I am deeply saddened by the events in my country and the schisms that are being created in the name of healthcare and “keeping us safe.” I can see the nation is being badly mismanaged by a government that does not have New Zealand’s best interests at heart. What made the government and police go full on fascist at the protestors gathered on parliament grounds?

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Our interests have been subsumed by the UN’s global agenda. Since being elected as prime minister in 2017, Jacinda Adern has been implementing Agenda 2030 in New Zealand, and this is straight from the horses mouth, when in 2019, she gave a pretty little speech about her progress towards the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

I’ve blogged about this before, but today I noticed something new. In Adern’s speech about Agenda 2030 in 2019, she mentioned “partnership.”

UN SDG review – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Adern said, “In the spirit of goal 17, we are committed to partnership.”

I’ve put the link to Goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals at the bottom of the page. Unless I’ve read it wrong, it’s all about tax collection, the transfer of wealth and technology to the developing world, massive data collection, bank, science, technology innovation, free market trade, and public/private and civil society partnerships.

What’s this partnership in Goal 17 that NZ has been committed to?

SDG target 17.17 is about the public/private and civil society partnerships, which is the merging of state power with corporate power. These big multi-national corporations with their trade agreements are more powerful than governments, they own media and money talks.

A little country like ours should especially not be in a public / private partnership with a company like Pfizer who in 2009 paid out $2.3 billion in damages for criminally misbranding drugs. It was the biggest criminal fine in US history.

The last time I looked, the merger of state and corporate power was called fascism.


Goalkeepers is an organisation set up by the Gates Foundation in 2017 to accelerate progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

This is what Adern said at Goalkeepers in 2019;

“…my Government is doing something not many other countries have tried. We have incorporated the principles of the 2030 Agenda into our domestic policy-making in a way that we hope will drive system-level actions… I believe that the change in approach that we have adopted in New Zealand is needed at a global scale…”

Jacinda Ardern meets Bill, Melinda Gates during New York trip, 26th Sept 2019

This is why the NZ flag is being flown throughout the land upside down as a sign of distress.

“I now know, that the only mistake us protestors made, was believing we were peacefully protesting in a democratic country.”



Here are the Targets of Goal 17:

Except for target 17.15 it’s all in lockstep.

  • 17.1 Improve tax and other revenue collection,
  • 17.2 and 17.3 Wealth transfer from developed countries,
  • 17.4 Debt financing for developing counties,
  • 17.5 Investment promotion regimes for least developed countries,
  • 17.6 Technological cooperation, in particular at the United Nations level, and through a global technology facilitation mechanism
  • 17.7 Transfer technologies to developing countries on favourable terms, including on concessional and preferential terms, as mutually agreed.
  • 17.8 Fully operationalize the technology bank and science, technology and innovation capacity-building mechanism for least developed countries by 2017 and enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology,
  • 17.9 Enhance international support for implementing effective and targeted capacity-building in developing countries
  • 17.10 Promote a universal multilateral trading system under the World Trade Organization, including through the conclusion of negotiations under its Doha Development Agenda
  • 17.11 Significantly increase the exports of developing countries,
  • 17.12 Facilitate free market access to least developed countries
  • 17.13 Enhance global macroeconomic stability
  • 17.14 Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development
  • 17.15 Respect each country’s policy space and leadership to establish and implement policies for poverty eradication and sustainable development
  • 17.16 Global and multi-stakeholder partnerships for the sustainable development goals in all countries, in particular developing countries
  • 17.17 Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships
  • 17.18 By 2020, enhance capacity-building support to developing countries, including for least developed countries and small island developing States, to increase significantly the availability of high-quality, timely and reliable disaggregated (?) data.
  • 17.19 By 2030, build on existing initiatives to develop measurements of progress on sustainable development that complement gross domestic product, and support statistical capacity-building in developing countries.

What else is on the agenda?

The other thing of concern is the vaccination agenda that the World Health Organisation has for the whole world. Yes, there’s Agenda 2030 and Immunisation 2030.

Immunsation Agenda 2030

This global immunisation agenda is not a good thing. The technocrats are combining gene therapy with a digital identity. SDG goal 3.8 is an entry point for a digital identity, which will combine with gene therapy in the guise of “vaccinations.” I warned about that in November 2019.

Immunization: an entry point for digital identity

ID2020, the Global Digital ID

SDG goal 16.9 will integrate with the WHO’s immunisation 2030 goals.

In August 2021 I warned ahead of time about boosters. I said that Covid is not going away, these world leaders are using it to entrench their power base. There will be gene editing booster injections on a regular basis, driven from a data centre in Berlin. The police state will mandate these injections.

Here’s the article.

Berlin and the Fourth Reich

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Republic of Germany will establish a new global hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence, data, surveillance and analytics innovation. The Hub, based in Berlin and working with partners around the world, will lead innovations in data analytics across the largest network of global data to predict, prevent, detect prepare for and respond to pandemic and epidemic risks worldwide.




Hi, I live in beautiful New Zealand. I write, I blog, I work, and in my time off I enjoy the great outdoors. I am the mother of two grown children and inheritor of their cats. I work in IT with my husband and son.

Martin adds: Watch out for the railway public transport agenda; a big part of the 2030 plan and requires Social Credit (Scored Digital ID) to travel. And don’t forget to smile, it all goes towards your SC rating 🙂

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  1. The whole world is & has been demonstrating peacefully. We all knew, if we wouldn’t, the government & media has even more the justification to react violently. Because we didn’t,more people woke up and realised this is wrong. Unfortunately,they still have their head in the sand,maybe not quite as deep,but still waiting for others to action on their behalf…If this country hasn’t learnt by now,that it is time to speak up NOW, I am afraid we will have lost this battle forever.

  2. Fascism was described by Mussolini as the joining of the state and corporations. Goal 17 is exactly that.

    Here is the answers, the law and common sense.

    3 questions.

    1. Do you think The Law is fair?
    2. Are you aware ignorance of The law is no defense in NZ courts or any western law courts?
    3. Can you show me your copy of the Rules?

    If people still think the law is fair they have failed the requirement to be counted as fully sane under the current laws and can have all their possessions taken from them and they can’t enter into a contract. The law is the law.

    Common sense suggests the law is not fair and even suggests with concealment of The Rule this cannot be other than deliberate. Not even a cop can show you their copy of the rules. This is inconsistent with the law being required to prove everything it does On The Spot.

    In the Queen’s coronation she swears top uphold Common Law in all commonwealth nations.
    Common Law cannot be altered or added to and is in effect at all times and cannot be suspended by any declaration of parliament or emergency.

    Governments only make contract laws which is by agreement only. Can you or anyone show me the contract you signed agreeing to obey the NZ government laws?
    No, because you didn’t, unless you were the military police politician or a instrument of the government. In which case you have to obey government laws because you allowed it of your own free-will.

    Mass legal fraud has been committed in NZ by all Judges and lawyers which are now accessories to those crimes. They know the law and know the government broke them regularly. They cannot claim to be honest people. Honest people would have told you the law and how it worked.

    It makes no sense to allow dishonest people to preside over law courts.

    If we were to take every Judge to court there would not be an honest judge in NZ to preside over the trial. That is have widespread this fraud is. We would have to send them to a Muslim nation to face their courts where they would get the death penalty for sure. As they earned it as the law is the law and they agreed to be accountable to them of their own free-will.

    No laws or legal system can be fair when it it not utterly transparent. When one lawyer can get a person off a charge yet another one can’t we see the law isn’t consistent. That is how we first could see it was corrupt, right in front of people’s faces.

    If everyone learned the law they would know they could claim back every cent of income tax they were tricked into paying.

    1. I agree with everything except the last bit. We employ government and elect them as our employees (at least that’s how it’s supposed to work). I have no problem paying my employees (the government) which is what our taxes are for (allegedly) but I believe the tax system is screwy.
      I’d like to see flat tax across the board and a Universal Basic Income. The result of that combination will be less government in your life and a more streamlined system that encourages growth and enterprise while ensuring a nice, neat, equitable and indiscriminating bottom line to combat poverty or provide a “safety net”.
      Left and Right wing approaches CAN and SHOULD work harmoniously if applied correctly. The growing rift between Left and Right (fuelled by Communist/Socialist interests) is what concerns me the most.
      Its a Centrist approach and I believe its a bloodshed free solution to creating a better future.

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