Russian “Special Flight Squadron” Lands in DC – Russia lays out terms of Ukraine surrender. Can this be True?

NOTE: The following story has come from Hal Turner and is being reported nowhere in the MSM. Be sure to read comments and supplementary info below the article. We’ll continue to keep you informed. MH

Russian officials arrived in Washington, DC Thursday morning to discuss the terms of Ukraine’s SURRENDER.

This is the aircraft that brought the Russian Delegation to Washington, DC:

The “Special Flight Squadron moves Kremlin officials traveling on important matters.


The terms given to Washington, DC for Ukraine are:

Complete Ukraine surrender.

Complete surrender of all military equipment.

Russian territory will range from Karkhov to Odessa, and gives Russia complete control of Black Sea coast.

Western Ukraine cannot join NATO, or have __any__ military aid.

Russia does not care who controls western Ukraine, and have openly offered it to Poland.

Put bluntly, the Ukraine war is over and Ukraine lost.  Completely.   

They can no longer defend themselves in any meaningful way.   If hostilities are not halted, Ukraine will simply be slaughtered and, believe it or not, Russia does NOT want to do that.

Notice this information isn’t anywhere on the mass-media news?

Notice the Washington Post STOPPED PRINTING it’s “Ukraine War Update Section?”

No reporting that Ukraine has lost – – – and not a word about Russia’s victory.

THIS personifies what the so-called “main stream” media has become: A mouthpiece for government.

The mass-media acts as a stenographer for what government wants you to know. They report “the narrative” as opposed to the “news.”

More here: Hal Turner Radio Show – Russian “Special Flight Squadron” Lands in DC – Ukraine War to End; Russia lays out terms of surrender

Martin comments: Firstly, I can confirm that DESPITE MSM SILENCE, Turner is right about the Russian ‘plane landing in D.C. on 20 December:

here’s a twitter (X) post on same topic:

For what it’s worth, here’s a “fact check” on the subject of Ukraine’s surrender from AP:

No, Ukraine’s president didn’t surrender to Russia over the weekend, despite social media claims | AP News

Personally I take Turner’s report, the social media claims AND the AP fact check with equal skepticism until further info emerges. One wonders where Turner got his information: Other than the identity of a “special flight squadron” landing in Washington, no sources or details are provided.

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