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Cast your mind back to Donald Trump’s time in office. He made an awful lot of big announcements. One of those was the announcement of the creation of a US Space Force. Some claimed that Trump’s Space Force was merely the public face of something that already existed and involved a fleet of battleship-sized space craft. Can there be any truth to this?

by Martin Harris 18/4/23

Part one: The pre-Trump years

It began at the dawn of the post-WW2 space race. A race that Russia appeared to be leading. It was feared by the US that Soviet Russia would put a military base on the moon, and that day forth we’d all be Communist subjects under a Soviet sky. In response to this threat came Project Horizon: a plan to construct a US military moonbase and get the job done before Russia.

By the commencement of the next decade, however, it was decided that the race to the moon would be a Civilian endeavor performed for the benefit of all humankind. At least that’s what we were told.

There was even a plan to put the UN flag, rather than the US flag, on the lunar surface. National pride won the day on that one.

Yes, I know. There is the question of whether or not we actually ever went to the moon. On this blog, we went there.

Truth is, while NASA publicly displayed a peaceful civilian face to space exploration, a parallel military program ran in secret.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that there were other astronauts besides the NASA astronauts. We were strictly working with the military,” Robert Crippin, Former US Military astronaut

Officially, the secret military space force never got off the ground, yet while NASA struggled to find funding and maintain public enthusiasm, money flowed into clandestine projects. While the US “black Budget” is estimated to be $50 billion annually (reaching a high of $81 billion in 2017) it seems that even more money is funneled away to “parts unknown”.

Even though Congress’s intention in forming NASA was to establish a purely civilian space agency, according to David a combination of circumstances led the agency to commingle its activities with black programs operated by the U.S. military and Intelligence Community. This often tight cooperation did not, however, keep disputes from bubbling over on issues such as cost sharing, access to classified information, encryption of data originally intended for civilian use, and delays to military satellite launches caused by the Challenger disaster.

NASA’s Secret Relationships with U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies (

The Secret Space Shuttles | Air & Space Magazine| Smithsonian Magazine

not much is known about the X-37B’s missions. Officials have released scant information about a few experiments that took place aboard the latest flight. One of the experiments, in partnership with the Naval Research Laboratory, involved converting solar power into microwave energy. Another aimed to test the durability of certain materials exposed to space conditions. A third experiment was designed to study the long-term effects of space radiation on seeds, in order to explore crop production and “the establishment of permanently inhabited bases in space.”

A secret Space Force plane lands after record-breaking flight : NPR

Particularly mind-boggling is the disappearance of a staggering $2.3 trillion (over $6 trillion adjusted for today) on September 10, 2001. Yes, that’s the day before 9/11.

A search in Quora on the subject turns up plenty asking the question, but no answers.

Did the U.S government ever find the 2.3 Trillion dollars (now 6.5 trillion) that was announced missing a day before 9/11? – Quora

Perhaps, though, a potential answer lies with the story of a British man named Gary McKinnon.

Gary McKinnon and The ‘Non-Terrestrial Fleet’ documents

McKinnon’s fame, or notoriety, depending on your point of view, hinges on a massively effective series of hacks on branches of the US Military and NASA computers in 2001-2002. Perhaps the most significant was his alleged initiation of a huge security stand-down on September 11, 2001. As a result of these hacks, the US attempted to extradite McKinnon, but ultimately, Home Secretary Theresa May (yes, that Theresa May) successfully blocked the extradition.

A prime factor in McKinnon’s salvation is that he has a high-functioning form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome, and one of the indicators of Aspergers is an intense obsession with certain topics, pursuing the focus of one’s interests to a fanatical degree. (This is something your author knows plenty about, as I have this condition also.)

The severity of McKinnon’s hacks were played up by the US government, probably because a single young man with a dial-up modem defeated their security easily, to their embarrassment. They would have been better off hiring him to improve their security than attempting to have him put behind bars for life, perhaps?

What is heavily downplayed, however, is the motivation behind McKinnon’s hacks. Despite his obvious abhorrence of the US military-industrial complex, it was UFOs that he was pursuing. One would expect this aspect to be screaming headlines in the tabloids. It wasn’t.

In fact, what McKinnon actually discovered during his hacks was far more sensational than a few censored UFO reports.

McKinnon’s Aspergers-fuelled drive for UFO data seems to have uncovered the existence of a secret military space fleet. Again, this is hardly ever mentioned in mainstream news, and not given even passing mention in McKinnon’s Wikipedia entry, which instead spotlights his disruption of military functionality.

What McKinnon found, ironically during a NASA (ie supposedly non military) hack, he claims, was an excel document titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers”. Another related document detailed “Material transfers between ships”. He recalled approximately 8-10 vessels. Neither the names of the officers or vessels appeared to relate to earthbound military fleets. Could they have been nautical ships or submarines, bearing in mind these appeared to be under the auspices of the US Navy? McKinnon thinks not: “I took that to be, they must have ships based in space – the names started with U.S.S.”

It should be noted, again, that NASA is clearly up to its eyeballs in military connections, despite continued denials. As we’ve demonstrated, history has revealed these clandestine connections in the past and they obviously continue to this day. But more on that in part two of this blog.

 “I knew that governments suppressed antigravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy. This should not be kept hidden from the public when pensioners can’t pay their fuel bills.”

Gary McKinnon in a 2006 Wired magazine interview

The US Navy suppressing Zero-Point Energy technology and operating a secret space fleet? Could there really be any truth to this? Again, we’ll return to this question in part two.

As far as the Doug McKinnon story goes, that’s it. He has no evidence to support his claims, but there’s no reason to doubt them and no one seems to be denying them. In fact, the silence on the matter from officialdom is telling. And in fact, there is evidence that spacecraft of substantial size and complexity were orbiting the Earth during the first decade of the 21st. century.

From here on in, I’ll divide the evidence into pre-Trump and Post-Trump, based on then-President Trump’s announcement of the US Space force.

Space Fleet Pre-Trump: The John Lenard Walson Images

Long-time readers of Uncensored may recall an issue with the headline “Invaders from Mars?” on the front cover, along with a selection of extraordinary images of some rather unfriendly looking spacecraft.

Back in 2007, amateur astronomer John Lenard Walson devised a method for adapting his telescope to capture impressive stills and video of near-Earth objects. His first images showed known objects: The ISS and several images of space shuttles Discovery and Columbia. He received admiration from fellow astronomers for the amazing images.

Then Walson began to find other things. Large, complex looking vehicles that matched no known satellites or space craft. Upon posting some of his images to a NASA forum, requesting IDs on these objects. In response, his posts were deleted by the moderators, on the ground that “we don’t tolerate anything to do with UFOs on this forum”. Who mentioned UFOs? One can only assume the craft are indeed “unidentified”!

First image is a shuttle, seen in plan view:

And here’s the ISS:

But what the hell is This?

Or these?

Since 2007, Walson has captured hundreds of videos and still images of unidentified craft patrolling the skies above us. They all have that distinctive “NASA” look about them: Something assembled in a modular, kitset fashion, the components shuttled into orbit piece by piece. They certainly don’t look like small satellites. If there really is a secret space fleet up there, then this what one would expect it to look like circa early to mid 2000s.

You can see and read more at these links:

The Secret Spacecraft John Lenard (

(1) John Lenard Walson – YouTube

John Lenard Walson | Coast to Coast AM

Space Fleet Post-Trump: The Next Phase

And that brings us full-circle to 2017 and the very publicly announced the creation of the Space Force:

“Space is the world’s newest war-fighting domain,” President Trump said during the signing ceremony. “Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital. And we’re leading, but we’re not leading by enough. But very shortly we’ll be leading by a lot.”…The new service branch essentially repackages and elevates existing military missions in space from the Air Force, Army and Navy, said Todd Harrison, who directs the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Here’s What The Space Force Will Do : NPR

However, before Space Fleet believers got too excited, Harrison commented:

“It’s not about putting military service members in space, it has nothing to do with NASA, it’s not about protecting Earth from asteroids or aliens,”

So, publicly at least, this isn’t Gary McKinnon’s “Non Terrestrial Officers”.

Yet we all understand that there ARE clandestine operations going on in space, just as there are in the atmosphere and beneath the oceans. We have Walson’s images, still neither debunked nor acknowledged by the authorities, and there’s something else…

At the same time Trump was publicly announcing the creation of the Space Force, a whistleblower leaked three segments of footage filmed from the gun cameras of US Navy pilots. They were touted as showing UFOs or what the government termed “UAP”, Unidentified aerial Phenomena. In 2017 these segments received limited attention from the mainstream press, but a couple of years later, the US government officially endorsed these films, and they were declassified under the FOIA. The mainstream Media went into a frenzy.

The footage itself, however, was quite unremarkable. But the story behind one, the so-called “Tic-Tac UFO”, is far more spectacular than the footage suggests.

Watch USS Nimitz ‘Tic Tac’ UFO: Declassified Video Clip | HISTORY Channel

What is remarkable about this vehicle, is the similarity to McKinnon’s description of an object in image he was in the process of downloading (in dial-up days) when he got caught:


So what was this “Tic Tac” object, and the other objects in the in the GoFast and GIMBAL videos? In order to answer that, we first need to take a look at the man who leaked the story and the three items of footage. And that leads us down a rabbit hole of government disinformation games and a radical form of aerospace technology hidden in plain sight.

See with Part Two soon…

Martin Harris
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Martin Harris

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