After gay marriage was foisted on NZ in 2013, I was warned by a Canadian friend that the next thing to be pushed would be the transgender agenda. She was right.

By Jo Blogs,

NZ Transgender

This is what I saw at the Girls’ school I attended when we went there for a reunion in 2016. I found it disturbing. What were they teaching the girls? And that was over five years ago! I wondered where it was going but I thought the girls and their parents would see sense and reject the ideology.

Now it’s being shown up for what it is in NZ and it is ugly.

I’ll let Matua Maori Outcast speak. He said it’s a cult looking to undermine parental authority by inserting Transgender ideology into your child and they have to target the young to succeed. And it’s being driven by Pharmac and the Tech industries.

Matua said in NZ the Labour and Greens have been supporting this.

As you can see below. On the left we’ve got Eli Rubashkyn with Jacinda Adern and on the right we have Shaneel Lal (They/Them) with Chris Hipkins.

Fijian born Shaneel Lal moved to New Zealand in 2014. Lal is a columnist at the NZ Herald and Co-founder of the Conversion Therapy Action Group. He was behind the attack on the Christian School Bethlehem College in 2022. On 30 March 2023, Lal was named Young New Zealander of the Year.

Eli Rubashkyn is a trans person who was welcomed into NZ years ago as a refugee. Rubashkyn sullied NZ’s reputation by throwing tomato juice at Posie Parker, a woman’s rights activist who came to NZ in a “Let Women Speak” event.

NZ Herald

Posie Parker was not allowed to speak! The rally was shut down and by Rubashkyn and an angry mob as police stood by doing nothing. Rubashkyn then fled the country, posting a video to social media where they said New Zealand had set a precedent that countries could “stand up against hate.” Oh, the irony.

The mob included at least five NZ MPs, one of them was Marama Davidson, co-leader of the Greens and minister for the prevention of Family and Sexual Violence. She said that “white cis men” are the main perpetrators of violence in the world. Imagine the furor if that had been said about men from any other race? And who caused the violence at the “Let Woman Speak” rally?

Marama Davidson has kept her position unfortunately and only got slapped with a wet bus ticket by NZ prime minister Chris Hipkins for her evil, racist remarks.

Now we’ve seen some of the rogues gallery, lets watch NZ Prime Minister Chris Hipkins answer the question, “what is a woman?”

NZ was the home of women’s suffrage and became the first country to give women the vote. I wonder what the suffragettes would think now? Has NZ lost its mind, or do we have an evil clique in power promoting things they shouldn’t be?


Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker

Before the event, Keen-Minshull said she was in New Zealand to “give women who feel gaslit by the state [the ability] to speak about the rights they are losing”.NZ HERALD: POSIE PARKER TOUR OF NZ

Posie Parker juice-thrower Eli Rubashkyn charged with assault

The refugee and trans activist who threw tomato juice on Posie Parker

“We have indeed contributed to the global debate about transgender rights – but only by showcasing how intolerant this group is, and how violently they react to ideas that challenge the perceived orthodoxy in our South Pacific hermit kingdom. It has cast a spotlight not only on the violent undertones that exist within parts of the transgender movement; but also on New Zealand’s own appalling record of violence, particularly with regard to domestic violence.”VIOLENT SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH: NZ TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS ASSAULT KELLIE-JAY KEEN (POSIE PARKER)

The Persecution of Bethlehem College

Monty Python

This is Monty Python, and even they saw it coming. Here’s a skit from the film!

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Martin comments: Here’s another Monty Python predictive. Not only did they see the transgender agenda coming, they accurately picked Canada as leading the charge!

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