Sun Shocks Scientists With Pre-Emptive Strike

The superpowers are polarizing as WW3 ramps up. In the West, we are changing political polarity from Left to Right. But none of this may matter as our sun is about to flip polarity, and to do so very spectacularly and a year ahead of schedule.

Scientists knew it was coming: Solar Cycle 25 scheduled to peak in 2025. No big deal one might think as the sun goes through an 11 year cycle. But with every passing year our magnetosphere is weakening, seemingly in preparation for a magnetic flip. This may be hundreds of years away. It may happen tomorrow, we just can’t be sure.

…Already we can see the effects of a weakened magnetic field on satellites in orbit. In the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa, there is a vast region of Earth’s magnetic field called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA, Figure 2) that is about three times weaker than the field strength at the poles…The decrease in geomagnetic field strength is much more important and dramatic than the reversal, and it is critical to understand whether the present field will decay to zero in the next century because, if it does, we will need to prepare.” SOURCE: Risks of weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field – RISK FRONTIERS

Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder and Sooner Than We Thought

The sun is quickly approaching a major peak in solar activity. Experts warn it could potentially begin by the end of 2023, years before initial predictions suggested

“…the magnetic field slowly gets tangled, with some regions becoming more magnetized than others, James said. As a result, the sun’s magnetic field gradually weakens, and solar activity begins to ramp up: Plasma rises from the star’s surface and forms massive magnetized horseshoes, known as coronal loops, that pepper the sun’s lower atmosphere. These fiery ribbons can then snap as the sun’s magnetic field realigns, releasing bright flashes of light and radiation, known as solar flares. Sometimes, flares also bring enormous, magnetized clouds of fast-moving particles, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

A few years after the maximum, the sun’s magnetic field “snaps” and then completely flips. This ushers in the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new solar minimum, James said. SOURCE: Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder and Sooner Than We Thought – Scientific American

What we do know though, is the sun has “decided” to peak early, and when it’s poles flip, IF the poles then align with Earth’s polarity AND if a large solar flare (X class) hits us, the results could bring all our infrastructure to a grinding halt.

Sun’s ‘Solar Maximum’ Will Arrive Early, Peak Higher And Last Longer, Say Scientists

According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, the sun is becoming more active more quickly than anticipated and will peak earlier than predicted. That peak will also last longer and could even peak twice, but it likely won’t break records.

A service from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the new testbed prediction from the SWPC is its first for the current Solar Cycle 25 since December 2019, when it predicted that solar maximum—the most active point in the sun’s roughly 11-year cycle—would occur during 2025. It also indicated that Solar Cycle 25 would be weak, which it has been anything but...It now seems possible that solar maximum could coincide with the next total solar eclipse, which will be visible from within a narrow 115 miles wide path of totality across North America on April 8, 2024… FULL ARTICLE: Sun’s ‘Solar Maximum’ Will Arrive Early And Last Longer Say Scientists (

So we have some sources say it will be coming early but unremarkable, others say “sooner, longer and stronger”. So far, actual experience has favored the latter prediction.

Terrifying solar storm cracks open Earth’s magnetic field | Tech News (

Now, all these separate factors are concerning in themselves, but together they could create a perfect storm. World War Three, which is the focus of much of our “2025 doomsday” news, may be stopped in its tracks and our civilization, now so dependent on electronic data and infrastructure, may be crippled or completely finished. Some might say this would be no bad thing.

Perhaps this then is the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga cycle and a “reset” rather different from the WEF vision.

The Why Files can explains the potential consequences of a so-called “Carrington Event” better than I can. Watch and be prepared. MH

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