Hijab protests: Where’s Ardern Now?

As women across Iran finally rise up in mass protest against the enforced wearing of the Hijab, I’m reminded of the actions of Jacinda Ardern a few years back.

Ardern Hijab

In the immediate aftermath of the infamous Christchurch Mosque shootings, New Zealand’s prime minister engaged in an act of alleged compassion and solidarity which this author has previously called out as a political stunt.

The standard Narrative regarding her gesture is typified by LeMonde:

Jacinda Ardern’s hijab, a ‘headscarf for harmony’ (lemonde.fr)

And this author’s less complimentary opinion and analysis here;

Regardless of whether or not Ardern’s donning of the Hijab was compassion or spin, it had a dramatic effect on New Zealand society. Thousands of non-Muslim women and girls began following Ardern’s example and covering their heads as per Muslim Fatwah. Many of these women were either atheist like Ardern, or Christian or a member of other religious institutions. They CHOSE to wear the Hijab. Muslim women DON’T have that choice.

What bothered me the most, is that at this early point in Ardern’s career as leader of the nation, she was, as a Liberal Socialist, looked upon by many women as a role model and a champion of sexual equity.

The act of donning that Hijab, which she repeated on other occasions, seemed to this author to be quite contradictory to her alleged ideology. Some might call it hypocritical. As time has now shown, hypocrisy seems to be something our PM indulges in with alarming frequency.

How ironic, then, that while Ardern globetrots in private jets and hobnobs with the Elite movers and shakers, a protest is gathering momentum in Iran that promotes removal of the Hijab, deemed by many to be a symbol of oppression and sexism.

Iran unrest: Women burn headscarves at anti-hijab protests – BBC News

Very recently, in another show of staggering hypocrisy, Ardern told New Yorkers that “New Zealanders treasure their right to protest”. One’s jaw drops at this. Yes, we do indeed treasure our right to protest, but clearly Ardern does not, as the recent actions of her government with regards the freedom protests at Parliament earlier this year very graphically demonstrate.

Some protests, however, she does seem to support. Such as the corrupt and violence-charged BLM and Antifa movements and the shockingly naive and counterproductive student Climate Change marches.

So, one wonders. Where does Jacinda Ardern stand on the anti-Hijab protests?

Other kiwis are joining the protest. How about you Jacinda?

Kiwis across the country protest in solidarity with Iranian women (1news.co.nz)

Martin Harris

Martin Harris
“I treasure my right to protest”

Martin Harris

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