NOAA Quietly Acknowledges Weather Mod using Radio Waves, Ionization and Chemtrailling

Without fanfare, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US) recently published a weather modification reporting document. See for yourself what is listed therein!

Much thanks to Dutchsinse for the heads-up on this find.

HAARP Planets HAARPing Weather mod

Dutchsinse reports:

“In case you didn’t hear the news, NOAA admitted that electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) can modify the weather.… Number 8 on the list of “activities subject to reporting”: … quote “Using lasers or other sources of electromagnetic radiation”.



Just in case that screenshot isn’t clear enough, here’s the text with the relevant parts highlighted:

  1. Seeding or dispersing of any substance into clouds or fog, to alter drop size distribution, produce ice crystals or coagulation of droplets, alter the development of hail or lightning, or influence in any way the natural development cycle of clouds or their environment;
  2. Using fires or heat sources to influence convective circulation or to evaporate fog;
  3. Modifying the solar radiation exchange of the earth or clouds, through the release of gases, dusts, liquids, or aerosols into the atmosphere; (ie Chemtrailling)
  4. Modifying the characteristics of land or water surfaces by dusting or treating with powders, liquid sprays, dyes, or other materials;
  5. Releasing electrically charged or radioactive particles, or ions, into the atmosphere; (HAARP)
  6. Applying shock waves, sonic energy sources, or other explosive or acoustic sources to the atmosphere; (Does this explain some of those mystery booms and strange sounds in the sky?)
  7. Using aircraft propeller downwash, jet wash, or other sources of artificial wind generation; or
  8. Using lasers or other sources of electromagnetic radiation. (HAARP again)

The source document can be read in entirety here: Weather Modification Project Reports (

So it appears we “conspiracy nutbars” were right, yet again..!

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Martin Harris

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