Secret “Counter Disinformation Unit” Controlled MSM Information During Covid, Probably Still Active.

Part of the British Government, Covid disinformation unit ‘hourly contact’ with tech firms

From Dr. John Campbell on YouTube:

Dr. John Campbell

Counter Disinformation Unit……

British civil service, secretive government unit Flagged critics of lockdown and pandemic policy…

A secretive government Covid unit (CDU), (A cell within government) accused of seeking to suppress free speech “hourly” contact with social media firms The civil servant in charge, Sarah Connolly, pandemic and now (previously job, anti-terror policies for the Home Office) one of the Counter Disinformation Unit’s main functions “passing information over” Facebook and Twitter “encourage the swift takedown” of posts CDU worked with social media, to curtail discussion of controversial lockdown policies “almost all” social media platforms, discussions were “daily, sometimes hourly”.

“If somebody from the cell says: ‘We are worried about this,’ that goes immediately to the top of the pile. Whoever it is in whatever company.” “big” function, “talking to social media platforms and passing information over. It gets information back from them, and encourages that swift takedown – the swift dealing with the platforms. The cell has daily interactions with almost all the platforms”.

David Davis:

“Early on, during the early part of the Covid pandemic, I began to worry that we weren’t really making decisions on science,” “A lot of the arguments at the time were not really between science and non-science. They were between authority and non-authority.”

Whitehall is all about control of information. Information is power. They know that so they tend to hoard it for themselves. Monitored and comments were logged by CDU Now DD called for the CDU to be shut, and for a parliamentary committee to investigate.

“most paranoid wing of Government is interfering in the democratic process” “There would be a limit to what they could do 25 years ago… The trouble today is we don’t know what the algorithms do. We have no idea what deal they’ve struck with Google or Twitter or whoever. And that’s a really serious influence on debate, not just in Britain, but across the entire world.”

Parliamentary inquiry with the “biggest combination of power, access and speed” now needed BBC, accused of acting as “the broadcast arm of the Government” Now Growing speculation CDU may have links to intelligence The Government confirmed last night Social media firms, taken action on more than 90% of referrals Deleted or using algorithms to get low views Seems to have been another group; Counter-Disinformation Policy Forum.

A group, which included a member of BBC staff, tech companies, academics, lobby groups. ‘Climate of fear’ over anti-Government reporting at BBC Current and former BBC staff In those who suggested BBC reporting lacked balance branded “dissenters”. CDU takes a broad view of what qualifies as disinformation. Mrs Connolly, addressing MPs, the most concerning types of anti-vaccine material included discussions about side-effects and the speed of production. Connolly took control like a ‘puppeteer’. A revolving door of culture secretaries. Rapid succession of ministers. Lack of oversight from No 10 Government sources “As a hard-working civil servant, she’s an impartial adviser – not a puppeteer,” Social media posts, CDU and Rapid Response Unit Dr. Alexandre de Figueiredo, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, argued against mass vaccination of children against Questions about CDU Budget, Number of workers Use of external AI firms, List of people targeted.

Full credit to John Campbell for bravely covering this on YouTube, please support his channel, give the man a Like and defeat the dreaded algo-monster!

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