Green cult destroying farmland to reduce population – that’s what going “carbon zero” actually means

The climate cult has set its sights on arable farmland and the food supply at large, which they claim is overheating the planet because there are simply too many people eating.

Ethan Huff – Natural News Dec 28, 2023

We know they hate earth-based “fossil” fuels like oil and natural gas, which is why they want to remove these fuels from the global economy. In their place, the “greenies” want so-called “renewable” energy technologies like wind and solar to fulfill the world’s energy needs.

However, in order to generate a comparable amount of energy, there has to be a lot of windmills and solar panels installed pretty much everywhere. Wind and solar require a lot of land, in other words, which means a whole lot less land available for agriculture.

In his past work, Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) warned that one day the world’s population would exceed humanity’s ability to grow enough food to sustain everyone. What Malthus did not know is that the green energy revolution would make it happen a whole lot sooner than it otherwise would have.

“Wind generators or solar panels consume one-third of the farmland worldwide,” writes Martin Armstrong for Armstrong Economic. “This is what has inspired this thinking that we MUST reduce the population. War is a great tool for that, which is one reason they are pushing World War.”

“They insist that industrial agriculture, which is employed by the majority of the developed world, is creating climate change. The U.S. food system contributes nearly 20 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that agricultural land use contributes 12 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Then, they add the embodied energy required for industrial agriculture, and they claim this gets worse.”

(Related: Another component of the global depopulation machine is COVID jabs, which were created as part of a long-planned global genocide operation designed to massively depopulate the planet.)

Billionaire John Kerry flies around on a private jet lecturing peasants about his climate dogmas

Another problem the greenies want to “fix” is to eliminate all production of industrial agriculture inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers, as well as fuel and oil for tractors, equipment, trucking and shipping.

Then, there is all the lighting that requires energy, as well as cooling and heating products for other agriculture equipment. All of this releases that dreaded carbon dioxide (CO2) that the greenies are always complaining about, as well as methane, nitrous oxide and all sorts of other “greenhouses gases.”

According to climate lunatic John Kerry, agricultural systems as we currently know them to exist generate up to 30 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. He and the rest of the climate cult thus want to eliminate it to save the world from global warming.

“In other words, they want to reduce agriculture, shipping, refrigeration, air conditions, and turn off heat in the winter, and reduce the population by 30-40 percent, and maybe they would be satisfied,” Armstrong says.

Despite the fact that there is zero evidence to support any of these bizarre climate claims – and plenty of evidence to show that climate cycles have been occurring since the beginning of time – the climate cult is hellbent on imposing its will on the world.

“Climate has always changed,” Armstrong notes. “The temperatures have NOT exceeded historical norms. The data from NYC shows that we have NOT exceeded the highs of 1932 and the days of the Dust Bowl. The mainstream media only repeats what they are told and NEVER does any mainstream media dare to investigate anything.”

At the recent COP28 climate meeting in Dubai, Kerry spoke about how he feels as though major oil-exporting countries need to believe as he does that the era of fossil fuels must “urgently” come to an end.

Learn more about what “carbon zero” means for you and your family at

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Martin comments:

And here’s an announcement from the World Health Puppet:

And Star Trek’s AI robot-lady Ilia spilled the real agenda decades ago. What “Carbon Zero” really means:

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