Been a while since we featured Ben Vidgen’s work, but he’s been busy researching and blogging nevertheless. This one’s a superb dive into a subject we haven’t covered at Uncensored for a while; HAARP and weaponization/manipulation of nature.

(Be sure to check out Ben’s site at the link below, always some deep dives into heavy topics!)


Was Turkey Quake HAARP report in summary. Full report follows there after but these are in fact the proven Facts.

  1. Atmosphere conditions perfect. Powerful sun storm hit North Pole near where HAARP’S artic base in Anchorage is located.
  2. DARPA in the same period deploy a new series of HAARP and EM satellite experiments at North Pole facility in Anchorage.
  3. Spy “UFO” get shot down over Artic circle by jet aircraft dispatched from Anchorage Alaska.
  4. Super accurate quake predicted activity in Turkey Syria by Dutch seismologist before hand. Reported in MSM.
  5. US EW warship moves into bay in Turkey. Local politicians forecast what will happen next and protest as they seek have the ship leave.
  6. Political condition in Turkey ripe for a coup. US and Anti US fractions shoot it out in Turkey and in halls of Power at EU and the street of Turkey with tit for tat assassinations and reprisals.
  7. Oarfish and Blackout on Equator consistent with past EM behavior following US experiment in ionosphere in 1950 Project Star Fish.
  8. 9 Embassy’s and oil lines through quake struck region turned off before hand.

That’s the summary now here the full break down and fact check of the fact checkers. Note I actually fact check instead of make assumption based on zero actual investigation or attempt at fair and balanced coverage. But then again unlike the vast majority of so called Fact Check organization I am not in the service of or part of the military industrial complex and there am free of any conflict of interest (which is more than can be said of the other so called ‘Fact Checkers’ whose misuse of the term is in its self an act of Orwellian like war time propaganda ).

Fact Check-Earthquake in Turkey was not a HAARP operation (Reuters)

A fact check done using unnamed military experts?? Sounds legitimate, said no one whose not a moron, not withstanding that weapons used by the US military (as highlighted in European Union 1999 parliamentary report in to ‘HAARP and Non Lethal Weapons‘ classifying it as a weapon) to be silent weapon. ‘Silent Weapons’ is a term used for weapons to be specifically deployed and used on a unsuspecting public. Its public disclosure is hardly going to be therefore endorsed by said military being asked. For mainstream public knowledge would prove counter to the goal of how and why such weapons are used and developed. Note when I use the term HAARP I am talking of general EM Scalar systems, deployed for waging proxy war with rival in a clandestine fashion not specifically HAARP itself — unless stated otherwise.

Now Turkey need not be a man made event (as Freud once said “some times cigar is just a cigar”) and on my own scale of indicators I first looked at to determine probability of “geo-warfare”.*1 it only rated 4/15 initially. But the ‘fact checkers’ appears to over look past reporting of recent events such as the Kaikoura Christchurch where MSM simply denied earthquake lightening and later that the moon has no impact on tides or seismic activity. A claim reporters then took as bankable ‘fact’ after only talking to primarily geologist at Geonet and or from NIWA ( National Institution of Weather and Atmosphere). When that got shot down by astrophysicists as not true NIWA red facedly admitted it needed “to stick to its knitting.” MSM off course owned it own misreporting (Not) and admitted that it had not researched the topic legitimately or that it had not bothered to speak to experts from a cross discipline as opposed to asking experts questions on a topic they knew jack about and that ultimately what they where asserting as fact was in reality simply reporting and a level of unsophisticated research dictated to by their own bias and existing assumptions.

  • * A term coined for US military experiments into the atmosphere conducted in the South Island in the 1970’s known as Operation Long Bank. First published in US military manuals referred to Owen Wilkes, a well known New Zealand anti war campaigner and investigative reporter, in his 1973 book Protest* Conducted in area in Blenheim near Kaikoura where the US British military conducted multiple experiment into the ionosphere studying the role of plasma activity on radio propagation as part of global study authorized by the allies at the end of the WW2 . This fact is documented in the National Archives of New Zealand where declassified secret documents revealing the sever impact of solar activity on our electromagnetic field (first noted following the detonation of the first nuclear weapons) received the highest classification available [Literally “Most Secret”] such where the war time implications of the discovery. Following meeting with New Zealand representative Australian Professor/Colonel Thomas Leach then Dean of Engineering at Auckland University NZ and Allied military scientist via the UN Metrological services will be appointed head of the secret study. Namely because New Zealand already has three ionosphere observation in operation and is deemed a world leader in the study of the ionosphere by the conference participants.

The Reuter Fact Checkers also fails to expand on the comment by another European politician (and remember The EU already designated HAARP as a weapon) Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca which high lights further anomallys. Namely the second more power quake’s was absence of an epicenter and that after shock produced a linear symmetrical patter.

As for Sosoaca politics (because hey politicians are not above talking bollocks if their votes to be gained right?) I am not certain. Some commentator call her right wing. A label she is given as she is clearly pro Putin and in the same breath can be found praising Turkey leader Erdogan a conservative poltician. Erdogan is however currently waging a war with US/Israeli backed right wing terror groups. Specifically the Golden Dawn and Grey Wolves, revolving around a recent series of assassination and bombing seek to destabilise Erdogan popularity a head of up-coming elections. Complicating matter the on and off again relation Erdogan has had himself with the CIA Turkish branch of NATO Gladio’s ‘Stay Behind Armies’ (which many also suspect extends to the Greek based Golden Dawn) The Grey Wolves. Regardless the Senator makes several claims regarding the role of geo-warfare in the Turkish Syrian tragedy which upon scrutiny of known fact appear to be mostly based in fact. What Fact checkers these days call “partly wrong” when the narrative deemed anti status quo.

Dear fellow Senators,

“We have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command, which is actually an attack on Turkey by the greatest of the world who totally disliked being set up by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey. Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war deeply disturbed them, especially since Turkey is the second great power from a military point of view within NATO. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, his speech in Davos, as well as the gesture of leaving in the middle of the press conference, defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo in the cold world of leaders the world. But, no one thought that people would have to die, so many people, and in such a terrible way. And it’s just a warning, because it wasn’t the most populated area of Turkey. 150 aftershocks of a devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first, without the existence of an epicenter, the area being artificially stimulated, geological weapons having existed for a very long time, being used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments. Now, it has been put into practice. If we look carefully at the map of Turkey, we will see that it is furrowed by gas and oil pipelines, this being actually one of the goals: their destruction. But, 10 seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed these pipelines. In addition, 24 hours before the earthquake, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey. 5 days before its occurrence, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger, as did other countries. By killing people, they served their interests. The maps shown on all the television channels show that there was no epicenter, but a line with thousands of earthquakes. The Turkish secret services are investigating a possible „criminal intervention”, (read an involvement of another state in triggering the first earthquake), what followed later being a chain reaction after the destabilization of the tectonic plates in the region. It is very clear that President Erdogan was punished for his courage, dignity and honor and for his closeness to the Russia”. The irony is when fact checking the Senators claims most of them can be verified, at least in part, by new stories published by none other than Reuters.

Also adding to the picture if the fact that the western MSM coverage of this issue, is not done in a fair and balanced manner. Not when making the claim that it is a fact that HAARP is not weapon. For this is no less than a double standard in which the West then simultaneously choose to ignore how it has labelled the very exact same technology, used by Russian and China. The West has repeatedly called the joint Russo Sino Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility as a weapon of war. Hypocrisy pure and simple.

This hypocrisy is compounded by the fact that it is simply a repeat of past cold war reporting/propaganda where in the 1995 MSM also ran reports on the Russian version of ‘HAARP’ and its role in Geowarfare seismic warfare program Mercury and Vulcan. Magically this technology somehow becomes a weapon of mass destruction when in the hands of the bad guys of the day but when in the hands of the US Military it simply becomes a scientific tool. Not withstanding the Pentagon own refusal to answer the EU’s existing question on this technology actual purpose. Questions that would be set to them not by pet journalist and ‘fact checkers’ but would of occurred at the hands of European Parliament appointed experts.

Back in the 1990s the West would report as FACT Russian Earthquake weapon experiments. Western media would also encourage report that the 1998 Spitnak earthquake which occurred in the Armenian Turkish region in the late 1980s was linked to weapons testing. I wont say these reports are facts as then as now the issue of western Cold war propaganda obscure the level at which western reports and encouraged rumors where based on fact exaggerated or embellished for the goal of demonize the US cold war foe the USSR. Or alternatively where encouraged by Moscow so as to project a level of might that was simply a façade..

Soviet Geowarfare projects which I have reported on and authenticated extensively did exist for certain. Projects Mercury and Vulcan headed by the Azerbaijani scientist Ikram Kerimov. Kerimov destroys another assumption, held by the Reuter Fact Checker and their so called expert sources (non military scientists with out qualifications and military scientist currently employed by the Pentagon with no motive to undermine their current paymaster), regarding how geo-warfare technology actually works.

Ikram Kerimov the Father of Tectonic warfare head of the Soviet Geo-warfare programs Mercury & Vulcan.

Namely HAARP it self does not cause the earthquake. HAARP is just a key to getting the motor started. Rather “HAARP” targets and stimulates the upper region of the ionosphere targeting the naturally existing EM energy to stimulate tectonic plates during time of extreme plasma activity a field of refinement. Earth it self is the weapon’s engine.


Antenna like RD32 drastically amp up the propagation and power of US military Ionosphere Experiment to dangerous levels as noted by Craig Roger OUSA.

Fact is the US military (and others) have conducted extensive research on the principles of Geo-warfare and its a goal which the Pentagon keeps funding extensively.

Further their task as of January 2023 got a hell of lot easier with the launch of satellite systems like Star Link which will help over ride propagation limitation by literally hoisting transmitter (used to stimulate the ionosphere propagation) such as R3D2 launched by the US Navy Lockheed funded Rocket Lab from Mahi Peninsular on New Zealand cyclone hit East Coast into close proximity to the Ionosphere own EM currents which run above us in the near space levels of our atmosphere.

Factors I note that all lead me to consider the notion Turkey was potentially subject to an geo-warfare attack and the allegation is not simply ‘fake news (while not accepting or rejecting the allegations made to date) include;.

1. Mass reports Earthquake lightening. A subject which MSM cant decide whether it happens or not. Or maintains naturally happens any way though this a new line of old song which insisted for decades was just a flight of fancy.

A claim widely promoted by MSM journalist during the Kaikoura New Zealand earthquake of 2016 after the same news source maintained similar claims made during the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch quakes where nonsense. Other insist the footage is in fact power lines (also a line used by journos in the Christchurch Kaikoura quakes) or fake news with footage from another event past off as Turkey. Clearly their are many versions or possible explanation of the cause of such lights and perhaps that in fact is simply what should have being said in the absence of deeper meaningful investigation.

Meanwhile the Head of the Earthquake and Tsunami Center of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Daryono tweeted on his own Twitter account on Tuesday (7/2/2023) saying that the phenomenon of lightning during an earthquake is common. “The phenomenon of lighting when releasing earthquake energy is one thing that is very common in various places on earth, namely electromagnetic wave activity. Don’t think too far about HAARP,” he tweeted. While on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website that Daryono has included, it is explained that phenomena such as lightning flashes, balls of light, bands, and steady flares, which are reported to be associated with earthquakes are called Earth Quake Lamps (EQL) alias earthquake lights.

Which is fair enough. Except of course the admission of this phenomenon as real is new. Previously reporters would simply dismissed such mass reported sighting as not being linked to earthquakes and it was effctievly fake news. A pattern which dates back to pre HAARP events such as the 1993 Perth Meteor Earthquake Banjawarn affair.

The bright explosion and sonic boom over Perth in the wee hours of a May 28 1993 occured as quake hit Western Australia and as mass sighting of strange lights in the skies of Western Australia rolled in. The Epicentre of the quake no less than Royal Australian Airforce electronic warfare station in Laverton which is duplicate to the 1998 site built in Anchorage which would became known as HAARP.

Photo Right — 1995 US Senate Investigation Correspondence into Banjawarn Affair by father of George Town WMD conference in which US Secretary explored WMD in the works by governments and non state actors.

The Banjawarn event would lead to a US Senate inquiry into the possible research in exotic weapons of mass destruction. in Western Australia. IRIS analyzed the event in cooperation with Princeton University, the University of Colorado, and the Australian Geological Survey. A letter of thanks singed off by Senator Sam Nun who chaired the 1996 symposium of Weapons of mass Destruction where the then Secretary of Defence stated, according to Pentagon’s own transcript of the speech “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”. Specifically weapons of mass destruction purchased from the former Soviet Union off the black market from a far right Japanese death cult. Who incidentally had brought the farm where the Banjawarn epicenter would be tracked just 35 days earlier. Following the 1995 sarin attack in Toyo by the same cult the Australian Federal Police would raid the farm and seize exotic technology, the Australian Federal Police reports later being used to investigate the cults role in developing weapons of mass destruction in Australia outback.

The public findings of the US investigation proved inconclusive and there was a concentrated effort to down play the suggestion (namely through the retraction of previous statements and data partially released that was reported on with out correct context). Yet it is worth noting that it was black market Russian technology which can also be confirmed as providing the raw defense technology used to kick start the Royal Australian Airforce own electromagnetic super e-bomb an offensive Electromagnetic weapons research program launched in the late 1990’s. One can only wonder where the Australian government could have possible procured such material at this time?

The CNN Effect when mainstream reporting reflects ‘Facts’ as they are perceived by the media/academia and it strategic partners confirmation bias as shaped by their own self interests… summed up by badge seen on Lockheed Martin worker during the first Iraq war “Dont Bite the War that feeds you’.

Reuter and MSM general reporting on this topic can be summed up easily they don’t actually go to sources qualified to give a view point or who are qualified to speak free of being guilty of a conflict of interest. And they also don’t bother to do a deep dive historically to provide context to their flat assertion that HAARP has no offensive capacity or strategic military functions. In a nut shell the mainstream reporting of such source is clouded by the bias of the CNN effectthe confirmation bias as shaped by their own self interests… summed up by badge seen on Lockheed Martin worker during the first Iraq war “Dont Bite the War that feeds you’.

Fact is contrary to what the Fact Checker who work for corporations (who more often than not have links to the military industrial complex) insist is fact the Pentagon and others have conducted extensive research on the principles of Geo-warfare. And its a goal which the Pentagon (and others) keeps funding extensively. And yes this is precisely the area of research which rely of the data collected by projects like HAARP. HAARP it self being simply a cog in far large networks of programs (Known loosely as the Son of Starwars – a reference to Ronald Regan own dreams of weaponising space) designed to pod and poke the heavens in the name of Uncle Sam all paid for with Pentagon dollars. A decision based not on whimsy but results and the ever increasing numbers of success made in advancing developments of said experimentations and their military potential. Further their task got a hell of lot easier with the launch of systems like Star Link. Evolution in satellite development will over ride propagation limitation by literally hoisting transmitter used to stimulate the ionosphere into close proximity to the ionosphere itself.

2. Quake forecast by a Dutch seismologist. In a tweet sent on Friday, researcher at the Netherlands-based Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) Frank Hoogerbeets tweeted: “Sooner or later there will be a ~M 7.5 #earthquake in this region (South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon). Hoogerbert was referring to precursors he had detected during his study of solar activity and it relation with seismic activity. Hoogerbeets is as a professional is simply saying what passionate amatuers have said openly for decade.

3. Earthquake second jolt 7.8 more powerful than first OF 7.5. Made by the Romanian Senator can be confirmed as NOT entirely accurate.

The first was more powerful than the second but confusion of a quake’s exact power is often confused depending on which detector is reviewed at the time. And it can shift to become more powerful or weaker as analyst in refined and data cross referenced. Like wise different sources may provide variation in the reported scale of a quake. But regardless it will be interesting to examine post quake data in the coming month and see what other anomaly services. Past experience shows quakes initiated by atmospherics have an inverted P wave signature (often leading to the after shocks being more powerful than the first) and in case where electromagnetic stimulation of the atmosphere was taking place the Total Electron Count [TEC] will be radically altered from it usual non-ionoized state. Aftershocks are typically about 1.2 magnitude units lower than the original quake, a statistical theory shows. The 7.5-magnitude jolt that hit Turkey at 1:24 p.m. local time, just over nine hours after the initial earthquake, was only 0.3 units smaller.

4. Earthquake after shock follow a symmetrical non random pattern. Made by the Romanian Senator can be not be confirmed as accurate which is not same as saying it wrong. The quake pattern certainly has some unique features at first glance only deeper analyst will clarify why. At face value most of the senators claims seem to have reasonable seeds of truth in them that warrant further consideration. Perhaps reporting where the senators remarks where entirely accurate and where allegations need further clarification would have being a more balanced approach. Rather than simply cancelling out the Senators statements on the basis of statements that in part can be confirmed by Reuters own sources.

Further the epi centres of the quake and their pattern do contain at least one interesting feature — namely they over lap Turkey’s hydraulic fracking iniatative; “A relative newcomer to oil production using hydraulic fracking, Turkey has managed to initiate a new era in the country’s energy policy and has started to capitalize on previously unexploited resources. Turkey has entered a new energy era by introducing hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas production in previously inaccessible sources. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced on Saturday that Turkey had begun using this method to produce commercial crude oil in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, a first in the country’s history.”

Now check out the location of  physical mechanisms of the ) in relation to the rash of earthquakes that have struck South-East Turkey in the last few days (clue: Look in the shaded area affected by the earthquakes).

Point one the over lap is uncanny.

Point two targeting an area ideal for fracking would certainly if nothing else optimize the physical mechanisms of the seismic–ionospheric coupling if electromagnetic stimulation whether the catalyst was artificially or organically induced.

What is known is that the devastating earthquake in Turkey on 6 February 2023 left its “imprint” in the ionosphere. Doppler radar – see Figure – identified infrasound at heights of about 170 km over Europe (a) Slovakia, (b) Czech Republic, (c) Belgium, excited by seismic waves. It will however take months of crunching data to examine that footprint to tell which came first – the proverbial chicken and egg – as to whether seismic ionosphere coupling was triggered tectonically or via the ionosphere.

An example of this analyst is the French DEMETER satellite data which was used to study the plasma parameters variation during the Haiti earthquake of 2011.

5. Cloud formation indicating ionization of the sky (weak) but boosted by Turkey violent weather. Confirmed.

CIA Documents demonstrate the volatile nature of US Turkish relations and oil politics since the start of the 2016 war in Syria.

6. Geo political timing Turkey’s loans, walking out of Davos, the opening of new front in Syria/Chechnya via supporting separatist against Turkey but pro Russian a move aimed at dividing Russian allies. Same week 17 billion mysteriously turns up in Turkey coffers – the suspicion this was funds for Turkey selling embargoed oil.

7. Historic role of Turkey/Armenia in multiple HAARP attacks/experiments – or events where the factor related to those events exceed 15+ on my own indicator system. The 1988 Sputnik account details the best example and should be correlated against the documentation and statement concerning the Russian Geo-warfare program mercury and Vulcan.

8. Numerous embassy close 24 hours before hand. As stated by the Senator and confirmed by Reuters. Turkey says Western nations, including the United States and Germany, have not given it any information to back up their assertions that security threats prompted them to close their missions in the country prior to the earthquake. The closures follow the first two weeks of February, after far-right activists burned copies of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, acts that prompted Turkey to halt negotiations meant to lift its objections to Sweden and Finland joining NATO.


9. December 2022 HAARP Experiment for stronger transmission signal begins. The experiment into the Artic to Antarctica HAARP beam with evidence of propagation boosting in the region of Marlborough in late January (yes I have the photos) where classified military propagation research dates back to 1944 and HAARP signal intersects as can be confirmed in Alaskan University and NIWA own documentation of HAARP HOP experiment in NZ which begin in the late 1990 and continued as late as 2010 AT LEAST.

Owen Wilkes list the same area as being in proximity to Operation Longbank at Woodburn Blenheim – whose earthquake related allegations are raised by Wilkes in his 1973 book Protest. Nearby the location for a secret radar site in Golden Bay with both areas being listed into the super secret conference into the impact of solar activity on the EM fields over seen by Professor Colonel Thomas Leech under orders to Professor Ernest Marsden.

10. USS Nitze The warship enter Turkey activist accuse it of beng here to trigger a quake PRIOR to the Turkish quakes struck: USS Nitze (DDG 94) a electronic warfare ship came to Bosphorus, Istanbul and anchored in Dolmabahçe before the start of the earthquake (February 6 2023) tragedy in the Middle East. Its is targeted by pro Erdogan fraction who accuses it of being there to trigger a quake.

The US Navy ship unusual voyage was suspected because it was equipped with an electromagnetic HAARP device. An antenna which replicates the 2016 Kaikoura quake. This is where the HAARP Niwa Research Vessel (RV) Tangora was on site conducting research into the ability of EM to detect oil and earthquake activity. The USS Sampson a US Electronic warfare ship was the first US warship to arrive in NZ in 35 years). A fact which failed to make the news following the event of November 16 2016.

11. Geomagnetic storm plays a significant but by no means EXCLUSIVE role in the triggering of earthquakes.

A. Pretty much accepted scientific fact is a contributing factor and can be used to forecast quakes – see Quake Tech Rocket Lab Auckland University New Zealand.

B. Class X Sun Storm hits North Pol Feb 11th same day Australian MSM credit Dutch Seismologist with forecasting epi center of quake activity in Turkey Syria with magnitude 7.5 greater. Ikram Kermilov, the Soviet scientist who worked on Russian technology warfare, says less energy needed than thought to trigger Tectonic shift. Especially in areas likely to experience seismic activity anyway. So can be used to target areas where they know seismic activity will already occur due to natural factor that can be used to trigger more intense activity that takes a shake and makes it mega quake. Electromagnetic stimulation part of Kerimov experiments

Armenia which border Turkey was widely reported in western press in 1990s as being subject to such technology in 1980s. The programs in question where Vulcan and Mercury head by Kerimov.

12. There is currently no reported damage to the Kerkuk-Ceyham or the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyham crude oil pipelines which shut down BEFORE the quake. Also an allegation dismissed by Reuters which in fact proves to be accurate according to well Reuters.

13. Prior to the earthquake the US Airforce shot down a spy balloon over Alaska close to Anchorage where the HAARP facility is located. Authorities wont say what the object is, who it belongs too, or where it was precisely shot down. It come as a Chinese spy balloon scandal hit the headlines China begin to spy on military installations nd scientific sites with military implications.


14. A huge oarfish as South America experiences black outs ( see Project Star Fish stimulation of TEC impact on equator), which is thought to predict earthquakes has been found on a beach in Ecuador near the equator on the telemetry used by Nasa and the US military. The species is rarely seen because of the depths they swim at. The creatures usually live 1,000m (3,280ft) below the surface. When they are spotted it can be due to storms washing them towards land that some believe to be a harbinger for earthquakes or tsunamis. The oarfish, found on Tonsupa Beach, Esmeraldas, Ecuador, was around 5m (16.4ft) in length. The same week NY suffered the largest earthquake in 40 years and seismic activity – This is a weak flag on the grounds such anomalies, as animal sensitive to EM, usually need to be larger and closer to the region impacted in question but is included due to the Equator relation ship with the Earths EM field.

15. Meanwhile the documented role of the US deliberate weaponizing the atmosphere can also be seen at Awarua Bay where Otago University studies into solar storm activity found that the US jamming system capable of causing mass black out and that fact alone should alert us to the real purpose of the US military funded program along the line of HAARP, SURA (Chinese system) Mercury and Vulcan which a mass corporate media, owned largely by the US Military Industries biggest backers, refuses to acknowledges as it engages in deliberate willful ignorance based in preformed bias.

16. More ‘HAARP’ experiments underway just prior to Quake: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency selected Spire Global to design a small satellite for an experiment to study high-frequency radio signals in the upper layers of the atmosphere, the company announced Nov. 1. Operation Ouji Board.

Spire will design a CubeSat to carry a sensor in a very low Earth orbit – similar to Quaketek the NZ experiment (over seen by former US Missile scientist Neil Paterson on behalf of Auckland University, for the US Military funded Rocket Lab) to detect fluctuations in the upper ionosphere EM field which may predict earthquakes Ouija intended to learn how radio signals behave in the ionosphere, which spans the upper edges of the Earth’s atmosphere to the lower regions of space.

DARPA’s (Defence Advanced Research Agency) Ouija program is a project to deploy sensors on satellites to study high-frequency (HF) radio wave propagation in the ionosphere. The program seeks to quantify the space HF noise environment and improve characterization of the ionosphere.

DARPA launched the Ouija program in May and plans to launch several satellites in very low orbits to monitor radio wave propagation. The agency said the study of radio waves in this lower layer of space will help enhance the performance of military weapon systems that rely on radio signals.

Another common Fact Check “Fact” that gets stated (on the rare occasion they acknowledge the theory behind geo-warfare is at the very less sound on paper) is systems like HAARP simply can not promote a signal strong enough to trigger a plasma reaction capable of unleashing such power. And yet in 2021 In 2021 the University of Alaska Fairbanks received a five-year, $9 million grant to establish and operate the Sub-auroral Geophysical Observatory for Space Physics and Radio Science at HAARP. HAARP was built to conduct experiments in the earth’s ionosphere. In December 2022 it was announced HAARP would “probe” a similar “electrically charged region over Jupiter”, the giant gaseous planet 374 million miles away. At the end of December Scientists in Alaska bounced radio signals off a small asteroid Tuesday from the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program research site in Gakona. HAARP penetration, according to the sources cited in the Reuters ‘fact check’ article, can’t do this — ooops as they say.

In short Reuter interviews those with zero actual expertise is such topic for the goal of re-enforcing their own assumption and bias. This is opposed to going to actual impartial experts with a working knowledge of HAARP systems whose ability to stimulates seismic activities has now to date being acknowledged by the EU, Iran, Turkey, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, India, Pakistan and South Africa by both senior politician’s and high ranking military officers

Reuter and MSM general reporting on this topic can be summed up easily – they don’t actually go to sources qualified to give a view point or who are qualified to speak free of being guilty of a conflict of interest.

17. 6.1 Quake strikes New Zealand, shortly after Turkish event, at point HAARP north and south signals intersect, where last month hundred of whales washed ashore, just as Starlink arrives with a telemetry in close proximity to the epi center which sits in proximity to Taranaki oil and gas fields. The magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck New Zealand, just one day after a devastating cyclone forced a state of emergency across much of the country. Prime Minister Chris Hipkin’s (A former Ex Todd Shell Oil Executive), would later joke “all that’s missing now is the locust.” It was reported to have been felt strongly for several seconds in the capital of Wellington. The tremor struck at a depth of 48km, with its epicentre some 50km from the town of Paraparaumu, according to the seismic monitoring service Geonet. The quake occurred under the Cook Strait dividing New Zealand’s North and South Islands at 7.38pm local time, according to an official monitoring service.

A ‘drum’ search on geonet after that EQ revealed that the red bands were strongest higher up than where it was reported to be – more along where Starlink satellite where tracking… SpaceX Falcon Heavy launched a national security mission to geostationary Earth orbit Jan. 15, for Space Force containing three payloads for the ultra secretive Space Rapid Capabilities Office.

It “caused a long and strong shake felt widely across the North Island and Marlborough region”, said Geonet, which received more than 60,000 felt reports – 23,000 of them describing it as a “light” quake and fewer than 5,000 as “strong”. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury and no tsunami warning. It was followed by a magnitude 4.0 quake which hit 20 minutes later some 45 km south-west of Taumarunui – and came just over 10 hours after a magnitude 2.0 tremor whose epicentre was 5km from the same town, the monitoring service said. The earthquake comes after Cyclone Gabrielle caused significant damage across New Zealand’s North Island this week, leaving at least four people dead and more than 10,000 people displaced in the country’s most destructive weather event in decades.

Nearly 1400 people still missing as local residents contest the government account, which seeks to minimalizes damage and the scale of looting while undermining the lack of assistance locals maintain they have received. One example is provided by Tim Baker whose family who are in the Hawkes Bay police (and whose brother is apparently his brother-in-law is a sergeant there).

Here’s the video of him taking about the situation up north. Guest on talk back make similar claims with MSM disputing the accounts in general but MSM refuse to address any of the specific complaints or individuals who have on gone on record with very specific details of a death toll which is will in excess of the 11 people declared dead. Like wise farmers also widely report they have being abandoned with no help provided by emergency services or police.

Worth noting the deployment of police to the region has being less than numbers sent to Wellington 2022 protest (which follows an expensive Covid Response) cost the police $2.5 million. The Wellington police response shaped by the same government of the day who chose not to speak to protesters who attended the Wellington Convoy maintaining very vocally that the protest was manned by just a view alt right fringe “anti vax” protesters. A narrative which soon proved absurd as thousands attended, with more than 50% of protesters surveyed identifying as being former Green and Labour voters of the left. The protest which (in an election year) is now only being correctly termed as an anti mandate protest (not anti vax) ended in a a violent response after more than twenty days of being a peaceful protest, during which activist where subject to use by acoustic cannons, police provocation and psychological attempt to break the protesters spirits by a speaker of the house. The speaker warning journalist not to speak said protesters (Source Barry Soper RNZ) a move which of course only further fueled the protesters sense of anger and alienation fed in many cases by outrageous claims of state and corporate funded media, who time and time made sure only the state narrative was peddled (as my own video and reporting of the event document). The irony of course being that such moves ultimately empowered alt right elements at the protest and gave them a platform they would other wise never had. In the mean time Labour would be rebranded as the party of workers with a new leader put in place to remove the stench now associated with Jacinda Ardern and her speaker Trevor Mallard. Labour new brand and it election chances hinge on it response to this new crisis.

Certainly accounts of Cyclone Gabrielle devastation differ radically from the government narrative (as accepted by corporate and mainstream public media) and in the same breath existing multiple report that a dam was released in mid storm, that a helicopter pilot reported mass stranding of hundreds of dolphins on the East Coast ( a common precursor which academics are now increasingly associating with both solar activity and powerful HF frequency transmitters as used on submarine and even HAARP role in submarine communication which even die hard skeptic grudgingly acknowledge is one function of HAARP. However their needs to be confirmation and caution before being accepted or rejected Gabrielle role as a geo warfare stimulated act of economic based war fare.

Like wise a viral reports of a C130 over the epi-centre offered as proof of geo-engineering need to be viewed warily. Especially as the information (which included a series of photos of a C130 Hercules, from non related sources presented out of context). In the this cases the claims infers, a C-130 flew over the epi-centre, by using an image where the time stamp was clearly edited out. And thus appears to be a deliberate effort to make authenticating that claim using the specific image impossible.

In another a third case a politically inspired blogger ( a blog more out to get this government as opposed to having any real commitment to reporting with an independent non politically affiliated editorial stance) repost images I have used previously myself. However I doubt in the former case the source would know where the material had being sourced originally or be able to name any other biblo-graphical details that go with that image. Such as when it was first used and when it was taken off the Canterbury University Physics own web site in relation their own role in the US Navy funded HAARP program. In this and other case both the fact checkers and general reader need to be aware that the issue is not fake news perse. Rather the issue is trusting any source (be it left wing or right wing)) where the editorial narrative is shaped by political motivation and political affiliation than a genuine desire to provide independent non politically affiliated news and and where the source can not detail the back ground of information rehashed and disseminated for shock value as opposed to news value journalism has not occurred only propaganda.

  • Photo left A common claim made on social media currently MSM and Government have not responded to this or claims of mass dolphin deaths. Other claims are being met with official down playing or a reluctant omission Gabrielle damage was worse than first painted. The government seems to be struggling with an public sophisticated to understand that climate change can only be blamed for so much when critical planning and threat response fails due to official failure to plan accordingly for known future events as tracked on system such as Fitz Roy. or the recent super detailed geospatial mapping of New Zealand, including Hawkes bay during Covid , by US Defence linked NearmapNearmap’s website says it captures high resolution aerial imagery across New Zealand multiple times a year. A New Zealand pilot, who declined to be named, said he was one of at least three people who have lodged complaints against Near Map with police accusing the Australian company of breaching lockdown rules. Only essential businesses where permitted to operate during lockdown. “I’ve done a bit of survey flying myself on the side and you can tell by the zig zag lines that they were carrying out survey work around Hamilton. What they were surveying I don’t know,” the pilot said. “But these guys have been all over the bloody country.” The National Geospatial mapping of the country and Hawkes bay was paid by local councils with the support of provisional funding to collect data for strategic planning, future proofing, disaster relief and commercial development purposes. Post cyclone the government plans to hold an inquiry into slash damage caused by combination of bad forestry practices, and strategic planning (begging the question why then map it was clearly not to try and minimize disaster by identifying hazard every one else clearly but the government could spot, the debate of slashing dating back to at least the 2010’s

    In a similar manner despite 20+ years advance warning (as documented in the CSIRO own climate fire risk modeling reports) the Australian government effectively, when not just ignoring the reports data, did pretty much everything in their powers to ensure the forecasted ‘Climate Change’ fires of 2018 exceeded expectations. Example of this included permitting building to be developed in high risk areas, or destroying existing fire break, undermining fire fighting services, and depriving dry areas of water ensuring the coming climate weather had plenty of kindling. During such fires media chose not to report on the use of fire fighting re-tardents that in fact sparked further fires, or the impact and reason for powerful doppler radars, tracked and screen shot by individual Australian, as active during the fires which seeming targeted the ionosphere of the fire plagued regions, the ionisation of said transmitter potentially impacting existing extreme weather conditions. Put simply weather will be weather, regardless of mans’s toys. True but it’s generally considered a bit suspect when you flick your cigarette into a dry hay bail dosed in kerosine in the middle of a draught.

However in saying that long term commentators of atmospheric phenomenon and anomaly such as those presented by ammature seismologist Dutch Since, well before his conventional science began to line up with mainstream academia’s own findings methodology. Since present a compelling and (for the most part) non politically motivated argument for the fact that key data in Gabrielle has being with-held. Withstanding that the NearMap flights certainly raise questions over official narrative of damage done (and the financial winners and loosers) Since work includes screen shots where the heat signature of powerful antenna system is seemingly edited out. Something I am happy to accept as at least a possible scenario (but well still seek to document and authenticate independently). Largely because of Dutch’s long term*1 record for accuracy and my own first hand witnessing of this very phenomenon (which as previously noted received confirmation from the MetService own desk prior to the event which saw hundred of whales stranded in Chatham’s and Australia in 2022). At the New Zealand end further work will have to be done to authenticate or debunk numerous claims which would suggest the New Zealand quake was an act of geo-warfare as many have claimed. It would be fair to report the allegation by stating to-date wide spread claims of HAARP impacting New Zealand storms and seismic activity of the same period have made many claims un-proven to date. However their do exist a number of curious anomalies which need to be reported in the context of global events.

In Turkey case the confirmed action by the usual hard ware, people and logistic compounded by the geo-political and geographic timing (coupled with again the usual suspect in terms of the time of set military funded research) if nothing else warrants the idea of further research into the evolution of geo-warfare are legitimate. As like wise the idea this topis should now be open to public consideration and open debate with out dismissive scorn (as largely peddled by those with clear conflicts of interest) is also legitimate. This is as opposed to the narrative presented by so called fact checkers, when scrutinizing such claims, clearly in fact don’t live up to their name sake. Or even attempt to undertake research with a genuine commitment to fair and balanced reporting an open mind. The so called fact checking is at best non informed mediocrity as promoted by those with zero level of specialist qualifications. And at worse it is simply propaganda as shoveled by over opinionated professional horse manure collectors in the pay of firms clear in the grip of a military industry complex and corporate culture which risk ballooning into a fully technocratic based form of fascism. That is to say the warning as pitched by writers of the highly educated Ivy based alumni (such as Arthur Kostler, George Orwell, Orson Wells and Aldur Huxley) of future in which technology is not a liberator but a high tech jailer is fast coming true.

The trick for genuine independent researchers to follow is not to simply make the error of assuming that because some claims prove bogus the entire allegation must be false. And like wise the truly independent critic must not assume that just because some claims prove valid that the allegation is 100% accurate. The correct path is to accumulate and present all the data available and then out line what can and cant be verified until eventually the strength of the argument presents it-self once all the the data is weighed compared and evaluated. And only after doing that can any legitimate form of accuracy and ‘fact checking’ become possiable.

  • *1 Dutch is regularly subject to ridicule my mainstream reporting – who however seek to attack the man as opposed to his actual data. Data which for the twenty years plus I have glanced at it I would credit as if nothing else as having more accuracy that your average evening 6’Oclock New Weather forecast. As for said critics every taking the time to directly question and probe Dutch I don’t see that happen for the simple reason those calling fowl on Dutch simply lack the expertise required to grill Dutch on his methodology and would end up if they did looking like dumb asses themselves.

Was Turkey a Man made earthquake?

The reality is I don’t know. I began by saying it rates 4 out of 15 on my analyst system which over twenty years of study determined a number of factors which seemingly have a correlative relation ship with seismic activity and upper atmosphere stimulation be of natural or man made origins. I updated that claim the start of this week to say it now rates 8 out of 15 (once we take points off for the flags being marginal or not containing specific data that would enhance their correlative status) and now in the case of Turkey I would rate it as high 13+ on my own apparent correlative factors reporting system – while in New Zealand the factor remain a weak 7 at best.

And yet even after making this claim this post is NOT offered as proof Turkey was a HAARP target. Rather it does hopefully outline why the idea is not as crazy as it first seems or if you simply listen to the so called fact checkers.

It also outlines why we should not dismiss such claims simply out of hand because of a mainstream media in the grips of the ‘CNN effect’ who refuses to canvas politicians, or military scientist, or those turley independent expert sources who would argue (in a fair and balanced manner) and acknowledge that geo-warfare has being funded and developed non stop for nearly 80 years by Super Powers including China USA and Russia. And let not forget the same sources denying that HAARP is a military weapon have no issue insinuating that very same technology used by Russia and China can be used in an offensive capacity. As the dooms day clock to WW3 moves to 90 seconds to midnight is it really that nuts that new weapons system well emerge to be used and be tested as this conflict radically ramp up. Is that not what the Bulletin of Atomic Science own threat assessment of advancing and un-regulated technologies argues itself. Have we not witness the same blanket denial of the harm and scale of nuclear weapons research during the Cold war often employing the same methods of public relation spin by the very same sources we see in stories now denying the West own role in the weaponization of space.

In New Zealand’s case where the HAARP related anomaly’s also exist but not to the same scale as Turkey its no less an act of geo-warfare when we see areas surveyed in detail for their vulnerabilities to extreme weather condition and yet (as is the case in Australia) little preparation to prevent or minimalize damage is put in place. As to the who the winners and looser of such indecision will be is as good a question as to how exactly was such data (collected to fight natural disaster, conduct strategic planning and help commercial developers) used and in whose hand it now lays? One can wage geo-warfare economically with out always resorting to exotic super villain weapons. And in fact many economic analyst well tell you the wars of the 21st century will not be wage primarily with tanks and soldiers but with calculators and accountants.

In contrast the article I post below the Reuter link is by an independent journalist who confirms how the topic actually can be debated earnestly with out the writer or critics having to commit to an absolute did to did not argument. Its called fair and balanced reporting Reuter Fact checkers should try it some time.



P.S. I am pleased to inform you all that my fact checking of the fact checking has it self be subject to fact checking by the forementioned fact checkers who predictably disputed my account of the facts based on their own non peer reviewed perception of what fact checking should consist of.

Of course the fact checkers where extensive and did more than saying that is not true with out actually empirically offering up precise example of where I dealt in hyperbole as opposed to citing specific fact with verifiable sources. Yeah right. The time of simply calling something disinformation or fake news with out providing data as to why your view is not simply but opinion are over.

Published by BENS WORLD – an interesting read with your coffee.

Ben has worked as investigative journalist, researcher and writers for a number of NZ/Australian publications, radio stations, as well as working for universities, NGO and commercial clients, as well as being a best selling author (State Secrets 1 & II [Return Fire]) specialising in organised crime and national security issues. With a degree in history and political science specialising in political violence and counter terrorism Ben spent six year in New Zealand Army territorial (reserves) serving in the Royal Artillery and the infantry with posting in signals, artillery intelligence, field and counter intelligence, reconnaissance and as a rifleman & platoon grenadier. Ben also has decades of experience in all aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry (from kitchen hand to marketing and promotions) through out Australasia as well a having strong root in the arts community of New Zealand’s South Island his beloved home and were he prints his own cafe publications and books . View all posts by BENS WORLD – an interesting read with your coffee.

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