Posie Parker Debacle: The Aftermath

The backlash against Posie Parker’s shameful treatment has just begun as the rabid behaviour of Woke protestors takes its toll on our already Ardern-battered international reputation.

Posie Parker Woke thuggery posie

Just yesterday this author commented (see link below) that the mob behavior of the poorly organised protestors would bite them in the backside. As Posie P. leaves the country prematurely, the world watches in disgust.

This is from our usually pro-Left mainstream media:

‘You just ruined your tourism industry’: Tourism NZ overwhelmed with negative comments after Posie Parker rally

Tourism New Zealand’s official Twitter account has been targeted with hundreds of negative comments after Posie Parker fled the country following a fiery rally in Auckland on Saturday.

Parker, real name Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, was forced to leave her event in Albert Park after a hostile reception from transgender rights protesters saw her doused, mobbed, and sprayed by the crowd. She was later spotted at Auckland Airport checking in to an international flight.

Parker tweeted late on Saturday night that advice from police and her security team was to leave the country and hit out saying “lies were finally spewed by politicians in power in Australia and New Zealand, boosted by a corrupt media populated by vile dishonest unskilled cult members”.

Her treatment drew a wave of negative attention on Twitter, with #ShameOnNewZealand trending on Saturday.

In the aftermath Tourism New Zealand was forced to turn off replies to its tweets and its latest post was deleted entirely amid the storm of comments – but calls for visitors to boycott New Zealand continued.

“Having witnessed the treatment of women trying to speak in a public place in Auckland, I won’t be visiting NZ anytime soon,” one person commented on a Tourism New Zealand promotional tweet.

“I think you just ruined your tourism industry today,” a second wrote.

“@PureNewZealand expect your visitor numbers to plummet. Who’d want to visit a place where the government, media and police encourage aggression and mob rule?” a third tweeted.

ACT’s tourism spokesperson Dr James McDowall told Newshub it’s disappointing but not surprising people are shocked by what happened in Auckland.

“In a civilised country, you counter ideas you don’t like with more speech and debate, not violence and intimidation,”

he said.

“Tourism businesses have been hammered over the past few years, they can’t afford for potential tourists to have another reason to take their money elsewhere.

“The Government didn’t promote rational behaviour, Ministers actually joined in on the witch-hunt. It sends a message that New Zealand isn’t capable of rational debate and allowing people to speak freely.”

READ MORE: Tourism New Zealand Twitter account overwhelmed with negative comments after Posie Parker rally | Newshub

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One would like to think that some good will come out of this. That more people will wake up. One can only hope. I suspect. however, that these protestors and their cheerleaders will think this to be a victory. Wait until this episode hits the international headlines. It’s a shameful day to be a Kiwi, that’s for sure. Martin

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