink at a bar, or have a meal at a restaurant, or book a room for a trip, or even get a haircut.  Through absolutely no fault of her own, not only has Sarah’s long term health been significantly compromised, but Sarah is now battling to be able to obtain or do any kind of work, and she has effectively been made a second class citizen in her own country and locked out of society.  This is such an enormous turn-around from that positive, high energy Kiwi in 2020 who was taking great delight in showing off her beautiful country to all those visitors from abroad.   

Sarah listened to the NZ government saying that the vaccines were safe and effective and she did what the government told her to do.  

Now her world has completely collapsed around her and no one is liable or even interested in listening to her or supporting her.  The ‘let’s be kind to each other’ and the ‘one team of five million’ doesn’t seem to apply to people like Sarah.  In her own words “I’m really hurting, other humans are really hurting and are just being dismissed.  It just seems so unjust and unethical”.   

It sure does seem pretty unjust and unethical.  It doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t feel like this is how New Zealand should be.  This is not the New Zealand way.  Wherever there is risk, there should also be choice.  Whatever people’s opinions are on vaccines and the COVID vaccine, Sarah’s story should be of enormous concern for our country and for all Kiwis.      

Martin comments:

Please share, share, share! Thanks and blessings to Sarah, a brave woman, and to Peter Drew (Known to long time readers for his outstanding Christchurch earthquake article a few years back) for writing Sarah’s story and sharing it with us.

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

87 thoughts on “Sarah’s ‘Jab, No Job’ Story

  1. I feel for her I know what having a heart condition is like ..having no energy life is curtailed …she is young I’m over 60 …however …there are important things we need to comprehend here

    All this happened because there is a crisis of democracy …all this is a symptom of it …people bay for ardern a head …but whose head would replace hers …the choice of two or three different separate parties is an illusion …the system has been co opted ..captured …NZ is not a sovereign nation it’s a nation state a member state within a very big nefarious inter linking series of organisations that out lay policy …THERE IS NO REPRESENTATION anymore …and this is a crisis …get rid of labour and ardern and then what …she’s the good cop to nationals bad cop …think she’s nasty then realise Nat wil be nastier …and remember not one elected member of parliament has spoke out against this

    Remember also and this will become important …this govt ..denied proven preventative treatments to all its people to,promot this experimental jab ..remember that …never once did this failed health system or it’s ministers ever give preventative advice …whether they were gagged by the Pfizer agreement or not it’s beyond immoral beyond unethical it’s criminal and they are all, part of it …we need to see that

    But also ..we need to see that this is a very dark agenda …it could have been done so very differently caring and kind of their motives really were to keep us safe …but they haven’t they have been heavy handed and abused their power …and still are …none of this is based on keeping anyone safe except big pharma who have three times the lobbyist in government in the US …who our govt via the globalist agenda is now herding everyone into being their lab rats ..the evidence is every where in abundance and growing daily …Event 21 was not the first role Play it was the last ….and we need to realise we are all being played using fear to control …

    We also need to know that this is an amazing opportunity to re birth a new world …to let this system collapse to unhook from the worlds corrupted organisations and to create something new …all those professionals who have lost their jobs have amazing skills to help make alternative schooling within the community already global there is an new ethical natural medicine council …all,over the planet people are gathering to learn about common law and their sovereign rights …we are being played divided and conquered by a dark force with faces of people we trusted speaking words to reassure us our gut feeling’s are wrong …they are not we are right on the heart of it …the old way was not working …normal was killing planet and people …even if all this topped tomorrow …we have to see normal was not sustainable

    Time to get excited ..the opportunity for change real change from the ground up is in front of us …we owe it to all who have died and suffered from this callous system who now represent the globalist agenda are well on their way of implementing it under the guise of a health crisis that they refuse to allow any other treatment for and that shocking immoral and outside of ethics and oaths to do no harm from a. Epically system that is dishonourable and abusing it’s power over all of us …

    1. “… …all those professionals who have lost their jobs have amazing skills to help make alternative schooling within the community”
      Already underway J.
      There is home school initiative being implemented to employ all those teachers who were kicked out of the system. More to come on that!

    2. Great reply and yes you are so right. It is up to us now to make and implement these changes that need to happen.

  2. I’m so sry to hear of your story. My husband is also vaccine injured. He had his first shot in late August and hasn’t been well since. So many symptoms fro swollen testicle, enlarged prostate, gut issues, numb limbs, constant sore throat, constant thrum like vibration throughout whole body and tinitus day and night, nerological issues. He had to stop work in early December as he couldn’t hold a conversation and his coordination wasn’t great. He then suffered from his muscles all over his body tremoring multiple times. Loss of speech etc. Has had CT scan, MRI and multiple blood and other tests. The hospital just sent him home, told him to rest for a month, three months, six months, a year etc until he feels better! We don’t really know what it is or how to treat it! He has gone from being a healthy 43yr old to someone who can do a simple activity for 15mins then rest for 20mins. E can’t drive or make decisions. It has turned out lives upside down, we have two children who have had to learn to give Daddy lots of quiet time and chance to rest. No one wants to help or accept any responsibility or worse suggests it’s all in his head or being made up.

    1. So sorry to hear your experience and how it affects your whole family. I worry about my daughter and her young family in WA after they get the mandatory jab in order to keep their jobs so they can provide Please get your story out as many ways possible

    2. So understand and sympathise with your situation. My 20yr old, whom I begged not to jab. Did anyway so he could live a normal life of concerts and going out(so he thought)…2 have a 50 second no air turning blue seizure 12 days after second jab. No lives with constant headaches, light sensitivity, body temperature above normal (his words)…along with NO DRIVING. Has been on ACC since, so no work….yep Jabcinda thats really normal! NOT!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Staff. I’m in the same boat as you now. I almost killed myself a couple days before the mandates came to pass. The angish I suffered when we were given two weeks to decide between jab or no job. I had been TERRIBLY sick over the year (almost two months in hospital over the year), they haven’t completely diagnosed me, but I had lumps removed off my cervix, then another major surgery to remove half my bowel and my spleen. The pain was beyond any understanding (and I’ve had children). It has left me with SEVERE intermittent body pain in my joints and muscles. Given all this I decided my health over the vaccine as I was TERRIFIED beyond belief that there was a possibility of condition getting worse (through research I had done). I was a FANTASTIC nurse! I have thousands of LIFELONG patients, who I went beyond the call of duty to give them the best I could. Imade a difference in the world. My parents have passed, and my only sibling disappeared years ago. I can hardly survive at the moment and things ain’t getting any better face. And let’s not talk about the discrimination…. I have never hated anyone until J.A. People say you shouldn’t hate someone, it’s the government. But the reason I hate her, is because it was her that said she believed it was possible to be a leader who believed in compassion and showed kindness. Not ONCE has she showed kindness in any of her actions in recent times. In fact, she smiles like the devils servant when she stated that there is two classes of people now. And calling people anti-vaxers, conspiracy theorists, nuisances etc, just ain horrible. But 90% supported this…. LIES!! I know dozens and dozens of people who took the jab under duress. Everything about this stinks… this is NOT who we are, NZers need to stand united, before we lose everything. I wish you the very best luck in the future Sarah.

    1. kindness? Good luck with that. Ardern is a hollow person, the only emotion she publicly shows is carefully groomed and acted with no depth. sadly, hollow people are soon filled with evil.
      All politicians are subject to relevant criticism, and some politicians are better than others (a subjective matter) but rarely are there politicians who I would actually describe as evil. Well, I would describe Ardern as evil.

      1. Ardern is as evil as a puppet can be evil. She is not out true enemy, just the messenger. Shoot not the messenger but strike at the heart of darkness and the truth will illuminate. Its a pyramid scheme. The only way to beat a scam is to refuse it.

      2. Ive been informed that JA, has an identical twin brother. And he’s been dressing up as JA, and doing the afternoon covid updates, which ive not seen for a while. He/she has become rather snappy towards people when asked questions.

        1. Karen, Hi,
          Who informed you of this and what evidence do you have? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

    2. Thank-you Jacki for the courage in making a stand… I hear you as do so many others.. & I agree with all that you say. We are witnessing unprecedented times and corruption of the highest order…
      As to ‘surviving’ have you reached out to a network of support?? There are many others similar with no job/livelihood etc…
      I wish you well and hold fast to the belief that Govt’s. narrative collapses, as it is showing signs of when looking overseas..

    3. My heart goes out to you .. hopefully as the year goes on your health will improve and changes will happen .. bound to get messy for a while .. ❤️

  4. Firstly I sympathise with you Sarah, thank you for letting your story be shared. People around the world are now waking up and starting to see what some of us recognised from the start. Pfizer is an experimental untested drug full of his knows what! They’ve made four different versions 2 injections, a booster and now the pill that cures all. My friends 22 year old son also ended up with a heart condition within hours of his 2nd inj. He’s doing ok but like Sarah this may well be with him for life. I read somewhere that you would need to be vaccine free for a year before your immune system can begin to repair the damage done. I hope this is encouraging to you.
    I was going to regale you of my treatment by my Drs surgery before Christmas but honestly, it’s nothing compared to what Sarah and my friends son and many others have gone through.
    I’m shocked by the side effects on some people and the fact that our government has known this all along and it took that young mans death and subsequent coroners report to bring it out in the open. Even now most of NZ are unaware that they have been used and lied to. They haven’t seen or heard of this!
    All the mistrust of each other has been encouraged by our own Prime Minister and her government. – A government who started out so well, so much so that I voted for her, twice! What a big mistake that was! I’m so embarrassed! The government has now totally mismanaged our country. I can see what they are doing and unless she is stopped NOW there will be even more unemployment more poverty more homelessness. Our country’s finances are already under incredible stress that I doubt they’ve will recover before I die. She will bankrupt us – actually In a stroke (no pun intended) of the lockdown pen she has already ground NZ to a halt. Us kiwis are a caring nation but look at what the covid management team have turned us into. A nation that is too busy bickering to take proper notice of what is happening behind the scenes. Look at what she is doing to us all. The laws that have been changed will astound you.Did you ever think that WE would be such a divided nation? What’s the bet she’ll find a way to stay in power by delaying the elections, I wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully she sees comments like these and takes a good look at what she has done and is doing to us and Stops! Remember her in 2018, or even when covid first came – compare her to now. Very different. My advice to every single person. No matter what, remember blood is thicker than water. Remember Your friends that have always been there for you, they still are no matter what their vaccination status is. You are not alone. You are not a danger to them nor they to you. Don’t forget that!

    1. Vaxinda is a she devil. To think I voted for her. Be kind …. what a joke that is. Evil personified!!!

      1. Thing is she’s the good cop ..imagine what the bad co ..national would do ..kiwis only every vote red or green’s an insanity matrix

  5. Just a thought have you considered trying ACC some are getting accepted….a lady thru Health Forum NZ was helping.
    So sorry this has happened to you…I hope you are getting the emotional support you need.

  6. I am a teacher aide who is part of the mandates also. I received my first jab 15 November and needed a week off work because I felt so unwell. I kept putting off my second jab, which was due before January 1st. I was terrified I would end up worse the second time round. January 2nd my dear nana passed away 🙁 and then I was told I had to have a passport to attend her funeral. I have in on the 5th January as I wanted to be there to farewell my nana and support my dad. I however asked this time about aspiration. The vaccinator was very helpful and did aspirate the needle for me. Now I don’t know if it was because I was able to have the aspiration of the needle or I got lucky with a good batch but thankfully I had no side effects except for a sore arm. Now they have spoken about mandating the booster for people who are already mandated…. I feel sick! I will not take any more!
    I hope you get some answers Sarah and the support you deserve. I just hope with all my heart and soul that these mandates stop!!

    1. Brooks, keep going Jesus loves you and in Him you can find the strength to move into the future. I couldn’t go on 45 years ago, but I did. Since then I met the most wonderful woman and we have been walking together with the Lord for 44 years. Kia Kaha in the Lord, a future with Him is far better than trying to struggle on alone.

      1. Some injections are designed to be intravenous and some not. The idiots at The NZ MOH instruct health professionals NOT to aspirate as a blanket rule. In Japan, aspiration is standard practice. Pfizer found that accidental intravenous injection killed animals in testing.
        Story for you. A close relative of mine was mandated into being jabbed to keep his job (family to support and all that). He’s well informed, so he asked the nurse to aspirate. She told him to stop reading Facebook and conspiracy sites etc. So he showed her some peer-reviewd material he’d brought along, which silenced her. However he watched her inject, and she didn’t aspirate. He said “I asked you to aspirate!” she responded “I didn’t know you were looking!”. He subsequently made made a formal complaint to the canterrbury District Health Board and received a full apology. His second dose was aspirated. So, if you are forced to get the jab, be firm and INSIST on aspiration! It could save your life.

  7. I am in the same position mandated for work in education.
    Reacted within 3mins of the first vaccine- now with ongoing medical conditions that have seen me see a cardiologist and immunologist and my GP virtually every week. Both my GP and immunologist applied and said I meet the criteria for an exemption. I was declined late Dec. Losing my Job after 20 years in education and unable to work in most sectors as I’m unable to get another vaccine they think it could do even more damage. I was told to go have AstraZeneca but my health is too fragile and I’m unable to take blood thinners so if anything went wrong blood clotting wise I wouldn’t be able to be treated. I am excluded from all sorts of things now and my family no longer has any income.

    1. This is all soooooo wrong. Who would have thought this would be happening in our country. Where did be kind go?

  8. Technically One jab is No Jab, even 2 Jabs is becoming No Jab and very soon 3 Jabs will be same as No Jab.
    Glad that she survived though, many have not been so lucky to tell their stories.
    Hope this nonsense will end soon.

  9. I feel so sorry for Sarah , but at the same time feel very angry this government led by Jabcinda Ardern is promoting this by coercion.
    I hope there will be justice served on these politicians who have deliberately misled the NZ public by hiding adverse reactions let alone the long term consequences of this gene therapy experiment.
    Simply outrageous and totally at odds with the Nuremberg Code

    1. It’s been in court Neurenberg..since 6th Dec. Jacinda along with MANY others listed for conviction. IT IS TRUE, and all will come out. So much more behind the scenes being exposed.

  10. The Director General of Health IS personally liable for Sarahs injury under many clauses of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 as he IS the pcbu- person in charge of business or undertaking- fines are in the hundreds of thousands and potentially imprisonment. Please Sarah get in touch with Chris Lind or Liz Lambert

    1. Definitely get in touch with Liz Lambert and join
      Section 83 on Facebook as I have a feeling you will find someone is liable for what has happened.

      All the very best

    2. please note that the Australian Govt have enacted into law, that they will undertake to financially help any person affected by the jab…..also have made free to people who spent at least one night in hospital with heart problems, free access to echocardiography and other treatment……this is because they have a litigious system, whereas we have acc.
      However, the fact that they have done this should be a push for the NZ govt to do something similar.
      The current NZ parliament, in my opinion, should all face criminal charges

  11. oops auto complete…..Form groups of 20 or more and just walk into places like restaurants etc with no passport or jab ID. wear masks cos they don’t do much anyway….what will the police do? Eff All cos they’re out catching real criminals right? like adearn etc

  12. form groups of 20 or more and just walk into places like restaurants etc with no passport or jab ID.
    wear masks cos they don’t do much anyway….what will the police do? Off All cos they’re out catching real cries right? like adearn etc

  13. This seems to be a common story now in our country. Many good and loyal people have been reduced to being a second class citizen. Many like myself have been treated like criminals for not complying to the mandates with threats of police action for even walking onto our work sites if we have not been jabbed. I have three kids, was a head of two departments in education and love teaching with all my heart but according to the government “I am a danger” to my students -even though at least three schools have been shut from a vaxxed teacher spreading covid. I will now have to go on the benefit and my students will probably end up having a teacher who has no idea how to teach subjects up to level 3. People need to stand up and say No! This will not stop until we unite and refuse this obvious control play by the government. This has never been about health. God help us if we don’t take a stand.

    1. We are taking a stand. If we take a stand against evil, then God is helping us!
      And we continue to take a stand and we will stand our ground and we will never give up, never give in, never surrender.
      Stay strong Rachael, have courage. We WILL win this.
      I was born for this moment, both here at my laptop and on the ground at the protests.
      Last Saturday the media never showed to the Christchurch protest. When they do show, it’s all downplaying figures, lies and negative spin. I’m here to tell you the truth. There are thousands of us. Tens of thousands. And the mainstream media has stopped showing because they are scared. Good. They should be.

      1. Please keep me posted

        1. Sonja I’ve given you my Email contact and will respond to you in detail soon.
          Meanwhile if anyone sees Sonja’s message please give her some links or contacts.
          hang in there Sonja. help is on the way.

        2. Call the NzDrsos.. for help.The hospitals are not allowed to refuse any admission regardless of vax status so go back and insuit Use common law and push through the bullies.The child cannot be refused but they may refuse u if your unvaxxed but again it’s up to stand your ground. Kids ard not yet mandated and a mandate is only a request to comply not law.

          1. Correct Rosanna. NZDSOS are a good start and the Human Rights Commission is a good contact (really. Trust me on that).

        3. What are symptoms? What has he had done? HS he had a troponin level done? Simple blood test- if it’s ok, then myocarditis is ruled out at time of test.

        4. Hi Sonja
          This situation was discussed at the CDHB Child Advisory Meeting last year. I was given an assurance that a child would not be refused medical treatment due to their vaccination status or the vaccination status of the parents caregivers. non vaccinated Parents and Caregivers will be allow to support their children during appointments and admissions.

        5. If he has had the jab its imperative that he does not have an MRI.

          Different batches different toxicity, with some batches having graphene oxide (GO) in them – which to a nano metal particle.

          If he does have GO, an MRI could kill him.

        6. Stand outside the hospital with big signs saying “Jacinda’s Govt have maimed my grandson,and this hospital won’t help
          Get your picture in the paper
          Make a big noise
          Do whatever it takes to stop being complacent and DEMAND some action from the govt
          We New Zealanders are far too polite and we need to get some backbone

          1. We New Zealanders are indeed far too laid back and reticent. That is how Ardern got her “team of five million” to comply with the first lockdown. Things are changing though, Protest is happening on an unprecedented scale now.
            Time for us to make LOTS of noise, but we must take care not to let it spill into violence.
            All it takes is for one loony to give the MSM some ammunition and its Game Over.
            Loud but disciplined is my call. Lets protest and take other actions the right way: In a calculated and co-ordinated fashion.
            Courage brothers and sisters. We can win this!

    2. You are completely right! The people of New Zealand need to NOT COMPLY and just say “NO”!

    3. I feel for you
      I don’t have to face the no jab issue as yet
      And don’t think I will
      This will be over soon
      I personally like it that the jabbed can go spread it amongst themselves leaving us out of it

  14. I am very sorry to hear this Sarah it must be completely devastating for you and your family . Well done in being brave and allowing your story to be shared. You are not alone in this situation there are many many injured kiwis just like you but have no voice.

  15. I am quite devastated because of all this division in our society caused by the illusion of a certain strain of virus. My wife who suffers from vascular dementia is now in a rest home, since July 2020, and is finding it hard to understand way she is being discriminated against.
    She said to me that she is being excluded from doing activities that other residents are involved in. My wife and myself remain unjabbed, which excludes myself from being able to enter the home and visiting her in her room. I am her only regular visitor. I can take her out or visit her out front of the home on nice days.
    This type of discrimination, I know, is very difficult for her to understand.

    1. Yes, people are dying and suffering from all manner of ailments, and the focus on this one virus (which has now mutated into something no worse than a common cold and will soon be endemic) is difficult to understand unless one understands the agenda behind the pandemic.
      My children struggle to understand why Dad can’t take them to a movie or to local swimming facilities, but they DO understand why I devote so much effort to protesting the vile agenda that prevents us from enjoying our rightful freedoms.
      I find it particularly repugnant that these rights are being treated as a privelege for those with a special pass.
      The frustrating part is that most people WANT a police state. They want to feel “safe”. They enthusiastically sign up for this vaccine pass nonsense and brandish their documentation like a magic talisman. Poor fools.
      Meanwhile we awakened folk must do what we can to save the rest from themselves, or if all esle fails, look after ourselves and anyone who will listen and learn.

      1. I am that Dad who cannot do anything. Chest pains, lethargy, dizziness……all included in the Medsafe reports. Been to the doctors 6-7 times since my second jab. I am now having an MRI on my liver and chest X-Ray. My family have just gone on Xmas holiday today and I am sat at home waiting for this stuff to wear off. 3.5 months and still counting. I am trying to get a medical exemption and my doctor rang the medical council who suggested I take Moderna not Pfizer for my booster jab. The doctor said that was a really bad idea as he has seen my health deteriorate month after month and this would likely do me no good. I heard the medical council say I am a risk. How can I be a risk I can barely leave the house, get out of bed or at times even watch tv.

        1. two primary contacts i recommend: (these are for New Zealand)
          Folks outside NZ will find many support groups and contacts online, or by searching the articles on this site.
          NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (

          The Human Rights commission.
          Human Rights Commission :: Human rights in relation to COVID-19 (
          The Freedom and Rights Coalition have done considerable groundwork with HRC and they are proving to be very helpful and responsive.

          Check the articles on this site under “Mandatory Covid Vaccine” category you’ll find many, many links to action and support groups.

      2. Please let me know of any support groups….I can join. I am on Twitter and Facebook. I could really do with the help. I saw a lady make a post a few days ago that said the biggest shame out of all of this is when you tell someone that you have sick from the vaccine and the instant reply is…..I am fine though so what is the problem. We are certainly driving a lack of humanity in NZ. To Sarah, Jim, Martin and myself we all care but are very quickly becoming the forgotten people. Take care everyone

        1. two primary contacts i recommend:
          NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (

          The Human Rights commission.
          Human Rights Commission :: Human rights in relation to COVID-19 (
          The Freedom and Rights Coalition have done considerable groundwork with HRC and they are proving to be very helpful and responsive.
          Freedoms and Rights Coalition has contact links through numerous articles on this site.
          Also try Voices For Freedom who are very active in NZ.
          Search this site under “Mandatory Covid Vaccine” category and you’ll find many resources.

      3. Yes Martin, I agree with your sentiments, however it is impossible to help those who refuse to be helped, whose bling faith in the lies that this PM is constantly telling us. I believe that this narrative and associated nonsense will collapse soon and possibly within the next 6 months as Ardern and her stooges will have an increasingly difficult task to keep a lid on all the information that is coming out and being spread by individuals who think as we do, if she tries to lock Auckland down again on the pretext of the “danger” from this latest (or any subsequent), variant, then I think we will see open rebellion against all the measures and the police will have to decide which side they wish to be on. I believe that Ardern is well aware of the precarious position she has put herself and the government in. It remains to be seen what instructions she will be given by her controllers (including Helen Clark). On a more sombre, but realistic note I believe, the situation appears to be that the injections are an IQ test, foisted upon the world’s population by the globalists and depopulation advocates; if you take the shots then you have failed the test. It would appear that this is one way of culling, low-intelligence, compliant sheep-like elements in society. The next few months will be interesting to say the least and I earnestly hope that when this nonsense is revealed for what it is, that we will have a “Nuremberg 2” exercise to deal with all these traitors – death is the penalty for treason and I suggest that we suspend the capital punishment provisions of our law, to deal with these clearly sub-human entities (just like they have suspended all our rights and freedoms).

        1. Yes I agree, one cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. However, I have seen people wake up who I never thought would. People come to me quietly in confidence and ask questions because they are afraid to ask out loud. Every person saved is a blessing, every person saved is worth a thousand rejections.
          As for the “sub human entities” I believe the people they inhabit are victims in their own right. They are merely hollow people filled with an evil larger than themselves. Don’t be too hasty to deal out death and judgement, that is in God’s hands. They’ll be their own undoing.

    2. I’m so sorry to hear this Jim. Your story brought a tear to my eye.
      I am sending so much love and support to you both and will do everything in my power to stop these ridiculous mandates.
      Thank you for sharing your story.

    3. I’m so sorry Jim I too have to stay away from my mum who’s in a Resthome she has dementia and whilst that is a hideous disease she at least doesn’t understand covid and why I’m not able to see her! They called on Fri to inform me that she was getting her booster (my sister authorised the 1st & 2nd) I was well I NEED to see her so we did get spend a good hour with her outside! Feeling for you Jim it’s not an easy road!!

    4. That is so sad and so wrong on so many levels Jim. It is hard enough coping with an illness like this let alone not being able to visit her in her room even. Where is the kindness the government talked about ?This is inhumane.

    5. Stand strong on this issue Jim……My mother has dementia and was living independently with supports in place and me (her daughter) just up the road….she wanted the jab…..I am unjabbed due to health concerns and a gut feeling that this is all wrong….but am pro choice….also with my mother I knew she was going to need care at some stage and would be pushed into it…..After the first jab the dementia got worse and a nurse was brought in to deliver her pills….but she was still managing at home with personal care etc…..Second Jab and OMG….the next day she was off the chart…..turned the freezer off….pulled fuses out of the fuse box…..unplugged the phone and St Johns box and was not sure of who I was….it was scary…..she leveled out but only slightly…..the husband took her shopping as per normal but later told me that her groceries were not the normal and weird… thing….on a Saturday went for a 3km walk….in her mind she was off to Bay Audiology….she fell over and a young man kindly helped and called an ambulance….she told him about her appointment and that her husband was too ill to take her….my father has been deceased for fourteen years…..she did not hurt herself in the fall….a miracle…..but went into hospital…..very very confused and from there she went straight into a D3 dementia unit……so independent living to a lock up unit a month to the day of the 2nd jab…..I am now very fearful about the booster…..I cannot visit…..the Care Home she is in is nice and small and very good but I have to have a Covid test no less than 48 hours old to visit….then it is a special room that is CTV monitored and I have to wear full PPE gear…..she does not recognize me in this get up and I will be ordered out if I pull the mask down…..Jim you are being very wise about this jab and I hope you can remain strong….my feeling is it exacerbates whatever is going on health wise….I will not have this jab even if it means I cannot visit my mother and being excluded from family events as the rest are pro jab..

  16. Thank you for sharing her story. I feel for Sarah. Yes it is her story but she has a famous brother who remains silent. This begs the question why doesn’t her brother speak up and advocate for her and the rest of us against these mandate and question the safety and efficacy of these jabs. He has the platform to get the message out there.

    1. I don’t have the answer to that Sue. Perhaps Sarah doesn’t want her brother risking his career for her. That’s a family matter I guess so I can only speculate.

      1. I would hope concern over career would take a back seat to what his sister has experienced. Any person that has access to public platforms to get out the truth and doesn’t…well no respect to them. We must be vocal, consistent and persistent or we all lose to death and loss of personal freedoms.

        1. So sorry to hear this Jim, what an awful situation you find you and your loved one in – I wish they would just stop this nonsense and let people get on with life as best they can. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me
          021 1494472

      2. As a mum of Vaccine Injured Teen who wanted to go to uni this year, keep her job, get a driver’s licence and play sport:::

        Please let’s relable these interviews/narrations.
        These people are VICTIMS. They are being victim blamed and shamed and gaslighted.
        Any other time for any other injury they’d be covered by ACC and every attempt made to help them recover or live a more comfortable life.
        In other situations, they wouldn’t be telling their stories, they would be making Victim Impact Statements.
        These are real people, with real experiences, symptoms and Injuries so let’s start calling these Vaccine Injured Parties what they are: Victims.
        And the same for their narrations: Victim Impact Statements.

        We’ve been told the vaccines are safe, yet there are far too many negatively affected.

      3. Dan has had his health, his career and his millions. Sure he may make a bit more from media but here is a chance, even if only speaking the truth, to say this is the way my sister is being treated following her injury.

    2. Sponsorship/endorsement deals not doubt keep him quiet and he’s not prepared to risk that income. How much money does he need? Put family first, grow some balls Dan and talk openly about your sister’s situation. You have STAR power, use it for good.

      1. Steve, from what I can gather, Sarah didn’t want overt focus on her brother’s fame as this her story. Obviously her brother being an AB helps gerner attention for the story, but shouldn’t be the prime focus.
        I won’t condemn Dan Carter without knowing the details. Let’s stick to what we know and focus on Sarah’s case and the cause.

    3. My thoughts exactly Sue. Dan Carter could be using his status to speak about his sister and the discrimination her and others face. Yet he chooses to stay silent. Very disappointing.

      And if this is about his “career”, then it’s a sad society we live in if people put fame and fortune before family and discrimination and segregation. It gives me little faith in humanity.

      1. I’d like to hear Dan Carter speak for himself on the matter, but that’s entirely up to Dan and his family.

        1. I would love Dan to speak up, we need someone like this to speak up. All of this is kept out of the main stream media, if someone like Dan doesn’t speak up this will be swept under the table again! Please Dan reconsider !!! There are thousands of damaged people out there. Some will never work again who speaks for them when all things are shut down so the general public think this vaccine is safe.

          1. Thanks to the constant badgering, all references to DC have been removed from the article at Sarah’s request. This was supposed to about Sarah.
            We don’t need sports stars to speak on our behalf anyhow Julie. Use your own voice. There is plenty you can do.
            Nothing will be swept under the table.

    4. Yes Yes PLEASE Dan.
      In tears & with goose pimples crawling all over me and very distraught. We have the same going on with our Grandson. 23 yr old. Living life to it full. Healthy & Happy… until he took the Jabs to keep is Job.
      Hospitals, Doctors… all will NOT SAY A WORD.
      Please help us Kiwis DAn CARTER…PLEASE
      TEL 021 2288 240

    5. I agree. Dan should be supporting his sister as should Ritchie Mccaw. These 2 are happy to take all the accolades money and enjoy the attention so how about doing the decent thing . They know this is so wrong . They need to stop being cowards and step up

  17. greatly appreciate the noble cause you are pursuing to enable viewers get insight to information being blocked by SILICON VALLEY INTERNET COMPANY

  18. Hi, Joyce Bowen has a recent article on her site which makes interesting reading re the batch numbers. One does have to ask why some have very bad or even fatal reactions in all age groups while others do not. It being an experiment on a world wide scale and knowing exactly how some batches are more toxic than others.
    Bottom line do not consent to them.

    1. Thanks Janine, I’m subbed to Joyce Bowen’s blog, she’s a real battler for the cause.
      One factor regarding why some have bad reactions and some do not, is that most countries give nurses advice NOT to aspirate when administering the dose. Since the Pfizer jab is intended for intramuscular injection and NOT intravenous, this is like playing Russian Roulette. It is when the needle hits a vein (and no aspiration means no checking) that the worst reactions occur.
      NZ’s ministry of Health instructs “do not aspirate” based on the CDC instruction. This is insane. A “please explain” request from myself sent three weeks ago has yet to get a response.
      I always tell people who are being “mandated” in order to keep their jobs: INSIST that the needle is aspirated, and if there’s any blood visible, they MUST start again.
      Its that simple. A potential life-saver.

    2. Kiwis are being experimented on without their knowledge, or consent. All in violation of multiple international laws which are designed to prevent such unlawful action upon a population by their gov’t. Do you know there are officially 2 formulas of Comirnaty? My guess is that Kiwis think they are all getting the same shot. They are not: one has the phosphate (PBS) buffer and is diluted, the other has the ‘Tris’ buffer (Tromethamine) which is a blood alkaliser, given to patients after heart surgery among other uses. The v with the Tris buffer is not diluted for age 12+. Tromethamine, according to its own safety data sheet, is to be administered IV not IM. If I’m not mistaken, everyone is getting their v’s IM, in the deltoid muscle. This v with the Tris buffer will be given to 5-11s, in a smaller, diluted dose and this is the most alarming point: it is completely untested for safety in this age group. The proof of everything I have mentioned so far is all public information and can be read by anyone in the FDA/Pfizer Safety Data Sheets. Start reading. Arm yourself with knowledge and fight back. See bottom of p6&p7 for the 5-11 (lack of) safety info and p12 for the proof of the 2 formulas with the Tris formula diluted for the 5-11s. It’s all there in black and white.

      We ALL need to stand up to tyranny. Dan & Honor Carter included.

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